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Golden Knights’ Style The Impetus To Opposition Frustration

Image from NHL on ESPN Broadcast

It’s not uncommon in the game of hockey to see someone lose their cool. It is however quite rare is to see an entire NHL team and the 18,532 people in the arena cheering for them do it all at the same time.

It started less than two minutes into the game after the Golden Knights took a quick 1-0 lead when Stars captain Jamie Benn viciously crosschecked Mark Stone in the face while he was laying on the ice. As a captain often does, Benn set the tone for what was to come with his team and his fan base for the rest of the night.

Three more Vegas goals, and about 90 minutes later, while Max Domi was being called for as blatant a boarding penalty as you’ll ever see, Stars fans began showering the ice with beers, rally towels, and whatever else they could find to hurl over the boards. It got so bad the 2nd period couldn’t even be completed as the officials sent both teams to the locker room with 21 seconds left on the clock as the ice crew cleaned up the debris.

Everyone in the building was frustrated tonight. -Pete DeBoer

Adin Hill’s popcorn shower is the visual confirmation DeBoer hit the nail on the head.

On the other side, there were the Golden Knights, who just kept playing their brand of hockey.

Games have gotten like that and we’re right there with each other. I’ve never seen it phase us really. -Nic Hague

Yes, many games this postseason “have gotten like that” and no longer can it just be chalked up to the competitiveness of playoff hockey, instead, tonight, we learned the real catalyst of the frustration experienced by the Stars, Oilers, and the Jets before them. That catalyst is the Golden Knights themselves.

They bring this side out of teams. Not because they are cocky or loud or try to rile the other team up (to be fair, they do indeed do some of this, but not any more than any other team) but instead because of the way they have chosen to play the game.

We’re making it hard for them to get inside and we’re making them work for their chances. We’re playing with good discipline, staying out of the box for the most part. We’re not giving up the odd-man rush by not turning it over and giving them numbers. We’re forcing their D to work through some checks or angles to join the rush so that part of the game we’re trying to neutralize as much as possible. -Bruce Cassidy

Vegas plays a style that is inherently built to annoy their opponent.

Collectively as a group we’re clogging up the middle of the ice and we’re frustrating teams. When you have a buy in up and down the lineup like that it’s frustrating to play against. -Alex Pietrangelo

Really, all the Golden Knights are trying to do is keep the other team from scoring, but when it works it becomes annoying, then frustrating, and ultimately maddening.

For three straight series we’ve been frustrating their top players, skill players. -Pietrangelo

And as we’ve now learned for those three straight series, after frustration comes anger, and eventually, collapse (and popcorn).

Vegas’ style is built to make life difficult, and as they’ve succeeded more and more, deeper and deeper into the playoffs, the reactions have only gotten bigger and badder.

In Game 3, the Stars broke. They lost their will to try and win the game, and it happened because the Golden Knights took it from them.




Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 34 – May 24th, 2023


  1. David

    Just goes to show what we already knew; that Dallas fans lack class. Whether it be the Cowboys, Maverics, Stars, the Dallas fans continue to show their ignorance, their arrogance, their poor sportsmanship. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Stephanie

    Good article Ken ! Thanks

  3. Pistol Pete

    Spot on Ken. As we have been saying, forecheck to get zone time frustrating the opponent. Reload defensively into the neutral zone and once in the D zone clog the middle. Can’t win a Cup without good forechecking and defense. Keep it coming for another five wins.

  4. Jake

    “This team is built for the playoffs.”

    Jonathan M.

  5. David

    Welo, my previous post was removed simply because I pointed out that the Stars fans were poor losers. Their behavior during the game backed my accusation but the moderators must have felt that my spot on analysis of their actions was “too mean”? Let’s put an end to this drama with a broom in one hand, while waving goodbye with the other.

  6. David

    My post keep getting moderated (removed) simply because I pointed out the poor behavior of those fans at the game. Think it’s time to stop coming to this website….

