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Hero vs Heel: VGK Swapped Roles, Now Do They Need To Swap Back?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Down the stretch of the regular season, there was a common refrain from most hockey fans, (four-letter word) the Golden Knights.

It seemed like everyone outside of the Vegas fan base was openly, and strongly, rooting against the Golden Knights, almost finding the adversity VGK were facing to be comical. Whether it was tweets directly from other teams or Twitter accounts banding together, it was definitely in vogue to cheer for anyone else in the Western Conference.

The Golden Knights took notice.

Everyone does, everyone roots against us, but it’s all about the guys that we have in that locker room, the ones we battle with. There’s nothing much else you can do. -Shea Theodore

But they still aren’t exactly sure why.

It’s a great question, I have no idea. -Theodore

I’m sad to think of (how the perception has changed.) We would see the last few games that the whole NHL was rooting against us. It’s sad to think that but it’s not necessarily because of one person that it happened like that. It’s just an accumulation of a few things that people were just irritated with us. -Jonathan Marchessault

Usually it’s something players shrug off as uncontrollable and in many ways unimportant, but when you look at the shift in perception from the Expansion team that reached the Cup final to the Year 5 team that miss the playoffs, it’s impossible to ignore.

The question becomes, is it healthy, is it helpful, and can it be harnessed?

People have hated us, everyone wants us to lose and it just fuels us for sure. -Theodore

Maybe for some guys, but not for me. It fuels me sometimes. -Marchessault

My favorite soccer team back home in Sweden is called AIK. Everyone in Sweden hates them. And I do not mind that at all. Cause it’s us against the whole MF world, you know. I love to embrace that so I do not care if everyone hates us. It means that we’ve done something good. -William Karlsson

Or does it add an extra layer of pressure to an organization already working under enormous expectations?

To be honest it’s disappointing. I’ve spent the majority of my career here and I’m as proud as you can get to be a VGK. I’m super proud and obviously I don’t like hearing that so I’ll do everything in my power to change it. Come back on good terms in the world of hockey and maybe the hockey gods will be on our side. -Marchessault

It’ll be up to the Golden Knights to decide whether to go full Karlsson and embrace the role as the NHL’s heel or take the Marchessault approach to “to everything in their power to change it.”

The supposed fuel that it adds has not seemed to show up in the results and The Creator’s recent comments about the team lacking an identity seem to lead toward it being healthier for the team to find their way back to the loveable Misfits as opposed to the Dark Side.

It’s just another layer to an offseason that will either put the Golden Knights directly back on the path of success or send them further into the pits of despair. Whether it’s Vegas or everyone else, someone will get the last laugh by this time next year.


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  1. ulf

    well there’s part of the problem – Theodore has drunk the Kool-Aid and is now referring to the place where VGK suit up as the “locker room”.

    It’s the “dressing room” and it’s not a “jersey”, it’s a “sweater”!

    Respect the traditions of the game 🙂

    • Lawrence

      Nobody in any sport wears a sweater. It’s a jersey. That’s what sports players wear.

      • ulf

        I’m afraid it’s a sweater in hockey. That’s been the name for it since the sport began. As the game expanded into the US, Americans started to use “jersey” because it was the name for some other sporting tops. But it’s sweater.

        • Blitz

          Well that and they stopped literally wearing sweaters.

          • Ulf

            Depends on your definition of what a sweater is. The top they wear now is a hockey sweater is my point.
            What a thread 🙂

          • THE hockey GOD

            “a sweater as, in earlier days, when the game was predominantly played outside in winter, it actually was a warm wool-knit covering”

  2. Ned Brand

    When you have as much success as the Knights did straight out of the gate teams and opposing fans are going to hate you, because they have been waiting years to make the same playoffs. The knights start with drafting a Award winning goalie who most teams would die for and then go to the Stanley Cup final. You will be hated just as Brady is. But we won’t have to worry about that for a long time with the Coach we have now, who has never won anything along with our goalie and great manager, we will learn to hate playoff teams also

    • Rick

      In my opinion this jealousy thing is way off base. It’s not completely untrue but Vegas fans are using it as an excuse to overlook some things they don’t want to confront. I think most fans of other teams, including me, thought that it was amusing and kind of amazing that the team won so much that first season. In my opinion there are three areas combining together that have engendered the massive hate that has built-up:

      1) The way the team has treated its players as a commodity. I don’t have to go into too much detail here as you all know them more intimately than I do. I’ll just mention a few names: Fleury (sold as the face of the franchise, re-signed and shopped for two off seasons, learned of trade via Twitter), Schmidt (after signing long term), Stastny (after signing as UFA). There are many more including some high-profile draft picks.

