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Golden Knights Will Be Without Shea Theodore For A Few Weeks At The Least

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Bad news struck on the off-day as the Golden Knights announced Shea Theodore is out week-to-week after undergoing a successful surgery on an upper-body injury.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to Theodore as the last game he played he did not miss and shift including a full 90 second shift in overtime.

The Golden Knights have really missed Theodore as they have gone winless since his injury. They’ve scored just five goals in the three games he’s been out and the power play has suffered mightily hitting on just one of the last 13 opportunities without him.

Losing Theo is a little bit different because he’s our most dynamic offensive (defenseman) and we can’t automatically replace a lot of what he does. He’s a game-changer with some of the plays he’s made this year and that will probably affect our transition offense game. -Cassidy

Struggling without Theodore is not a new phenomenon for the Golden Knights. Last year, Shea missed 27 games in the regular season. Vegas went 13-9-5 in those games for a .574 points percentage. With Theodore, the Golden Knights were 38-13-4, good for a points percentage of .727.

Theodore missed two stretches of games last season, the longer of which came at a similar time in the season. From December 11th to January 27th the Golden Knights went 9-9-2 with a goal differential of -4. Oddly, the slip came more on the defensive end where Vegas went from allowing 2.66 goals per game over the first 29 games to 3.25 over the next 19 without Theodore.

The situation was a bit more dire last year as on top of Theodore, Pietrangelo and Whitecloud were also out of the lineup at the same time. Vegas turned to Daniil Miromanov and Brayden Pachal to pick up the slack.

Right now, along with Theodore, Alec Martinez is also expected to be out of the lineup for at least a few more games. It appears Miromanov is getting closer to returning from his long-term injury, but that’s not expected to happen in the next few games either.

In Edmonton, Ben Hutton came through with a clutch goal late in the 3rd period to give Vegas life and eventually help them steal a point on the road. If the Golden Knights are going to survive this long stretch without Theodore, Hutton is going to need to be an offensive contributor but he has to be careful to not over extend himself.

Hutton will jump into the play every once in a while. He has good instincts that way. We just have to make sure he does it at the right times. He’s been known to be late sometimes. So we need him to make good decisions on when to try and grab a loose puck. When he does, he can do some good things. -Cassidy

The Golden Knights have learned how to overcome injuries and they’ll have to do it again. That being said…

There’s only one Theo on our team and when he’s out it’s not something you can just tap on the shoulder to do. -Cassidy


Golden Knights Find Their Late Frame Scoring In Edmonton




  1. alex

    Doesn’t matter…they stink with or without him

    • knights fan in minny

      doesn’t matter your still a piece of shit loser alex the malt liquor king

  2. Come on Alex post something positive for a change. Theo will be missed stop being such a drip. You have made some meaningful post about Vegas hockey but then for what ever reason you resort to being stupid. While l know you often get into it with some on here – just try and take my suggestion to stay about the line. Thanks no response wanted or necessary. Turn over a new leaf you may find it enjoyable.

    • Alex


      Tonight is a huge game – GO KNIGHTS GO

      • Pistol Pete

        Appreciate that!

        It will be a steep hill to climb tonight. Canucks have like 4 guys north of or well north of 20 pts. Best hope is they don’t defend as well as Vegas and we find the back of net.

        • Pistol Pete

          I would say Tocchet has been a difference maker up there, so far anyways.

          Hurts not having Theo.

      • knights fan in minny

        morons like you should stay away

        • knights fan in minny

          morons like you alex should stay away

          • Kfin – come on let’s try a new approach and see if Alex will post all the time like my suggestion to him which he responded to above . Just a thought – it’s a start to return this site to hockey vs the other crap

      • TS

        Alex, remember, we are all fans, good, bad, or just frigging UGLY. The fact that the guys finally put points on the board last game is encouraging..and w/o Theodore. Ashit happens.better now, than playoff time!

      • knights fan in minny

        tonight is huge and you’re still a huge asshole alex

    • ThG

      really ? meaningful posts ?

      name at least one, all Alex/Alexa does is stalk people here. He’s a creep and needs to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Until he repents his sins, eternal salvation is out of reach for this wretched soul.

          • ThG

            classic Scott, spiritual warfare !!

          • Thg – give it a break of all people according to many of your posts you know the Lord works in strange ways. Who knows what problems Alex is dealing with, maybe be thankful we are not in his shoes. He obviously does a lot of this craziness for attention and you can’t help yourself. Let try a different approach for awhile and see if it works. I have no interest in getting into a debate so no response necessary. Your action will tell the story. This site is hockey let’s do our best to keep it that way.

  3. Carl

    Well, shit!

  4. Emmanuel

    They are so deep on the blue line they lose their 2nd best D and theyre solid.
    Now about those line combos…..uggghhhhh

    Ivan Barbashev — Jack Eichel — Mark Stone
    Paul Cotter — William Karlsson — Jonathan Marchessault
    Brett Howden — Chandler Stephenson — Michael Amadio
    William Carrier — Nicolas Roy — Keegan Kolesar
    Ben Hutton — Alex Pietrangelo
    Nicolas Hague — Zach Whitecloud
    Brayden McNabb — Kaedan Korczak
    Adin Hill

    • Pistol Pete

      I’d like to see Pav again. Cassidy is giving Cotter a real hard look. Looks to me like he would not like to scratch him for the message it would send but he will have to unless he can up his offensive production a bit more than it has been. I think
      Cassidy knows Dorofeyev can become a
      solid half a point a game guy when he gets the chance again. I don’t see Cotter at half a point. Would be wonderful though.

  5. Tim

    First let me say I was elated with our cup win last year so this is a new year and I hope we win but we’ll have to see if and when we turn it around. Not to be negative but Edmonton’s goalies suck and we scored more then our usual 0 to 2 goals a game which is not a cup contender’s way of playing night in and night out. That being said at 3-5-3 in our last 11 games and facing Thatcher Demko tonight knowing full well how good he is and not coming up with a win then you know were in trouble. I’ve said all along our defense and goalies have played excellent but there’s zero help from the offense so when will Kelly and George be hitting the phone lines. I don’t want to use my crystal ball but I’m afraid tonight will be another snoozer.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tonight is going to be tough. Tocchet is doing some kind of job with those guys. Doubt his system is as good as Cassidy’s though. Did you see him as a TNT commentator? A real no nonsense down to earth guy when it comes to the game. He was one helluva a player himself.

    • JB

      Hey Tim ….. Demko = 11-5-0. 2.10 ga. .928 sv%. Hill = 9-2-2. 1.96 ga. .933 sv. %. Do you even keep track of our players? Hilly has better stats. I think the Canucks better be worried. Yea, snooze thru out the game. I think you need the rest!

  6. DeezNutz

    Hopefully we can capitalize on a breakaway tonight and if we are lucky maybe hit an open too!

  7. knights fan in minny

    the nucks just made there’d better getting zardov

  8. JB

    I very very seldom predict a game, especially a Knights win. But I just have this feeling they will do well tonight. It’s for first place, so time to put it all out there!

  9. JB

    Somebody better wake Tim up. He’s missing a good one!

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