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Golden Knights Trivia: Free Agency

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Question 1

Which of these was NOT one of the first free agents signed by the Golden Knights?

A) Vadim Shipachyov
B) Tomas Hyka
C) Brendan Leipsic
D) Reid Duke

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C) Brendan Leipsic (Selected in Expansion Draft from Toronto) 


Question 2

Which of these goalies did NOT sign a contract with the Golden Knights last summer (between May 2023 and August 2023)?

A) Logan Thompson
B) Adin Hill
C) Jiri Patera
D) Carl Lindbom

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A) Logan Thompson (He signed an extension with VGK in January 2022)


Question 3

Who signed the largest contract by total dollar amount over the life of the deal in Golden Knights history?

A) Alex Pietrangelo
B) Mark Stone
C) Marc-Andre Fleury
D) Noah Hanifin

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A) Alex Pietrangelo ($61.6 million for 7 seasons)
B) Mark Stone ($76 million for 8 seasons)
C) Marc-Andre Fleury ($21 million for 3 seasons)
D) Noah Hanifin ($58.8 million for 8 seasons)


Question 4

Who is the most recent player to sign an entry-level contract with the Golden Knights?

A) Jiri Patera
B) David Edstrom
C) Pavel Dorofeyev
D) Mathieu Cataford

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D) Mathieu Cataford (Signed on December 31st, 2023) 

Question 5

Which of these players never signed a contract with the Golden Knights?

A) Brooks Macek
B) Danny O’Regan
C) Nick Cousins
D) Zac Leslie

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C) Nick Cousins (He was acquired via trade and not re-signed) 


Question 6

How many times has Gage Quinney signed a contract with the Golden Knights (not the Silver Knights)?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

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D) 4 (June 1st, 2018, October 7th, 2020, June 28th, 2021, July 1st, 2023)


Question 7

How much was Phil Kessel’s contract worth with the Golden Knights?

A) $1.5 million for 1 year
B) $2.5 million for 2 years
C) $950,000 for 1 year
D) $2 million for 2 years

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A) $1.5 million for 1 year


Question 8

Which of these players signed a contract with the Golden Knights?

A) Brett Lernout
B) Dysin Mayo
C) Jean-Francis Berube
D) John Tavares

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A) Brett Lernout (2 way deal on July 1st, 2019) 


Question 9

Which of these players signed the most contracts with the Golden Knights?

A) Jimmy Schuldt
B) Nic Hague
C) Brad Hunt
D) Nick Holden

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A) Jimmy Schuldt (He signed 3 contracts with VGK) 


Question 10

Deryk Engelland had performance bonuses in his 2019 contract with the Golden Knights. Which of these was NOT a requirement for a bonus?

A) Playoff Round Wins
B) Top 5 on team in time on ice
C) Top 10 on team in goals scored
D) 30 games played

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C) Top 10 on team in goals scored 


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  1. Knights fan in minnie

    Just hello want seem trailer more and this see ice for if when

  2. Chris Tettamanti

    Awesome as usual, Ken. Thanks!

  3. Emmanuel

    That Kessel contract was so low budget makes you wonder why he wasnt signed by anybody. Lack of defense? The games played streak? Maybe he would only play on west coast?

    • ThG

      no not lack of defense, in his last year strat rated him O a 2, defense a 3. More like not offensive force he once was. His skating was average.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Sticking to my prediction these FA’s will not be re-signed:

    Martinez, Stephenson, Carrier, Amadio and Mantha (though traded for as he was at the trade deadline it became obvious he would not be worth it over anyone else).

    To be re-signed or traded for:

    Dorofeyev, Korczak and a first line RW (either Marchessault or hopefully Marner as rumor currently has it).

    As I have stated cap space is a scant $6.2m requiring Theodore to be traded bringing cap space to $11.4m. This would not be quite enough to carry Marner’s $10.9m plus Dorofeyev and Korczak. Btw the Athletic suggested Dorofeyev could receive an offer sheet however rare they are.

