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Henderson AHL Arena Renderings

The incredibly rapid process of Henderson’s newest gem continues next week with the City Council set to approve the design of the $80 million arena coming to the Henderson Pavilion site.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company won the bid to design the arena and a 22 slide presentation will be presented to the City Council for approval on Tuesday.

Here are the renderings.

The building is similar in size to the Henderson Pavilion.

The entry to the arena will include room for an outdoor stage, a lawn, and a large plaza with a “photo feature” currently designed as a knight statue. Plus, there’s a sizable terrace with outdoor seating.


Like T-Mobile Arena, the design includes triangle sky decks overlooking the playing surface.

There will also be a restaurant, shown as MacKenzie River Pizza in the renderings, which has indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor patio includes room for eight picnic tables and multiple cornhole courts. The restaurant is designed for about 250 people including a massive 40 seat bar.

The project is expected to break ground in August of this year and is scheduled to be completed in time for the 2022-23 AHL season.


Probabilities Of Each Opponent Based On Round-Robin Seed


Round Robin Adjustments – vs. Colorado Avalanche


  1. Tim

    The Henderson arena looks great as usual the Knights do things first class. When you consider the Knights have the number one show and fan base going at T-Mobil, the Vegas weather, entertainment, restaurants, two Pacific championships in our three years of existence, a trip to the Stanley Cup finals, a friendly tax structure, and now a new arena I’m sure will be the number one AHL arena in hockey whats not to like. Not being a snob but I’d bet 80% of all hockey players would give there left nut to play for the Knights. Obviously this is a reason why players take a team friendly contract to stay here or would you rather get a little more money and play in Buffalo, Detroit or some other hell hole in the NHL?

    • Chris

      LOL. Detroit as a hell hole? Hope you comment was just about that they hadare a bad hockey team right now. They’ve won 11 Cups and made the playoffs for 25 years in a row, but in the cap era, the piper comes due. It will for VGK as well eventually.

      I’m a fan of both VGK & DET. They used to have $80 million in salaries in the late 1990s. They’d be still buying the best teams if it wasn’t the cap era, but the NHL correctly realized that wasn’t fair. Players love going there or any other Original 6 team. But in the cap era, they know they all can’t.

      • Tim

        Did you ever hear the saying ( In Detroit they eat there young ) The fact is since the 1967 riots Detroit has never rebuilt.

    • Great point, a great city that loves this team.

  2. simon

    Will it take them a full 2 years? Or will it be ready early for other events 1st? The much bigger T-Mobile took less than 2 years.

  3. DOC Williams

    I’ll never get to see it in person … But it looks fantastic. First class arena, especially for a “minor” league team. Ya’ll enjoy it when it opens!

  4. Elle Sanchez

    According to the architects for the Henderson Pavilion, it is an 89,000 square foot open-air ampitheatre. This ugly arena is a 165,000 square foot solid, rectangular building. And, to those who would say, well that’s because the arena is taller, no, it is not. The point was made that it would be lower than the height of the Pavilion.

    Many of the residents of Henderson, NV are vehemently opposed to the location and the funding of this project. A petition was filed with the City of Henderson prior to the approval of this project and signatures are currently being collected to stop the funding and force the City to put this up for a vote in November.

    • Adam Johnson

      Do a little research Elle! The Event Center is three levels, it is a smaller footprint than the Pavilion, they flipped all that wasted green space that was behind locked gates out in front of the Events Center for all to use. Yes, it is lower than the Pavilion, and smaller footprint because they are going to build down below ground to limit the sprawl and keep it too high. Did you even look at the pictures in this post or just rush here to post something negative like all the negative posts you flood everything else about the Events Center.

      • Dave Baker

        “Flipped all that wasted green space”. By my estimate we will be losing 80% of irreplaceable “green space”, with an asphalt parking lot. Now that’s progress.

