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Golden Knights Unveil New Power Play Setup

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Pete DeBoer has had four months to scour over his roster and come up with the best combination of players in every situation. The forward lines and defensive pairs mostly match what we had seen in DeBoer’s time behind the bench before the pause, but the new power play groups have seen a bit of a shakeup.

Here’s how the Golden Knights ran out their power play units in practice on Friday, an early indication of what they’ll likely use when they get to the bubble in Edmonton.

Unit 1

Unit 2

The first unit is absolutely loaded, which leads to a key question; are these equal time units, or is the first unit going to get closer to 90 seconds of the two minutes?

Stastny at center gives a good chance to win the faceoff, then he goes to the front of the net where he’s a terrific decision-maker. Marchesseault is stationed in the high-slot where he’s deadly when he gets the puck with a bit of time. Stone and Pacioretty present two excellent scoring options in the circles and both have shown tremendous vision to move the puck. And Theodore manning the blue line and driving the entries is VGK’s best PP QB.

There’s really nothing wrong with that unit at all, in fact, it might be the best collection of players the Golden Knights have ever had on the ice at the same time. The question is what it leaves the other unit.

DeBoer is abandoning the single defenseman setup on the second unit that he’s deploying on the first and has used most of his time in Vegas. The problem, in this case, is that neither defensemen is particularly proficient on the power play. Schmidt has just 26 power play points in his career and Martinez has only reached 15 in a season once. Both are good on at the blue line and each has the ability to laser a shot from distance, but as calling them elite weapons on the power play is a bit of a stretch.

That leaves much of the load to be shouldered by the three forwards.

PointsPower Play PointsPower Play Points %
Max Pacioretty661929%
Mark Stone631727%
Shea Theodore461635%
Jonathan Marchessault471226%
Paul Stastny381026%
William Karlsson46817%
Alex Tuch17741%
Nate Schmidt31723%
Reilly Smith5459%
Alec Martinez13430%

Just 9% of Smith’s points have come on the power play. In fact, he had four points while playing shorthanded and played almost an identical number of minutes on both (135 PP, 134 PK). Karlsson’s numbers aren’t quite as drastic, but they are similar. Of his 46 points, just eight came on the power play while five were shorthanded.

That means Tuch is going to have to be the main scoring threat. While he has shown that he can absolutely be that, it’s a lot to ask of a player who is in the middle of a disappointing season.

It’s not all bad though. Tuch and Karlsson present major challenges for penalty kill units when it comes to entries and Schmidt, Martinez, and Smith will make keeping the puck away from this unit nearly impossible.

The power play struggled a bit in DeBoer’s tenure. They’ve scored 12 goals on 55 opportunities (22%), but four of them came in the same game against St. Louis. Take that one game out and Vegas was converting at just a 16% pace. They scored a power play goal in just eight of DeBoer’s 22 games and only scored twice in the same game once.

Personally I think special teams are going to be huge. You’ll get certain opportunities in playoff games that can change a game or even a whole series. So that’s something we’re really trying to harp on and really trying to nitpick at right now. If we can jump into these games with a good power play and a good penalty kill it’ll make a world of difference. -Reilly Smith

Vegas should be one of the best teams in the conference at even-strength, so all they have to do is make sure special teams doesn’t give games away. The first unit looks dominant on paper and might be so good that the questions surrounding the second become obsolete. If the Golden Knights find success on the power play, they could end up living in Edmonton for quite some time.


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  1. Mike StG

    Ken, I had the same thoughts about PP units. I think your hunch is right, that PP1 will be out there maybe 75-90 secs. PP2 is interesting, and it seems to me has several aspects: 1) both Nate & Marty are excellent passers so gives good options both sides, 2) Tuch’s size can be a good screen for point shots, and 3) having 2 defensemen on the ice as PP ends gives them better defense as opponent gets back to full strength. I think (3) might be a big part of the decision, to prevent a quick strike as penalized player exits the box.

  2. How long it takes for players to get back in regular line up might be concern?

  3. Tim

    Ken I’ve been watching all the practices the team is looking good. Here’s a question for you who do you think of the extra players will make the team. You being at practice I would think you have seen who looks good. I’m at a loss of who will make it and who I hope make. The only two I know for sure are Patrick Brown because he plays center and wing and Nick Hague. On my hope list is Peyton K. and Dylan C. after that whatever I don’t any of the others will ever be impact players or even play for the Knights. I had hope for Jimmy S. but now I think that ship has sailed.

    • I’m not going to give up on anyone yet but I agree that I don’t think Schuldt is quite at the level of the others. There are certainly exciting flashes from Krebs but I don’t believe he will be on the roster out of being one of the best available if he goes. Brown has been very solid as have Quinney and Duke.

      To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to make much difference which of the extras they choose. They are all very close.

    • Carl

      Might be fun seeing Coghlan on the second PP unit. Let him shoot missles to the net that either go in or set up Tuch for cleanup duty.

  4. Skeeter Thompson

    When is SinBin going to do a write up about the dude in the background of the header pic of this article? He sits on the glass behind the VGK shoot-once goal in the awesome florescent beanie, blue shirt and crazy pants almost every game. As much as I loved the Hulk and love the Wolverine, Christopher Green, the Flamingo guy, the Canadian cowbell brothers and all the other Fortress regulars/STM, the day-glo Where’s Waldo doesn’t get enough attention. What’s his story?

    • Normally I’d read this and go walk up to him next game and talk to him. Can’t do that, so if anyone has his contact info I’d certainly be willing to chat with him.

    • Mike StG

      I thought that was Shane Hnidy.

  5. James

    I think Roy will see time with second unit. Replacing schimdt or yuck/tuch. Tuch needs to start playing worth his pay or hes gone next yr.

  6. A VGK fan

    much better article, ken. see what happens when you leave your personal feelings out of it?

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