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Golden Knights Up To 13th In Forbes Valuation List

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Three years ago, the Golden Knights were just getting their name and most of the world still believed the idea of hockey in Las Vegas was a boondoggle.

Three days ago, Forbes released its NHL franchise valuation list and the Vegas Golden Knights came in 13th place with a current value of $580 million.

On June 22nd, 2016, The Creator agreed to pay $500 million for the NHL’s 31st franchise. It was widely considered an overpay but not only did he not believe that (he once told me it would be worth a billion eventually), he also didn’t seem to care.

Not even four years later, his investment is up 16% and the business of hockey is absolutely booming the Vegas valley.

Forbes values the Knights at $580 million, on $167 million in revenue over the past year and $33 million in operating income, the tenth-highest among the league’s 31 teams. –Christina Settimi,

They continue to dominate TV ratings. The team has more than 100 different sponsors. And it’s impossible to drive a mile in this city without seeing a Golden Knights license plate.

The Golden Knights were listed at exactly $500 million in the first year they appeared on the Forbes list. They went up to $575 million last year, and now $580 million this season.

Vegas is $20 million behind 12th place and more than a billion dollars away from the New York Rangers at the top of the list.

Still a ways to go up that list, but I wouldn’t put it past The Creator to be in the top 10 before you know it.




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    Guess that’s why the Creator allows cheaters in order to try to move up that list

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