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Golden Knights Take Massive Risk In Selecting Trevor Connelly

Photo from CJBear in SinBin Discord

With the 19th pick in the draft, Vegas selected a player who has apologized for posting an anti-Semitic picture on social media, confessed to urinating on a student’s belongings, and was accused of directing a racial slur at an opposing player. There are also claims of punching, slew-footing, and verbally abusing teammates at different points on the seven teams he played on between the ages of 13 and 17. (If you haven’t read the article in The Athletic yet, stop what you are doing and read it now.)

In selecting Trevor Connelly, the Golden Knights have taken a giant risk in the name of winning hockey games.

The 18-year-old Southern California-born forward is one hell of a hockey player. At times during his junior career, he’s been considered a top-five talent and was regarded as one of, if not the, best player at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup U18 tournament last summer.

To ever make it as a hockey player though the words spoken by both Connelly himself and VGK GM Kelly McCrimmon after being drafted must materialize in his actions. Each spoke about how the teenager made mistakes, learned from them, and grew to be a mature, caring, charitable person.

Unfortunately, due to his checkered past, words aren’t going to cut it. To be able to chalk up his prior transgressions to childlike mistakes as they’ve been portrayed, he must prove his reformation as a person day in and day out for years and years to come. Until he does that, his talents as a hockey player are trivial.

The next chapter in the life of Trevor Connelly is now linked to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Entering this draft, Connelly’s history has been well publicized and it was clear many teams removed him from their draft boards completely. Vegas were willing to stick their necks out for this player like no team before them were.

Now, they have to be right.

The Golden Knights are an organization that has always talked about the importance of character. For months leading into the Expansion Draft they stressed their focus on selecting great human beings, even over great hockey players. During their initial run of success and all the way through winning the Stanley Cup, they attributed a large portion of the success to the culture that was built through exceptional integrity of the locker room.

All of that now rests in the actions of a supposedly reformed juvenile.

If more comes out about Connelly or if he makes another mistake even close to as grievous as those in his past, it will be a stain on everything the Golden Knights have stood for over the first eight years of their existence.

The Golden Knights say they’ve done their due diligence. The player has apologized and taken steps to correct his mistakes. The pieces are there for this to work out and it to go down as an awesome story of a young man’s growth as he becomes an adult.

But the pieces are also there for this to be one of the worst mistakes in the history of the NHL Draft, and one that was easily avoidable.

It’s up to Trevor Connelly with the help of the Vegas Golden Knights to decide which story this becomes.


Golden Knights Select Forward Trevor Connelly With 19th Pick In 1st Round




  1. jeffrey m sutton

    I like the diversity and inclusion component to this pick. He has opinions the woketards usually refuse to include. I love it.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Interesting they picked Connelly over Cole Eiserman who went #20. Eiserman they were saying during the draft was the most pure goal scorer in the draft. Connelly is dynamic,
    fast, good shot and plays both ways. Should be a standout in the NCAA (one would think). Check out the videos.

  3. A shot in the pink

    Huge mistake

    • Ken Hates The Front Office

      The kid took a picture of a buddy doing something stupid with childrens toys when he was 15 years old.

      We’re really going to crucify him for the rest of his life for that? And he “allegedly” made a racial slur to an opponent, that could only be supported by the opponent?

      People need to get over themselves… SMH….

  4. Jake

    The organizational and player leadership in The Golden Knights is unmatched.

    Assuming all of the “accusations” are partially true, Vegas might not be the best location for someone who lives on the edge at times.

    I trust the selection process Vegas used. However, no system is perfect, nor person. We are simply talking potential here, not actuality.

    • Pistol Pete

      College and the VGK system will mature the funk out of him is what they are betting. Meanwhile put on 20-30 lb. of muscle. Based on the scouting reports and videos this is a player discounted out of the top 10 due to behavioral issues. Quite promising looking.