      2) The person running the social media accounts is (was – I’ve heard the original one was replaced) a complete and total dick. As an Avs fan I remember a tweet from when the Avs lost to Dallas in the bubble (a series obviously not involving Vegas) taking a jab at the Avs by writing CoLorado AvaLanche with two capital L’s. Also the Descend as One tweet. I would be surprised if things were only directed at the Avs.

      3) What appeared to be an obvious attempt to manipulate the salary cap this past season. This is disputed by many Vegas fans, I get it. But it seemed to the vast majority of observers that the plan by the VGK management team was to find some way to limp into the playoffs and then unleash a roster that was anywhere from 10 – 20 million over the cap.

      Yeah there was some jealousy over success and some Vegas fans acting like it was a birthright but it isn’t the primary reason why the organization has become so despised.

    • Johnny Joseph

      Yes you will because McCrimmon is a real dirt bag. The way he treated Flower will cause problems for the team until he is gone. Nobody wants to play for a liar, who says one thing to your face and the next day it’s a 180° change from that. Lehner is a headcase, so you can get used to watching OTHER teams play good hockey and hope that ownership gets McCrimmon OUT OF VEGAS! What a piece of dirt. Every single thing that I ever heard about Flower is that he’s one of the nicest, classiest players in the league. And your scumbag GM threw him under the bus. Then he backed up over him and did it again. THAT’S WHY Vegas is so hated. Or at least that’s one reason.

      • Tom McCarthy

        I agree with Johnny Vegas is hated by a lot of people because the way they treat their players and there’s no loyalty in the organization.

  3. Obvious

    Screwing people over, telling them one thing while doing another, lying thru their teeth….. this wasn’t brought on by the fans

    Finger points squarely with Foley and his 2 Mc’clowns for bringing this on

    Foley has clearly decided to bring the cut throat back stabbing investment banking culture to the team and management…. and fans aren’t buying it

    Fans don’t like being treated like that or see others treated like that

    • THE hockey GOD

      did islanders screw Barry Trotz over?

      posters here are clueless about sports.

      most unsophisticated fan base in world.

      • knights fan in minny

        mr babble now your insulting people on here your pathetic hockey dunce the people your insulting are they on your shit list to

        • Blitz

          Now? That’s where you are wrong. THG has been insulting people on here since i have been on here, couple of years now. LOL

          • knights fan in minny

            well taken

          • THE hockey GOD

            so have you BLITZ !!!

            and minny is a pervert stalker.

        • Mike

          YOU’RE…. not your….all three times. And it’s TOO not to. Learn some English.

      • Johnny Joseph

        Nope, it’s Lou Lamorello, the GM of the Isles. Trotz is one of the BEST coaches in the world. Huge, HUUUUGE mistake firing him. He could be working for a new team tonight if he chooses to. He had 1 bad season, this last one, and he got canned. Lou is an IDIOT, but he’s hockey royalty cuz he’s won the Cup 3 times at least. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes tho. He screwed the pooch BIG TIME yesterday. I hope it sets them back 20 years.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    i am pretty sure they are saying BEAT LA








  5. Bobby

    Looking back at 2017 through rose colored glasses- yes it was an incredible time; however as VGK started dominating in the playoffs, much of the fan reaction outside of Vegas was ‘it’s fixed, the NHL wants them to win’ or ‘the revised draft system isn’t fair’… So this season’s failures are an easy opportunity for the same haters to rear their ugly heads again…

  6. Tim

    Realistically fans across the hockey world were jealous of our early success that train has left the station. Our success sin the rear view mirror now were a struggling team that can’t be bottom feeders when the money is on the line. Florida home record this year was an insane 37-4 but we on the other hand are barely 500. I’m not sure how long people will be spending big money to watch us lose to bottom feeders or will be be one of the bottom feeders? I told you all early we’ll be 6th in the Pacific next year. I also told you playing balls to the wall from the first game and most of you said you have to preserve your energy for the playoffs well how’d that work out.