        • Russ Morgan

          Don’t confuse bland desert landscape and the dirt perimeter around the Pavilion fronting the two major cross streets as “green space.” We’ve been paying who knows how much to water a green hill that is locked behind a gate. Now we have a usable plaza with grass and trees that can be used year round and not just the dozen or so days that the Pavilion has an event. This will turn this janky broken down circus tent that is only useable a couple months a year into a world class event center that is usable year round, inside and out.

      • Elle Sanchez

        Oh, yes, the “wasted green space” argument. The Henderson Pavilion was designed to be a showcase amphitheater for the performing arts in a park setting within a residential neighborhood. If the City gets away with destroying this property, then no area will be safe. Heaven forbid we have parks and nature within the City that claims it is an award winner for (guess what?) PARKS!!!

        There is a vast amount of land that has not yet been developed. Foley should take his billions, buy some land and build his own arena with his own money–not the taxpayers of Henderson.

      • Glenn

        Smaller footprint? !! It’s about the building and it very large. I wish the building had some character. It’s pretty ugly

  5. J Adams

    This is Incredible!
    The cost to the taxpayers and the terrible deal the COH is shoving into the communities is a shame!
    Everything about this project is contradictory facts and information.
    How are the thousands of residents in the immediate area going to be impacted by the new outdoor party venues?
    Financially, the COH has laid down and allowed this agreement (which is terrible in every sense ) to go forward thinking it is in the ‘best interests’ of the community?
    Yes, we all LOVE the Knights, but this IS NOT the Knights!
    Everything about this project is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!
    If this city council thinks forcing this project on their taxpayers is a great idea, they’re delusional…which is probably how they agreed to this!

  6. Jeanne

    I hope we’ll still have a lot of green space if this goes through.
    Where is the parking? Will there be a new parking garage? This is already a crowded area and it’s difficult to find parking at The District in the evenings.
    This is a crowded area. Will there be a new entrance?
    Do Henderson residents get first chance at season tickets, since our property taxes are increasing to help fund this? I’ve heard VGK season ticket holders were given priority. If that’s true, we can except tickets to be expensive.

    • J Adams

      They’re counting on using the already non-existent parking at the District.
      Tickets are advertised to be $10, because it’s minor league, THIS IS NOT THE KNIGHTS!
      Henderson residents get……NOTHING except increased property taxes, millions spent on this project and zero revenue for 20 years on every event except the 37 or so Henderson can use the center for.
      Sign the Petition to put this on the ballot so the residents of Henderson can vote, yay or nay, if we want our tax dollars spent on this project to the benefit of the owner of VGK!
      At least, if we vote and it goes through, it will be the majority of the people having input…not the 4 City Council members that DON’T live in the area pushing this thru!

  7. Tim

    All you nutty people who don’t like the new AHL arena or the location are living on a different planet. When a city wants something they believe will improve the status of the city your beating a dead horse. 8,300 people have put a downpayment for tickets does that give you a clue that this might be another home run.

    • J Adams

      It would be great if all you ‘nutty’ people that are jumping on this bandwagon would pay attention to the details???
      The city is spending millions of our taxpayers monies on this venture for which we get:
      No revenue for 90% of events for 20 years
      Increased property taxes
      A 20 year old building handed back to the taxpayers when they’re done with it

      The details of the lease agreements and contracts are a terrible deal for the city and the residents, this is what we’re looking at!
      Everyone who is all ‘gaga’ over this has not idea what this means financially for our city…let’s just throw caution to the wind and say yes to whatever it is no matter what it means to our pocketbooks and finances!
      Meanwhile, the city is asking for money to help with budget shortfalls due to lockdown and cutting back services!
      But let’s give VGK $42 million to help build this arena!
      THIS is what all of us ‘nutty’ people are concerned with!

