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Golden Knights Whose Stock Can Rise In Training Camp

Training Camp is right around the corner, and while the Golden Knights depth chart is fairly set due to the sheer number of returning players, there are still plenty of guys who can use this next month to make their move into bigger roles this season. Players who put in excellent training camps are often those who are called upon first when the team experiences injuries or even just needs a shuffle in lines.

So, even though we can pretty much plot out the Golden Knights’ lineup for Opening Night right now, these players all have a chance to position themselves for larger roles on the team as the season rolls on.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Jack Dugan

The odds Dugan makes the roster out of camp are nearly insurmountable, but that certainly doesn’t mean he can’t show up and show out to move up the ranks once the waiver situation clears. In camp, the forward battle will be between guys like William Carrier, Brett Howden, Nolan Patrick, and Keegan Kolesar, but once the roster is set and the games get underway, there will be a pecking order as to who is called next in the event of an injury. Last year, Dugan was never even in the conversation and didn’t even see a sniff of the NHL. This year, it starts with Rookie Camp, the tournament in Phoenix, and then main camp. If Dugan can dominate against the kids and then make an impact in main camp as well as preseason games, he’ll certainly jump up the line in the “next man up” rankings. We know he has the scoring touch and he plays a style of game coaches love. Plus, he has a bit of a nasty streak in him which could be needed if the season isn’t going as planned early for the Golden Knights. A big month of September would go a long way for Dugan to earn his NHL debut, even if that doesn’t come until the calendar flips to 2022.

Laurent Brossoit

Obviously, Brossoit is not going to be challenging for the starter’s job, and of course, he already has the backup job locked down, but in the DeBoer era, the Golden Knights have not had a #1/#2 goalie situation. So, Brossoit’s performances in camp as well as the preseason games he’s given will lay the groundwork for how often the Golden Knights are willing to use him, which in turn means how much rest they can afford to give Robin Lehner. For Brossoit, it’s really more about holding serve as it is impressing. He has to be solid every step of the way and instill confidence that he can do the job as often as needed. If he has a tough camp and/or gets lit up in a preseason game or two, it very easily could lead to the Golden Knights leaning much more heavily on Lehner early in the season, especially with just two back-to-backs in the first 28 games. Going in, the plan is probably for Brossoit to see at least eight of those games. If he’s great that number could see double digits, if he struggles, they could easily give Lehner 25 of the first 28.

Dylan Coghlan

For Coghlan, it’s not even necessarily about upping his stock with Pete DeBoer and the VGK coaching staff. While that would certainly be nice, a great preseason and training camp could see him catch the eye of another team as well. Coghlan is no longer waiver exempt and the Golden Knights are likely going to be pushing right up against the salary cap once again. Coghlan’s job is to force the front office to keep him in Vegas. If he’s less than stellar, maybe they choose to try and slip him through waivers in early October, and then because of the 10 game limit, he might have a hard time turning 2021-22 into a true debut NHL season. If he’s great, the Golden Knights will have to make a tough decision, one that will likely result in Coghlan living on an NHL roster all season long.

Nic Roy

Roy’s chances of winning a top-six center job on the Golden Knights are incredibly slim (there almost has to be an injury), but everyone knows Chandler Stephenson and William Karlsson won’t both play all 82 games in those roles this year. Right now, Roy probably would be the first option to step in if either is missing or if they need to make a change, but the number of players nipping at his heels has grown substantially since the Golden Knights last played in June. Peyton Krebs, Nolan Patrick, Brett Howden, and maybe even Mattias Janmark could position themselves to be the first one called upon in this situation. Roy is not a flashy player and usually scores by making plays defensively that lead to quick offense, but in the preseason, he should look to unleash a bit more of his offensive game, especially when given roles inside of the top-six, which will happen frequently in September. He has excellent hands and is strong enough to use his body and give himself chances to score. If he has a massive preseason on the stat sheet, he’ll cement himself as the first one up when the inevitable time comes for a new top-six center.


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  1. Herby

    Sven Bärtschi has the best Chance to Make the Team. The only reason why he is not an NHL player anymore was the concussion.

    If he did fully recover he even has top 6 potential.

