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Golden Knights vs. St. Louis Blues Photo Gallery – May 7th, 2021

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All photos taken by photographer, Brandon Andreasen




It’s Time For DeBoer To Announce His Decision

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  1. THE hockey GOD

    and the inspired* season continues,
    they deserve post season success !!

    *some say “magical” , magic is for Harry Potter and Disneyland
    “secular leaning non believers” aka moes and putzes.
    There is no such thing as magic.

    Perhaps the word miracle , or miraculous , is in order ? Certainly a repeat of season no. 1. The return of the misfits, revenge of the misfits ? May the misfits be with you? Misfits – a new hope ? The misfits strike back ? The rise of the misfits II. I ran out of Star War movie analogies. Sorry.

    PS the toyota ads with no. 5 are the best. The lawyers , the gangsta driving car/ with white girl trophy on hood- completely sexist and anti women thus anti humanity, the Emu and get your wet teddy bear, the no. 75 bashing people, and new Resorts World ads are the absolute WORST of all time TV ads. Progressives ads are worse than worst. Can’t stand Flo, Flo has got to go. Some of the All State and Farmers ads are just as bad. Of the bunch I like GEICO ones, without the lizard or igauna or whatever that little green thing is.

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