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Golden Knights Using Others’ Desperation To Turn On Playoff Mode

This is Marchy’s playoff face. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Since February 21st, the Golden Knights have played eleven games against teams in or fighting to get in the playoffs. Vegas went 4-5-2 in those games losing to Anaheim, Columbus, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New Jersey and San Jose. One thing in common with all of those teams is their urgency to win.

Ever since February teams have stepped their game up. We did also. -Jonathan Marchessault

You could see it in the game in San Jose. There was a playoff intensity, pace, and attitude and the Golden Knights matched it despite not having the same desperation as the Sharks.

We don’t necessarily need a playoff lineup, we need to have a playoff mentality. That’s by playing the right way and that’s what we’re focused on right now. -Marchessault

Shea Theodore agreed playing teams fighting for postseason berths can be beneficial. Late season competitive games can help the Golden Knights switch on to playoff mode.

Definitely. When you play teams that are playing desperate, that’s when you tighten down, watch all the turnovers and really just play the right way. You have to be consistent in the final stretch leading into the playoffs. -Shea Theodore

Playoff mode isn’t just about picking up the intensity on the ice though.

It’s a fun time the of year. It’s definitely a hard time of year on the body but at that time you just need to rest, eat well and be ready for the next challenge. -Marchessault

While his players are openly discussing the postseason, All Star head coach Gerard Gallant is still maintaining his signature “take it game-by-game” mentality.

When we get the X beside our name, if we do that, then you’ll have your perfect playoff lineup… if we’re lucky enough to make the playoffs. -Gallant

Coach, you just played game 74 and you have 100 points. Lighten up a little, will ya?

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  1. Vic Telesino

    Some random things in the form of a wish list….
    *Please….Reilly Smith come back to 100% soon, and everyone else healthy as well.
    *Please….Can every period be like period one versus the Sharks on 3/22.
    *Please….Can management stage another Vegas Strong tribute night for the opening night playoff game. Let’s reignite the fire from early October with another huge salute to all concerned.
    *Please….No let up after we clinch a playoff spot. Let’s not fall into that focus on too much rest trap.
    *Please….Can every year be at least a 100 point year. Wow.

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