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Golden Knights Unveil Event Recap; Pictures, Videos, Observations

Aside from the video hiccup during the unveil, last night’s unveil party was an absolute hit. From attendance to flare to merchandise the Golden Knights organization really came through in it’s first major stage. Whether you like the name, or the logos, or the colors, the fact is, Las Vegas (or should I say Vegas) is now the Golden Knights. Here’s a look back at the event with some observations, pictures and then a bundle of videos.


  • Almost incredibly neither the logo nor name were leaked until about 3 PM and the leak appeared to be somewhat contained until about an hour before the actual event.
  • The official name is the Vegas Golden Knights, not the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Personally, of the three possible adjectives Golden was my least favorite. I’m indifferent on the choice of Vegas over Las Vegas, the color scheme looks good but I’m hoping for more “Red Rock Red” when the jerseys come out, and I absolutely love the logos.
  • The main helmet logo features the exact same V from the script in the word Vegas in the official team name font.
  • The Vegas star makes multiple appearances, first as the inspiration for the secondary logo, and second next to the word Vegas and above Golden Knights on almost all apparel.
  • There is not an official attendance, but estimates put the number somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000. My guess is closer to 5 than 3.
  • The lasting image, which I’m told was not shown on or NHL Network, was the New York New York parking garage being lined on every floor by fans watching the event. There are a few pictures of it below.
  • There were also plenty of windows open across the street at Monte Carlo getting a birds eye view.
  • Here is the link to the video that didn’t play. The story on that is still a bit of a mystery. It began playing on both the small screen and on the arena LEDs, then the small screen went to an image that said “Placeholder Vegas Hockey” and the sound cut out. The video continued playing on the big screen on the arena before they eventually cut that. The word Golden Knights did appear on the arena before they did the countdown. Then, they went back to the video and it once again did not play on either screen. Then they brought The Creator back up and asked him for a countdown. Most believed that was for the video, but instead, that was for the actual naming of the team. Pretty much an epic disaster, but it’ll be forgotten in a few days or so. The name and logos will be what people remember.
  • The countdown from 10 to 1 before they announced the name featured white letters with gold and red trim. Possibly hint to jersey numbers?
  • The Maverick helicopter, which dropped a ton of shirts onto the crowd arrived on time, but because of the video glitch had to circle and added to the sound issues many in the back described to us.
  • All in all, the event should be qualified as a major success, but because many don’t like the name, colors, and logos, it will likely be ridiculed all over the web. Welcome to the Internet!


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A look around the crowd before the event began.

Bettman welcomes Vegas to NHL

Official announcement from the media deck.

Official announcement from right below the stage

Interview with The Creator

The Creator explains why Golden Knights and why Vegas not Las Vegas.

Little more from The Creator.

Official Vegas Golden Knights Info

cut cut cut-1

Official Team Site –

Social Media – Facebook: Vegas Golden Knights; Twitter @GoldenKnights; Instagram:@lvgoldenknights; and Snapchat: lvgoldenknights.

Team Store –

Physical stores are currently set up at T-Mobile Arena, MGM Grand, and New York New York. (We are working on a major post with much more info on this)

More Observations (from Jason Pothier)

  • First off, it had a grand feel to it. Something big was about to happen. There was a buzz in the crowd, and everyone seemed excited to be there.
  • The ice rink was a great feature. Kids skating on ice during an NHL team name reveal was a the perfect setting. Parents loved that their kid felt part of the event. Multiple parents told me that their kids were excited about this day for awhile.
  • Seeing the vendors operating was another cool aspect. All I could picture was fans meeting up before the game and grabbing a beer together on the Toshiba Plaza. It had a game day feel to it, even though there were stages taking up most of the Plaza.
  • The presentation was great. The main stage had an important feel to it. Videogate was a rough spot. Fans were getting very restless during the video montage malfunction. At that point fans didn’t want to wait anymore and the organization should’ve of just scrapped the video right there. After the second malfunction, fans starting to shout “just tell us the name.”
  • The Creator genuinely looked like a proud man. You could tell he was so excited to finally reveal his team to the public. Same with Gary Bettman, you could tell it meant something to him as well. In fact, Bettman came off very well.
  • Two lasting images that I’ll take away were fans up in the parking garage and the Monte Carlo. The NYNY parking lot was packed with people lining up on every floor watching the event. Monte Carlo guests watching from there hotel room windows. It was very cool to see.
  • They did what they could for merchandise. Every store had lines that lasted hours and not everyone got what they wanted. Not really anyone’s fault.
  • Overall fans were great and did a fantastic job showing their support. The Creator thanked the fans for showing up and they appreciated it.


What a great night! I want to thank everyone for the unbelievable outpouring of support for Thank you for supporting the site, thank you for supporting the team, and thank you for scrolling this far down on this mammoth article. You guys are the best!



