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Golden Knights “Weren’t Truthful” About Coaching Change

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Two days after the NHL trade deadline which saw the Golden Knights pull off a blockbuster trade acquiring Robin Lehner, head coach Pete DeBoer, who had been with the organization for just over a month, approached the podium in the media room at City National Arena.

You probably noticed Dave Prior wasn’t out there today. We’ve restructured our goaltending department a little bit here. Mike Rosati, starting tomorrow, will handle the day to day stuff. -DeBoer on February 26th, 2020

Within a matter of 48 hours, the Golden Knights had brought in competition for the face of the franchise, shipped out the supposed heir-apparent who served as the backup for two and a half seasons, and shuffled their goaltending coaches. All with just 17 games left in the regular season and while riding a six-game win streak that would extend to seven that night.

Dave is still part of the organization. It’s not health-related. Dave’s role here has always been bigger than the day to day coaching job and he’s going to base out of Ontario and continue to support us that way. -DeBoer on February 26th, 2020

Prior was among the first group of employees hired by George McPhee back in August of 2016, eight months before Gerard Gallant. He was more than just a goalie coach as DeBoer noted. Given the title “Director of Goaltending,” Prior had his hand in every decision the team made from which goalies to draft to who to sign to even the most fundamental choice of which goalie will start every single game.

Suddenly, the most important man in Golden Knights goaltending was no longer needed in Las Vegas, and instead, would be working 2,000 miles away, from his home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Peculiar under any circumstances, but especially considering the team who had leaned on Prior for three seasons had just acquired a brand new goalie to bolster their chances at winning the Stanley Cup.

However, according to Prior, the statements made by DeBoer on February 26th weren’t entirely accurate.

They weren’t truthful when they said I returned to Ontario and continued to do my duties, as I was told I’m relieved of my NHL coaching duties and I can go back home and would no longer be doing anything for the team. -Dave Prior

Unlike what some reports suggested, Prior made it clear that he did not step down but that he was removed by the organization.

He says he was placed on administrative leave until June 30th when his contract expired. Thus, as of late February, Dave Prior has not been functioning as the Director of Goaltending, nor has he been working with the organization in any form, and, since the final day of June, he hasn’t even been employed by the Vegas Golden Knights.

However, Vegas GM Kelly McCrimmon made this statement on July 12th, nearly two weeks after Prior’s contract had expired.

Dave remains the Director of Goaltending and he’s based out of Ontario which is where his home is. -McCrimmon

This kind of mistruth is potentially harmful to a free agent coach because it effectively restricts another organization from hiring him as he is presumed to still be under contract.

It’s confounding to me why Kelly would say that. -Prior

Few have the depth of knowledge of the goalie position as Prior, and even fewer have the experience he possesses in areas such as scouting, developing, and managing goalies at every level of professional hockey; but none of the other 31 NHL teams will seek out his assistance with their team while the Golden Knights continue to describe him as their Director of Goaltending.

We reached out to the Golden Knights for comment in advance of this story publishing.

They declined to comment citing their preference not to discuss specifics on the contracts of their coaching staff.

UPDATE (7/28/20) – The Golden Knights have confirmed that Dave Prior is no longer with the organization.


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  1. enough

    Okay, I’m sick of ‘mistruths’. Can we call a lie a lie already?

    • Rick Crosby

      Yip, a lie is a lie…the word, “mistruths” are used by weak people.

  2. Pete Peters

    This same BS went down when Murray Craven was sent packing.

  3. Ken – that is rather disturbing news – I wonder what else they have been less that truthful about. When integrity is sacrificed that opens a lot of doors to question everything that the organization says. That my friend is a pretty sad state of affairs. False statements come home to bit you sooner or later. Of course it could be sour grapes on the part of Prior to speak out at this time but no comment from the Knights speaks volumes. Keep digging Ken there is probably other skeletons in the closet.

