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Help Get The Geo-Restrictions Reversed On The Behind The Vegas Ice Documentary


UPDATE (12/15/16 11:49 AM) – Cox has issued a statement on the restrictions not allowing fans outside of 50 miles of Las Vegas’ inability to watch the show. 

Cox is thrilled by the positive reaction of hockey fans after their viewing of the first episode of Behind the Vegas Ice. We are currently looking at options to expand the viewing availability of the docudrama series beyond the metropolitan Las Vegas area. -Mike Parisi, VP of Cox Media Las Vegas

ORIGINAL STORY – One week ago today Cox Communications, in conjunction with Levy Productions, partnering with the Vegas Golden Knights (sorry, had a Peter Griffin moment there), premiered the first episode of a ten-part documentary series called Behind The Vegas Ice.
At Born and Raised with members of the organization, I watched the episode and have to say it was incredibly well done. Mostly a recap of what loyal readers already know, but it gave us a taste of what type of access the camera crew will have, and it’s certainly going to be can’t miss stuff moving forward.

That’s the good news. But unfortunately, the show being so good is also bad news.

Behind The Vegas Ice aired on Cox channel 1096 and could be streamed online at It has since re-aired multiple times and it’s available for streaming right now if you click here… assuming you fall within their guidelines.

That’s where the problem comes in. On TV, only current Cox subscribers are able to watch the show. On the web, only if they are within 50 miles of Las Vegas can view the episode.

So you up in Reno, and you over in Phoenix, and you down in New Orleans, you’re all SOL.

That’s a problem, and one that quite frankly in inconsistent with the vision of the Vegas Golden Knights organization. The Creator has all along claimed he wants this team to be loved be everyone, all across the world. He’s attempting to create an international brand, and some even believed certain hirings were made to cultivate the thirst for Vegas NHL hockey in China.

But now, when presented with an enjoyable TV show which shows the behind the scenes of what’s expected to become their new favorite team, fans outside of an arms length of Clark County are told, this one’s not for you.

In this case, it was not a decision by the Vegas Golden Knights, but instead by the provider of the content, Cox. This is where you come in. I’ve talked to the people over at Cox, and told them why I believe it should be available world wide, but my voice is petty as a Cox subscriber and someone who ate free fried mac and cheese balls while watching the premier on a 150 inch screen with team CMO Nehme Abouzeid.

However, I’ve done the work for you to make sure you, non-Vegas local, have your voice heard by the folks over at Cox in hopes of them changing their minds. CLICK THIS TO SEND AN EMAIL ASKING FOR THE RESTRICTIONS TO BE LIFTED (Don’t be a jackass, make sure you change the name and location on the bottom.)

There’s strength in numbers and I hope they receive hundreds of emails from fans who want to see the show but can’t. And if you have the time and the passion, write your own comment down below, and I’ll send all of them in an email as well.

The next episode doesn’t air until the first week of January. We’ve got time to get this turned around. Let’s stand up together and make this happen!


In case your computer doesn’t work, here’s the layout of the email so you can just cut and paste. Please send it to me as well so I can see have an accurate number of how many were sent.


Subject: Please Lift Behind The Vegas Ice Viewer Restrictions

Body: To whom it may concern at Cox Communications,

I am a fan of hockey, the NHL, and the Vegas Golden Knights and I do NOT live within the boundaries necessary to watch the Behind The Vegas Ice docu-drama. Therefore I have been unable to see the first episode of this groundbreaking series and am saddened to learn that I will also be unable to see any of the next nine episode as they air.

The NHL is a global brand and there are fans of the league like me in all over the world that would also love to watch this show. Mr. Foley has mentioned on multiple occasions that his goal is to make the Vegas Golden Knights an international phenomenon. Not allowing fans like myself and the thousands like me to view this series is limiting the possible strength of the organization you are partnering with.  Fans all over the country, and the world, would love to be granted the same chance residents of Clark country have, to view the behind the scenes footage of the first NHL expansion franchise in more than a decade.

Therefore I urge you to reconsider the restrictions on out of town viewers and allow all who wish to watch the show the opportunity that is currently only available to a select population.

Thank you.




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  1. Cappy

    Creator needs one of these.
    GMGM should be familiar.

  2. Clayton

    I clicked on the link to watch episode 1 on the website, and it says it’s not available in my region, but I am definitely not more than 50 miles from Vegas, I live here. Anyone else have that problem?

  3. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    Message sent. I thought I read somewhere that Behind The Vegas Ice would be made available via Is there any truth to this?

    As a fan from the United Kingdom, I was looking forward to watching the show. I was disappointed to find a written recap.

  4. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    Message sent. I thought I read somewhere that Behind The Vegas Ice would be made available via Is there any truth to this?

    As a fan from the United Kingdom, I was looking forward to watching the show. I was disappointed to find a written recap.

    • To my knowledge no one outside of 50 miles is able to watch it and will be able to watch it moving forward. Cox reached out to me this morning and they are releasing a statement shortly, hopefully it involved a change in policy either now or in the near future.

  5. James

    Thanks for trying. Here’s hoping they release a DVD.

    • I’m not giving up yet. It’s ridiculous to me that these negotiations were not done prior to the first episode being aired. With each passing episode I’ll madder and madder.

  6. Mark B

    Email sent.

    I am a Full Season Ticket holder.

    I live in Nevada. This is my Nevada pro team.

    Certainly ridiculous that Nevadans cannot stream it.

  7. Dale Koester

    I sent the email. I live in Houston but I am from Las Vegas and was very excited for the chance to watch this episode. So pumped and excited for Las Vegas to finally be considered a major league city but with Cox doing junk like this they are showing we are a minor league city. Cox has got to get there things fixed!! I hope Mr. Foley talks more with Cox about this.

  8. Gigi Frieling

    Sent Email today. Got a canned reply that Stephanie is out of office until January 4th. Happy holidays!

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