Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website


The Golden Knights have traded Marc-Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks for prospect Mikael Hakkarainen.

Fleury’s agent, Allan Walsh, quickly tweeted a response to the trade.

The Golden Knights did not retain any salary in the trade.

Hakkarainen has spent each of the last two seasons playing in both the AHL and the ECHL. He has not registered an AHL point in his 14 appearances. Kelly McCrimmon confirmed that Hakkarainen will remain with Chicago and likely play for the Rockford Ice Hogs.


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  1. Coyote

    THG had him with one assist in the ECHL. I’m disappointed in the VGK. I’ve stated before that I was a casual hockey fan, rooting for the NYR, before Las Vegas got a team. I am leaning toward rooting for the NYR and Gallant.
    I have never agreed with folks who say that as a fan you have to be loyal to the team no matter what. I root for teams because I like the players. To me they are the team. I rooted for the San Diego Chargers for 35 or so years, and then they moved to LA, and I have not cared about them since. Just not the same.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Totally on board with you Coyote. McCrimmon has no NHL legacy to his name whatsoever. Making matters worse he failed to put together any deal to make VGK better. At the end of the day he cleared $2million net in cap space for next season.

      McCrimmon sucks and you’re right. 100%.

  2. normbob

    Traded for nothing and not retaining salary is an indication of a three way trade. Next stop with Chicago retaining salary is the next part of the saga. That was always a scenario with his trade talk. From a family perspective he won’t go to Chicago. Retire, nah not likely. But the hype is interesting to watch. Hope he goes to Pens at $3.5m.
    Greatly disappointed in Foley but not surprised by the slimballs running the show. Just an opinion.

    • Slimnalls running the show is being kind. Surprised Foley’s word means nothing, that doesn’t say much for a West Point officer.. Yes l am well aware it is business but even then there has to be some integrity. MAF is the face of the golden knights and if they are pinning their future on Lehner the story is over and the lights are out.

      • Julie

        Hey, HD! Yep, Foley is a liar. The way Vegas lets their players know they are being traded is beyond ridiculous. Karma is about to bite the McIdiot brothers in the a$$. Anyone worth their salt won’t sign with Vegas after seeing how they operate. Fleury will handle it well. I saw Allan Walsh’s Twitter account, lots of people asking for new art by the end of the day – the tweet he did but now with another sword in Fleury’s back. McCrimmon will give some announcement with something canned….”we value everything Marc Andre did for us, and we’re going to move forward. ..sometimes you have to make tough decisions…” blah blah blah. It’s all crap because they were stuck when they brought in Lehner and Petro. Hard to see it, but it’s Vegas’ reputation, no loyalty. Let’s see how ticket sales go.

        • sb

          As Max Pacioretty said after the Pietrangelo signing, “Every player in the NHL wants to play for Vegas.” I’ll take his word over a fan’s opinion. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago, the two newest members of the VGK’s said they are THRILLED to play for Vegas. And Fleury’s own comments contradict not wanting to play for Vegas. He has said repeatedly that he DOESN”T want to play anywhere else than Vegas. You name one NHL player who has said he doesn’t want to play in Vegas. One player. Name him. Every player in the NHL wants to come to Vegas because MGT is commited to winning the Stanley Cup.

          • Julie

            Try harder. Every player does not want to come to Vegas. That’s a bit of an overreach. It’s all good, I know you are a big Lehner fan and feel this paves the way for him to finally prove what he’s got. He kind of has to now, put up or shut up. Fleury said he wanted to stay. Foley said he would retire as a Knight. This isn’t rocket science figuring out how they treated a player who brought an enormous amount of talent and heart to the team. I wouldn’t take your word as a fan either on anything, so I guess we’re in agreement there.

          • Richard Santomauro

            David Perron.

          • Why not come to Vegas – its a money cow for left over players (in one way or another) who couldn’t get the same $$$ elsewhere. Money talks and bull shit walks it’s that simple. Send us your injured, worn out, physically and mentality impaired or whatever and Vegas will provide their retirement. Why wouldn’t a player come under those conditions?? The last two big signings are perfect examples of that situation. A goalie no other team wanted to keep and a 8.8 mill d-man with his best years in the rear view mirror. And now looking a signing a center man who has potentially serious injuries. Makes senses send us your left overs!!!!!

          • Daryl

            How many players outside of VGK have made those same claims???

        • sb

          Vegas will sell out every single game.

        • Howard

          How you know Foley is lying? See, that’s the problem in today’s western world, people don’t pay attention to specifics – “MAF will RETIRE as a GoldenKnight.” If and when that doesn’t happen, then we can say Foley lied. Now, what if he comes back to VGK, and retires afterwards? Would Foley have lied?

          • Julie

            With a year left in his contract, it may be a bump in the plan, so you could be right. Doesn’t seem likely, however.

            I will say you were the only one who said Fleury was the leverage Vegas needed to sort out their issues. You were right about that.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        “MAF is the face of the golden knights”

        NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

        • Richard Santomauro

          The Face of the Golden Knights is now McCrimmon. And it’s not a good look.

        • THE hockey GOD

          wipe that billy buckner SMILE off that FACE !!

          NOW !!

    • Julie

      Norm, from the social outpouring on this, you might be right or at least thinking the same regarding Pittsburgh as other fans/posters.

      • normbob

        I sure hope so. Pittsburgh surely needs an elite goalie because what they have is uncertainty in goal now.

    • I wish him the best and where ever he goes l want that team to eliminate vegas from any playoff hopes assuming they even make it. Maybe this is a way for vegas to keep him at 3.5mill versus 7 mill cap hit. Interesting thought but don’t think the splash brothers are that savvy. We all know the out of shape walrus isn’t the answer to tend goal. I have fired, hired, and move alot of people around and can tell you they knew what was taking place personally before word was on the street. There is such a thing as respect which apparently vegas is very short on.

    • Richard Santomauro

      At this point I do hope MAF ends up back with the PENS and wins a Stanley Cup with them. The best possible scenario for me would be for MAF to be moved to the NYR and for them to beat VGK in the finals!

      • Daryl

        As a Pens fan I can’t really root for MAF to get traded there but I’m OK with beating VGK … But talk about Karma!!! That would be sweet.

        On the other end, the Pens were a goalie away from making it much further in the playoffs and who knows, maybe the Cup. I would love for MAF to retire as a Pens.

    • The. Big Toilet

      Simply this…..Not keeping Flower is a mistake. You’ll see….

  3. normbob

    Traded for nothing and not retaining salary is an indication of a three way trade. Next stop with Chicago retaining salary is the next part of the saga. That was always a scenario with his trade talk. From a family perspective he won’t go to Chicago. Retire, nah not likely. But the hype is interesting to watch. Hope he goes to Pens at $3.5m.
    Greatly disappointed in Foley but not surprised by the slimballs running the show. Just an opinion.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    YES!!!!! I told ya!

    Finally a needed move! Thanks for all you did Fleury! Good luck in Chi-town.

    NOW, we can get with really doing what we need for this team!

    Panda & Lefty can handle the net just fine!!!!!! yahoooooo!

    • Richard Santomauro

      Big deal, They cleared $2million in net off the cap and got zip-point-nada in return for the Vezina trophy winner. And now they’re stuck with the Turtle on a Half Shell Lehner.

      • Howard

        That’s actually wrong. Martinez is + 1 million. MAF – 7 = +6M. This is why they GM and we don’t.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Rumor has it that Martinez will sign a 3 year $5million dollar deal.

    • Panda and lefty can handle the net fine. What a joke that is – you know as well as anyone he lacks the staying power and capacity but your love affair with him refuses you to acknowledge it. The knights should never have given him a contract and are doing nothing more than trying to justify their mistake. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!!!. Stupidity reigns.

      • You are right HD. VGK screwed up massively when they took on Walruss and instead of just admitting they made a mistake they are doubling down on him. This will just make them look that much worse. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you admit them, learn from them, and move on from them, people will forgive you. VGK is doing the exact opposite

      • Jeff

        I agree. Lehner has not shown he can go a full season and I anticipate that he will not go a full season in 2021/2022 either. Then where are we?

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Ha ha ha ha ha

        GO GET EM PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sb

      Absolutely correct. MGT did exactly what it needed to do. It cleared cap to sign the missing Number 1 center, either Eichel or Landeskog. Given a choice, I’ll take VGK winning a Stanley Cup over hurting MAF’s feelings any day. Oh, poor MAF …… hurting his feelings while cashing $7 million dollar checks! Cruel and inhumane treatment! Boo hoo. Get him a crying towel.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    And the first HEAD not only rolled, but bounced a few times !!

    Whose head will roll next ??

    • Richard Santomauro

      I fully expect to see both Smith and Marchy packaged up along with Reaves and Holden next. Why not?

      • sb

        Nuts! Get real. Reaves and Holden? Yes, for sure. Dry up your tears and pick out your spot on Las Vegas Blvd for the Stanley Cup parade next June. Thank you, McCrimmon, McPhee and Foley. Bring the Cup home to Las Vegas and everyone will congratulate you all.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Lehner’s not the guy. Turtle on a Half Shell.

        • sb – the cup isn’t coming to Vegas anytime soon. Sure Foley wants to win so does every owner that’s what business is all about. That said the catch is YOU can’t buy the Cup regardless how hard you try its that simple. Money won’t and hasn’t provide the attitude necessary to win the Cup. The first year team came close for one reason and one reason only – they were Misfits with something to prove and came close beat by a team that had been trying for 34 years.

