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Has Kane Shown Enough Flash For Vegas To Strike A Deal With Chicago?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Last night the Golden Knights lost a frustrating game in shootout against Patrick Kane and the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane attempted to end the game in overtime but his last-second slap shot couldn’t beat the buzzer and the game was decided in a SO.

While the goal didn’t count, Kane was highly noticeable to the thousand of fans, dozens of players, and about a handful of general managers. Most likely including the VGK’s front office.

I think Vegas is gearing up to do something. I think they’re looking at moves big and small. I think they’ve looked at the Ivan Barbashev. I think they’ve looked at the possibility of Patrick Kane. I have no doubt they’ve looked at the possibility of Timo Meier. –Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast

On Sunday the former Conn Smyth trophy winner looked like his old self again. Kane reminded the hockey world that he’s still threatening by recording a natural hat trick against Ottawa. His flash, shot, and skill were on full display as they were last night to a lesser extent against the Golden Knights. Although Kane came up empty with time expiring he still created several quality scoring chances.

I’m assuming it’s going to be soon. He deserves the leeway to make the right decision for himself, and so we’re gonna give him that space. But when we do get to a conclusion, one way or the other, it’ll be through a partnership and collaborative decision-making process. -Kyle Davidson, Blackhawks GM

Kane’s performance likely boosted his odds of being traded for and the cost it’ll take to acquire him. The Golden Knights have been rumored to be tracking #88 for weeks so I’m sure his last three games are encouraging enough to deepen trade talks with Chicago.

The question is where does Kane want to land?

I’m the one with the no-movement clause, but we’ve been having discussions with my agent everyday. If I knew I’d probably make a decision by now. -Patrick Kane, CHI forward

There’s no doubt Kane would make the Golden Knights’ offense more potent and more threatening. If he continues to perform like he has the past week, the future Hall of Famer could be the difference between an early exit or a deep playoff run. With or without peak Kane, Vegas may need more to overcome their playoff opponents. Perhaps, the Golden Knights have more in mind them just one star.






  1. Mark

    No big moves, he’s old and way past his prime to quote Don Lemon. No way, he’s not worth it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      who’s don lemon?
      what position in NHL did he play ?

      never heard of don lemon, sounds like a know nothing

      • Mark

        He was a legend back in the 1940s, played for the Moosejaw Rough Riders, led the team in goals from 42-47.

  2. Well Mark least you have your head on your shoulders. They don’t need another over the hill veteran. This is nothing against Kane it is everything to do with smart business of which the FO is not great at the majority of time.

    • Mark

      Agree. No more older guys at the expense of draft pics and younger guys. We need to keep the pipeline flowing at all times, irrespective of what Biden thinks.

  3. A VGK Fan

    everyone sleeping on JVR. i think JVR would be perfect for VGK. young enough to re sign with us next year for a cheaper deal as well

    • Blitz

      I put JVR at the top of my list. He is still probably a bigger reach than I really want the VGK to spend, but at least he isn’t ridiculous like Timo. There *may* be a reasonable contract that can be had going forward with JVR as well.

      The only case I could make for going for Timo (the big fish) is if they know Stone will retire and I highly doubt they are thinking that right now. Even with that knowledge how do you spend 10 mil on him going forward. Insane.

      • Michaela Vesela

        The Hat trick was against maple leafs, lol

        • Stephanie

          It was the leafs . It’s not that Kane is “ over the hill” , He has single
          Handedly mentored every young star since q left .Yea he was kind of a punk early on , but he is there late every night coming up with ways to help that team . ( with rookie coaches and not just players) He plays hockey in leagues with all the young guys in the league . He’s just very hockey smart .He’s never been a defensive player , but he brings a lot to the table ,that said He planned on retiring in Chicago til Davidson decided to tank the team so he probably wasn’t ready for any of this

      • Sorvino

        Blitz, Timo Meier’s cap hit is only 6 million this year. JVR’a cap hit is 7 million.

        There is the Timo Meier qualifying offer of 10 million next year but they can trade him in the summer.

        It’s complicated and I am also a no on Meier but my point is that if they did acquire him it would open up options.

        1) The option of using Timo Meier for a playoff run, and then trading him in the summer.