The Vegas GOLDEN Knights


Fan Reaction About The Name and Logo


  1. SpikeMcAwesome

    A couple of issues with this article:

    1. It wasn’t just the video cutting out that was annoying. Anyone behind the TV camera stand couldn’t hear a single word being said on stage. We even started chanting “Turn it up! Turn it up!” but got no additional volume. Someone next to me said “I think they’re being called the Las Vegas ISIS”. We knew something was happening, but had no idea WHAT was happening.

    2. Cirque du Soleil performed, apparently. I only know that because someone else talked about it. To not have them on stage was a mistake. Once again, none of us could see.

    3. How did they only have four entrances to T-Mobile operating? Seriously, they needed to have at least twice as many doors open. I got shoved and cut multiple times in that line. And while we’re at it, the jumbotron being lowered to almost ice level really screwed up my perception of what my seats would look like.

    4. I think by vastly underestimating the crowd and underestimating the amount of merchandise needed, they really did us a disservice. I mean, the merch is going to sell. How did they only bring enough stuff for about 2000 people? Why didn’t they tell anyone that no merch would be sold inside?

    I’m sure there are more points to make but I may just be nit-picking.

  2. James

    @Ken Boehlke
    Pretty much an epic disaster, but it’ll be forgotten in a few days or so. The name and logos will be what people remember.

    I hate to say it, but it’s a signature moment. Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. A moment that will last a lifetime, especially if the franchise struggles!

    You could really feel the atmosphere on the live feed. It felt like Monday Night Raw. Gary Bettman playing the role of Vince McMahon superbly. He deserves the first star. I felt sorry for George McPhee who was rattled by the heckler. I think he called us Washington.

  3. Cappy

    All hail Magneto!
    Knights should invite Ian McKellen to opening knight.

  4. RB

    If you were there to support Vegas’ first professional team, and have nothing good say about last night’s events, I really hope you did not buy season tickets. I don’t want half hearted fans around me for our inaugural season. As a person who has worked in the live entertainment business for a number years; the video is the fault of the company running it and should in no way reflect poorly on the team or The Creator. It was a great atmosphere, a fun event, and has done nothing but make me even more excited for next season! As far as the name goes; could it have been better? Maybe, but it was The Creator’s vision, hard work, and money that got us the team, so I respect the name as much as I respect him. The logos looked great and I think are among the best in the NHL! Thank you to all those that put in the hard work last night! Thank you to for the continued coverage of our team!

  5. Stephanie

    Thank you Sinbin

    • It’s all for you guys. We are doing what we love to do and the fact that you all come and read, watch, and listen to us gives us the ability to do it. The thanks goes to everyone who visits the site, not us.

  6. HCK

    I live 600 miles away and am a quarter season ticket holder. Lots of friends and family in Las Vegas. Golden was my least favorite choice. Desert and Silver are much more apropos to the city and state. Maybe Foley was giving a nod to the Army’s parachute team, the Golden Knights. I agree it should have been Las Vegas, not Vegas. I’m sure a graphic designer could have figured out how to fit the entire name of the city. Overall, I’m disappointed.

  7. Tom

    I can’t wait for the expansion draft. I wonder who we’ll pull from L.A., which is my other favorite team.

  8. Jeff

    Officially I am no longer a Kings Fan. Changed my license plates from KINGSLA to GLDNGTS today. Who really cares if the name is good or bad the important thing is in a year we’ll be watching NHL hockey in Vegas and the name really won’t matter.

    • Jeff

      BTW have to add this in as no one has said a word about the first SinBin Fantasy Hockey League. I am the only remaining undefeated team……Go Muddbutts

  9. Mickey B

    Forget the video not running and them not abandoning it sooner (I agree with RB’s comments above – nothing is guaranteed in live entertainment ). It’s the final name of this team that is the true and lasting fail. The logos aren’t bad (thank God), but dropping the “Las” from Vegas is brutal. Have already said before that any version of Knights sucks too. So many better options out there. Very disappointed to know that the direction of this team so far has been a joke.

  10. Ron Murphy

    Logo growing on me…was thinking of a real Knight, but now multiple versions of a knight can be used for more merchandise without taking away from the main logo..and did all the confetti and streamers come out at once and dump on everyone from about 20 ft up instead of , say, 75 ft?..would’ve been nice if the announcer got away from center stage and blocking the logo….should have had everything on T-Mobiles Jumbotron

  11. Stoic Knight

    Loved it all except for the video hiccup.
    I’m afraid too many fans will have Vegas as their second team and not their first. Most of them chose Vegas as adults and raise their kids here. I think that would point to making Vegas the first team and origin place second.

  12. Brian

    Great post, Ken. I still haven’t given up my Blachawks jersey, but I’ll definitely participate in another jersey drive as soon as I get my hands on a Golden Knights one next summer.

  13. pfh64

    I have had so much fun watching this from a far. I will always be an Islanders fan, but I so love watching the building process. Enjoy this moment Las Vegas, its going to be a fun ride.

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