  7. TJ Gwynn

    Unfortunately the players have had to deal with the stupidity of the morons at the top. Until they get weeded out, the poor guys are going to have pay the price. McCrimmon is an idiot & then there is DeBoer. He started a whole lot of trouble treating the poorly by not playing him at first & then look what he has done to Lehner. These guys are both creeps & there is something wrong with the organization when they keep them around. When they traded the , that was the end of my Vegas fan fare. Didn’t have enough decency to let him retire from Vegas….disgusting! Now it looks like the fools won’t have either goalie. What goes around, comes around! Greed looses in the end.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    i see the dumbshit unsophisticated fan base mouthing off again today.

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    Now in real world, why do liberals hate free speech and first amendment ?

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • the Hockey God

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    • The Hockey Dog,

      At it again his usual insults, same post different day.

      • THE hockey GOD

        vgk fan
        it’s articles like this that are insulting to real VGK fan

        mob media stirring the pot

        shit stirring bull shit.

        HELLO OTHER TEAMS ARE NOT SUPPoseD to LIke tHE VGK, is that a concept that is soo foreign to brain dead posters here ??? WAKE UP PEOPLE. No one ever promised you a rose garden.

        Per KEvin Iole “most unsophisticated fan base in history of sports, EVER” .

  9. THE hockey GOD

    now for some real news worth reporting on

    Jack Eichel C, Vegas Golden Knights
    Jack Eichel played the final six weeks of the season with a broken thumb.

    Eichel suffered the injury on March 17. After that contest, Eichel went on to score nine goals and 15 points in 19 contests. Those numbers are solid on their own, but certainly get more impressive when you consider that he was scoring those goals in spite of a thumb injury.

    sort of explains why VGK missed the playoffs, the team was the walking, errr, skating wounded.

    • Roberto

      A few days after he was hit with a puck on the hand, a game I was watching had a quick video cut on to Eichel with his glove off. Had a serious wrap only on the thumb. Given their ‘transparency’ on this kind of stuff, I thought at the time VGK MGMT probably gave the TV people an earful for having accidentally showed that.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Roberto, I saw that too. The VGK mgmt have no control over the “TV people”.

        It’s pretty obvious that broken thumb impacted his play, anyone here try to hold a hockey stick let alone shoot the puck with a broken thumb. At least he didn’t go supposed ‘whiney’ like some clueless posters here say RL did. I’d like to hear RL side of this issue before aimlessly pouncing on ‘usual’ subject.

        AND YES A BROKEN THUMB IS A BIG DEAL . no. 9 missed some golden, glorious scoring opportunities DOWN THE STRETCH. Anyone who says otherwise has their proverbial head eternally up their smelly keysters.

    • Obvious

      It’s a race between a never ending list of excuses and the stupidity of hockey dog

    • VGK Fan


      So real news only occurs when you post it? Thanks, Mulder tell Scully I said hi.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    more news
    Stevie Y
    interested in Barry Trotz !!

    whoa, if VGK want him, they need to fire PDB quickly. Or maybe Stevie Y really wants PDB ? And , well let’s not go there.

  11. THE hockey GOD


    Foley ” Marc Andre Fleury will retire in Vegas”

  12. THE hockey GOD

    Barry Trotz

    The No. 1 free agent might be known as a defence-first coach, because of his time in Nashville and recently the New York Islanders. But that’s mostly because those teams were bereft of offensive talent. In Washington, where he won a Stanley Cup, Trotz coached Alex Ovechkin to 48-, 49-, 50- and 51-goal seasons. During that time, Ovechkin also never had a minus rating.

  13. Roberto

    This team was hated the minute it was revealed that it emerged from the expansion draft having fleeced most of the League, and its lazy GMs, rather than as an easy W on the schedule a la Seattle.

    1OCT bought some time, as did the fact that fans of other teams hoped/wished that VGK’s success was a fluke, and regression was inevitable. When the team continued to power forward, the hatred cured into hardened bitterness for fans of other teams.

    When other team’s fans (and players) come to the Fortress and see what a party it is, and how VGK’s fans are all just a collection of fun living, beer drinking, good timers, the hate gets worse. Nothing bitter people don’t like more than more successful people being nice to them. Odd, but true.

    Could the team have treated some people better, for sure. Did that have any real effect on external hate? I don’t believe that to be true.

    Love going to games, and can’t wait until next season starts.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you got that right ROBERTO

      (lover your taco stand tacos)

    • Bagend resident

      Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I loved the Golden Misfits run, it was fun and exciting and turned the stodgy hockey works in it’s head. It started turning for me after the sharks game 7 with all the conspiracy theories (yes it was weird, but maybe, you know, only let them score 4 times?) Then they fired Gallant for having a winning record? And the Shiny New Toy syndrome (Stone! Lehner! Peitrangelo! Eichel!) meaning they jettisoned most the misfits that gave the team it’s identity. That all led to me following along with the perfect storm this season and laughing at the team, and feeling bad for the fans.

