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Happy Anniversary

One year ago the Golden Knights became Stanley Cup Champions!

Cup Handoff Lineup

Mark Stone -> Reilly Smith -> Jonathan Marchessault -> William Karlsson ->Brayden McNabb -> Shea Theodore -> William Carrier -> Alex Pietrangelo -> Alec Martinez -> Jonathan Quick -> Chandler Stephenson -> Jack Eichel ->Ivan Barbashev -> Adin Hill -> Nic Roy -> Phil Kessel -> Keegan Kolesar -> Zach Whitecloud -> Nic Hague ->Michael Amadio -> Brett Howden -> Ben Hutton -> Laurent Brossoit -> Logan Thompson -> Paul Cotter -> Teddy Blueger -> Brayden Pachal -> Bruce Cassidy -> Kelly McCrimmon -> Bill Foley -> George McPhee

Conn Smythe Voting

I’m a proud Golden Misfit. – William Karlsson.

It’s been a wild ride. Year one was a special, special year. The way we could create a winning culture right off the hop changed everything. We were knocking on the door for the last couple of years and we were able to break through. -Brayden McNabb

It was pretty surreal. I didn’t know how many seconds left to start throwing my stuff off. -Adin Hill

Look where we are right now. Our team has been unbelievable since the beginning. We’re winners. -Jonathan Marchessault

I can’t even describe the feelings in my stomach right now. It’s everything you could imagine. -Mark Stone

Everyone have a good night. I know I will! -Bruce Cassidy


Cooking With Karlsson, Marchessault, and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare


Why Shea Theodore’s Name Has Been, And Will Continue To, Pop Up In Trade Rumors


  1. NAM

    Florida didn’t seem to have a problem getting back to the cup finals. Heck they even improved assuming they can stay healthy for a couple more games. We had almost the exact same team as last year minus a huge piece in Smith, and we looked like a completely different team. Fast forward to now and beyond, we ARE a completely different team. Prospects not great (so far), future draft capital spent, over paying players even though there isn’t state taxes. No body is on a discount any more other than maybe Karlsson (in my mind). I am sure we will keep Marchessault at a big cap hit or pick up another big name player instead at a big cap hit. Gone will be our depth in the bottom forward lines. Jury’s out on Hertl. I like the guy, but he needs a good offseason to fit in with the flow of this team or Cassidy needs a good off season to figure out where Hertl fits on this team. As a fan I have a uneasy feeling about this year, but also willing to let it play out and see what happens. I still look forward to hockey. I am ready for the the season to start.

    • JB

      Well, I guess 18 players off on injury and nine surgery’s would make any team look different. And still, we were just one goal away from probably a deep playoff run. I am proud of our team and see no reason not to continue to be!

      • NAM

        Nah the excuses for what happened this year are worthless, cause the year is done. The team wasn’t the same. Choosing Hill over Smith wasn’t the answer. Cheating the cap with Stone (again) wasn’t the answer. Selling off the future stock for deadline guys wasn’t the answer, especially when there were cheaper guys that fit better to deepen out this team. I don’t think cleaning house of your coaches was the answer either. Injuries have plagued this team for several years now even in the cup year. Good teams find a way to win and they very much did that during the cup year. I am happy the VGK put up a fight till the end. It really would have been much worse had they not made the playoffs and not forced 7 games with a really good stars team. As a fan though, it was frustrating watching them get trashed by every bottom dweller team. Exciting though when they beat EDM to kill the streak or when they beat TOR after getting beat by them a week earlier. So there were good moments too.

        • JB

          Then quit talking about this year then. If you can’t appreciate what this organization has accomplished then that’s to bad.

          • knights fan in minny

            nail his ass

          • NAM

            What the fuck are you talking about? I talked about both this year and last year in my initial comment? Are you retarded?

    • Carl

      Excellent take on the issues.

    • Emmanuel

      “Gone will be our depth in the bottom forward lines“

      The myth continues…..

      Historically VGK has had an average 3rd line (usually a great C, a solid RW & a terrible LW) & the 4th has had an underused C Roy, a terrible RW and sometimes an OK LW in Carrier and thats the BEST scenario if the teams not plagued by injuries.

      Depth is NOT why they won the Cup. The top line and a hot G won the Cup.

  2. Alex

    One and done …a footnote due to minor league goalie issues…Thompson not good and Hill is a one hit wonder..

  3. TS

    Made me cry! What a great reminder of the joy,the pride, the exuberance we felt in those magic moments. THIS is why we cheer, why we gather on Sinbin to celebrate ( and lament) OUR VGK. Why we have a mutual bond in this team. We forget that. We forget WHY we gather here.
    I Thank the NHL for giving Mr Foley the opportunity to put great Hockey on the Vegas map..the VGK will never let the league down, thanks to Mr Foley’s exemplary pedigree and outstanding organization. I’m so proud of our team!

    • knights fan in minny

      i might have to watch the replay it will never get old

      • TS

        Kfim, I did NOT record it! The local channel that broadcasts games should treat fans to a repeat! Btw: BB DID have a nice…set…

      • alex

        That thrift store VCR still working?

        • knights fan in minny

          does your thrift store brain ever function watermelon

        • TS

          Alex,I actually wish I still had one…I liked my VHS tapes. Still have a few, now worth a few bucks to collectors…

  4. ThG

    hail to the KINGs

    long live the King

    (the king must die)

    the VGK were knocking on the door, for nearly early years. They got
    over the hump for one year. Now what? NHL socialist sal crap rules
    say, BREAK THEM UP. Give someone else a chance. Reward mediocry.