  4. Bill

    Think this makes the goaltending situation more interesting, team makes goaltending coach move and suddenly gets a big name trade. Odds are probably close to 50/50 fleury will be back

  5. Dj

    Making room for Fleury to transition into the role?

    • Oil

      I like this, but they could have waited until the Stanley Cup was played through. It would be kinda cool for Fluery to start a coaching career with the Knights.

  6. Doktor Hockey

    First … I can understand the “no comment” right now. I mean come on, they just left for the bubble and a chase for the cup, I’m not defending anyone, just not the time for this. Second … My belief is A) – DeCoach simply wanted someone he was more comfortable with working with the goalies. B) – He has and is leaning toward panda from the moment they got him. Like everyone I love flower, but this is now, not 3 years ago. I see flower starting the exhibition game, panda starting games 1 & 3 of rd robin, flower game 2. I think it’s pandas job to lose, depending on what happens in those 4 games. To me, pandas style fits the playoffs much more than flowers. More stable, less chaotic.

    • Golden Knights are a joke

      Don’t those players have names? Panda, Flower… stop trying to sound like you are their best friend. Even more annoying than people who just throw out numbers because some coach (don’t even remember who it was now) decided to pretend like he didn’t know who an opponent was and called him by his number and now they think they are too cool to use names.

      • That was Paul McLean!

      • I mean I'm a pessimist grouch too but DAMN

        Didn’t know there was someone in existence more curmudgeonly than Don Cherry but I think you’ve topped him.

      • Ron

        Everything is okay but if this is you read down .the line

    • Chuck Wagon

      Change your name, you’re oblivious.

  7. I’m just a working Mom, no expert at hockey. The Vegas Golden Knights appeal to me like no other team for the simple reason that these players were all misfits. Their teams didn’t want them anymore. They came out with heart on every level. It’s relatable because almost everyone knows what it feels like to be told you’re too old, or your not given a chance to show what you can do. These players and coaches have shown not only do they still have it, but that they can get it. They deserve the best from the management. I believe they will win the Stanley Cup this year.

    • AC

      Thats bullshit they plucked the best players from our teams!!!!!

      • No, they were all offered up. Fleury because they told him he was getting old, Karlsson because he wasn’t as effective as they wanted, etc. There is a whole documentary on it.

        • Chuck

          Mam, you are absolutely correct. These guys were allowed to be taken by those teams. Although I’m a staunch LA Kings fan first I’m a pure hockey fan. You don’t just allow great players to be taken unless there is some sort of underlying reason, i.e. your egos got in the way of your sound decision making.

          • Get some facts before you text about things you have no inkling about, and then you won’t make a fool of yourself like you just did. Had you done so, you would know that in an expansion draft, each already-existing team is allowed to “protect” a certain number of players at each position; those left are the ones an expansion team can pick.

        • spudboy

          Most were offered up because they were about to be paid more money in one year. Victims of the salary cap. I’m tired of hearing how nobody wanted them. VGK then suffered the effects of the salary cap in following seasons.

          • Daryl

            You are correct, it wasn’t about teams not wanting them…. it was about teams wanting other players more. Some of those players were going to be let go or traded anyway, or at the very least play one final season. Some of these players were on the 2nd line while most were 3rd and 4th liners. No matter how you look at it, these players weren’t the best players on any team

        • Rob

          The Pens didn’t let Fleury go because he was old. They him go because of the salary cap. Murray was being paid peanuts at the time. Fleury was getting almost 7 million

          • Daryl

            MAF was also beat out by Murray. The Pens didn’t want to pay that salary for a backup goalie, especially when they had Jarry waiting in line. I’m a Pens fan first and foremost and as much as I hated to see MAF go, it was a very smart move by the Pens.

      • Jeff

        Seriously, they plucked the best player from your teams? Really, name one VGK player outside of Fleury (who was on his way out anyway) that would be considered “a best player” on their previous team?