      • THE hockey GOD

        real fans do not laugh at their own team, plus half the stuff you posted is BS. GG had a losing record at that stretch of games in season that they canned him. He was flailing, PP was faltering, and he had a publicized rift with FO for being to rigid and inflexible to change. He also hated Russian players, and didn’t give a few players an even break like Gusev and Tatar.

        • knights fan in minny

          you should know you are the king of bs

          • THE hockey GOD

            fake knights fan who is really a minny fan, still waiting for post on hockey.

            you racist piece of shit

        • Bagend resident

          Lol, I’m not a knights fan, what gave you that impression? Those were my opinions as an outside observer. Yes, there was a vocal minority that complained about a stacked expansion draft, but most people realized it wasn’t the draft itself that made the team, it was all the side moves pulled off. There were a lot of hockey fans on the misfits bandwagon during the playoffs.
          And, yeah, sorry I forgot GG’s record was technically losing (by one game!) because of the 6 otl tacked on, but it was still a playoff spot.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    this is how a SPORTS FRANCHISE OWNER IS supposed to act !

    akers owner Jeanie Buss let the world know who runs the famed franchise in a fiery interview about the direction of the team after Los Angeles’ awful season.

    “Do they have final say? No. Are they running the team? No, no, not at all,” Buss told The Los Angeles Times about Lakers star LeBron James and his camp at Klutch Sports.

    “I am controlling owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, I’m held accountable for every decision that’s made here.”

    • knights fan in minny

      what ever you say mr know it all you should run for office

  15. Keeping the same GM and Coach with the same plan and hoping for less injuries is not a recipe for great success. The heart and soul of this team was taken away, it has not been replaced by anyone as of yet, when that happens. The team will get better.

    Foley wants to be more involved, great. We need a fresh start from the top down or more of the same. We have no idea who the goalie will be, we have no idea if Stone will be able to play most of the year by his own press conference.
    Fire KM, hire Steve Y, start somewhere.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Steve Y is in detroit, he isn’t going anywhere.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “We have no idea who the goalie will be”

      the goalies will be LG or RL

      or the back up Croussant . We have three decent ghoulies now.

      Just have to get them healthy.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    i think we should try being the good guys again

    • Obvious

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      • THE hockey GOD

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        • knights fan in minny

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  17. Vic

    Draft lottery…..We no longer get to see the bingo balls bouncing around so Bill Daly walks out there with his 16 placards. What were the odds only the Devils would jump out of the sequence? All 15 other teams remained in place in line with the pre-determined odds. Come on guys.

    • Arnold Rothstein

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      • knights fan in minny

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        • THE hockey GOD

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • Obvious

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          • THE hockey GOD

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  18. Ken and Jason excellent assessment. We love the Knights however reality has set in. It’s not a given to compete EVERY year for Too spot in the division.Best explanation is having instead of a Taxi Squad no fault of their own was a High Cap hide them while their hurt and milk it all you can with the situation Sorry to stay you pay ub the end being so high over. My nephew always gives me his apect as non VGK fan. He both Dallas and Tampa Bay where he lives now. What are they doing gutting the future, then in turn not staying young and no self responsibility.

  19. Galdom

    Awesome being the villain if you’re hated for being great and teams are jealous of you.

    But if your shit and missed the playoffs and people hate you because the management of the team are scumbag liars then that’s different.

    • THE hockey GOD

      why would opposing fans hate VGK management IF THEY THINK THEY ARE HURTING VGK And Helping their own team’s chances.

      Boy what a stretch.

      • Obvious

        Fan or not it’s blatantly obvious foley and the 2 Mc’clowns are a shit show

        Just your comments

  20. Lord & Master

    I rooted vgk as my alternate team because of MAF. The management of this team is cold-piss-stupid. Incompetent. Imagine, trading your VEZINA WINNING GOALIE?!?!? I moved to New Mexico from Pittsburgh so you know who my original hockey team is. Btw, they’re still at it and so is MAF. F vgk.