        • Daryl

          I heard the same thing on here about VGK winning the Cup after a few acquisitions…. I’m still waiting

          • Richard Santomauro

            VGK has gone pass the tipping point. It’s going to be a team in decline from here on out. This ship cannot be saved with McIdiot at the helm, period.

            The best scenario now would be to also unload Lehner and bring in someone else to play goal with Logan Thompson.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i agree with all, except I ‘d keep Smith.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Actually, from a money/contract perspective you keep Marchy and trade Smith.

          • THE hockey GOD

            i’d trade 81 and give money / contract to smith; but realistically I don’t see FO breaking up the Misfit line any time soon. I just wish 81 would learn not to give up the puck in the o zone when he doesn’t have a shot or play.

      • Howard

        Marchy yes, Smith no.

  6. Tim

    To me The Vegas Golden Knights are an organization I don’t care to be a part of anymore. There have been so many underhanded moves through the years it’s hard to root for them anymore. It’s not the Fleury trade it’s Foley guarantee he wouldn’t be traded it’s he heard of the trade on Tweeter not from management after all he’s meant to the team. It’s the nationally shown picture of the sword going through DeBoer, It’s firing Gallant the Jack Adams winner, It’s not giving David Perron a contract even though at 4 years 4 million he has numbers equal to Patch at almost half the price. Giving away Suzuki which by signing Perron wouldn’t of been. necessary. Hiring DeBoer from the Sharks never felt right. Who’s next on the chopping block stay tuned? There ruthless and I realize business is business but they’ve taken it to another level. Next move Jack Eichel for half the team and that will be the end of the Golden Knights which they really deserve.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Smith & Marchy for Eichel? Why not? Throw in Karlsson too.

    • sb

      Dry up your tears and pick out your spot on Las Vegas Blvd for the Stanley Cup parade next June. I’ll take a team and MGT commited to winning every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Thank you McCrimmon, McPhee and Foley. You guys are winners!

      • Duckboy

        Remains to be seen if they are winners . At least it’s a move and they have conviction to try anything .

        If they don’t win the cup this year fo is gone.

        And they won’t be winners btw.

    • Howard

      Please list exact quote where Foley specifically said “MAF will not be traded.” He never said that.

      Calm down people, there are other moves coming. Do you want to win a cup or not?

    • Miri

      Tim – Agree with your assessment . Just regret that you were not in a position to persuade the FO. I think we would have a better team, and Flower would still be a Knight.

      Chuckled at your humorous speculation that the team might trade half of its roster for Mr. Eichel. My personal speculation was, since the team sometimes seems more interested in making moves without really assessing whether or not the moves make the team better, why not trade the entire team to the Kraken, and start all over? After all, the team’s best year was its first year after the expansion draft. For all the moves, they have yet to get back to where they finished that year.


      Excellence analysis of the truth here. Thank you. Just excellent.

  7. Michael

    It seems that this GM never liked Marc Andre. Makes you wonder if the firing of Gallant (and subsequent moves regarding the Knights’ previous goalie coach) was related to the GM wanting to bring in another goaltender and Gallant saying no. This just seems like bad optics for Bill Foley, courtesy of the front office.

  8. Julie

    They couldn’t trade Lehner, no one wants him.

    Martinez might think twice about his discussions.

    DeBoer may be next, but apparently, you have to win a trophy of some kind first to get let go by Vegas.

    Now they can get a center, but have a goalie problem.

    Fleury will be alright. Vegas won’t.

    • Richard Santomauro

      One word sums up my feelings for McCrimmon.


    • Howard

      1000% wrong Julie, VGK doesn’t have a goalie problem. MAF has never been a great goalie, a good one, yes, great, no.

      Lehner and Thompson will be fine. Man, you people just don’t understand hockey at all – take that how u want to but there are things YOU DO NOT KNOW that go on behind the scenes. MAF isn’t pissed off – there’s more to come on that.

      Be patient, FO knows what they need to do and are trying. When offseason is over, then whine and bitch about it when you see the final product. Jeez, talk about overreacting. You people get this tizzy balancing a check book?

      • Boy Howard – everyone including Julie must have forgotten you have the inside tract on everything going on. How foolish we all must be!!! What makes you believe the Lehner and Thompson pair will be fine – I hope you meant that as a joke. Vegas wouldn’t have been in the playoff last year without MAF third most wins HOF – give us a break your BS suggests your on the Knights payroll.

      • Daryl

        MAF may not be an elite goalie but he is a very good one. I cN only imagine what that makes Lehner….

        • Mike StG

          Not elite? Yeah, the GMs give Vezinas to the best looking goalies.. lol

          • Daryl Taaffe

            A goalie can have an elite season but not overall be an elite goalie. I do think he is one of the best goalies in the NHL

          • Howard

            Mike StG – might be one of the dumbests comments I’ve ever seen on a hockey board. There has been several vezina winners who were at best, average goaltenders. some good, some great. Shall we look over the list for you?

            MAF has never been a great goalie. A very good one, but his numbers do not say he’s been elite.

            And no, I’m not a Lehner groupie – he might suck next year, be good, great, or somewhere inbetween.

            Again, the lack of hockey knowledge by a lot of The VGK fanbase is quite disappointing to say the least. Goalies are very important that they are good, consistent – you don’t need a great goalie to win a cup. Marty B was NEVER a great goalie – very good, but check his numbers, not great, how many cups did he win?

            VGK plays a shot suppression style in which is was paramount to resign Martinez. Lehner had a concussion last year. I’m sure Lehner will at least be good.

            Team is more important than one person. VGK trying to win a cup first and foremost and a goalie had to go. They shipped out the older for the younger who is locked into term – was not a matter of ‘better’ but a matter of ‘business.’

          • Mike StG

            Howard, don’t insult me. I’ve been a hockey fan since my youth when Gordie Howe was my number 1 and still played for the Red Wings. You condescending know-it-alls and your lofty opinions aren’t worth a plug nickel.

            Read my post further down with facts on Lehner. I’m not a critic of Lehner, but at least give Fleury some credit for having a great season, and his part in winning 3 Cups with the Pens. He’s a first ballot HOFer.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I’ve seen my fill of the Turtle on a Half Shell.

            *Not agile
            *Poor Hockey IQ outside of the paint
            *Off ice issues

            Enough said.

            Logan Thompson will be the starter before January 2022.

      • Julie

        Calm down, Howard. Geez, the “experts” here sure seem to get pissed if you express an opposite opinion.

        I have no idea if Fleury is pissed or not. He might end up in Pittsburgh or somewhere. I don’t think anyone here is arguing that something had to be done regarding the cap mess Vegas got themselves into, including trading Fleury if push came to shove. The illustrious FO didn’t have the decency to pick up the phone and tell him a trade had been finalized. So, no, I don’t buy that the FO “is trying”. You seem to have an inside track. If you know so much, back it up and spill the beans.

        I value your opinion, but I am pretty sure I understand hockey quite well as well as business. Thanks for checking though.

        As far as Fleury, he was great this year and has held it together we’ll enough to see his team get to the playoffs each year. Carried the team when needed, and he took all the crap they dealt him, so, yeah, I would say he’s great.

        Honestly, the arrogance and lack of ability to just have a conversation. Unreal.

        • Richard Santomauro

          So, the team that went to the Cup Finals now has seen it’s Coach of the Year and the goalie that got them there kicked to the curb. And what do we have to show for it?

          DeBoering & The Turtle on a Half Shell.

          • Julie

            When PDB and Lehner win a trophy, on their own in Vegas, they will be let go. It’s a curse in Vegas. No one in San Jose is crying over PDB. Lehner is on Twitter now condemning some mysterious group of people he claims are attacking him for mental illness issues during this Fleury news. I just want him to play a whole season well and not go off on tv without backing up any accusations he makes. I think that is why no one wants him.

          • Richard Santomauro

            If Lehner was a professional with no issues he would keep his mouth shut right now and go out and play lights out. The fact that he is on twitter whining about being attacked says it all for me.

            OFF ICE ISSUES

            Here is why this was a bad move. Lehner was NEVER the answer here in Vegas, that much is obvious now. Had VGK traded Lehner instead of Fleury they could have gotten a much better deal if they had packaged him with some other pieces.

            Now, VGK gets stuck with Lumpy Lehner and his big fat contract. Once he fails VGK will have to dump another high salary player for “a prospect” in order to open up room to give Logan a long term contract.

            Prediction: Logan Thompson will be the starter by January 2022.

          • Daryl

            Everyone now has me tal issues… How in the hell did all these people made it past childhood? Now, everyone who has a bad game is just going to blame it on being mental

        • Daryl

          When it comes to Howard, thg, or Doc, who all have this magical inside information, if you don’t agree with them then you don’t know or understand hockey. Honestly, I don’t understand how any of the 3 do not have management positions within some NHL organization

  9. Donald

    Another chickens**t move by the Golden Knights, total disrespect of a class individual, after he has a Vezina Trophy win. I like players on teams, but not the teams, case in point, the Montreal Expos. When they packed up and went to Washington, they jettisoned the majority of the roster, so I could no longer follow them. The Golden Knights are doing the same garbage, and I won’t stand for it.

    If Marc-Andre decided to retire, it would be fitting for what is becoming a horses**t franchise, with a front office that doesn’t value and respect good players.
    You don’t f*** over players who give heart, soul and talent to your franchise to make it a winner, when you do, you become losers.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Perfect response. Ditto! I won’t be renewing my season tickets after this season.

