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Henderson Silver Knights Unveil Jerseys

The Henderson Silver Knights have revealed their first jerseys. The jerseys are available at Lifeguard Arena (Livery), as well as at City National Arena (Arsenal), and T-Mobile Arena (Armory).

*All images are courtesy of the Vegas Golden Knights.*


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  1. scoobydoozi

    They look FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to eventually buy both of them when it is within my budget. What a great job by the organization in the entire branding of the AHL club from the logos and now these great jerseys. I see they added a bit of the “glitter” effect on some of the detailing on the Knights’ gold alternate, which is a nice touch. And the black name bars with the gold lettering is BETTER than what the Philadelphia Flyers’ current jerseys have. Again, outstanding job. The only thing I’m unhappy about is that the AHL does not sell authentic jerseys, just semi-pro versions for the fans. I would pay for authentic ones.

  2. Tim

    We are so lucky to have Bill Foley as an owner of both Knights teams everything is done first class. Now with the Lifeguard arena to add to City National and now building of the future state of the art home for the Silver Knights it’s been an amazing three years.Can’t wait to watch both Knights teams on TV. Personally I’ll be as excited watching the Silver Knights as I will be watching the Golden Knights.

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