    I came to understand signing Hanifin portended trading Theodore due to the return he would bring in terms of enabling for example a Marner deal.

    We will find out about Marner soon. It could even be Theodore plus Hill and not Thompson as Hill would free up more cap space perhaps enough for Marner, Dorofeyev and Korczak and a backup goalie who could actually be Brossoit who will be an FA and performed well with the Jets. Personally I think Marner would be dynamite. Great with Eichel and he’s excellent defensively. They’d have an elite 27 turning 28 year old core of Eichel, Marner and Hanifin all in the top 5 of the 2015 draft class. Cap will keep going up supporting signing Marner long term and Eichel. Yes we are heading towards having two $12m forwards. The cap will support it!

    • Pistol Pete

      And as I indicated previously acquiring Hertl as the prospective second line center portended not extending Stephenson.

      • Pistol Pete

        Not hard to understand why Toronto is hesitant to extend Marner for say $12m. They already have four forwards including him for $10.9m/$11m/$11.5m/$13.25m and it has not been working. They need another top 2 D and better goaltending.

        • Emmanuel

          I could see Marner going to the Kraken or Utah, both clubs are looking to make a splash..

          • Pistol Pete

            Yeah but can you see him wanting to go to either of those probable loser teams? Marner has a full no move contract meaning he’ll only go where he wants. He might want to come here where he might have as good a chance to win a Cup as anywhere.

  5. JB

    Final tonight. Can Florida pull it out? Just want to see a good close game. Overtime would be great!

  6. Tim

    I’d say most of North America would like Edmonton to pull it off 4 straight first time and only time equaling the 1942 feat. My wife is beside herself waiting for puck drop tonight. My self my first place Guardians are playing the first place Orioles so sadly I won’t be watching the hockey game. I too although I won’t be watching am also for Edmonton if for no other reason Florida and Colorado have announcers who are the biggest dicks and are discussing to listen to when we play them. They are not even a little objective on there commentary and it makes me want to vomit, So it is a big night Game 7 in hockey, Guardians/Orioles, and the final game of the college World Series all on at the same time which kind of sucks,

    • JB

      If you don’t watch game seven Tim, then you truely are not a hockey fan. Your wife should post here not you.

      • Tim

        Now now Guardian game was a playoff atmosphere and as usual Edmonton could only muster up one point in 60 minutes which is the big problem in hockey SCORING. To watch the Knights not score is bad enough last year with one snoozer after another but to watch other teams is a little to much for me.

        • ThG

          what a guardian ?
          what does a guardian guard? They are still Cleveland indians to vast majority of real, unwoke, non cancel culture, true fans.

        • TS

          Tim, I was pretty disappointed in Oilers only getting ONE lousy goal in game 7. They ran out of gas
          .McDavid simply CANNOT carry the team.on his back, as his teammates go AWOL. Sports are a team sport, so where were the REST of the Oilers?? I’d be furious, if I was McDavid.

  7. DeezNutz

    Question 11

    Who is minny’s favorite player of all time?

    A) Mitch Marner
    B) Mitch Marner
    C) Mitch Marner
    D) Mitch Marner

    • knights fan in minny

      who is the biggest dumb ass of all time numb nutz the one hit wonder

    • Sajid Ramidi Khanpour


      knights fan in minny is so in love with Mitch “The Bitch” Marner

      • knights fan in minny

        fuck you yom kopur go back to the Sithole country you came from and take your camel

  8. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    A gift for knights fan in minny

  9. knights fan in minny

    ullmark to ottawa the fun starts

  10. NAM

    Fuck EDM! Congrats FLA!

  11. JB

    Florida wins cup!!! Happy for their coach! Sorry Canada!