  2. Tim

    Nice Ken, Jack Dugan I guess it’s do or die time. He’s 23 and 6’2″” 210 with all that college experience and a year with the Silver Knights you would think he’d be ready to get a spot on the team. Since it looks doubtful tells me either he’s not a good skater or he’s weak defensively. Question Ken if Patrick and Krebs do well is Reilly Smith the first guy out the door? I understand Gallant really likes his leadership and he’d probably be happy playing for him.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    dugan is getting long in the tooth, like several other forwards down in the basement of AHL , he was only so so last year.

    Smith is co capt. , wears the A in every single game. I doubt very much if he goes any where. He’s been the real ‘face” of franchise as he performs every night. Unlike some others who made over 7 million a year and had several billy buckner moments. As respect for the players “who are dead to me” I will not mention his name. It’s pretty obvious though.

    NEver heard of this Joe Blcmzmkcwk player, one with the concussion.

    I miss Doc , NOT !

    • Tim

      THG you can’t help yourself you just had to put a jab in on Doc. To more important matters with Reilly Smith at 5 million on an expiring contract I think for cap reasons he may go if the Rangers ante up.

    • Daryl

      How many PP goals did Smith get in last years playoffs? He had 10 TA and 20 GA…. What’s really pathetic is pit out all the blame on MAF for losing last year yet this great team didn’t have a single PP goal in the entire playoffs. On top of that, VGK came back and WON the very next game but you are going to say they couldn’t get over that mistake. The fact the won that next game just shows what a joke that comment even is

  4. Willy Andara

    I think this just points to how badly they need a new coach, or to have this coach change his ways. A guy like Dugan makes sense to me on the 4th line replacing Will “shoot it in the goalie’s midsection” Carrier. Add some real skill on that line. And other guys too, see if you can’t create some real competition for other roles with the guys you do have in the system instead of just running it back again thinking a tweak or two gets you past the clear ceiling you have created with this lame system.

    • Daryl

      Same can be said for Kolesar….

    • DC

      Ha Ha! Yes, it surprises me whenever I see NHLers repeatedly shoot pucks into goalies’ midsections. Elias Pettersson (Van) is a good example of how pros should be shooting. Elias either scores or hits the crossbar/post.

  5. sb

    It’s time to move Carrier’s $1.4 million off the books. His production was always minimal, it’s now in a three year slide. We’ve seen his best and it’s not likely going to get better – no longer good enough. Roy and Kolesar have more upside and those guys along with Whitecloud and Hague, Patrick and Howden will demand more salary over the next couple years. VGK simply can’t afford to keep Carrier. Time to get a third rounder and make room for Krebs.

  6. knights fan in minny

    so peaceful without whats his name

  7. Tim

    We can all give our opinions but hopefully training camp will sort things out. Steve Spot can not be in charge of the PP whether he’s DeBoers friend or not. This management team is so dead set on veterans it’s hard for a kid to get a chance. It reminds me back in 1953 I was 9 and a big baseball fan. Well the Dodgers were loaded as are the Golden Knights and young players didn’t have a chance. They put one guy on waivers and his name was Roberto Clemente and the rest is history are we heading in the same direction?

  8. trade

    I just noticed a very interesting thing on the VGK lineup for Oct 9

    Look at the Vgk webpage on then look at the top of the page on the left. The final preseason game vs the Sharks is listed for Oct 9.. and if you click the gamecenter below it, you will see the lineups for both teams for that game.

    Most all the players are listed for each team, including their rookies and prospects. for instance, the Vgk have Henderson guys like Elvenes, Dorofeyev, Hayes, Pachal, etc listed along with all the regular veteran Knights players.

    But here is where it gets interesting. several prominent names are left out of the Vgk lineup, i.e. Krebs, Dugan, and Korzcak

    why would they leave those guys out of the VGK lineup?

    is it possibly because one or more might be part of a trade in the meantime? That is doubtful, but the fact that they are all left out is very mysterious and needs an explanation. maybe Ken can find out why.

    • trade

      Oh, and I just noticed that Coghlan is also left out.

      it looks like every other Vgk player is listed. 21 forwards, 13 dmen, and 3 goalies

      except for Krebs, Dugan, Korzcak, and Coghlan

      very curious indeed

  9. Tim

    Man I just went on Doc’s new site and it’s awesome. Lots of subscribers looks like he’s doing well. I’m just fucking with all you Doc haters a little Monday morning humor.

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