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Guest Post: From Expansion Franchise To Credible Franchise

One of my favorite things about running is the incredible passion that turns into Guest Posts from you guys who read the site every day. It’s been far too long since our last one, which was a doozy by the way, so what better time than now to hear from another member of the ever growing army (We still need a good name for this).

This one is from Robert Price (aka Slack).

As a Red Wings fan growing up in Michigan, I can remember watching them play the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in their inaugural season on TV and their arena public address announcing “Offsides”. I can also remember laughing about it out loud with my friends before LOL even existed.

Fast forward 22 years or so and we are about to embark on our first NHL season here in Las Vegas where I have called home since 2000. I am older, wiser and became a bit more jaded with every lockout, strike, work stoppage or whatever you want to call it, but there is one thing for certain. I want the Vegas Golden Knights to succeed.

For those of you who already know, hockey is the greatest sport in the world, for those that don’t but want to, you are about to find out. Toughest athletes that give back to the community, best live action games, crazy playoffs and, of course, the ultimate trophy. I’m trading in my red and white to watch this franchise grow with my son who now has a team to call his own, and it’s going to be a great ride.

Getting back to my original point. Credibility. It is earned, not given. Traditionalists and a few neighbors in the country to the north are watching. And when I say “watching”, I mean that are looking for a laugh and/or clamoring for a reason to move the Knights to Moose Jaw so they can have eight teams instead of seven that won’t win a Cup. (I’m sorry, was that out loud? I jest) My point is this. A lot of things go into making this a successful franchise for the long haul, some of which we as fans control and some we can’t, but we do have a voice. I feel the sooner these things happen, the sooner the critics will be quiet. Without further ado, here are six factors in making the Vegas Golden Knights one for the ages.

Number One: On Ice Success

Early to judge since we don’t have a player, but it appears we have a great owner who has assembled a well rounded staff. The expansion draft will be fun (youth, speed and no Dustin Brown please) but it’s all about the entry drafts which are a combination of hard work and L.U.C.K., no matter what people say. A lot has been written about how favorable these expansion rules are but it is going to take time. Patience is a must. Support this team like a new born baby.

Number Two: Franchise Public Relations

I wish I could say something good here, but to this point I can’t. The naming ceremony was well supported and I’ll give the team a one time pass on the technical glitch. The logos and colors are cool and I have moved on and support the name 100%. That said, something is missing. A small web site (Ken: Watch it buddy) called, you may of heard of it, has done 100 times more to promote this franchise than the franchise has. I don’t get it. Less than 10 months till puck drop, this group better find its game, and quick. (On a side note, stick tap to all the hard work by, it is appreciated) (Ken: Thanks! You are now forgiven for calling us small. We are HUGE! Bigly!)

Number Three: Fan Knowledge

It’s homework time. If you plan on going to games but don’t know why we are pulling the goalie on a delayed penalty, its up to you to learn it. If you plan on going to games and understand nuances of “the code” about fighting, it is up to you to teach it. Hockey has the best idiosyncrasies of any sport. Learn and teach them. That said, the conversation for either should be shared between two people and not two rows of people. Nobody else wants to hear it.

Number Four: Arena Experience

Will we have a killer pregame show/video/player introduction? What will our goal horn and song be? This is Vegas, I expect a lot, I expect it to be original and I expect it not to be cheesy. While I liked some of the stuff the Wranglers did, this is no longer amateur hour. They should make it fun for all involved but respect the traditions of the game. Also, real Golden Knights fans will show up on time and stay the whole game whenever it is possible.

Number Five: The Local Media

It’s kind of sad how much this reflects on a franchise, but unfortunately it does. I could write for days about this but I’ll only speak briefly on each. Local TV News: It’s inevitable, but don’t embarrass yourself. Learn name pronunciations before you go live. If you are going to take the lazy approach, then don’t cover the team, everybody will be better off. Local Newspapers: Both newspapers are weak but I give the R.J. some credit for making an effort with the Steve Carp stories. However, both columnists (E.G. and R.K.) leave a lot to be desired to put it nicely. Local Sports Radio: They just don’t get it. And by that I mean they don’t understand hockey so they choose not to talk about it. That’s fine with me. Hockey is not the biggest sport, it is the best sport. As fans, we need to hold all the local media accountable. Enjoy the laugh of their ignorance but then write letters to station managers and editors when they do wrong. Don’t let this lot of minor leaguers embarrass our franchise and what we are trying to build.