      Pretty sure I will be rooting for the Rangers, Islanders or Devils since I am from north Jersey.

  10. So disappointed. The cornerstone of the franchise was replaced with WHAT?? I believe the VGK organization will regret this mightily. Vegas fans are a fickle bunch–they have lost interest and turned away from other teams in the past…this could cause a defection by many. BAD MOVE.

    • Tim

      TS so true about the Vegas fans. This Rebel football team started in 1968 with visions of joining the Pac 10 here they are 53 years later in some hokey conference and a through the years have a very small fan base. Rebel basketball from 1974 to 1991 was the hottest ticket in town now who watches Rebel basketball? The Knights will be next it’s just a matter of time.

    • THE hockey GOD

      billy buckner is corner stone of franchise? Then this franchise is in trouble.

      it was a great move in my opinion, jettison dead weight.

      It’s a business, not a 1960s hippie’s love fest.

      Get over it. Bunch of loser whiners today posting who got their “feelings” hurt.

      • Daryl

        You keep making this Billy Buckner convent and it makes me wonder if you have ever watched hockey before… So you not realize how many HoF, face of the franchise goalies have made similar mistakes and did so IN the playoffs??? I watched Marty try to make a cross ice path that went directly to his opponent who scored a wide open goal.

        That doesn’t even count other players make really bad decisions which cost goals and games. Hell, our own Petra had turnover in these playoffs which resulted in a goal and a loss.

        But we all know you’re feelings of MAF so it’s no wonder why you make the comments you do regarding MAF

        • THE hockey GOD

          Fleury made TWO BIG GAFFES in the playoffs, the big one in semi finals.

          Name one other time a goalie made a GAFFES like that in playoffs??

          And the last one cost the VGK critical game three, critical momentum, and the team was never ever able to over come it.

          I guess you are one who doesn’t watch hockey .

          And I will keep saying it, He deserved to go. And you are right, I called for it before.

          IT was the right move, at the right time. To move the team hopefully forward. And Fleury’s agent is a piece of crap and shit stirrer. I hope he doesn’t represent any other VGK players. The guy is sicko.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Moving Fleury may have been the right move, but for a prospect who won’t even play on VGK AHL club? Give me a break. This trade gets a grade of F. Not even a chance of a quality center?

            Lastly, Lehner’s new nickname is TOAHS (Turtle on a Half Shell). Slow, not agile and has no sense outside of the paint. He’s nothing more than a massive body planted in the blue paint.

            Logan Thompson will be the starter by January.

          • Daryl

            As I already stated, Marty for the Devils tried a cross ice path that resulted in a turnover and a game lost.

            Game 3 is NOT a critical game, game 5 is!!! Anyone who knows anything about hockey knows this. And to say VGK never recovered is an absolute joke considering they won the very next game. If VGK lost that game I would agree with you, but they didn’t which makes your claim an absolute joke and untrue.

            And what exactly was it that made him deserving to go? We had a backup goalie who couldn’t beat a winning team, who has mental issues which causes him to miss games and play poorly.

            We all know by reading many of your posts you were not a fan of MAF, you nor Doc. And it makes perfect sense why you would make some of the comments you have. VGK only hope now is that Thompson is closer to being ready than any of us thought because VGK isn’t going anywhere with Lehner has their #1

            As for MAF being traded, myself and several others on here have said VGK doesn’t need two goalies and unfortunately MAF would be the easiest to trade. It wasn’t a total surprise to any of us, even though mgt has come out to say they want MAF and want him to retire in VGK.

          • Howard

            To your point in which the MAF groupies conveniently forget – Round 1, 2019, game 6 – short handed goal, a goal that was so soft, the Pillsbury dough boy would have been proud. Game 7, same series. MAF whiffed on 2 of the 4 PP goals SJS scored.

            With the exception of 2009, MAF has been known in the playoffs to “Jarry it.”

          • sb

            Richard, that’s because you don’t understand the trade. VGK didn’t trade for Chicago’s minor leaguer. The traded away MAF’s $7 million salary. With that $7 mil, they will likely sign Landeskog on Wednesday. That’s the quality center. It’s pretty simple.

          • Richard Santomauro

            sb – no I get it. But they traded the WRONG goalie. They would have gotten much more for Lehner in a trade. That’s my actual point.

      • Julie

        HG, no it’s not a hippie’s love fest here either. Hockey is a business and in this case, bad business. It’s also emotional – if it weren’t, you would not have any money in hockey. Especially when you see the “dead weight” is still on the team in favor of jettisoning a valuable part of the team. You sound more like Doc. I’m surprised. Fleury did a great job for them and took all the garbage sent his way. Even in the real world, someone calls you in to tell you that you have been let go. If that last bit is lost on you, no worries. But there are not any “loser whiners” here.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Fleury cost the VGK a chance to move into the finals and potentially win the Stanley Cup. His gaffes in semi finals and playoffs were terrible. No matter how hard the team tried they could not over come his last gaffe. No other goalie in modern times made such gaffes.

          When a player screws up BIG TIME like he did , the team usually moves them. The same thing happened to Paul Coffey when he fell down in finals against the Devils in the mid 1990s. It cost the red wings the Stanley Cup. The next year he was gone. That is business. IT has nothing to do with emotions. People get fired and moved from their jobs every day. That is part of doing business in Bettman’s NHL. If they didn’t have this stupid salary cap BS, then you wouldn’t be complaining in first place.

          The same thing happened to Eiken, they moved him.

          It was pretty obvious that they were going to move him. I called for it several times. And they did it. It was a no brainer call.

          It is a smart move to free up some Cap space so they can get a player who can contribute every game , rather than split time with another goalie who will likely play half the time if they went with rotation which would be a complete waste of cap space in Bettman’s NHL.

          Grow up, welcome to real world. Shit happens.

          • Julie

            Oh, stop already – “biggest gaffe”, “I called it”. It’s a bit much and definitely over-beaten and irrelevant. The only growing up that needs to be done is by the people who insult first and rely on that to try and prove a point. Of course they had to free some cap space, they couldn’t move Lehner – he’s a bigger problem than a gaffe in Game 3, with a team where the Captain was a no-show, and their star shooter checked out – all playoffs-long.

        • Howard

          Julie – if VGK makes no other moves, then all the whining is warranted. Whining right now before THE OTHER MOVES come is just dumb. WAIT to see how it ALL DEVELOPS first. jeez people!

          • Daryl

            All this secret inside knowledge…

          • Richard Santomauro

            If there had been a multi-team/player deal in the works it would have happened already. This move was so very predictable. McIdiot has been after the misfits and Fleury since the 4 goal collapse against SJS.

            My best scenario is that somehow Fleury winds up the NYR with Gallant who is a much better coach than DeBoering. Seeing Fleury happy with either the Pens or Rangers would be fine with me.

          • Julie

            Really? So no one can express the incredulousness of trading an award-winning, team-carrying, beloved and value team player until all other actions are made public? How is it whining when it’s acknowledged something was going to happen, had to happen, and should have happened in a better way than it did? It’s a message board – people come here to express their thoughts on recent hockey events. No doctorate in hockey required, just love and respect for the game and effort by what is shown on the ice. If anything is “dumb” here, it’s the expectation that one opinion matters more than another.

      • Howard

        THG gets it. Thought he’s a bit of a nut, he understands.

  11. LVsc

    sounds from some disgruntled fans like the Knights just committed PR hari kari with the pregame sword.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Exactly LVsc! That is exactly what McCIDIOT did. He just committed PR hari kari, but also made the team worse, not better. We got a prospect that won’t even play for the Silver Knights for a Hall of Fame 2021 Vezina Trophy winner.

      • THE hockey GOD

        A 37 year old gaffe ridden playoff goalie, and vezina / jennings winners garnished
        seven million dollars of his salary off his cap space in this trade. Nothing more. Black hawks were not even going to throw in a player.

        That is what he was worth, and everyone in NHL knows it.

        That was his going value. The trade market set the price.

        Welcome to world of BETTMAN’s salary Cap Shenanigans.

        VGK will sign a player, so wait for the player they sign. Consider it part of the Fleury “trade” before you go complaining about not getting anyone.

  12. Daryl

    The biggest issue I have is that, according to the agent, MAF hasn’t even been contacted by anyone from VGK! If that is true, it says a lot about this organization.

    I also can’t believe this deal. They’re were opportunities for a trade where VGK could have gotten something out of the trade but they got nothing. Yes they got ride of his full salary, but that’s it. Now they will spend their entire cap on a player with health issues.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Fleury’s agent is POS, he had a no trade clause. I wouldn’t believe anything this cartoon posting idiot says. Fleury had to approve the trade. And FO probably went through his agent, and his agent probably made up this BS , again.

      Notice the fulcrum point is always “Fleury’s agent”.

      He’s no good.

      • Daryl

        His agent might be a POS but that cartoon was accurate and it is proving it is accurate again.

        Did MAF have a full NTC or was it team specific?

        • vgk21

          here is McCrimmon’s version of it—-

          Fleury WAS informed by him that a trade was imminent.
          from Ryan radio guy account—-“GMKM stands firm that Fleury was informed on the potential move, but news leaked prior to the trade call.”

          also, Fleury had a 10 team no trade list, but Chicago was NOT one of the teams he refused to be traded to.

          • Daryl

            So that basically says one of two things…. 1. MAF new a trade was coming but didn’t know the details and the trade was leaked BEFORE he could be notified, or;
            2. MAF didn’t know anything about the trade and it was leaked before mgt could notify MAF.