    • TS

      David, I really doubt your post was a: moderated, and b: removed for its content. Anything , and I mean ANYTHING gets posted here, short of death threats! Carry on!

  7. TS

    Perfect analysis, Ken! Their Captain broke first.. that says it ALL. I wonder why PDB stood there, wide- eyed, yet REFUSED to call a timeout to settle his team down. Typical PDB inaction.
    This WIN was the most satisfying of the series, watching the Stars implode, while we calmly went about our business of playing SMART HOCKEY!!!

  8. Jailbird

    If ya’ll will remember since the all star break I was preaching this team was built for the playoffs. Then, they added two key pickups that fit right into the mold of this team. Hill has played just fantastic. If we have any concern is we don’t have much backup if Hill couldn’t play.

  9. Former season ticket holder

    So embarrassed for the game of hockey to see thug action by a so called “capt and leader” of Benn…. absolutely no excuse and a ban for the rest of Dallas’s short playoff life is due. So great to see Carrier score his goal!! Welcome back to the party! Yeah baby

    • Tkachukoff

      By no means am I excusing Benns actions, but not sure Vegas really has a high horse to sit on given Pietrangelo’s tomahawk on Leon. These guys all play on the edge, and sometimes they go over. He will get his suspension, just like Pietrangelo and move on.

    • knights fan in minny

      that was a sweet backhand

  10. Tim

    What I found interesting was I believe the Knights used the third period as a defensive practice. They weren’t worried about scoring just playing good defense. I thought it was a great way to have your team get in that kind of practice using an opponent instead of using your own guys during practice. Seems like everyone is on the same page.

  11. Yes, Petro’s hit was unacceptable, but the difference is the Benn hit was above the shoulders and in face and neck. The original tap was OK, the action after Stone was on the ice was just plain stupid and has no place in hockey. Fortunately, Stone apparently was not injured but very well could have been. Intent to injury in the first order. If that happened on the street the guy would be arrested. Since Benn is a repeat offender, he may be gone for the balance of the season or beyond which I hope happens Thursday night and VGK puts Dallas out of their misery.

  12. Jen

    I find it puzzling that Benn claims that he fell on Stone. Obviously he isn’t going to say sorry but at least take some ownership of a jerk move. Hearing all the ESPN commentators say how stand up of a guy Benn is and then him refusing to admit intent and showing no remorse is disappointing. I mean…at least the Star’s president apologized for the behavior of the fans!

  13. Daimon Hellstrom

    Hi everybody. I’m a proud Golden Knights fan and I just wanted to say hello to fellow fans. My dad has commented on this site and introduced me to it. I have been around the game most of my life. My uncle Miroslav used to play for the Buffalo Sabres.

    Should Jonathan Quick play tomorrow? Adin Hill has never played this much before, and if he gets hurt, it could kill us.

    • knights fan in minny

      good one satan you fool no one hellstrom is a marvel comic character right miraslov satan crawl back under your rock boy

    • knights fan in minny

      your busted satan you fraud the name you’re using damion hellstrom is son of satan in marvel comics an d your so called uncle is miraslov satan put 2 and 2 together fess up boy follow the pattern satan and satan burn in hell

  14. Daimon Hellstrom

    Well played Knights fan in minny. Nice work.

  15. Arnold Rothstein

    As predicted the Stanley Cup comes through the beast in the east, too bad Ken didn’t agree that the VGK should pick up the heor leading them in scoring when he was available.

    The Panthers have a deadly duo up front, more potent that the Oilers. And Panthers have more than 2 1/2 men and a power play. They have big bad mean d men, and real goalie. A tough match up for either the falling stars or the rising nifty nighty nights. The last game is hardest one to close out. Let’s see if they can do it. The stars are a cornered , wounded animal. The toughest job to carry out. The panthers barely squeaked by last nite , wining on a controversial last second goal that took Toronto to rule a goal. And it was not the right call by many pundits in the league.

    Arnold the Brain

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