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Henderson Arena’s Secret Weapon Against Added Traffic

The team has been purchased and relocated, it now has a name and an awesome logo, and in a few years, the Henderson Silver Knights will be playing their games in an $80 million arena on the corner of Green Valley and Paseo Verde parkways.

I believe this Henderson Arena is going to rival T-Mobile but be better in many ways. It’s going to be more compact and more user-friendly. -The Creator

For anyone who loves hockey, the idea of bringing another professional hockey team to the valley sounds amazing. But, for those who live and work in the area, there are concerns. Namely, traffic.

The area where the Henderson Pavilion currently sits is widely regarded as one of the most congested spots in all of Henderson. Now, the plan is to drag 6,000 more people in, 50+ times a year, without making any significant changes to the physical roadways in the area.

According to the CEO of the traffic consulting firm Ludian LLC, the solution to relieving any added traffic is simple, install “adaptive traffic systems,” or in laymen’s terms, better, smarter stoplights.

With any event, be it sporting or entertainment, traffic is always going to have a preconceived negative connotation. What the adaptive traffic systems aims to do is not allow the traffic to detract from the overall experience, I’m confident of this. -Ian Machen, CEO, Ludian LLC

So is the City of Henderson and the owner of the Henderson Silver Knights.

People should not be concerned about noise or traffic congestion. It just isn’t going to happen. -The Creator

No new lanes, no traffic cops, no special event traffic pattern, nothing. Just new lights.

Adaptive linked traffic signals have proven to improve the road network with such improvements as: reduced delay, reduced number of times you stop, improved travel time through the signalized intersections,  increase in the average speed and reduced emissions from vehicles due to the above. -Machen

So what are adaptive linked traffic signals?

It’s a system that connects all traffic lights in a surrounding area and synchronizes them to keep the flow of traffic moving in the most effective way possible. Linking all the lights on the busy road to turn them all green together to get traffic flowing steadily either to or from the arena. When pedestrians approach or cars are waiting on a side road, the lights all adapt to quickly allow them to pass before switching back to send the congested arena traffic on its way again.

Traffic is traffic, no matter the level or demand. These systems improve the current capability of existing signalised intersections, without the need for high cost changes to layout or additional lanes. -Machen

Machen, who lives in the area, says this is all it takes. His company, which was hired by the City of Henderson during the public hearings about the arena, suggested the lights will not only solve the issues with arena traffic but also help ease the day to day congestion in the area as well.

Traffic will play a part in the success or failure of the Henderson Silver Knights. If it’s a pain to get in and out of the arena, people won’t go.

To put it in hockey terms, these new traffic lights are Henderson’s big trade deadline acquisition. The final piece that will turn a good idea into a great one.

Let’s just hope it’s Mark Stone and not Tomas Tatar.


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  1. DOC Williams

    Don’t care ….. more talk about THIS season continuing, PLEASE!

  2. Tim

    Ken I’d like to see the Silver Knights home and away sweater.

  3. Walt T

    I’ve heard the linked traffic signal story before, and it is probably wishful thinking. They dug up a few miles of Eastern Avenue a few years back telling us there would be synchronized traffic signals, but believe me it hasn’t worked. Those thinking the GVR area has the most congested traffic in Henderson should take a drive up Eastern. Anyway, let’s hope we see Henderson’s finest out there directing traffic on game nights. I’ve been to many shows at the current site, and things were always very smooth for the 2 or 3 thousand of us out there. They will work out any bugs. Other things of note…..the logo is tremendous, the area is a home run (food, drink, sports book, hotels, jobs, safety, etc.) the demand will be huge for everything HSK, and too bad the arena is limited to 6,000. The Wranglers averaged pretty close to that at the Orleans, and this will be soooooo much better. It is what it is.

  4. J Adams

    This is NOT about the traffic, that’s a side challenge.
    It’s about the city spending MILLIONS of taxpayer monies that were allocated to Police, Fire and Infrastructure to this partner sweetheart deal with Mr. Foley.
    By the way, in 2017 Mr. Foley stated he didn’t support public monies being used for private enterprise or sports teams…guess he seriously changed his mind!
    The city has been and continues to change their information & plans, every single week the explanation is something it never was before.
    And in the same breath they passed this thing they then raised property taxes and also applied for federal funds to help with expected shortfall in city budgets due to lockdown.
    The citizens of Henderson should be able to VOTE on this proposal.

  5. Out of all the more suitable location in the Valley they have to shove this BS with lies and fake promises into the worst place to pick. Even with current status of the location there isnt enough room to handle the traffic. Now let’s have the great idea to shove something that is NOT needed !!

    • Tim

      Steve there’s a small element of people who don’t want the arena across from Green Valley Ranch which is a perfect place to house visiting team but that makes to much sense. Right off the freeway again makes to much sense. Will be used year round for many events again makes to much sense. When I moved to Henderson there was a sign on boulder highway stating Henderson population 16,356 now what the city has turned into and a minority like you aren’t happy. You think what you want but don’t rain on our parade because were moving on up. By the way I know the small group of home owners in the neighborhood and why there protesting the arena but that I’ll keep to myself.

      • J Adams

        If you know the ‘small group of home owners’ and why they’re ‘protesting’ I’d be interested to hear it…because not one thing that has been said on here represents the true reasons that have been expressed from the ‘small group of home owners’ (lol, which is NOT that small).
        Interesting that those in favor just think it’s all about hockey and those opposed have many MANY more reasons why this is the wrong place, wrong time and wrong way to spend millions in tax dollars.
        So, if those who are in favor would actually address the true issues of why this shouldn’t happen, maybe their support would hold water but they don’t and won’t and maybe can’t?

        • Tim

          J Adams let me just say it’s church related and leave it at that. With that hint do a little homework and you’ll see whats behind the movement.

          • J. Adams

            Well, since I’m one of the members leading the Coalition which is spearheading this and none of us are part of any church group I can honestly say that your info is wrong.

          • J. Adams

            All I can say is your info is incorrect.
            We, the members of the Coalition which is leading this and working on every aspect of this for the community, we are not affiliated with any church… not sure where you’re getting your info but it’s incorrect.

  6. James

    No one mentions this is a great investment in Henderson and the area. This arena will bring money from out of town fans and teams to the area to stay in hotels here. It’s also great investment in downtown practice arena.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Doesn’t matter to most people in valley, Henderson didn’t do anything constructive about it. Most people in VEGAS never go to Henderson. No reason to go there, even the gun shows are lame there. Except maybe Doc, who likes to wait in traffic and see anything Knights related, no matter how pathetic it is.

    • DOC Williams

      Once again the hockey DUD impresses us with his cleverness by attacking me, who has nothing to do with this subject and no interest in it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        hey bud you started this, not me, if you want to finish it , then shut your pie hole. If not I will keep calling out your posts for the BS that they are. Putz.

        • DOC Williams

          Tell ya what DUD! I won’t have to comment anymore on what you write. You bury yourself in ignorance every time you say something. So many have contacted me about you and your attempt to make yourself seem important. You are a common version of an online bully. I now agree with them to just ignore you from now on.

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