            Either way, how is the information “leaked” before MAF is notified. Still a shitty way to treat one of your star players.

      • Julie

        Fleury has a list of 10 teams he can’t be traded to. Chicago wasn’t on the list. If Allan Walsh is misrepresenting what happened during the deal, it will come out.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Pretty sure Fleury’s agent knew about it, and probably didn’t fully inform fleury so he could post his BS again.

          Fleury’s agent is a POS, even Fleury had to cover up for him after his agent posted that cartoon . Odd, Fleury didn’t know that he was going to post that cartoon either. See a pattern here ? His agent is obviously a piece of work. Time for Fleury to get a new agent.

    • Howard

      MAF agent is lying because there is more to this trade. THINK – MAF as a full no trade and has to agree. HE’S NOT ENDING UP IN CHICAGO.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Fleury knew about a potential trade, a poster here on this forum ( i forget his name) said within last two weeks that rumors were that Fleury was going to Chicago.

        So all this agent is doing is stirring up the pot. He ‘s a pot mucker stirrer upper.

        • Daryl

          Several posters on here have posted rumors of where MAF could be traded to…

      • Daryl

        Wrong… He doesn’t have a full no trade clause. Or is this more of your inside knowledge?

    • sb

      What do you mean he hadn’t been contacted? McCrimmon has stated that he has talked directly with MAF and his agent REPEATEDLY about being traded, right up to last Saturday. McCrimmon also told both that Chicago was making an offer. What you’re saying is untrue. Both MAF and his agent knew exactly what was going on. As far as the ‘contact’, the news got leaked out of Chicago as the official trade phone was being made between the Clubs and the NHL officials. It was a leak. The VGK’s aren’t at fault. MGT did exactly what the NHL Rules require of the Team.
      MAF has only himself to blame. HE SIGNED THE CONTRACT THAT ALLOWED THE VGK THE LEGAL RIGHT TO TRADE HIM. No one put a gun to his head. He and his Agent knew exactly what the terms were …… and they signed. VGK’s honored their end of the contract.

      • Daryl

        You are making assumptions. MAF may have known that VGK was looking to trade or even specifically with Chi but that doesn’t mean he knew he was traded. I love how VGK management twists words. Basically, you are calling MAF and his agent liars!!!

        • Richard Santomauro

          This isn’t the first data point on VGK FO treating players badly. It’s a theme and is well documented by SinBin. So yeah, MAF had to know that there were discussions. I do expect that he was told he was being shopped but I also believe MAF found out on twitter first.

  13. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    As expected:

    The Fleury cultists and Panda Haters in full bloom today.

    All I got to say is:


    Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey ,


    • Daryl

      The best part of all this…. VGK has to live with it and the rest of us get to sit back and laugh our asses off at them…

      Don’t let the door hit you….

    • Julie

      Still offering no value, just more noise.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Panda lovers and Fleury cultists will now get to see if McIdiot made the right move – or not. Did the team improve with this move or not? We shall see, won’t we DOC?

  14. Jessica Samuels

    The Jack Eichel treade will include Krebs, Duggan, Whitecloud as well as Alex Tuch from what I’m hearing.

    • Howard

      Jessica Samuels – if that turns out to be correct, I’ll be done with VGK. We don’t know if Eichel will ever fully recover from his injury, how surgery would turn out if he needs it, and trading away your young guy plus a true top 6 forward masquerading as a bottom 6’er would be the final straw for me. Eichel would be nice for sure, but more important is to fill out the bottom 6 that can be scoring threats.

      Otherwise, Eicher say 100% healthy is limited to shift minutes on a line with Patches and Stone – not how you win a cup, you win a cup with 4 line SCORING DEPTH.

      Landeskog would be a better fit up top, but might have to over pay for him slightly.

    • sb

      A trade for Eichel will never include Tuch. At $4.75 mil, Tuch is the most productive dollar-for-dollar player on the VGK (along with Stephenson).

      • Richard Santomauro

        First, I would have traded Lehner for pieces that would upgrade lines 3 and 4. Dump Holden and Reaves. There are 3 or 4 guys including Krebs who need an NHL shot. Kolesar’s first year was impressive and I see nothing but upside from him. He will provide much more production on the 4th line than Reaves. He’s not a 1st or 2nd liner but is a major upgrade to line 4 going into next year.

        There are quite a few players who need to be given a shot from within the organization. Shopping for a starting 1C around the league isn’t going to happen. Eichel’s available but the medical risk and the cap hit is too risky.

        Those who believe that adding Eichel with Lehner in net is the answer need to go back to the drawing the board.

        Smith’s contract and cap hit makes him the most obvious piece to be moved preseason. Trading him to Buffalo isn’t going to happen without some other major concessions that will not make VGK better. Smith can be replaced from within.

        While I hate to see Smith go, trading him for a solid 3rd or 4th liner and picks makes a lot of sense to me.

        As for the goalie spot. Logan Thompson should be on the roster to back up Lehner. VGK does not need to spend more cap on an established NHL goalie back up. I fully expect Logan to be the starter by January 2022.

  15. Richard Santomauro

    Kelly McCrimmon’s claim to fame is a championship with a Junior Hockey organization. He’s a joke and the way he treats players (human beings) sucks. What’s worse his evaluation of Robin Lehner was piss poor. Robin has too many off ice issues, he’s immobile, not agile, and has no sense outside of the paint.

    Lehner brings one BIG single item to the ice – his SIZE. Period. Nothing else.

    Big mistake.

    I am not going to continue to pay top dollar for season tickets that is managed by this twit McCrimmon.

    Prediction: Logan Thompson will be the #1 goalie before the end of next season. Write it down.

    • sb

      Nothing wrong with that. A great young goalie for $750k. Good deal for VGK’s.

  16. LVsc

    the bigger question is——what is owner Foley’s role in all of this?

    since he recently said that he wanted Fleury to remain a Knight, did he go back on his word??

    I think he simply realized that it was the only way they would get out of cap hell.

    • Julie

      I think you are right about Foley. I also believe many would like to see Fleury stick it to Vegas somehow, but he most likely be cool knowing Vegas just stuck it to themselves – again.

    • THE hockey GOD

      NHL is a dynamic, ever changing business. It is never static.

      Especially after Fleury’s big gaffe’s in playoffs any smart business man, regardless of prior statements, will make the right move.

      This world wide, 60,000 people firm were going through massive layoffs a few years ago. And every day they played “I never promised you a Rose Garden” on PA system.

      Another time I got laid off, I went back to my office and someone (I later found out who it was) wrote on my white board in big bold printing “LIE IS A B^TCH AND THEN YOU DIE”. I wasn’t making millions like Fleury. This is no skin off their teeth. They will keep making a ton of money. Fans will still keep paying ticket prices that are way above value. And Foley wants to win a Stanley Cup before he dies, and clearly that wasn’t going to happen when the key guy, and last line of defense, is obviously snake bitten in playoffs.

      Time to move on. Let’s see what they use the extra money for.

      • Daryl

        You and these stupid gaffes. MAF made one huge mistake and it cost VGK a game. Why aren’t you making such a huge deal about Petra gaffe which cost VGK a game? Oh that’s right, you like Petra and not Fleury. You’ve made several excuse for Petra’s fuck up but none for Fleury. You are so full of shit!!! You continue to blame Fleury for VGK losing even though they came back and won the next game. Exactly how was VGK not able to get over Fleury mistake yet they were able to win the next game. I can’t wait to hear your bullshit on this one!!!

        • THE hockey GOD

          Fleury’s play in the semi’s was poor. They had game THREE in the BAG, game three is critical game. And the team never, EVER overcame that loss. It changed the complexion of the entire series. It’s a completely different series going into game five up three to one, instead of tied two to two. You never give other team confidence, like VGK gave. Game three was straw that broke this team and gave HABS life, when they should never have had it.

          I am neutral on no. 7. And he never made a gaffe , basically putting puck in his own net, of order of magnitude that Fleury did.

          Take your swearing elsewhere, I never swore at you.

          You obviously have issues evaluating difference in a playoff series when you are up three games to one, versus two = two.

          • Daryl

            They never got over his mistake but they came back and won the next game???? Yeah that makes a whole lot of sense smh. And while his performance wasn’t stellar it was t poor either. VGK lost b/c of being out coached. And don’t give me this BS about not having time due to condensed schedule. Your excuses are getting extremely old. How many PP goals did VGK score? How productive was the 1st line?you want to place blame on why VGK lost, blame that moron HC, the 1st line that was absolutely useless, and the non-existent PP

            Sry if you can’t handle a little cursing

      • Julie

        If it’s true Fleury made so many huge mistakes, why would anyone want him? I’m sure you have the answer.

    • Howard

      No, Foley said he promised Fleury that he would retire a Golden Knight – pay attention to detail. Now, when he comes back for one year, after say being gone a year the retires, would Foley be lying?

    • sb

      MAF can retire as a Knight. This is his last year of this contract. He can return and sign a new contract. No one is stopping him next summer. But maybe he doesn’t like Vegas as much as he let’s on. Secret …………. his real home is in Montreal. A hint to the gullible. Where is he RIGHT NOW? In Vegas? No. In Montreal at his legal residence.

      • Mike StG

        sb – at this point Fleury could only retire as a Hawk. The deal is done. And per Ken’s comments on Blessing’s show today if he “un-retired” later he would have to play for the Hawks, as they hold his rights.