      • Daryl

        What “best” players are you talking about??? NONE of them were on the top line. The best player of them all was MAF and he was not even the starter anymore. As a Pens fan, I hated to see him go but at the same time understood why they did. With Murray and Jarry they could save a lot of money by letting MAF go

      • JackMicCrack

        False. They took the players teams picked to be available. Fleury got picked because the Penguins didn’t have a lot of cap room, and didn’t want to pay Fleury a large contract when he was most likely becoming the back up to Murray. They weren’t the best players from other teams. They were the best players that other teams felt were expendable do to age, contract size or the downward trend that their play had been showing . And Vegas had to still pick the right ones with the possibility to pay a player good money who doesn’t perform.

      • Eric

        “The best players”…..if that’s the case then your organization sucks for not protecting “the best players” and you deserve what happened. Most guys were 3rd liners and 5th or 6th defensmen. Wake up.

    • BSR

      Being you’re a novice and new to hockey I wish to share some insight on your comments. The players drafted by the Knights were far from “Misfits” who’s teams “didn’t want them anymore.” The Knights were given the deepest pool of players that any expansion team has ever been afforded in the history of the NHL . A Stanley Cup winning goalie in Fleury, a speedy forward who was buried in a system that didn’t fit his style with Karlsson. Previous expansion teams had access to aging vets with little left in the tank & unproven rookies who nobody knew would develop into anything. Vegas management wisely used their lucrative position to flip draft picks into dependable players or made deals to bypass exposed players in lieu of other draft picks & serviceable players. This was no expansion team in the traditions of that term. It was the very reason they advanced to the Finals in their first year. Good team, good coaching, a little bit of a chip on their shoulders, but not the Island of Misfits you make them out to be. Keep watching, keep enjoying hockey, it’s the best team sport.

      • It is a wonderful sport. But there is a documentary on how the team was built with player interviews that disagrees with you. They even call themselves misfits. So if you have anything documented that counters that, I’ll listen.

        • Paula Hockey Lover

          As a self described “no expert in hockey,” why do you continue to argue that because of some documentary, you know all about these players and they were “misfits.” That is hardly the case. Some may have been on teams, assigned to lines with players who didn’t compliment them, but it doesn’t matter what that documentary called them. The rest of the commenters are talking about on the ice.

          • I didn’t think I was “arguing”. But if you want to discuss it, Google it yourself. You will also find articles, i.e, the Detroit News where Reaves said they call themselves that, and For The Win from USA Today, and links to T-shirts for the Golden Misfits associated with the team. Never said I knew “all about these players” either. I am not an expert in the rules of hockey, but I am capable of keeping up with the team. If it doesn’t suit you, feel free to ignore my post.


            Bruh, a person should believe what they think that they are. And if the players on Vegas think that they’re misfits I promise they don’t give a damn if you think that they are or not. They think they are misfits because they felt like key pieces to their previous teams while those teams obviously disagreed. Anyone of those players could of been protected by their previous team but weren’t. That would make you feel unwanted and to have your belief that you were a key piece but then find out you were expendable would create the belief of you being a misfit. The team didn’t see you as part of it’s future making you a misfit to that team.

        • Daniel

          Here’s some documentation. Every real hockey fan is laughing at you for calling them misfits. This is us trying to help you so we don’t get lumped in. The players begrudgingly have to play in to it because it made a great story to new fans and people who have zero concept about how expansion drafts work. They are not misfits and you’re embarrassing our city.

          • JackMicCrack

            Every real hockey fan?… That’s hilarious that you determine who real hockey fans are. All hail this jackass at a keyboard who dictates the real fans from the fake ones. xD You’re a real idiot. That’s for sure.

        • Joe

          Well, look no further than the Stanley Cup Champion Blues. They lost Perron and as soon as they could they offered him 4 years and 16m to come back. Perron didnt want to leave St Louis and GM Armstrong said numerous times he didnt want to lose Perron but you only have so many spots to keep players. Also, in St Louis its well known as its been said more than once than Ryan Reaves was to be left unprotected and Perron protected but the Penguins made a big offer for Reaves so they kept him to reap those benefits. If not for Pittsburgh willingness to overpay by a lot for Reaves Perron would have never played in Vegas. Just wait till you seen the names of who Seattle will get, their going to get very good players and a lot of that, just like with Vegas will have to do with age or salary.

