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Hall Of Fame Goalie Weighs In On Golden Knights Trade Deadline “Shock”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Grant Fuhr is one of the greatest goalies to ever play in the NHL. He’s a five-time Stanley Cup Champion and was elected into the Hall of Fame in 2003. Fuhr played for 19 years between 1981 and 2000, starting more than 850 games and winning more than 400.

To put it politely, there’s nothing in the game of hockey that Grant Fuhr hasn’t seen. That being said, even he was surprised by the Golden Knights’ decision to add Robin Lehner at the deadline. Still an NHL connoisseur (he says he watches multiple games a week), Fuhr said he never saw the trade coming and had to do a bit of a double-take when he first heard it, but as much as he was surprised, he thought about how it must have felt for Marc-Andre Fleury.

Oh it’ll be a shock to the system. There’s no doubt about that. If you don’t see it coming, it will definitely catch you off guard. -Fuhr

Over Fuhr’s time in Edmonton, he said the GM was constantly bringing in goalies to try and compete with him, but he knew as long as he was healthy no one was beating him out. The same has not been the case for Fleury in Vegas who has had Malcolm Subban behind him the entire time. That being said, Fuhr says the best players in the NHL are “immune” to surprises like this affecting their performance. Fleury did well in proving that right about an hour after Grant said it shutting Fuhr’s old team in his first post-deadline start.

Fleury’s been down this road before though. Matt Murray was between the pipes in the clinching game for two of Fleury’s three Stanley Cup victories. The addition of Lehner to the Golden Knights makes the possibility of this happening a third time much more realistic than it was a week ago. Fuhr was in the goal for the first four of his Cup wins, but he was out injured for the entire back half of the regular season and whole postseason for his fifth.

They are all the same. You’re there in the regular season, you are around the guys the whole year. I view mine exactly the same. -Fuhr

The shiny Edmonton Oilers 1990 Stanley Cup champions ring on his finger while making that statement served as strong validation.

But there was one concern Fuhr had with the Golden Knights situation, and that’s the coaching realignment. He hadn’t heard the news, so when I explained that the Golden Knights goalie coach, Dave Prior, was being relocated to Ontario and Mike Rosati was set to take over the day-to-day operations in Vegas working with Fleury and Lehner, he gave me a bit of a side-eye.

There’s something going on there. To make a change this late in the season, especially after adding another goalie at the deadline. That’s something to keep an eye on. -Fuhr


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  1. Erik d

    I agree there is something more to this change to keep an eye on not sure what but its weird timing.

    • M

      It’s not weird at all..fleury needs backup..the team needs the confidence from their goalies and their ability and subban just wasn’t there yet.

      • Keith Anderson


      • Synx

        Exactly, hard for one goalie to do it all now…injuries etc. Good move for insurance…good solid one two punch !

      • Tim

        You do realize they are saying they have two starters? A tandem including two starters. There is no back-up talk at all. Zero. And given they ditched Fleury’s goalie coach and opted for one that has worked with Lehner, as was identified in another article, this ownership and management did Fleury real dirty. I know the Vegas fans are new hockey fans but, they have got to catch on to this. This is blatant spitting in his face frankly, and it makes me sick and angry, and Vegas isn’t even my team. I am aware Fleury has taken this team far every year since there and currently sit at number 1. There’s nothing more he can do. He can’t morph into every player on that team. I agree with Fuhr. I’ve seen a lot of hockey in my day too and heard about a lot of deals and dirt, and this is hands down for me, the lowest. They don’t deserve Flower in that net even one more time

    • Canes lost 2 goalies in half game in Toronto-precaution for vegas?

      • Synx

        Exactly, hard for one goalie to do it all now…injuries etc. Good move for insurance…good solid one two punch !

  2. Think Prior was upset about Subban? Just getting older?

  3. If l recall didn’t l read someplace that the previous coach and prior didn’t see eye to eye so what makes anyone believe that is not the case with Pete D. Often in situations of this kind a new broom sweeps clean. Another goalie to the scene perfect opportunity maybe not best timing only time will tell. Go knights go

    • We’ve been able to confirm that Prior and Gallant did not have any issues. We had speculated it as a possibility but we want to make it clear that it was not the case.

      • Guess it really doesn’t matter now they are both gone so whether or not it was the case is of little importance. You may never know completely if the speculation was correct or not. Yes l read been able to confirm but have you ever check previous employers regarding people who are no longer around. Just a legal question and observation.

  4. Frank Tarantino

    The habs ought to get andre he and price would make a good team.

  5. Neva

    Subban wasn’t good enough if they need help in the playoffs. Insurance that Subban couldn’t provide.

  6. Joe Bob

    Fleury is getting old. He won’t be effective forever.