  17. Richard Santomauro

    Now that I have flamed, let’s take a look at this magnificent trade by McCrimmon.

    #1 He got a prospect, an “effing” prospect for the Vezina Trophy winner! GRADE F
    #2 He completely offloaded Fleury’s $7million from the CAP. GRADE A
    #3 The net CAP gain with Martinez signing is $2million. GRADE D

    Now, what happens if MAF retires and fails to report? Who eats the cap? Anyone?

    • phantom major

      not true. Martinez was already here, and everybody wants him back, including the goalies. He was given a $1mill raise over last season. that means that the net gain in your example is $6 million, not 2.

    • Willy Andara

      Why do you keep talking about $2m in net cap savings? Would you prefer they didn’t sign Martinez?

      Lets hope a lot of you fraudulent VGK fans hit the road with this trade. Feel free to leave if all that kept you around was Fleury. Carrying $12m in goalie cap hit was absolutely stupid and thankfully its been rectified. Yeah maybe Fleury was better last year than Lehner, but its a new year and Fleury will almost certainly start to regress. Could have been this season, could have been the year after.

      I think Ken was right, they were trying to extend Fleury for a year or two but at a very manageable amount, probably $2-3m. Walsh is clearly a guy who would get in the way of that because its all about his paycheck, so I’m sure they balked and said no if most guys get a little bit of a cut or no cut at all, like Martinez will, then they aren’t taking a cut. And so off he goes. No one cares about the return, the key was $7m out the door with nothing retained and no draft picks sent. This guy they got might as well be released.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Lehner, the massive turtle on a half shell is only good because he is a massive body in the paint. Not mobile, not agile and no hockey IQ outside the paint.

        This was the wrong move since day 1 when they first acquired him.

        • sb

          Ahhhh, Lehner’s been consistently turning in .920SA over the past 5 years. That’s better than MAF’s SA over those 5 years.

          • Richard Santomauro

            sb – We shall see won’t we. The move is done and Lehner gets his shot. He’s already spewing all over twitter. He’ll be done before January 2022.

          • Daryl

            Lehner also only won 1 game last year against a team with a winning record. When most of your games are against the bottom feeders of your division its not going to hurt your stats

      • THE hockey GOD

        welcome to jungle Willy,

        a well thought out post.
        And thank you for not making a mockery of this public forum.

      • Mike StG

        Willy – you’re wrong about Fleury’s agent. In fact a few weeks back Fleury’s agent made a public statement that Fleury would like to extend his contract and was willing to take a reduced salary to help make that happen. So the idea of an extension at reduced salary came from Fleury, not VGK management.

    • Howard

      “Now, what happens if MAF retires and fails to report? Who eats the cap? Anyone?”

      What happens when another team emerges, and/or VGK makes a few deals to get that 1C guys like you (and me) been complaining about?

      You assume the trade is over, and you are likely assuming wrong because MAF’s agent “didn’t know” (LOL) when MAF almost certainly has to approve such a move.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it’s official when NHL accepts it, if he retires then I don’t think Hawks eat his salary, nor Vegas. It’s like quitting from a job.

        And he just said TODAY prior to being traded that he would like to continue to play as long as he is not hurt.

        I could be wrong about the salary though, but if a player quits then I don’t see why a team should pay him for quitting.

        • sb

          Once a trade is received and accepted at NHL Headquarters, the trade is complete and legally binding. If MAF retires – which there is NO WAY IN HELL he’s going to retire – the contract belongs to Chicago.

          There is only one reason this trade went down. Vegas needed to clear cap to make room – VGK’s are going to sign a very big-time player. VGK’s MGT is outstanding!

          • Daryl

            The reason VGK is in this mess in the first place is because of how pathetic this management is!!!!

          • Daryl

            Just look at all the bone head decisions this management has made in just 4 years. There is no way in hell anyone could think this managerial staff has done an amazing job!!!!

    • Howard

      No Dummy, it’s a net $6M – do you have a math problem?

      VGK was at cap capacity counting Marty’s cap hit last year. Take MAF’s 7M cap hit off. Now Marty is back but for an extra 1M cap hit = +6M freed up right now if counting everyone from last year minus MAF and + $1M for Marty.

      Now, Patrick and Howland are around 1.8M cap hit or so. Reavo is likely to be salaried dump, but we can add in his 1.75M hit. So, about 2.65M off of 6M = 3.35M free but….Nosek will be gone, so subtract 1.25M there = 4.6M Yanmark – $562,500 (SJS picked up rest) Now, around 5.2M free. Now concerning Nolan, we don’t know for sure, RFA, could be moved, signed, traded, no idea. Others can go in trades like Smith, Marchy for instance which would give VGK room. Have to figure in Krebs for a bit of a hit as well.

      I’d prefer trading Marchy – yes, he has more term and Smith could walk next year, but in a package, you get more return for him + he’s not the type of forward who is going to win you a cup – he wears out fast in playoffs and defensively he does the same.

      This I will say, if VGK bites on Eichel and gives a ton for him like Krebs, Tuch, others, I’ll be done with VGK. I’d go for it IF Eichel was healthy, but his neck issue is a giant ? Doing this trade for Eichel, even if healthy pretty much guarantees VGK depth scoring will become an even bigger issue and u CANNOT win a cup with 2 and a half lines, PERIOD.

      What I do know Richard is that you are wrong about VGK current cap situation

      • Richard Santomauro

        At least we agree that trading 2 or 3 players and a 1st rounder for Jack is pure insanity.

    • sb

      Richard, your math is off. Martinez already was getting $4mil. Now he’s getting $5 mil. That only a $1 mil cap hit.

  18. phantom major

    let’s face it folks. since the playoffs last year in the bubble in Edm it has been very clear that Lehner was DeBoer’s favorite goalie choice.

    Gallant and Fleury have now both been figuratively left waiting for a cab by Vgk mgmt

    • sb

      Not so. VGK MGT and Owner have honored every contract they signed, including Gallant and Fleury.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Honoring the contracts of Gallant and Fleury isn’t the issue at all sb. It’s how it was all handled, and whether or not these moves improved the team or not.

        So far, the jury is out but the indicators are not looking very good.

      • Daryl

        Not so… How did they honor the contract with Gallant? And trading someone is not honoring a contract… why do you think players invented NTC and NMC…. Because GMs were not honoring a contract

  19. knights fan in minny

    good luck to flower class guy all the way if lehner fails vegas will explode

  20. Daryl

    This kind of reminds me of the Elway situation. He refused to play for a certain organization and threatened to quit football if he wasn’t traded. Here we have MAF and is threatening to quick hockey, quite possibly because he doesn’t want to go to Chi. Maybe MAF will come back with a demand to trade him to the Pens or he will retire? There is a lot of money at stake!!!

  21. jason mason

    Next year’s Jim Gregory Trophy goes to Stan Bowman for making a trade for a HOF goalie and Vezina Trophy winner, and basically giving up nothing.

    Congratulations to next years “face of the franchise” Robin Lehner. No pressure.

    And best of luck to all those “fans” who always love getting what they wish for, but more importantly, being able to live with what they deserve.

    Everybody says it’s a business, but it’s a business not because they pay the players, it’s a business because you pay to watch. Think about that for a minute.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he “didn’t give up nothing” he has seven million of salary to deal with , and an old goalie .

      • Daryl

        An old goalie who will help them make the playoffs….. meanwhile VGK is stuck with a nut job who will cost them playoff games

        • THE hockey GOD

          do the hawks have another goalie that can spell Fleury every other game, and is good enough to win nearly half of those games ?

          I didn’t think so.

          • Daryl

            How do you know Thompson is ready to split time with Lehner when he goes on one of his mental vacations? Let’s not forget Lehner only had 1 wn last year against a team with a winning record

          • jason mason

            The Hawks have Lankinen, 17-14 with 37 games played, and Subban (I’m sure you remember him) as well. Most teams have more than one goalie, but it’s just a rumor.

            Fleury played 17 of 18 games in the stretch that Lehner was out last season and went 12 – 5 with Dansk winning his one start in that same stretch.

            Do you do any actual research when you make these statements, or do you just wing it and think people actually accept your pronouncements as gospel….being god and all.

            Robin Lehner is a good goalie on a good team, so Vegas will probably make the playoffs with him in net. Maybe you should ask who the VGK have to spell him at net. And how much it will cost if they can’t bring up someone from the VSK. I’m sure you think there are a lot of people that can handle the job. Love to hear who they are and how they handle bad ice. Maybe Florida, TB and Arizona will all move to Canada for better ice. You should write a paper on it and get the NHL to stop playing games after May.

            Vegas had to make a move in some way because of salary cap issues. Cap issues that aren’t the fault of the players, but the people managing the till. Just because a lot of people think the guy getting the most from the till should be the one to go doesn’t mean that guy is the problem.

            I’ll say it again. With all the moves Vegas makes in an effort to win the cup the only way any of this comes off with a positive look is if they actually make the final, and if they don’t win it they need to look like they got robbed in the loss.

            Who gets the boot next season? Should it be a guy in a suit or a guy having a pretty good year?

      • jason mason

        Get back to me when the VGK go back to the finals and you can pin it on this move. Until then you should stick to complaining about bad ice.

        • THE hockey GOD

          not complaining, just stating the facts.