        • Deisel

          Give it up already! of course they liked to call themselves misfits just to rally the team!

          • Julie

            I’m a huge fan of the team, and really hoping they win the Stanley Cup this year. Nothing to “give up”.

        • Jack

          The knights, like no other expansion team before, had way more exposed picks. No other expansion team had that type of advantage. Traditionally, the knights would have had a team with 4th liners and would have been at the bottom of the pacific for a decade. This $550 million dollar team is the new wave of expansion teams. The NHL wants a new team competitive right out the box.

          • Mike StG

            True. The success of Vegas has benefited the NHL and that was the goal. That success though was not expected, and most analysts thought they would be last in the Pacific and maybe win 25-30 games, not 1st with 110 pts. For a group of middling players assembled in a 2-3 month offseason to win their division and conference making it to the cup final was unimaginable. And probably not repeatable (no insult intended to Ron Francis).

        • You probably believe everything you read in Facebook too.

          • Julie

            Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. I don’t have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I just listened to what the players said. And I admire them for turning it into something extraordinary.

          • Daryl

            I guess she should believe all those un-knowledgeable hockey fans on here who have stated multiple times how Vegas picked the best players from every other team???

        • Dy

          Tha Nashvulle Predatirs lost James Neal in the expansion and he was NOT a misfit in our organization or in terms of his playing ability. We had the problem of deciding who among our talent we HAD to leave unprotected. It was primarily a financial decision that it had to be Neal. He was still wanted and needed.

          • Daryl

            From what I remember, Neal was possibly out that year or the next anyway. He was put up for financial reasons by Nash but there plan was to get rid of him either way. No he wasn’t a misfit, but he wasn’t a top line player either

        • Qualtric

          Can’t believe eveything you see on YouTube, Jules

      • Mike StG

        BSR, I’m not a novice to hockey. The last expansion team paid $80M for a franchise. Foley paid $500M. Seattle paid more than that. Do you really expect someone to plunk down half a billion dollars just to have a crap team for the first 5 years, meaning low ticket sales and team revenues? Get real. And get over it. Vegas didn’t get any legit Top 6 Fs or top pair Ds, and they ended up with the 6th pick in the entry draft, not the #1 pick. Hischier, Heiskanen, Makar and EP40 all went in the top 5. If you think Vegas was gifted anything then let’s see what you have to say after Year 1 of the Kraken. Vegas’ 1st season was extraordinary by any honest assessment. Given your comments Seattle should be in the cup final in ‘21-22.

        • Patrik

          Aww, no love for Nolan Patrick in the top five of the draft you listed? Lol.

          • Mike StG

            He’s a 3rd liner! Haha. The others are star players, top 6 or 1st pair D. Vegas got Cody Glass at #6 and we still don’t know what we have with him. He’s not Pettey though, that’s for sure!!

        • Daryl

          @Mike StG,
          That isn’t a fair question to ask lol. I’ve said I would always root for the Pens over Vegas but I may have to take that back for this playoffs. Engo has always been my favorite player (who has a 3rd pairing blueliner as a favorite player?) and this will probably be his last chance to get a Cup. So for that reason alone, I would probably have to root for Vegas over the Pens. If regular season, it would be Pens all day long though.

      • Jeff

        So we have a King’s fan telling Vegas fans how we’re all “novices and new to the sport” spouting the same bullshit that’s been said 1,000’s of times since the Knights made their miracle run in their first season. All the time ignoring the absolute fact that every single analyst on the planet predicted the Knights to be the worst team in the NHL if not one of the worst expansion teams ever. I find it so humorous that A Kings fan who supposedly has so much more knowledge than Vegas is fans trying to give hockey lessons to VGK fans on VGK message board when the hockey tradition and history in LA is as rich as in Pahrump….ok maybe San Jose. Do yourself a favor go back to the LAKings Insider board and talk shit we don’t need you here while we take a run at the cup while you guys sit at home and cry that your season that ended last November.

