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Golden Knights Thrive At 4-on-4

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s not a terribly common situation in an NHL game anymore, but when the Golden Knights find themselves in a 4-on-4 spot, they’ve made the most of it.

Vegas has played 32:35 of 4-on-4 time this season, the 6th most in the NHL, yet no one has scored more goals with both teams short a man. The Golden Knights have tallied five goals and have not allowed any while playing 4-on-4 hockey.

Small sample size aside, the Golden Knights are almost more dangerous at 4-on-4 than on the power play.

5-on-52.4 (19th)32.3 (8th)30.4 (16th)2.8 (T-1st)
4-on-47.4 (3rd)31.0 (11th)15.2 (3rd)4.7 (T-1st)
3-on-34.2 (23rd)37.3 (15th)53.9 (31st)4.5 (19th)
Power Play8.4 (6th)67.4 (1st)7.0 (1st)8.5 (2nd)
Penalty Kill1.5 (T-4th)12.3 (T-10th)57.8 (23rd)1.0 (T-8th)
All2.9 (T-17th)35.5 (2nd)30.8 (13th)3.3 (2nd)

Vegas is one of seven teams to have a 100% goal percentage, they are 2nd in expected goals for per 60, 2nd in goal differential per 60, 3rd in goals for per 60, and 3rd in Corsi for per 60.

The key for Vegas in 4-on-4 has been the defensemen. Both Shea Theodore and Nate Schmidt have two points and Jon Merrill and Nick Holden also each have a point. Between them, that’s six points in less than 60 minutes of combined ice time. The Vegas blueline only have a total of 60 points in 38 games, yet they have six in less than one game at 4-on-4.

As far as the forwards, Max Pacioretty, Jonathan Marchessault, Reilly Smith, and William Karlsson all have at least four individual shot attempts despite none of them playing more than 12 minutes.

Vegas has an xGF% of 75.3% at 4-on-4. At all even-strength situations, no team has an xGF% better than 54.4% (Carolina). Vegas’ 75.3% at 4-on-4 is almost as strong as the Sabres (81.7%), Blues (81.9%), and Red Wings (83.1%) on the power play. The Golden Knights shooting percentage is 23.5%. They only shoot 8.8% in all situations and 12.4% on the power play.

No matter how you slice it, the Golden Knights are dominant at 4-on-4. Anyone else up for a petition to change the overtime format back?


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  1. Timothy Lomprey

    But we shit the bed 3 on 3

    • How would you explain that? They need someone to as they apparently don’t have the answer. Seems watching other teams hold on one way or another until they strike vegas doesn’t seem to have that ability or patience. To some degree their pp suffers from the same thing quite often.

    • Darren T

      should try March, Tuch and Stone in 3 in 3 with Stone act as “D”…he is that good

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