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Henderson Blank Blanks Hiring

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Despite the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, the Golden Knights organization is moving forward with the process of hiring a plethora of positions for the AHL team coming to Vegas/Henderson.

Teamwork Online, the leading site for employment in sports, currently has five jobs listed for the “Henderson AHL Team.”

  • Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
  • Director, Marketing and Community Relations
  • Director, Game Presentation
  • Director, Broadcasting and Communications
  • Coordinator, Content Creation

With each job posting is a section called “our culture.”

  • No ego, ‘We’ not ‘Me’ approach to everything we do
  • Positive energy
  • Relentless work ethic
  • Always advance

The positions of head and assistant athletic trainers were also listed last week but are no longer accepting applications.

Expect many more positions to open up on that page over the next few weeks and months as the team gears up to start playing in Vegas/Henderson soon.


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  1. David Sanchez

    Mr. Foley and the Golden Knights are fast losing their label of being “community” friendly. They need to follow their own guidelines for hiring because it is abundantly clear that are all about EGO and forcing a neighborhood to accept an arena in a location that it does not fit.

  2. "DOC"

    Come on David! Enough on the arena dispute, please! ….. Hey Ken, as I was reading those offered positions, I was thinking YOU would be able to handle any of those … until … I read the “our culture” requirements. The “POSITIVE energy” one would probably disqualify you! 🙂

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