        • Daryl

          @Mike StG and Jeff,
          I completely agree with everything you two said. Vegas did have a better selection than previous teams but to say they were able to take star players from other teams is an absolute joke. The only “star” player taken was MAF and he was out the door anyway. He already lost his starting job to Murray which in turn is about to lose it to Jarry. NO other player was considered a star player. And like already stated, EVERY NHL analyst predicted Vegas to finish dead last. Their success was a surprise to everyone who knows anything about hockey. To say otherwise shows your ignorance of the sport

          • Mike StG

            Hey Daryl, Pens look stacked with Playoff Jake back and some really good adds at TD. If CP31 doesn’t sucker punch them and steal some games I could see them in the cup final – against Vegas! Who do you root for then? Haha! BTW, I love Sid. He’s just amazing to watch live when you can see him play all over the ice. Pens fans were privileged to be able to watch him play all these years.

        • Rob

          Everyone was a novice fan at some point.

    • Emilie

      I hope you’re right. I’d love to see Fleury (my favorite goalie since he was 18) and the rest of the team win it this year.

      • Julie

        Me too! I love Fleury’s skills but also how he loves the game. It really is different than most of the players I have seen. The only time I saw Fleury mad was that almost goalie fight he had, I forget the guy’s name. They told Fleury afterwards that the goalie was a martial arts trained. Fleury said if he knew that at the time he would have kept his helmLet on. I’m looking forward to the exhibition game on the 30th with Arizona. I would like to see the new goalie Dansk as well. I know Lehner is good too.

        • JAG

          I know one thing, when Gallant was coaching there wasn’t as much lies with the Golden Knights as there is now!!! Peter needs to realize he is not in California anymore. No need to keep lying

      • Qualtrics

        Out first round. Heard it here first

        • Mike StG

          Haha. You bitter souls are pretty funny! Hey, Sheng Peng has a cool new project going. You should check it out!

    • Caps Fan

      It’s not their tem didn’t want them anymore… And i guessed they would be good the first year because they got the 7th best player on every team. Their 3rd and fourth lines We’re a second line every where else. They got #3and4 defensemen in allot of cases so they weren’t misfits so much as not the top teir guys. McPhee got more out of them than he should’ve, and deserves the credit for being the architect of that team.

  8. norman sunday

    This is not exactly comforting. What is next? Trade Fleury? This is BS. I guess we will see as the playoffs move on and negotiations for Lehner go on as to what the goaltender situation will be .

    • It was just a few days ago that DeBoer said Fleury wasn’t at practice but it wasn’t for illness. I wonder if he is calculating what his options are. He had an up and down year. My wish is he wins the cup with the team, plays excellently, and then if he needs to go, he goes like he wants to.

      I didn’t think Lehner was permanent, that they still don’t know where he will land in a year. And they now have Oscar Dansk.

  9. Tim

    Business is business and most teams that stay good keep evolving. Make no mistake Foley wants a Cup and as far as I can see to be where were at after less then 3 years management is doing the right thing. Obviously our expansion draft blew everyone away. Year 2 except for a bad call who knows how far we might have gone in the playoffs. Year 3 the addition of Stephenson, Lehner, Cousins, and Martinez were all good moves. With our draft picks starting to emerge to taking the next step whats not to like. Then the X factor best arena, best fans, best entertainment experience, and best city. Think about this Toronto the hub of hockey hasn’t won the cup since 1967. Dave Prior was a minor player and like any business what have you done for me lately.

    • Qualtrics

      Lol still salty about a crosscheck to the face and a blindside hit actually being called? Get over it. Not to mention, any good team can kill a major penalty without letting in 4 goals. No excuses for that! No business being in the playoffs if you let in 4 goals in 5 minutes.