          I will “Get back to you” any time I want. And by the way BIM , bad ice matters
          (especially in middle of June in middle of Stanley Cup playoffs)

  22. goalie trade

    note: it’s the first time in 20 years the reigning Vezina winner was traded before the next season. Buffalo traded Dominik Hasek to Detroit in 2001

    • sb

      Because that’s a violation of NHL Rules. The League must be notified of the trade via FAX’d contract. NHL reviews contract, Ok’s contract and ONLY THEN is the player notifed. That’s the Rules. VGK’s MGT honored the Rules. The trade got leaked out of Chicago. McCrimmon repeatedly informed both player and agent right up to Saturday of a trade in the making with Chicago. And Chicago WAS NOT on Fleury’s no-trade list. Fleury got exactly what his contract specified.

  23. knights fan in minny

    go logan thompson

  24. knights fan in minny

    what happens if they dont get jack who is the number 2 choice

  25. goalie trade

    question for Fleury fans——-if the Hawks keep half his cap hit and trade him to Pitt, THEN will you be happy??

    it might happen

    • Daryl

      As a Pens fan I would be ecstatic…. but that doesn’t change anything about VGK and how they have handled this entire situation. Most of us know it was stupid for VGK to have 2 goalies. Most of us knew MAF would be the easiest to trade. Even though Foley said he wanted to keep Fleury in VGK, we knew it was a lie.

      • normbob

        At least GM Rutherford had the guts to talk to Fleury about the situation. As for tis and future trades, soon to come, buckle ’em up as there probably will be some other mind numbing dumb trades coming.

        • sb

          McCrimmon has stated that he has had repeated conversations with both MAF and his agent since the conclusion of the Playoffs. In fact, McCrimmon said he spoke directly to the Agent last Saturday and kept them abreast of the offer from Chicago.

          • Daryl

            What article has that statement. I’ve read where mgt has talked to MAF but there were specifics discussed in those articles. And why would MAF lie about not knowing about the trade ahead of time? And it still doesn’t change the fact that MAF heard of the actual trade before the media. Chi could babe made the trade offer and ngt told MAF about the offer which would change the fact that the trade was accepted without telling MAF

  26. Rick

    All the people here and on Twitter (including Ken) are perpetuating a stereotype about Vegas hockey fans saying he was “traded for literally nothing!!!” I know you guys love the guy and your front office badly mistreated him on the way out (seems like a story we’ve heard before) but you all know or should know that dumping 7 million in cap space usually costs a fortune. Just last fall he was being offered half salary retained plus a 2nd. Today his Lifetime Achievement Vezina (Vasi was the best goalie in the league last season) allowed them to dump all 7 million without giving up any other assets. So he was at least traded for a 2nd and 3.5 million – probably more since that offer found no takers – of net value.

    • THE hockey GOD

      right on Rick, (next we’ll have Pauly chip in about people on this forum being a bunch of “dumb chucks”. Wait for it. )

      • Be careful what you wish for, hockey god! Do NOT encourage a guy like PAULY to come back to mess with fans!#! I worked hard to get rid of the guy!! LOL..

    • Daryl

      Basically VGK bought out his last year of his contract

    • Howard

      Absolutely do not agree that Vasi LAST year was the best goalie. But, I agree year in and year out, he’s the best goalie in The NHL. I don’t think MAF was the best last year either. I think Varlamov was the one who deserve Vezina the most, but he wasn’t even a finalist!

  27. knights fan in minny

    the chatter is strong here in minny for jack they want him they have better prospects then vegas

    • sb

      That’s fine because VGK’s are signing Landeskog. These MGT guys got guts. Just like they signed Pac, Stone, and Pietrangelo. Swing for the fences. Swing for the Cup. The most successful 4th year franchise in N. American sports history. Thank you, Mr. Foley. Keep up the good work.

  28. Jeff

    I agree. Lehner has not shown he can go a full season and I anticipate that he will not go a full season in 2021/2022 either. Then where are we?

  29. Howard

    I tried to tell you all that MAF was going. Lehner was not movable. MAF will likely ‘retire’ for a year, then come back to VGK afterwards.

  30. Pistol Pete

    I’m unclear on how shedding Fleury’s $7m salary nets just $2m on the cap. I thought with Fleury and Lehner the cap hit is $12m.

    As best I could always tell, the decision to acquire Lehner was based on the belief Fleury was aging and needed a replacement. By allowing 4 goals for the 5 min. major he blew season 2 pure and simple, Gallant’s gaffe in failing to call a time-out notwithstanding. The game three gaffe vs. MTL one could argue blew season 4. I love MAF but he is in the twilight of his career and the two aforementioned season ending playoff performances prove it.

    • trade


      VGK current cap space now=


      that does NOT include Nosek, Janmark, Patrick, Martinez. or Thompson.

      Martinez was just signed for approx $5M aav
      Thompson is signed for 800k
      Patrick is an RFA,
      Janmark is not expected to return, he is a UFA
      Nosek is a UFA

      so, current cap space= approx $6.4 M
      not counting the bottom 3 guys above

      • THE hockey GOD

        @trade, you are on top of things. Nice post. Keep it coming.

    • Daryl

      As I stated before, MAF made a huge mistake in game 3 against MTL but VGK came back and won the next game… There is no way you can blame the series loss after his mistake when VGK wins the next game. If VGK loses the next game as well then I would agree with you. Let’s not forget that Petra had a costly turnover earlier in in the playoffs that cost VGK the game yet VGK came back and won the series so nobody is talking about his mistake. If VGK came back and beat MTL nobody would be talking about MAF mistake either

    • Richard Santomauro

      So, you basically give Fleury’s salary away for $7 and then pick up Martinez for $5. That’s a net of $2. Sure, we wanted to keep Martinez anyway. Got it. Check. But the net difference in cap space for next year so far is $2 million. That’s the simple math of it. Making matters worse we got an AHL “prospect” that won’t even play in Henderson next year. Just an awful panic move and they didn’t have to do it.

      My view is that this does NOT make VGK any better. Arguably it makes the team worse.

      • Mike StG

        Richard, You’re leaving out Marty’s salary from last year. He got 4M last year, will get 5M+ this year. If we use 5.3 for calculation purposes, Alec will cost 1.3M more under his new contract. They save $7M on Fleury so the net additional cap space they have would be $5.7M.

        That’s why the Eichel deal is doable. If as reported the Sabres’ ask is Reilly Smith, Hague, Krebs & a 1st – that would be about 6.5M in salary going back and be an additional cap hit of about 3.5M to Vegas. They’ve already cleared close to 6M in the Fleury trade.

        FTR, I’m not a fan of acquiring Eichel. I think Danault would be sufficient to add to Patrick and Howden down the middle. Plus Krebs is ready to play in the NHL, another C with potential high ceiling.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Wow, if McIdiot trades Smith, Hague, Krebs and a 1st he’s an FFFFFFING moron. But, I fully expect McIdiot to do it.

  31. We need an elite center and shedding one of two starting goalies is the only way to get there. Don’t understand the McCrimmon and FO bashing. This is not rocket science.

  32. As great and wonderful as MAF is/was, VGK did not win a Cup with him in net. End of story.

    • Richard Santomauro

      No, VGK didn’t win a cup with Fleury. But those who think that McIdiot can buy a cup with just one more big deal (Eichel) are fools, especially if we lose 2 or 3 solid players and a 1st round pick for damaged goods.

      Wow, no one sees the insanity of such a move?

    • sb

      Absolutely correct. Gotta trade away a great player to get a great player. Landeskog will be an All-Star in Vegas for 5 years after MAF is retired. Four captains on the same team. Quite an accomplishment by an outstanding MGT team.

      • Richard Santomauro

        I will be shocked if Landeskog lands in Vegas. Vegas would have to give away too much, way too much. But, McIdiot is dumb enough to do it.

        • sb

          Ahhhhh, Landeskog is an UFA. Vegas doesn’t give up anything to get him. You just take out a contract and sign him. Subtract MAF. Sign Landeskog. NHL 101.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Landeskog will be too expensive and put VGK into another cap hole next year and years to come. COL has been trying to get a long term deal with him done since 2019.

            Landeskog wants a long term deal, likely similar to the one Stone and Petro got.

            You’re talking in the range of $9 or $10 million for 7 years.

            At some point you start building your team through the draft and development and stop trying to buy one. That point was about a year ago. VGK was sitting in the drivers seat not too long ago with a lot of cap space! Now, its cap hell and McIdiot is looking to keep VGK there.

      • Daryl

        How many of those Captains have lived up to their hype?

  33. Justin

    End of an era in Vegas for sure. MAF is am incredible class act and I sure feel lucky to have watched and enjoyed home these past years. All the best #29, sure hope you are back in Vegas soon.

    Before we assume the absolute worst in management, just a word or caution for all ready to condemn them. There are 2 sides to every story…. Gonna throw out a possible scenario:

    What if Flower’s agent told him to turn off his phone for an hour???? Walsh hates VGK it seems and really likes to make them look bad in public eye. The Mcmanagers say they tried to get hold of MA right after the trade but he was unavailable…. Who doesn’t have a phone by them, unless… It was turned off. Now Walsh gets to destroy VGK again. Stranger things have happened.

    So before we assume the Mcmanagers are the worst humans on earth a bit of discretion and resistance to rushing to judgement may be in order.

    • Duckboy

      What they can’t tell Chicago that they need to tell fleury before they sign the deal?

      Or we can go with your 7 layers of scheming and bs.

      Front office better win this year or they better be out.

