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Henderson Silver Knights Practice Facility, Lifeguard Arena, Soft Opens (Plus Construction Photos For AHL Arena)

Despite the uncertainty of the upcoming AHL season, the Henderson Silver Knights practice facility is right on track and has actually opened in a limited capacity.

Recently a fan of the site and a father of a youth hockey player in Henderson was inside the facility and shared a bunch of pictures with us. Here they are.


There is no official open date set but the rink appears to be on track to open in the near future. Construction still remains underway on Water Street.

I also recently took a trip out to Henderson to check in on the construction at the new 6,000 seat arena being built on the Henderson Pavilion site. That project is scheduled to be completed by 2022. As of right now, it’s pretty much still in the demolition phase.

The City of Henderson’s website has live construction cameras set up to allow anyone to keep up on the progress of both buildings.

(Stick tap to @vgkfan702 for the photos.)

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  1. Tim

    Looks to be a first class arena. I would assume it has two rinks but I can’t tell from the pictures.

  2. Mikegron32

    Love the artwork and how they have connected the two teams with the names and logos. Still blows me away how hockey has transformed a city in the desert! Can’t wait to spend some time at this facility

  3. Sherm

    Everything looks stellar. I’ll still visit CNA, but I’m glad there’s something just as good a little closer to home.

  4. P-Dawg

    It’s close to identical minus the corporate offices. The retail is on the opposite side. And the restaurant space is currently grey shell. I don’t know if they plan to use it. It’s right on Water Street, which gives it a pretty dramatic look. They didn’t cut corners.

  5. Joe

    They need a website in the worst way.

  6. jason mason

    Let’s hope the Silver Knights keep the Los Chimuelos alternate name that San Antonio started.

    • Nicholas R.

      Why would they keep a nickname that literally means “ toothless old men”? This is a complete retread. The Rampage are dead, no homage will be paid to them nor was its to the Adirondack Red Wings that the franchise originated as. Caballeros de Plata.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    what’s the best practice arena in NHL ?

    The DUCKS in IRVINE CA is great, but I haven’t been to them all.

    They have four rinks there, and it’s huge, impressive.

  8. DC

    VGK AHL affiliate should have been in SLC, Utah at their 10,000+ seats Maverick Center ice center. SLC has a large hockey fan base but only has an ECHL team. Rather than reaching out to other local markets like SLC, VGK shrunk their fanbase by circling the wagons around Vegas and Henderson. It’s a shame.

  9. P.miranda

    Looking for information about times and dates,where golden /silver knights will be practicing for 2022 season..

    • We will have that information closer to the season. Typically it’s available about a week in advance during the season.

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