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Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators Photo Gallery – January 15th, 2024

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All photos taken by photographer, Brandon Andreasen




Stone Hopes To Jumpstart VGK After Monday’s Offensive Explosion


  1. ThG

    Golden Knights center Jack Eichel underwent surgery for a lower-body injury Tuesday, the team announced.

    Eichel, who leads the team in scoring with 44 points in 42 games, is listed as week to week.

  2. Sorvino

    Jack Eichel underwent surgery today, and is considered week-to-week according to the Golden Knights.

  3. Cedric

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  4. ThG

    i thought the nut cases left, no more ranting karen, now it looks like Alex is back again with another one of his/her/it (picked preferred pro noun) multiple avatar aliases.

    meanwhile in the real world there is this

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  5. Sorvino

    THG. I agree that Cedric is a lunatic but not any less than you are.

    What was his crime? He just posted lyrics to a song. You do the same thing all the time. I guess it just so happens that you are not a fan of the song. Cedric was just exercising his freedom of speech like you always do. And he wasn’t calling you names like you do to other people.

    Cedric, if you read this post, please post only hockey related stuff.

    • ThG

      i don’t post vulgar, racist anti humanity rap crap. Big difference, if you can’t tell the difference then I would suggest some therapy. And I don’t tell people to “please post only hockey related stuff” , that is anti the Bill of Rights. Why do you hate America so much? Left wing scum bags, just don’t get it.

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