      • sb

        Because that’s a violation of NHL Rules. The League must be notified of the trade via FAX’d contract. NHL reviews contract, Ok’s contract and ONLY THEN is the player notifed. That’s the Rules. VGK’s MGT honored the Rules. The trade got leaked out of Chicago. McCrimmon repeatedly informed both player and agent right up to Saturday of a trade in the making with Chicago. And Chicago WAS NOT on Fleury’s no-trade list. Fleury got exactly what his contract specified.

        • Daryl

          So how hard is it to make your phone call as you are facing over the new contract? How was it able to be leaked in Chi, get back to MAF and his agent, give his agent a chance to Comment… And have all this done before management was able to make contact with MAF???

    • Richard Santomauro

      Except that this is not the first time the McManagers have disrespected a player. It’s a theme that has been well documented by SinBin.

  34. THE hockey GOD

    @justin, nail, hit, on head
    Walsh = pos.

    end of story.

  35. LVsc

    let’s be honest. Tweeter agent Walsh actually is largely at fault in souring the relationship with Vgk mgt, thus hurting his client.

    see the backstabber tweet last season as exhibit A

  36. knights fan in minny

    just was listening to j granger on nhl net he said foley would not have signed off on the trade unless they are going for the block buster screw jack get ladeskog put him on a line with tuch

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree the ex AV captain is the way to go, if they can sign him !! Landeskog. He’s a monster !

      • knights fan in minny

        big and mean and can score park that butt in front of the net

        • Mike StG

          Minny & Thg – Landeskog is a winger, not a center. Danault would be better, less money and he’s a natural C with great defensive skills. His low point production would be expected given the Habs put him on a shutdown line with not very good wingers (offensively). You put Danault with Patch & Stone and he’s a 50-60 pt producer at minimum.

          • sb

            Nope. Landeskog is both a winger and CENTER. Always has been. Go look at the Official Stats – both winger and center. His first 2, 3 years in Colorado, he was a center until Nathan showed up. Landeskog is a hi-end center who will be dynamite with Pac and Stone (Stephenson moves to Tuch line).

          • Daryl

            He played Center but he is a much better Winger

    • Richard Santomauro

      Landeskog would be great, but he is going to want 7 years in the range of $10 million per year. Do we really want to see Reilly Smith skating for the Avalanche?

  37. LVsc

    I expect Eichel to go either to NY Rangers or Minn

  38. Tim

    If you liked the trade or didn’t like the trade the radio shows were blowing up and all were in shock mainly the way it was handled. I listened to Kevin Weeks who was the first guy to talk to Fleury today and Fleury told him he didn’t know anything until after the trade. This version I believe which has put VGK in a bad light in my opinion around the hockey world. Kelly I believe is lying I’d much rather believe Fleury and I believe most posters feel the same. Think about this if you pissed off a third of VGK fan base you pissed off a lot of people and if you pissed off half the fan base then your in real trouble. Winning or losing doesn’t make a rats ass to me in fact I like Seattle been there many times when my daughter went to Oregon State. It would be easy for me to be a Kraken fan and I do love there sweaters so that might be fun. Ron Francis is a hell of a nice guy and was a great hockey player much better then our dip shits.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah but his agent WALSH knew, and didn’t tell fleury, hard to say he didn’t know because it was rumored for past two weeks that he was going to Chicago.

      • Daryl

        Is this more inside knowledge? You make too much shit up

        • Howard

          No Daryl, THG is just better at researching. It’s true, MAF to BH’s was absolutely a rumor floating around.

          • Daryl

            Wrong as usual Howard… But as I already said, if any of us post opposite of you, thg or Doc then we are clueless.

            As for the rumor, I heard it also… As well as the kther 5 or 6 possible rumors. Hockey “Experts” have me tioned several rumors this past month. That djesnt mean players or their agents know what is going on

      • sb

        Silly. MAF knew exactly what was going down. He’s known he was a potential trade target for the past 18 months and Chicago IN NOT on his no-trade list.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Not the first time at all that McManagers failed to treat players like human beings. So, yeah, I believe MAF found out on twitter. He likely knew he was being shopped. But the actual trade? Nope. I believe MAF.

        It’s going to be a joke when either Landeskog or Eichel sign a 7 year deal for $10 million a year. Landeskog would be better because Eichel will cost the “farm” in addition to the massive cap hit.

    • Mike StG

      Tim – Weekes also acknowledged the policy of not communicating with a player until the trade call is completed. And someone leaked the news of the deal before the trade was finalized with the league.

      That policy makes sense, but as Weekes said ‘given Fleury’s stature as a player maybe they could have made an exception in his case’. I get the reasoning – you tell a player he’s being traded and maybe he blows it up. In Fleury’s case maybe he or his agent calls Bowman and tells him there is NO WAY Fleury will play in Chicago. Or if the trade falls through now you’re dealing with a player who knows you’re moving on from him and just couldn’t complete the deal.

  39. Justin

    Landeskog would be a very strong choice. Almost as good as Eichel, arguably, and have to give up nothing except salary to sign him, not injured… AND it weakens Colorado one of your biggest threats to getting out of the west over the next 5+ years. Makes sense from a lot of angles.

    Landy + Patch + Stone immediately becomes a top 5 or so line in the league, and then moving Stevenson to 3rd with Tuch and Krebs would be a heckofa nice one too. And if Patrick comes back to form could center a productive 4th.

    • Mike StG

      Justin, Landeskog is a winger, not a center. Not a good option considering LW2 is Marchessault and LW1 is Patch. You gonna pay him 8M to play on the 3rd line?

    • sb

      Don’t forget Roy. He’s Tuch’s winger, not Krebs.

      • Richard Santomauro

        The 3rd line for most of the year was Tuch(W), Roy(C), and Janmark(W).

        Krebs looks to me like the next Suzuki and should be given a legit shot to make the team.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Landy, Patch & Stone? Three wingers? Who is going to center that line? Patches?

      I agree that Landeskog would be the better choice, but how does a 7 year $10 million dollar cap hit sound? Because that is pretty close to what it is going to take to sign him.

  40. Contact Tracer

    I freaking laugh at all you idiots on the board that kisses the FO ass.

    Fire Gallant on the road. Trade Fleury … finds out through twitter.

    VGK organization IS the pinnacle of a garbage organization. Stinky smelly garbage is what VGK is. Glad I stopped spending a shiny red penny on them a couple years ago.

    Enjoy robin KNEELER as the face of your franchise. Worst of luck to all you supporters of this raging tire fire.

    Go to hell VGK organization, ya dirtbags ….

    • THE hockey GOD

      you obviously have never worked in real world and been fired from a job ??!!

      I was at a convention once for a week, and when I got back the whole office was shut down !

      Another time I was told I would never be laid off, and I told that to boss, and his response was TS.

      I have quit also, many times without notice, and management didn’t like it.

      By law in many states it is called AT WILL, and there are no fancy terms on how AT WILL is to be executed.

      These players make millions of dollars, it’s not like they are going to be hurting.

      Deal with it.

      PS he should never have billy bucknered that game three.

      • Contact Tracer

        Your blabbering, blah, blah, blah is solid confirmation of you being a complete moron. You’re nothing but a grandstanding idiot (Reavo like) that likes to hear yourself talk. Get over yourself dork.

    • knights fan in minny

      get bent loser

    • Mike StG

      Contact, does this mean we can look forward to NOT reading future posts from you? Or do you intend to troll the site and continue your barrage of negative comments? 🙂

  41. Justin

    That is if he could transition to center w VGK. He plays wing w Colorado.

    • sb

      Landeskog is a center. He came into the NHL as a center. He became an all-star and the team’s captain as a center. He’s played the wing the past couple years to add scoring to the 2nd line w/Saad as the center. Just like Stephenson, Roy, Nosek and Janmark all play center and the wing. Nothing new about this. Center’s often move to the wing as needed.

    • Richard Santomauro

      The better place for Landeskog would be to replace Smith on line 2 and leave Stephenson on line 1.

  42. trade

    former NHLer George Laracque is claiming that the Vgk are going to sign UFA Philip Danault, the defensive center from Mtl

    yes, he is very good defensively, but he is not a scorer…
    in 38 playoff games, he has 2 goals and 7 assts

    last season he scored 5 goals in 53 games

    in a more offensive role a couple seasons back, he scored 12 and 13 goals

    on a line with Stone, they would be very good defensively against anyone.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i can live with that, that would be a good signing.

      no 20 could move on a line with 89 and have too much speed !!

      • trade

        Danault made just over $3 M last year, but is reportedly looking to almost double that in free agency. we shall see

        • trade

          the problem I see is that Danault does NOT help the dismal PP, and I thought that is what the Knights mgt claimed they were going to improve this summer

          • Mike StG

            Trade, you have to consider the wingers on his line in MTL, which was basically a shutdown defensive line. On L1 with Patch & Stone he could be really productive on top of his defensive prowess. I think with his puck handling on the PP plus Nolan Patrick net front there will be improvement – not like TBL or EDM, but adequate. And I’d rather they sign Danault than dismember the team for Eichel.

          • sb

            That’s right. Danault is not the guy. Think what Foley said just a couple of weeks ago – we will correct the problem with the PP. He just traded Fleury for good reason – to solve the problem with the PP. Danault is a defensive forward, not an assist, playmaking center. Wrong guy. Fortunately, VGK MGT steering this ship.

      • Mike StG

        ThG – agree. I like a L3 with Patrick at C and Stevie & Tuch on the wings. Three great skaters on that line. What a threat!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Georges Laraque
      Maintenant j’entends que Danault se serait entendu avec Vegas! Now I’m hearing that Danault made a deal with Vegas!

