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Golden Knights Struggles Against The Pacific Continue

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This season Bruce Cassidy has had the answers.

He’s helped a team that missed the playoffs a year ago storm back to the front of the  Western Conference and he’s done it amidst another rash of injuries including three to goaltenders inside of a month.

When the team has had issues, he’s had answers on how to fix them. From the penalty kill to 6-on-5 situations to breaking up the Misfit line to winning at home, even the power play, Cassidy has equipped his team with a plan and when they’ve followed it they’ve had success.

There is one problem he has yet to solve though, and it’s a big one.

I have to do a deeper dive as to why we are struggling in our own division. I haven’t put my finger on it yet as I’m still new to this division in terms of seeing them as much. I don’t have a good answer for that right now. -Cassidy

After last night’s loss, the Golden Knights are now 8-8-2 against the Pacific Division.

Anaheim: 2-0-1
Calgary: 1-2-0
Edmonton: 0-1-1
Los Angeles: 1-2-0
Seattle: 1-1-0
San Jose: 2-1-0
Vancouver: 1-1-0

Against the four teams still fighting for playoff position, Vegas is a paltry 3-6-1.

We’ve got to get out of our division if we expect to go where we want to go so we’ve got to correct that, I know what much. How we’re going to correct it? That’s still a work in progress. -Cassidy

Eight of the 12 games remaining on the schedule are against the Pacific with six of them against Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

These games will not only go a long way in determining who the Golden Knights will play in the playoffs, but will also foreshadow how they may do once they are.

Cassidy was stumped last night. He can’t be moving forward.




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  1. Brian Scro

    It’s almost like he knows how to coach against East teams and not West teams…I wonder why?

  2. TS

    I think we’re ALL baffled, as Cassidy is.

  3. Roger Wilson

    They are never going to win a cup. First without Mark stone. And for a good team they’re still to inconsistent. Feast or famine. They’re are really good or absolutely horrible. No other teams in contention are doing that. Plus they can’t ever put a healthy team on the ice. The injuries never end. One of the players said he never looks at the standings. Well bud maybe you should start! If I was a player I would. Makes the average fan think these guys don’t give a damn if they win or not! Maybe I’m wrong. I would hope so. Plus all these bad losses have been at home. Just wondering folks.

  4. THE hockey God

    When Trump is arrested next week I will lose my already soupy and soft shit

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