  21. It is nice to see that most comments here come from the educated hockey /sports fan who realize that the disgust and distaste for the VGK both locally and across the league stems from the sociopathic actions of management from the top down as greed and lack of loyalty took over following immediate success.
    How quickly the taste of raising the cup and the $ signs… Created amnesia to promises/contracts made to coaches, players, and season 1 ticket holders.

    THE CURSE was placed following screwing over season 1 season ticket holders… It has strengthened with every scumbag move this organization continues to make.

    GREED is exposed and eventually destroyed… Thank GOODNESS the true colors were shown immediately… Can you imagine where the actions of these FO Bozos could go if the Cup was raised???
    It’s evident in our world what happens when GOONS GO UNCHECKED.

    They pushed the envelope screwing over fans, successful coaches, likeable commentators, and fan favorite players…
    BUT THE LINE WAS CROSSED WITH FLEURY!!!… True hockey fans, and players everywhere appreciate the person, the player, THE MAN FLEURY IS… Their treatment of Fleury sealed the growing distaste of this organization across ALL HOCKEY FANS.

    It became clear that this organization would EAT IT’S OWN for immediate success…


    For this Ownership/FO group that ship has sailed… THE CURSE LIVES ON until the ownership /Mgmt GOES!

    Going to work on that!

    • This will be my last full season ticket. I am so disgusted with the way this front office has completely screwed up the chemistry and the fun of the game. Kelly McCrimmon and Pete DeBoer can’t be anymore unentertaining. These two reek of dripping narcissism and unwarranted egos that have no basis in legacy or facts.

      They took an exciting team led by a masterful head coach and completely shredded it and dumped it. They treated the players like shit, the players families like shit, and they got exactly what they deserved this year.

      Foley understands it, but he allowed it to happen. All of a sudden he’s now ready to step in? Why? What exactly is he going to do in order to right the ship? He’s got no chance as long as he retains the services of McIdiot and The Clown. None.

      There’s zero chance that this organization has what it takes to win a Cup next year. I will be surprised if they even get into the playoffs.

    • I agree, FLEURY’S trade was the WORST mistake mgmt made, and it led to the cavalier, indiscriminate parade of trades that followed. Yes, MAF’s agent screwed up. But, ultimately, it was mgmt that made the decision to trade him. And hockey fans EVERYWHERE condemned it! So many fan- loved players are GONE. We were the team to BEAT , and PROUD OF IT!!
      BUT, Fans will get back in the game next season, guaranteed. We will return to support the team, and the team WILL have a better season. I mean, after this season, we HAVE TO IMPROVE, RIGHT??

    • VGK Fan

      Yes, some season 1 ticket holders did get screwed what is strange there are other season ticket holders who didn’t. The 10 seats of the fans who sit in front of me for the past 4 years must be owned by ticket brokers because they are always different people every game.

      I have been a season ticket holder for 4 years now and have 2 years left on my contract and I attend at least 40 games every year counting the 4 preseason games. I will continue to go to the games for the benefit of my two young boys who love hockey. Also, the people who sit in my section are really great and we still have lots of fun even though I’m not happy with a lot of management decision and how they treat the players.

  22. Perhaps the Leafs might have won a cup by now had they acted as ruthlessly as VGK.

  23. THE hockey GOD

    most of hater comments here are dunces who believe the media hype

    wait for it.

    There are a few who see through the bull shit that the mob media is pushing, not realizing that they are making matters worse not better for the long term health of franchise in Vegas.

    • VGK Fan


      Respectfully, most of comments on here are factually based just because you don’t see what majority sees as real doesn’t mean they are wrong. The fans who post on here love the team they are not required to love the management.

  24. Tim

    I just wonder if management read any of these posts? Bill Foley are you listening? There’s a lot of off the wall posts but also some good ones I would suggest you bypass all the posters who hate on each other and read the hockey comments. I think it would be fair to say the fan base is angry caused by moves over the years which have put us in cap hell giving away draft choices like candy treating players as a piece of meat etc. Bill what you did to the first year ticket holders didn’t go over well to say the least. Look at the good teams they’ve kept there core players together for years we on the other hand love that nice new shinny toy. Hows that working out. Were lucky to have a team but will they run it into the ground Maybe? Like I’ve said Vegas likes losers on the tables but not in there sport teams so beware Bill you may bullshit your way right out of town.

  25. Vic

    Nice win for the Kings, and their overtime onslaught was a work of art. The broadcasters working the game were an embarrassment for the NHL and for the broadcasting profession. A complete joke.