  5. knights fan in minny

    logan to washington what the hell for

  6. former season ticket holder

    OMG I am so sick of the this crap EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES, EVERYONE SAYS SOMETHING THEY WILL REGRET, Stop with the WOKE Madness!!
    Yes WOKE madness, because those people would rather you shoot yourself rather than be forgiven…
    OMG stop

    • Jackmanii

      “Mistakes”…I’ve made a few…but then again”

    • VGKtower

      I am willing to forgive him, but I’ve never known a kid in the social media era that posted stuff like this, at 13, 18 or 25. If you don’t want to blame him, what are his parents, coaches and responsible adults in his life like?

  7. Richie-Rich

    I was once a teenager. I’ve been bullied myself. It’s awful, beyond awful. I had a bully pee in my baseball helmet. Of course that ended up in blows being thrown and subsequent suspensions from the team for both of us, even though I was the victim. I wasn’t perfect, no teenager is. There are very few who have never uttered an off color joke!

    Other than what is in print, none of us have any idea as to this young man’s current character. To get a top 5 talent at the 19th pick is a risk considering his past, but you have to trust that the FO has researched this and is comfortable with the pick.

    Only time will tell. It just goes to show that today’s digital world captures everything! One of the blessings for us older folks is that there was no internet.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Coming down to the wire on free agency. As I have stated, even with Lehner on LTIR there is only $6.197m in cap space not enough to extend Marchy, Dorofyev and Korczak. Obviously a Theodore trade is underway (explains signing Hanifin) which would increase cap space to $11.397m, enough to extend the aforementioned players but not enough to replace Marchy with a much younger top tier winger. You get something in return for Theodore vs. it being a straight up salary dump. No point in further speculation but McCrimmon has a successful record when it comes to swinging for the fences.

    • Emmanuel

      They should get picks in the next two drafts. The cap space will be a big plus in getting scoring which is lacking.

    • VGK fan

      They actually have less cap space now since they moved a goalie making only $766,667.

      They will probably be looking at a backup making $2 million or more if they want a decent backup.

  9. Emmanuel

    Connally will be traded for back-up G at the deadline.

  10. ThG

    consider the outcome of the prior no. 1 picks i would say “massive risk’ is over the top over reaction, click bait ?

    the article hardly touches the surface of all these rumors, and leaves out a lot history.

    correct me if I am wrong, never saw the guy, but from what I hear, isn’t Ken a skin head? Why is so hard on this guy then ?

    btw what he is allegedly done fits in with most of the thugs in vegas, so article is a bit hypocritical to say the least.

  11. Dylan

    This OC A-Hole is gonna TEAR UP The Strip!!!

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

    PS—WTF is…WOKE?!


    • ThG

      woke is bull shit agenda that left wing lib retar, ahem, retre, ahem, left wing whack jobs are pushing on society. From the BLM crap, to defund police crap, to critical race theory crap, from the gender bender crap, from the green agenda to the “diversity”, inclusity crap they are pushing on America. it’s in every TV ad, with the 11% in, it is above race, it is cross generational bull shit trying to change america from
      land of opportunity, to entitlement me me me , look at me, I deserve a job because I am (fill in blank) a karen, a queer, a bender gender, a person of race , a person born in certain status, a person with orange blue hair, a rug muncer, a sword swallower, a teddy bear, or like one stalker here a person who wears their granny pants on outside of normal clothes, over their head with backwards, with big brown stain showing and the snail juice just above it.

      • Dylan

        ANGRY much?

        And WHAT exactly are you hopped up on, like…all the time?

        The Hockey GROG lmao


        PS–Stay WOKE (a saying from a BLM email, that White Racists ripped off and co-opted)

        • ThG

          you asked for definition, I gave one. Now move on punk and take your bull shit spin and putting words that aren’t there into posts , elsewhere. Dumba#$$.

  12. Jerry Crowell

    Trevor!! Tough kid. Love him love his attitude

  13. JV

    Tough to stop and read an article in The Athletic when it’s behind a PAYWALL!!!!

    • Carl

      Fuck the Assletic. A big anti-America, homosexual glorifying POS rag.

  14. Carl

    If the kid can learn to STFU, he should be fine. Maybe he throws a slur at Reaves or that mental patient Kane (Kane is a definite race card player to try covering for his own racist insanity). They both beat him unconscious. That would teach him to shut up and play hockey. If he tries locker room antics in the AHL or NHL – he’s dead.

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