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Golden Knights To Face Incredibly Difficult Back-To-Back

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Tonight and tomorrow may be the biggest two-game challenge the Golden Knights will face this entire regular season. Mired by injuries to multiple key starters, Vegas travels to Colorado tonight before heading home to face a Boston team already waiting for them at T-Mobile Arena.

The Golden Knights fared well in their first matchup with the Avalanche, torching Colorado 7-0 back in early November. However, the two teams come into this game in much different forms.

Colorado ripped off six straight wins to start the season, but then went back-to-back games without scoring a goal losing 4-0 to both Pittsburgh and Buffalo. They beat St. Louis right before playing the Golden Knights, but the loss in Vegas marked their third time being shutout in four games. Their offense is in a much different place right now.

The Avs have won seven of their last nine games amassing 37 goals, or more than four per game. They’ve scored at least four goals in 10 of their last 14 and have posted at least five in six of them. Their power play is clicking at 36% since mid-December and they are outshooting teams by a wide margin nightly.

Colorado’s last win was a shootout victory against VGK’s next opponent, the Bruins. Boston is currently on a two-game losing streak but they’ve recorded points in seven of their last eight and rattled off a four-game winning streak as the calendar turned to 2024.

They too have been scoring goals at a rapid pace. Boston has tallied 36 times in their last eight games, 4.5 per game. They’ve scored at least three in every game they’ve played since Christmas, and have posted five or more in four of the last eight.

Vegas enters tonight’s contest in Colorado as +122 underdogs at William Hill. This will be the 9th time the Golden Knights will play a game as underdogs. They are 3-5 in the first eight but have lost each of the last four by a combined score of 21-11. VGK have allowed at least four goals in all four of those games and were only within one goal once.

This is 10th consecutive time the Golden Knights are underdogs when visiting Colorado. Vegas has fared fairly well in the last nine though, winning five. Things have not gone as well against Boston, especially at home. The Golden Knights have lost four straight home games against the Bruins including a 3-1 loss as underdogs in December of last season.

Adin Hill appears to be making his return tonight, but if the Golden Knights want to start stacking some wins together, they’ll have to slow down some red-hot offenses as underdogs in a back-to-back with travel. No one is saying Vegas can’t do it, but unlike most situations this season, they aren’t expected to.

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  1. Barb

    Knights better put their Stanley Cup pants on, go in with their chins up and play like they mean business! PLEASE

  2. former season ticket holder

    Like Barb says…… go out and kick someone’s ass, maybe god or god jr…

  3. knights fan in minny

    cloudy back in tonight

  4. Tim

    Winning the Cup last year was great but that was last year this team can’t beat bottom feeders so beating Colorado who I realize we beat 7 zip and Boston will be probably the end of the trail for some present Knights. Management isn’t going to put up with this type of hockey for much longer. I’m all for some change because watching these games is brutal we need a spark and this team is rudderless right now.

  5. ThG

    panthers and canooks keep winning, let’s hope they get it out of their system now; because the time of knights will come soon as everyone is healthy.

    And dementia genocide joe and his judges are one train wreck after another after another

    • knights fan in minny

      how about the blunder biden administration fudging the December jobs reports they said they made a mistake

      • ThG

        i read about that, bidenomics at it’s best, they keep revising past job numbers

  6. ThG

    +this is why vegas is getting an increasingly bad rep, and people are starting to move out of the city

  7. Vgks are facing a tall order this evening with little to no time for adjustments to surroundings. Yes l know they are not firing on all cylinders at the to moment however, perhaps with any luck at at all they hopefully might surprise us. Will it be in easy not at all but if they truly believe they can win tonight there’s a better chance of it happening than the other way around. Play 60 minutes like winning means something and they have a chance even banged up like they are. Play like they did in Seattle and they may as well stay in home. Not optimistic but hopeful.

    • Tim

      HD. We are a professional team and as a professional team that Seattle debacle with the whole hockey world watching told me all I needed to know about the Knights. Simply they don’t come to play and I can’t say every night because in the last two months there has been little effort and a whole lot of excuses. Their an embarrassment to their fan base and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Garr\y lawless and the other company people can spin it anyway they want but the eye test tells us different.

  8. JB

    It’s a tuff task this back to back. But why don’t we wait a bit, Tim, and others, and see what kind of effort comes out in these two games, eh?

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