  26. NickD


    2017 mixed bag of nuts = Stanley Cup Final
    2022 New Hasbro Toys = Didnt make the Playoffs

    2017 Team that Meshed and Knew how to play hockey
    2022 Team in Shambles cant sore 1 on 1 in shootout

    2017 MAF Face of the new NHL Team VGK
    2022 Dart board with names attached to pick who is the face of VGK

    2017 Beaten Bruised Bleeding Teeth knocked out injured but still played hard
    2022 hang nail, cough, sneeze voting for best hair (really), stupid trades, FO that does not care about the players or the fan base for sure. –

    2017 MISFITS = Priceless entertainment and almost pulled off the SCW
    2022 DISARRAY= Not worth a Plugged Nickle

  27. the Hockey God

    Jack Eichel played the final six weeks of the season with a broken thumb.
    Eichel suffered the injury on March 17. After that contest, Eichel went on to score nine goals and 15 points in 19 contests. Those numbers are solid on their own, but certainly get more impressive when you consider that he was scoring those goals in spite of a thumb injury.

    • Galdom

      It certainly seems that Eichel had the broken finger. We all saw the play where he got hit by the puck. But unless I see the x-rays for myself I can never be sure. Again, I DO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD THAT COMES FROM THE FRONT OFFICE OR OWNER.

      If they said he broke his finger then he probably broke his wrist. Lying is like an Olympic sport to these guys and they are the best at it.

      • the Hockey God

        @ Galdom
        the source of this story
        was David Schoen on Twitter, not with the team.

        Yet people here believe crap posted by ESPN Emily Kaplan and Elliotte Freakman who said RL was going to have knee surgery on FRIDAY, that never happened and he dressed for games after that .

        Ok got it, people here get pwn’d by fake news ALL THE TIME !!

  28. Galdom

    Florida is life and death to beat Washington at the moment. Their power play is 0% right now.

    Calgary has an 11.8% power play and also having a tough time with Dallas.

    Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Washington i’ve had great power-play success in the playoffs and our humming along.

    On the hockey night in Canada telecast they said this is the 12th Straight year in which more penalties have been called in the playoffs than the regular season.

    It’s obvious that special teams are important and if Vegas would have managed to squeak in the playoffs they probably would’ve got murdered with their horrible power-play.

    Unless DeBoer and his staff get the special teams going next year they should be on a short leash.

    Thank God we actually have stuff like the Internet in which we can track statistical data. They would’ve just lied to us and told us they have a great power play and penalty kill.

  29. Tim

    Nothing like waking up in the morning turning on my computer going to Sin Bin reading all the comments between THG & Minny it’s exuberayting. Well moving right along to hockey. How to make the Knights relevant again that is the question? I’ve told you many times Lehner is living in a different world and if you trust him to lead you to the playoffs good luck. Who would be willing to take Patch on a one year 7 million contract to help us out of cap hell probably no one without a sweetener so here we go again like the Fleury trade no return on our investment. Next Karlsson what would we get for him maybe a third round pick that we might have to use to dump Patch. Dadonov next man up at 33 had a decent year 20 goals but doesn’t fit who would take his 5 million contract and what return probably not much. Those three players would give us 18 million in cap relief that would help. Reilly Smith is looking for a raise not a hometown discount and I believe Gallant will offer him more then we would so that’s another 5 million in the bank. Janmark isn’t needed and that would be another 2 million saved. Now adding Smith and Janmark’s salaries to the pot we now have 25 million in cap space now were cooking. I know some want to sigh Smith but he’s 31 and we need to get younger for our next run. Think about this when we made our run in 2017-2018 a lot of these players were 25 or 26 now there over thirty and on the down side. We need to use that cap space to reinvest in 25 or 26 year old players again and get younger and faster it’s simple math. We need some quality talent not the shiniest toy but quality forwards that can skate and put the puck in the net.
    Assuming Stone comes back healthy we would have him Marshy, Stephenson, and Eichel as part of our two top lines so we need to add two quality forwards/ centers. Third line would be tricky have to see how that plays out. Forth line is easy Carrier, Roy, Amadio. I would dump Patrick, Kolesar, Howden, in a heartbeat. I think our defense is OK but I’d dump Coghlan.
    Players to look at that may or may not help Morozov, Brisson, Dorofeyev. The young guys we brought up this year Rondbjerg, Leschyshyn, just don’t have it decent AHL players at best. Well folks that’s how I’d do it if I was GM but Kelly will probably do the opposite.

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