    • Dave Baker

      Tim, all of us nutty people are not opposed to the arena per say, it’s the location we disagree with. There are a number of locations in Henderson that would be more than adequate for a venue such as this that would not have to have the infrastructure and traffic pattern changes let alone the loss of park “green space”. (Look on Google maps at Galleria Dr & N Stephanie St you see that big ole chunk of vacant land, just off the freeway I might add.)The residents of the surrounding area invested in homes because of the quiet surroundings and access to green spaces. Now 2 decades later, and a couple of administrations of city council later they deem it their responsibility to “improve” the quality of life for the people that want peace and quiet by giving them a sports complex, taking away green space, and getting next to nothing in the “deal”.

      • J Adams

        We asked why they don’t look at other locations and the city’s answer was that the VGK wanted this location because………………………………
        They don’t have to pay for it!!!!!!
        It would be over $800,000 per acre to go elsewhere and they don’t want to spend the money so the city, very generously, just handed them the Pavilion!
        Isn’t that nice????

      • Tim

        Some points you may not have considered. City National Arena has the Red Rock casino walking distance to put up players or whoever may come to town. Now the Henderson Arena has Green Valley Ranch to provide the same service for visiting teams. The District is a classy place that provides restaurants and shopping for visitors. Sorry but the arena is in a perfect spot whether you agree or not. Your all so freaked out about your taxes well let me clue you in. I was discharged from the Army in 1965 settled in Las Vegas at that time cigarette’s were 25 cents a pack, gas was 28 cents a gallon, registering your car was 25.00 period. Please don’t tell me about your taxes going up they’ve been going up for the last 55 years I’ve lived here. So please enjoy how our beautiful valley has grown from a dusty small town to this beautiful place we all call home.

    • Joe

      Do you live on Green Valley Pkwy and Paseo Verde? Cause I don’t. The people that this directly affects should get to have the final say. If I did, I sure as hell wouldn’t want this there. That intersection is a disaster to begin with. And there seems to be plenty of empty space on St Rose Pkwy which is all commercial and is better equipped to handle the extra traffic.

    • J. Adams

      And where do those 8300 people live? Are they adjacent to this property?
      Do they think that all the tickets in the arena will be $10?
      Has anybody paid attention to the fact that it includes 24 luxury suites so the pricing of tickets for the good seats here will be way more expensive than everybody is anticipating.
      Read the facts.
      Pay attention to the details.
      And stop being so negative towards those who don’t agree with you on principle!

    • Glenn

      So now it’s 8300 for a 6000 seat arena.. sounds like ban planning. Tux will be expensive

  8. J Doody

    I am appalled that the city council and Mayor Marsh are still planning to ramrod this through, even though the vast majority of us who live in the immediate area are vehemently opposed to this project. The traffic in the area is already excessive, the parking is extremely inadequate, and our tax money should not be spent on this boondoggle when so many in the area are still reeling economically from the affects of Covid 19. The mayor and city council need to remember that they REPRESENT the people of Henderson and that we did not elect them to serve their own special interests, but to serve according to the will of the people. The majority of the people who will be directly impacted by this project do not want it to be located on the Henderson Pavilion site.

    • J. Adams

      Reports are they are going to do 3 events a week… what’ll that look like???

  9. Nina Nudelman

    Great for Henderson, Vegas & the NHL and AHL! My family lives in Henderson now, we’re from Philly and huge hockey fans (I love the Flyers and the Knights!) – can’t wait to see an AHL game there!!!

    • J Adams

      That’s awesome!
      I love hockey too!
      Have you seen the proposal? Have you seen how they’re going to have outdoor entertainment venues? Did you know they propose 3 events a week including Basketball tournaments? (not sure who that is with but the way the City works we’ll probably get a Basketball team here momentarily)
      Living in Henderson is wonderful, I feel for those who will be impacted by this location.
      And right now, when the city is anticipating a budget shortfall and every government office is cutting back (as is the City of Henderson), they still are spending and committing millions of our tax monies to a terrible contract deal allowing for subleasing and early release.
      But YAY everyone loves hockey…that’s not the issue!

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