  12. Pistol Pete

    And they give the Conn Smythe to McDavid just because he broke Gretzy’s record for assists, and he did not get a point in the only game in the series that mattered? Bettman seemed so much less enthusiastic this time. Let’s face it Vegas winning it in year six was more of an event and Bettman mentioned that: “Bill Foley had the vision and audacity to bring hockey to Las Vegas and then he said we will win the Cup in year #6. (gestures “go figure”). Vegas is not just a hockey town it’s a championship town.”


    Jack Eichel = winner

    Connor McDavid = loser

    Much rather Paul Maurice win it than a VGK divisional rival. A Canadian team can wait.

    • ThG

      Ike missed wide open net in game 7 , PP, or were you asleep ? McWhinner is light years ahead of Ike. This series will only make the spOILERS much more seasoned team and hard for VGK to beat in next two years should they get the chance. There I fixed your lopsided , as usual whacked up, irrational post. Once again. Try harder next time, you may get a good post , that makes sense.

  13. Pistol Pete

    We’re pretty sure this is bullshit. If so what a flake this good-looking guy Reinhart is. With the Herald since just 2024? Seems like a flake. A real dandy.

  14. DocG

    This sets up a rematch between the last 2 Stanley Cup winners for next season.
    Well it could happen.

  15. DeezNutz

    Haha go fuck yourself Draisaitl!

    Next time you shake our Petro’s hand with respect you POS

  16. Pistol Pete

    Game 7 zero points two shots including zero in the 3rd period and they give the guy the Conn Smythe? Just the sixth time it goes to a player on the losing team. Not Bobrovsky? Atrocious. At least McDavid did the right thing in not skating out to accept it.

    • VGK Fan

      The trophy is for the entire post season all four rounds. not one game!

      He had the 3rd most points in NHL post season history.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Draisaitl in the one game that mattered: zero pts zero shots -1. What a joke.

  18. ThG

    congrats to the CATS, better all around team won. NHL tried to push McDavid, aka McWHIINNER, over the top with fake schedule.

    And another thing, get rid of the stupid delay of game penalty in d zone. The cheap a$$Ses in NHL should extend the d zone glass along the boards, make it a big dome. Most of those players don’t mean to flip the puck into crowd in first place. ITs another silly rule.

    PS creepy Joe b. is being pumped full of so many drugs , his eyes will be so dilated he won’t be able to read the bit monitors with the questions full of hints by fake CNN “moderators”. They have been practicing with a fake stage at Camp David all week long, and pumping Joe up with drugs. PArty over country.

    • Alex

      You want creepy? Try trump – he’s a sex offender! Of fake pastor Mel – a porn whore star! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • ThG

        trump ? no sane jury would convict someone whose chief witness didn’t have year, date, time, exact location, who wore a black dress that didn’t exist for years of a crime. Shows how whacked up NY city is, liberal scum with 99% of demopedophiles registered voters. A scam conviction that will be over turned by real court.

      • ThG

        sniffer creepy joe, showered with own daughter, real evidence

        10% for big guy

      • knights fan in minny

        you want dumb shit try you the dumb fuck loser

  19. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I can’t wait until next season starts. Reading the comments is fun. First and foremost I love hockey and the Golden Knights. Would prefer that this site was only hockey but I have no control of that. I love getting on knights fan in minny’s nerves and his reactions calling me racist stuff like he is a tough guy. ROTFL. November will be fun no matter who wins. Fat Orange Con Man Fuckhead or Creepy Sleepy Corspe Biden.

    And now the matter at hand. The NHL entry draft this weekend and the beginning on unrestricted free agency. What will the Golden Knights look like on Tuesday morning? Will Marchessault sign an extension? Is there a trade on the horizon?

    Have a wonderful night my friends.

  20. But on the positive side of things….relatively of course…..the oilers were defeated….finally …by another team i dont like but nowhere near my enmity for our biggest rivals and their waaaaay too annoying fans who must be deep in oil money to darken every arena with their insufferable orange jerseys and chants!!!

    Even though my biggest fear was playing the oilers in the first round and possibly losing to them….man i wish we woulda come to play against the ducks in Game 82!!…sigh!!

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