    • Tim

      Goalies easily play to 40 without Fleury’s athleticism. He’s not anywhere near old. That talk comes from Vegas fans who are new to hockey. He’s 35 for God’s sake. He can do 5 years standing on his head, which he does. And in hockey 5 years is a long time.

  7. I hope we can keep Lehner. I mean it’s really a great situation to be in. Fluery, IMOP, hasn’t lost a step. He’s game, he’s a winner. Lehner is solid, just a talent. The key is that salary cap. We need to pay Lehner top money to keep him. Like I’ve said many times, it’s a great tax situation here, he doesn’t need the same money as a top Canadian goalie or an eastern team goalie. If it’s not Lehner, it’s going to be Dansk, Sparks or that kid Ferguson. Lehner can win a few Cups here, save millions in taxes and cost of living expenses. A mansion in Summerlin costs $800,000, in NY or Toronto or Boston it’s a studio condo. He has kids, they can enjoy the weather here, traffic is minimal. If we offer him competitive money, his agent must tell him this is the place to play. Am I wrong? Why would any player want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in conficatory taxes? That’s why I refugeed here from California. That’s why Hawaiians move here. Think about it !!

  8. What’s the story on Stone? I’m really worried, what’s up?

  9. M

    The last half of this episode offers interested insight regarding Fleury and Lehner
    #10 I’m Gonna Take A Victory Lap -Vegas Golden Knights insider show

  10. Scott D Godfrey

    Grant Fuhr!* You are the most complete!* What I would call a Consummate Professional!* That gave every Fiber of your being!* Including Work Ethic!* Set an example of extremely hard work each and everyday until you Perfected your Trade Craft and Solidify your position on each of those championship teams… My Question to You?* What is Your position on a team that makes a Conscious decision to “Fragrantly Cheat” As we all know the Houston Astros CHEATED!* TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES!* If You were the Baseball Commissioner that could directly see the detrimental effect that this casts upon the shoulders of the Los Angeles Dodgers Individual Players that Honestly strived to Win the 2017 World Championship!!* Should The 2017 World Series Championship Trophy Be Ceremonially Removed From The Houston Astros Baseball Organization!* They CHEATED From Top to Bottom!* What Say You???*

    I was a Long Time Salt Lake Golden Eagles Fan when Theoren Fleury Come up through the ranks!* Before he played for Calgary!* I Loved watching him!* I am Not Sure but Your Name Sounds Familiar… Did You ever play in Salt Lake City?*

    Thank You Grant!*

    • Are you off your meds? Your entire question is a jumble of words that is utterly ridiculous. And the words is “flagrantly” not “fragrantly”.
      And what does any of this have to do with Baseball?

  11. Paul Mastre

    Floury makes the desert flower like a rose. Mark Andre shines in the post season. These playoffs will be great. My question is how will I wake up for work the next morning

  12. Ray L

    Nothing to worry about there. Subban just didn’t play well, Lehner won’t be in Vegas after this year because this is his last year in his contract and he wants way more money than Vegas can do. The bottom line is they are all-in trying to win the Cup this year. It’s as simple as that.

  13. Jeff Glazer


  14. Marty

    I think Derek England should be playing. Some of these younger defenders are not as effective as he is. He has a one year contract …let him play.

    • Turk Gallant

      I don’t think he should be playing. Either should Deryk Engelland.

  15. Don

    The VGK has zero loyalty and just royally screwed Fleury for a guy that couldn’t get more than a year contract with his last three consecutive teams. I hope they go down in flames. No other athlete has had more of an impact on a new franchise than Fleury has for them. They are rats with a capital R

  16. don

    To top it off, today the coach said “We have two starting goalies, so we’re in good position.” Oh, do you? So in effect, Fleury lost his starting job, after dealing one half the year with his father dying, then his death end of November. These people are sickening and they don’t deserve Fleury one day beyond this crap

    • Tim

      Yeah, that’s what I heard from the day they brought Lehner in. Totally unbelievable. Flower should say he has some thinking to do and walk away. This is just mad disrespect

  17. Tim

    I think it would be VERY interesting to get Gerard Gallant’s thoughts on this.

  18. Tim

    Also have to say what a stand up guy Grant Fuhr is for giving his thoughts and telling it like it is. I wish others would. I know for a fact there have to be others in the hockey world that are thinking flat out, Vegas just did Flower dirty.

  19. Tim

    Totally agree but they don’t care about that. They think youth is the answer to winning in the NHL. And Vegas management and ownership definitely doesn’t care about anything than hardware. They’ve proven that this year in spaids. Damn shame and really makes me sick for Fleury. He was handed a raw enough deal in Pgh, and what a class act and talent he is. Vegas fans need to get angry about this

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