      • Mike StG

        Haha. Spin much?? Crosscheck to face, not. Blindside hit, not. Major penalty, not (per NHL). Live in the past baby shark. Vegas isn’t sitting at home watching on TV, they’re in EDM. Enjoy! Lol

      • Daryl

        You must really be blind if you think that was anything more than a 2min penalty…. and it wasn’t even on the guy who got called for it. But I get it, you have nothing to look forward to this season so you have nothing else to do but troll other teams pages.

        I guess when your team is used to getting all the calls (like a hand pass leading to game winning goal) it’s easy to sit back and trash talk others who get BS calls called against them

  10. Stevie

    Great work Ken! McPhee & Prior grew up together in Guelph, Ontario. There is much more to this story. You’ve set the hook, reel this puppy in!! Pretend you’re Woodward.

  11. Leads me to believe that there’s more to the quick hook with Gallant!

  12. Coyote

    This throws doubt into a lot of things we’ve been told by this team. From Shippy’s ordeal to Gallant’s firing. I suppose it’s par for the course with professional teams, but it’s frustrating to be lied to about events concerning the teams one roots for.

  13. Honestly, If Prior truly is not working for the organization, Vegas management are acting like big a-holes here. Not what I expect from this organization

  14. Daryl

    So the lies started with PDB… Or at least he portrayed those lies to us. I know this is bigger than the HC but just something else to add as to why I do not like him.

    I will say this also, there is no reason this team is not set up for a deep run in the playoffs. I don’t see why they don’t have an excellent chance to win it all. Which leaves me with somewhat mixed feelings. If Vegas wins it all there will be some who will say its b/c of PDB. So there is a very small part of me in the way way back that hopes they don’t win it. On the other hand, this will be the last chance for some players to get a chance to win the Cup. That is more important than anything else. Too bad I have to root for a team with a HC I don’t like and think is just above average as a coach

  15. Douglas

    Lehner’s comments about past teams doesn’t seem to be positive and not good for the team. Maybe both are gone net year but Fluery should be given the chance to win the cup again. Will need both now to get it done.

  16. Daryl – it wasn’t up to PDB to announce what was going on with Prior – he simply was providing a scripted answer as an employee of the organization as to why someone was not around. Given Prior was no the payroll till 6/30 what PDB said wasn’t entirely untrue but he should not have been put in a position to address it – that was his bosses responsibility – ie KM or GM. Regardless it calls to question the integrity of the organization as a whole and that is not a good position to be in as it caused doubt about anything and everything that is said or transpires. Forget about PDB – what is necessary at this time is rooting for the team regardless who’s at the helm. Go Knights go – bring home the Cup.

  17. Mike StG

    Concerning development, but probably best left until the playoffs are over, which may be what Kelly was hoping to do – avoid controversy during this period. Seems as though there was disagreement on the goalie of the future. Prior was high on Subban but they traded him for Lehner and shortly after that a Prior was gone. Whatever the case, we are not “entitled” to know the facts and reasons behind the decision. And personally I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of a Vegas cup run for now.

    • Doktor Hockey

      I agree Mike … AND, if Subban was Prior’s recommendation for the future .. then I see why he is gone!

  18. Doktor Hockey

    Well, good job Ken. Once again, with the Knights in Edmonton to try and win this city the cup, you manage to stir up shit again to get this site energized. If you truly are a fan of the Knights & the creator, as you call him, you have a weird way of showing it, with this BS, as the playoffs are getting ready to start!

    • DH – Patch is not in Edmonton – not good news

      • Doktor Hockey

        So, is there a coverup going on about Patch? If only minor injury, why would he not be on that plane. Does he have covid and the knights are covering that up? From the players, from the league, from everyone?????

  19. JackMicCrack

    This guy Mike StG is speaking facts. The best comment I’ve read today. Thank you man. This comment cooled me off from reading these other comments from every bozo the clown ESPN top analysts in here.

    • Mike StG

      Hockey starts at 4pm today on NHLN, and I’m excited as hell. Been waiting 5 months for this. Let’s go baby!!