    Liberalism is sure a mental disorder. They did a good job, and now they
    get whacked for doing so

    Time will tell. All good things must come to an end.

    • Emmanuel

      The Cap is designed to keep player salaries down, salaries ballooned from the 90s onward to the point cities like Ottawa & Columbus really shouldnt have a team.

      I still wonder why franchise values keep rising even though they bleed cash ( assuming the books arent cooked).

      • ThG

        “The Cap is designed to keep player salaries down,”

        so do five year plans in Russia and China and North Korea.

    • Alex

      Everything is a socialist plot to this idiot…what a sad little man you are!

      • knights fan in minny

        you’re a sad little spook

        • ThG

          what’s a spook ?

          “The term “spook” has multiple meanings1. In the Urban Dictionary, it can refer to feeling scared or haunted, a spy or informant. Interestingly, it was originally used by black people to refer to white people, possibly based on the idea of “white” ghosts.”

  5. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I still occasionally play youtube clips of the Stanley Cup winning highlights. Extremely proud of the team

    • ThG

      why? You are a Minnesota Wild fan and native???

      Plus you announce for the Oilers on Hockey Night in Canada!?

      • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

        Ahhh let me think of my genius reply ThG. You are a Colorado Avalanche fan. Plus you announce for the Colorado Avalanche on their network. I can just make up stuff too.

        • ThG

          I am definitely not an AVs fan.

          Still trying to figure out your cryptic posts meanings.

    • TS

      Said, I forgot about Utube! Will try after the game…

    • knights fan in minny

      they are fun to watch

  6. JB

    Florida wins! Up 3-0!

  7. 3-0 indeed!! Loving it, didnt love that I couldnt see mcdavids sad face cause the cameras couldnt focus on him as he made a straight beeline to the comfort of their locker room, hopefully for the last time in game 4 after the obligatory handshakes!

    This was going to be easy peasy for the panthers until the riccochet off a panthers player beat bob, oilers were beaten and out of the game before that occurred, much like panthers were completely out of it in game 4 last year until the double bing bang off Mcnabbs and Theodores skates gave them new life.

    As far as naysaying and worrying about our team next year, our window is open for at least the next 2-3 years, oh but for a slightly different Hanifin shot at the end of game 3, who knows what mighta been…drop the puck already for next season!!

    • TS

      Larry, I thought a Panthers/ Stars match up would have been more competitive. I was surprised when the Oilers beat the Stars. Would have been fun to watch!

  8. DeezNutz

    Today also marks the 1 year anniversary of minny and Rashaad’s first kiss!

  9. knights fan in minny

    numb nutz with his worthless 1 comment then runs away like a little bitch

  10. JB

    Doesn’t look like a Canadian win this year! McDavid skates all around and then does nothing. I love it! What I would really like to see is oilers win game four, then have to get on that plane for that long flight and doom in game five!

  11. JB, actually what would be better would be for panthers to clinch on the oilers home ice to rub further salt into their wounds and keep the panthers from the celebratory clinching on their home ice in Florida, because for me though i respect they won their way to consecutive Finals, it is more my loathing of the oilers rather than celebrating the panthers!!

    • JB

      Well same here. I don’t really care where, just as long as Edmonton are put away! Not a Florida fan of course, but I have respect for what they have done after last years embarrassment in the finals .

  12. ThG

    their plan to subvert our children has been shot down, a victory for traditional American values , morality,God, and humanity!!

    A federal judge has blocked President Biden’s expansion of Title IX in four states, calling the mandatory gender identity protections an “abuse of power.”

    U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty granted a preliminary injunction on Thursday, and referred to the Biden administration’s unilateral Title IX changes as a “threat to democracy.”

    “This case demonstrates the abuse of power by executive federal agencies in the rulemaking process,” Doughty said in his ruling. “The separation of powers and system of checks and balances exist in this country for a reason.”

    Doughty ruled that the changes were inadmissible because the term “gender discrimination” as used in the establishment of Title IX “only included discrimination against biological males and females at the time of enactment.”

    Doughty ruled that the changes were inadmissible because the term “gender discrimination” as used in the establishment of Title IX “only included discrimination against biological males and females at the time of enactment.”

    The ruling blocks implementation of the changes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana and Idaho.

    Title IX is a longstanding civil rights law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in schools and other education centers that receive federal funding.

    The latest update, from April, expands the definition of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity – a move that critics say would undermine hard-won protections for women and girls.

    A school would not be able to separate or treat people differently based on sex, except in limited circumstances, under the provisions.

    Critics say that the change will allow locker rooms and bathrooms to be based on gender identity.

    Q+ students who face discrimination would be entitled to a response from their school under Title IX, and those failed by their schools can seek recourse from the federal government.

    Advocates have hailed the change as necessary to protect transgender students. The rule is set to take effect Aug. 1.

    Lawsuits against the Biden administration’s changes — similar to the Louisiana case — are underway in states across the country.

  13. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    What is this???

    I never talk politics but everyone else does so why shouldn’t I. I’m not on either side. I know nobody asked or cares. I hate Donald Trump. I think he is an awful human being. I’m not convinced that the other side is better. Look at Joe Biden in this video. How is this guy fit to be a president? What’s with the guy wearing the red dress??? Imagine being Marty McFly and Doc Brown in 1985 and travelling 39 years into the future and seeing this.

    I’m sorry if I upset anybody by saying this. I still want to talk Golden Knights with democrats and republicans.

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