Number Six: Traditions

Ever look at another franchise that does something cool and wonder how it got started? Whether its a cheer, a song, an octopus or 18,000 people yelling “Potvin Sucks” on cue, these things have to start somewhere. I’m calling on you, SinBin readers and staff to come up with something before the season starts. Something cool, something original, something to build our credibility that just might turn into a tradition. This is the “brainstorming” part of the show, there are no wrong answers. As an example, “Stand and cheer wildly the entire time the Knights are shorthanded”. If there are enough good suggestions, turn it into a poll. Ken will figure how to get the word out to the non-readers later. Ha!

-Robert Price

I’m still suggesting Viva VGK and/or Viva Vegas to be our Go (Blank) Go/Let’s Go (Blank). But this is a democracy, unlike the naming the the team, so that’s why we have a comment section, that I actually do read. So use it.

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  1. NedRyerson57

    5 Minutes For Writing

  2. D Morrissey

    Couldn’t agree more about public relations (which has been a fail so far) and media. The team MUST get out here and get those who are not already hockey fans, interested.
    Ken and Sin Bin have done more than anyone else in the city. Radio lacks hockey knowledge with the exception of Blessing and Lane.

    Thanks, Slack.

  3. PhiSig 150

    Real nice breakdown. Number looks like their finally getting their asses in gear. Not sure what took so long but open house is great start. Now that said if the next event is the expansion draft then marketing heads need to roll. Number is on the fans. I’ve been trying to watch as many games as my schedule will allow, the team definitely could help with this by hosting some special events to increase our knowledge (Sin Bin could throw us new guys a bone with a future podcast and/or article). Number 4 this Las Vegas Foley better bring in with the fan experience. This is one area you simply can’t cut costs. Number 5 sports media sucks out here outside of Sin Bin and Cofield and Company. Not much you can do about that one. Although the team could show Sin Bin some more love. Number 6 I like Viva Los Knights (hate VGK for some reason) and throwing a rat for the Rat Pack on the ice (although I vaguely remember a team doing that in the past) or maybe casino chips.

  4. James

    ‘As a Red Wings fan growing up in Michigan, I can remember watching them play the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in their inaugural season on TV and their arena public address announcing “Offsides”.’

    On the subject of rules. I have a newbie question. A team is trying to keep the puck in the offensive zone, but the puck squirts back to the blueline with offensive players positioned in the offensive zone… Does the puck have to partially or fully cross the blueline for the play to be called offside?

    I can’t find the answer anywhere on the net and it’s too hard to tell by watching the games on tv.

    Thanks in advance

    • James

      Just to clarify, the offensive player tries to keep the puck in the offensive zone. For example, the offensive defenseman at the point. The puck has to enter the offensive zone before an offensive player. So, if you quickly drag the puck back from the blueline to keep the play onside the offensive players positioned in the offensive zone are offside. Does the puck have to be partially or fully over the line? Sorry, hard to explain in writing.

      To be honest, my eyesight is terrible so it’s hard to tell whether the puck is partially or fully over the blueline on television. I don’t know what’s a good and a bad play. The difference between the two is miniscule. They always seem to be borderline calls. Ditto with offside. Nobody ever appears to be miles offside.

      Does anybody else have trouble with icing on television? I know the rule, but the game moves so fast. At times the camera loses track of the puck. I find it almost impossible to tell when an offensive player deflects the puck to avoid icing. I’ve considered giving up on the sport many times. Not a fan of the obstructed view on the near side of the ice.

  5. DGL

    Goal Horn should be old fashion dollar slot machine turned to “11”

    Can’t wait to see the team in action….Scott Darling in net please!

  6. Jason

    Great Guest Post. I do like the standup, cheer and go crazy when shorthanded suggestion too. Very nice job, Slack.

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