    • knights fan in minny

      please no

    • Richard Santomauro

      You want your Center to rack up assists, not goals necessarily. Danault or Landeskog makes more sense as UFAs. Eichel is just a stupid idea altogether for so many reasons that have been discussed ad nauseum.

      Of course, if you sign a UFA to a long term contract it is going to force more moves. Either of these players will cost VGK close to $10 million per year for 7 years. That’s permanent cap hell and you’d better be getting at least two Stanley Cups in that span.

      Smith, Reaves, and Holden are likely at least going to have to be traded away for picks to clear more cap space to fit in another massive contract regardless of whether it is Danault or Landeskog.

      • Mike StG

        Richard, Danault is probably 6 or 6.5 x 5 or 6 yrs. Landeskog would probably be more in the 8.5-9 x 7y range. Neither will command 10M, especially with the current cap situation in the league.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Maybe Mike. CAPs going up a bit next year. Rumor has it that Landeskog wants a deal that takes him out to retirement. I don’t think 6 or 7 million is going to get the deal done, but let’s see.

          If a deal is done, I am rooting for Landeskog not Danault. But, I won’t be unhappy if we stand pat either.

          At the end of the day I think we got worse in the goalie spot.

          • Mike StG

            Well, Landeskog re-signed for 7M x 8y. Vegas is denying there is any deal brewing with Danault. So where does that leave us with respect to top available centers? Strome (NYR), Dvorak (ARI), maybe Johanssen (NAS) on a trade where Preds retain 1-2M? Or, maybe… dare I mention the E word (rhymes with ‘cycle’)?? How about Phil the Thrill (not a C) for 1 yr x 3.4M?

            No doubt something is in the works.

  43. Tim

    I would much rather sign Phillip Danault as it only costs us salary. Jack Eichel would cost us prospects . players and picks. He also has a neck injury that probably needs surgery.

  44. Pistol Pete

    MA Fleury was a diaster once the playoffs started, or have you forgotten That was the reason we acquired him in the expansion draft. Pittsburgh saw he plays poorly in the clutch. I agree with Tim’s boyfriend about this.

    • Daryl

      He was a disaster in the playoffs? Some people really have no clue. And you have no idea what you are talking about when it vomes to the Pens. He won a Cup on his own, then he was the reason the Lens made it to a second before he was injured. He was beat out for his starting spot on the 3rd but he still played very well.

  45. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    It’s now time for:

    THE GREAT WALL OF PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now that the backstabber is gone!

    • Contact Tracer

      Enjoy your robin KNEELER …. I’m know you kiss his smelly feet …. and let the implosion of VGK begin ……

  46. trade

    Nate Schmidt traded again. Van sent him to Winnipeg for a 3rd round pick.

  47. Tim

    Mods, Someone is posting comments that are not from me. The last 2 above arent mine. I am leaving the site for a few days until this stops. Anyone commenting with my name just know it’s not from me.

  48. Mike StG

    Personally I’m not happy about the Fleury trade, but instead of crapping all over Lehner constantly consider these 3 facts:

    1) Since the 2018-19 season (three years), Robin Lehner leads the NHL with 28.8 goals saved above expected.

    2) Lehner’s .923 save percentage in that time is second in the NHL.

    3) Fleury’s projected WAR is 88%. Lehner’s is 82%. By comparison, Holtby is 27%. Martin Jones is 11%.

    Lehner is an excellent goalie. The “eye tests” of all you hypercritics out there don’t mean a whole lot.

    The loss of Fleury, in my case, is less about performance and more about him as a good human, his presence in the locker room and his meaning to fans as the face of the franchise. I’ll be forever grateful we had him for 4 years, and wish him only the best.

  49. The management and coaches are incompetent. Lumpy lehner is not the answer. fortunately we are heading into Kraken country and so will look into that. Born and raised in Washington so will keep an eye on the Kraken. Just like I did when the Mariners and Seahawks got their start. So not a turncoat just think Fleury was the face of the franchise.

  50. Not a fan anymore !!! Goodbye, Are you crazy ?????

  51. Richard Santomauro

    So, I haven’t heard the answer yet.

    What happens if Fleury tells Chicago to shove it and he retires from a hockey for a year? What happens to his $7million cap hit?

    • Mike StG

      Richard, if Fleury retires then nobody pays him anything and there is no cap hit to either team. The other player Hakkainen is and will continue to play on the Hawks’ Rockford team (no matter what Fleury decides) so I’d imagine they just keep him.

      • Basically, VGK could have bought out MAF contract, told him to take a year off, then resign with VGK in a year…. And we would pretty much be right where we are now?

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, not really. Vegas would still incur a reduced cap hit but just over a longer period. And Fleury could opt to sign with another team for however much he was willing to agree to. Or if he didn’t play for the year and resigned with Vegas later who’s to say how sharp he would be at that age and having laid off for an entire year?

          I wonder if they asked him whether he would retire early and he declined. Would’ve been nice if they could have done something like FLA did with Luongo. He could have stayed in Vegas and still been part of the team and community for a long time.

          • Daryl

            Some on here were saying that MAF might still retire in VGK and Foley didn’t lie about… Saying MAF gets traded, decides to retire, then VGK picks him back up.

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, Ken on the radio today woth Brian Blessing mentioned something to the effect that if Fleury retires as a Hawk and then wants to play again that the Hawks own his rights. He used Shipachyov as an example – if he were to play in NHL he would need to play for Vegas, as they still hold his rights.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I agree, the days of Fleury in net as a Golden Knight are forever over. Time to move on and focus on what the 2021-2022 goalie situation will be.

            I actually think McIdiot is dumb enough to trade Logan Thompson away.

          • Daryl

            Let me start off by saying Im not one who thinks MAF would ever play for VGK again…

            But would he be considered an UFA under the Hawks? Or would he be required to play a year in their system before his status changes? He only has a year left under contract

          • Daryl

            Or make him a RFA?

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, I don’t know. Maybe Ken could answer that. Would seem to me that (like Shippy) he would be obligated to complete the terms of his contract. But that raises a bunch of other questions.


        • sb

          Fleury give up $7 million? Are you crazy? It’s all about the Ben’s, man.

    • Justin

      If Fleury retires, noone pays his salary and Chicago DOES NOT have to count his salary against the cap. They’re then off the hook.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Fleury may very well take a year off, but we won’t see him back in a Vegas jersey – ever. I am actually fine with that now with Logan ready to take over the starting job at some point this season.

  52. knights fan in minny

    free agent day better then xmas

    • sb

      Absolutely! Free Agent day! Get the popcorn.

      • Richard Santomauro

        I am rooting for Landeskog or Danault in that order, or nothing. It’s time for Smith to move for picks or to improve the 3rd or 4th line. I do like Landeskog as a replacement for Smith though.

  53. Duckboy

    This move needed to be made. Some sort of goalie trade. I wasn’t going to be interested this season with 12m in goalie salaries and no real moves to improve the team.

    Personally I would have rathered lehner move than fleury. Shook fleurys hand in the grocery store season one. He seems like a great guy. The team has definatly burnt even more trust capital, if there was any left. Winning it all will cure everything. Falling short will tear everything apart.

    Basically it’s this year or bust for front office and coach.

    Let see what happens next.


  54. knights fan in minny

    The only reason I became a Golden Knight’s fan is because my Minnesota Wild team is an embarrasment to the rest of the league, plus the Knights started off almost winning the Stanley Cup.

  55. Contact Tracer

    I want to apologize for by behavior earlier towards Knight fan in Minny, My husband left me last week and my blow up doll needs repairs. Again, sorry. Go Knights Go.

  56. Richard Santomauro

    After all this chaos leading up to tomorrow’s free agency, if the Knights somehow win the Stanley Cup next year (and we could) my pizzaria will be giving out Two free slices of pizza and a can of soda to each and every fan here. That I promise.

  57. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Some of these “”Fleury will be back” shit is really funny.

    Once trade is confirmed, he becomes property of the Hawks. If he retires before season, he remains the property of the Hawks. If he unretires he is still a Hawk.

    He’s gone people ! Knights will be much stronger without him after they get done making moves!

    PS – Kens loving this, over 200 comments, making some bucks to day!

    • Daryl

      The only ones saying MAF can return are the ones trying to defend Foley and his Comme t about MAF retiring as a Knight. If MAF decides to return after a year of retirement, I believe he would be an UFA on the Hawks team.

  58. sb

    Landeskog is a center. He came into the NHL as a center. He became an all-star and the team’s captain as a center. He’s played the wing the past couple years to add scoring to the 2nd line w/Saad as the center. Just like Stephenson, Roy, Nosek and Janmark all play center and the wing. Nothing new about this. Center’s often move to the wing as needed.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Landeskog is off the shelf, 8 year, 56 million with Colorado. That leaves Danault as the last big UFA.

  59. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    When he does retire, it will be as a Penguin!

    That’s a certain, now!

  60. Richard Santomauro

    Landeskog resigned with Denver reported tonight. 8 years, 56 million.

    Congratulations to the Avs.

  61. Richard Santomauro

    With Landeskog off the shelf there doesn’t appear to be any sure-fire solution to the power play problems. Making matters worse is the fact that Smith’s in a final year of his contract and if not moved will be a major cap issue next year.

    Danault is not the answer to the PP problem.
    EyeKill is too risky.

    Time to develop some solutions from within I say.

    • Daryl

      There is a secret backdoor deal being made which will send MAF to the Pens and Malkin to VGK

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