  20. Julie

    YouTube, ah that’s funny. If only I had the time. No, I saw the Valiant documentary that VGK did. I know it’s a marketing tool to generate enthusiasm, but the players did reflect on what it was like to have to leave their teams. Fleury did say he was told he was getting old and that it stings to hear that. Karlsson said he was surprised when he found out he was up for being picked. So, then I checked out several of their careers and what the experts said about them, and contracts, etc. I saw the articles and that Reaves said they were misfits. Marchessault said they all had something to prove, etc. All this aside, I am excited to see the Battle for Alberta tonight and VGK on Thursday. So happy hockey is coming back!

    • Note: Valiant was made by a 3rd party. Not team related at all. (That is clear by the fact that I’m in it.)

    • Mike StG

      Julie, I appreciate your positive outlook and the fact you’re not allowing all the grumpy, judgmental critics to affect your love for the game and team. Enjoy the playoffs! Maybe Neal or Nurse will knock Tkachuk on hIs butt tonite like he deserves. Lol.

  21. Julie

    So that was you I saw on the big screen at T-Mobile arena when they screened it? It all makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying.

  22. Julie

    Thanks Mike! And thanks for helping me out. I am grateful that people here are arguing over the actual sport and not getting crazy on other topics. I heard Philadelphia beat the Penguins today in overtime, is that true? It will be a wild ride I think in the playoffs! I’m curious how Calgary will do tonight. I wonder how no crowds will affect the teams. Anyway, thanks again and I will check SinBin again.

  23. Julie

    Yeah, it really seems unnecessary to not just tell people what’s up when it happens. I hope you enjoy the game Thursday with VGK and Arizona. I saw these two teams in Phoenix on Oct 10 last year. They had to bring in Fleury because Subban got hurt. Our seats were very good probably because it was the Coyotes home game, ha ha. I got so many great pictures!

    • sb

      Who cares? Really. The Team is winning. We are fortune to have such a great Team in it’s first three years. Let this pass. Concentrate on what’s important.

  24. Tell truth about Max P the fans deserve the truth. This is Foley not trump.

  25. Duane Wilczynsi

    I’m a Vancouver Canucks fan, and decided to Google info on the Las Vegas Golden Knights prior to tomorrow’s game (Aug 23, 2020). You guys have a talented team, and after only existing for a few seasons, you have a lot to be proud of.

    Having said that, I’m a little surprised as an outsider, that some of the people who helped make this team what it has become…..have left, and I seriously wonder if loyalty exists with the Golden Knights. You guys get to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals with an Expansion roster, coached by Gerard Gallant, led by Marc-Andre Fleury, with Goalie Coach Dave Prior receiving kudos on reviving Fleury’s career and all looks great. Fast forward to summer 2020 and Gallant and Prior are gone, Fleury is on the bench with Robin Lehner brought it (limited Stanley Cup playoff experience). Hell, even Murray Craven, the guy who helped get the franchise is gone too!

    Being a Canucks fan, we have our own issues, including our Director of Amateur Scouting, Judd Brackett leaving after complaining of dysfunction regarding his role. Having said that, Vancouver has a very tight-knit team, with three Calder Trophy nominees/winners on their roster mixed with veterans and a great goalie in Jakob Markstrom. There is loyalty in Vancouver, and while there be more depth on the Knights roster, don’t be surprised if Vancouver gives Vegas a rude awakening.

    What will happen if Vegas loses the series? Mcphee gone? McRimmon? Maybe Stone or Statsny or Theodoore? I guess my point is – organizations that are loyal and patient reap rewards. You’ve come a long way in a short time, and I applaud you all for that. Just remember, in your haste to win a Stanley Cup in a short time in existence, if loyalty is never recognized, dissension will creep into your team.


  26. So…a pattern of lying has been established within VGK management. Why would anything they say now be taken as truth?! More lies is probably a good guess of what we can expect going forward. #pathetic

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