        2) The option of keeping Timo Meier, who is just 26 years old and making the roster younger. To make room for the 26 year old Meier, in the summer you can trade the 32 year old Marchessault and 36 year old Alec Martinez who have combined cap hits of 10.25 million.

        It’s complicated and takes some cap gymnastics but this front office in spite of what you think is clever. You don’t play 68 playoff games in five years which is second only to Tampa if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  4. Jailbird

    Take Domi over Kane!

    • Blitz

      I like Domi as well, but how are his wing skills? Legit question, I really have no idea. We don’t need another center to cause more problems with our line up. Moving Stephenson or Roy to wing isn’t an improvement to our team. Stephenson was…meh… ok, but we need better than that. So Domi would have to be a better winger than Stephenson and compliment Eichel, cause that is really what this is all about. I like Domi, but I am not in tune enough to answer these questions.

  5. Sorvino

    Kane is old but I’m not worried about him ageing over the next few years, he would be a rental. I think Vegas has a very good team, but I don’t believe they are one of the top five teams in the league. With the exception of Colorado, I believe the other top teams are all in the Eastern conference and because of that, I believe this provides an opportunity for Vegas so I think they should go for it and trade some futures. they don’t have to go through those savage teams in the Eastern conference. This is not what my line of thinking has been in the past couple of years.

    • Emmanuel

      Thats something thats overlooked. The west also has about 5 teams that are cupcakes to play against. On the other hand does a less rough schedule keep you fresher for the playoffs? And how about travel? The east has short hops, the west long flights….

  6. DeezNutz

    Can Kane hit a wide open net in a high pressure situation? There’s your answer.

  7. Sorvino

    The answer to the headline of the article is an emphatic yes. Patrick Kane has shown enough that he could provide Vegas great health and value in a playoff run as a rental. He loves Chicago and can resign there next year. It’s all up to him. He may not even want to be traded.

  8. Blitz

    Read an interesting take on Kane. He has a no move clause and Toews no longer being on the trade market actually causes problems for CHI. I guess Kane really wanted to go to NYR, but that ship has sailed. So I assume the ultimate price for Kane will depend on where HE wants to go. If he only has one destination in mind then CHI will have to take it or leave it should that team want to deal. If that team was VGK then maybe a tolerable deal could be reached. A lot of if’s, but just got me thinking, if he could be had for a reasonable price, then maybe. Any other situation then hell no, hard pass.

  9. JV

    No, because the cost will be too high for yet another player with hip issues. The team could use a shit- stirrer like Domi in the middle six at a cheaper cost.

    • Emmanuel

      Domi is my top choice, my only concern is that he seems to be below avg for a C, not terrible just below average.

      • JV

        They always say a C can shift to wing, but a W can’t shift to center. 357 pts in 557 games career. He would be strictly a rental, as he will get more than the 3M he’s currently making, next season as a UFA.

      • JV

        Has 15 PPP- Hello!- and FOW% 54.8. He does take penalties 76 PIM, as we witnessed.

  10. Jailbird

    I guess I should know this, but who is JVR? Thanks.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    if no. 23 on VGK can catch up to kane like he did
    in last nite’s game, then
    the answer to the question
    is a resounding NO !
    following by no, and another no.

    I like Domi better

  12. JV

    So Webers cap hit and a 5th round pick sent to AZ for some no name AHL defenseman. It will only cost AZ 3 million in actual salary.

  13. Sorvino

    The old over the hill Patrick Kane had another three point night last night with 2 goals and 1 assist. The Blackhawks have now won 4 straight games defeating elite teams like Vegas, Dallas and Toronto. The Dallas and Toronto fan bases have recovered but the VGK fan base is still depressed and complaining about losing to Chicago.

    In those 4 games Kane has 7 goals, 3 assists, is +7 and had 17 shots on net. Wow!

    People, he is a rental!!!!

  14. knights fan in minny

    roy listed dtd

  15. JV

    OT, but Bruins got Hathaway(shit-stirer extraordinaire) and Orlov from Caps for Craig Smith( bet he is pissed off right now), a 2023 1st, 2024 3rd, 2025 2nd. They sent Minny a 2023 5th for retaining half Orlov salary. Think there was a player’s signing rights involved as well.

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