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Golden Knights Still Not Getting Award Recognition

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It took 26 days and 13 games into the 2023-24 season before the defending Stanley Cup champions suffered their first regulation loss. The Golden Knights are currently on a 33-5-6 regular season run that dates back to the All Star break last year and they went 16-6 without facing a single elimination game en route to becoming the league’s undisputed best team.

Yet, when you take a peek at early projections for individual awards, there’s not a Golden Knight in sight.

ESPN today published their first edition of “NHL Awards Watch” in which Greg Wyshynski lists the current leader and a pair of finalists for each of the seven most significant individual awards. From Hart to Selke, Vezina to Byng there’s not a single Vegas player on the board.

This doesn’t mean the Golden Knights are off the radar though. Wyshynski has Bruce Cassidy as the leader for Jack Adams and includes a quote that will be music to all VGK fans’ ears.

No Vegas hangover here. The Golden Knights are a machine. Cassidy is working the controls masterfully. ‘Vegas is absolutely dominating to start the season, and if they keep it up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see back-to-back Cups,’ one voter said. -Greg Wyshysnki on

It’s weird, but the stats back up the odd phenomenon of Vegas being the best team in the league yet without a single individual player standing out amongst his peers.

Vegas’ highest point scorer, William Karlsson ranks 10th in the NHL. The leading goal scorer, Jack Eichel, is tied for 17th. Adin Hill is 2nd in save percentage but he’s just 7th in both goals against average and goals saved above expected.

When we turn to the gambling odds at William Hill, we see much of the same. The first name to appear on the Hart Trophy (MVP) odds is Jack Eichel at 75:1, the 17th favorite to win the award. Adin Hill ranks 11th in Vezina at 28:1, and Shea Theodore is 16th at 50:1 for Norris.

Meanwhile, the Golden Knights have the best odds to win the Stanley Cup (+600) and are the runaway leaders to boast the Presidents Trophy at +300 (no one else is under +500).

What it all means is that Vegas truly is a team. They have excellent players up and down the lineup but aren’t reliant on any of them.




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  1. Carl

    No trophies necessary when you got Stanley.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Depth across the lineup, a few bonafide star players thrown in for good measure, top drawer coaching all overseen by the most underrated FO in the league.

  3. Former season ticket holder

    I’ll buy this for a dollar

  4. THE hockey GOD

    ESPN is full of woke broke cultist scum bags, from emily to leah from top down; a political sports culture if there ever was one.

    However, listening to the Duck broadcasters last nite they were leveling one accolade after another after another on VGK. This crew is very professional and rarely tilts to the home team. They actually report what is happening on the ice, leaving the boring, never ending minutia to pre game, post game, and blog sites where it belongs. It was good to hear Aly again, as she is one of the few and best at what she does. Stormy was good too. Too bad they didn’t stay with the VGK, I guess there is a reason they are gone which we’ll never know for sure.

    Meanwhile joe blow is still clueless bumbling around sniffing things.

    • knights fan in minny

      you mean mumbles joey

    • Vic

      Thank you THG. Right on the button. Who cares what ESPN thinks. As for JB….50 years in politics to steal as much money for his family and others via never ending corruption. One year until another stolen election whether JB is the candidate or not.

  5. Hockeydiva

    IT’S THE SAME OLD BS. When the WRANGLERS came to Vegas, I heard “VEGAS has no business getting a hockey team”
    and that was way back in 2003. Some people still feel that way. SO many people begrudge us our STANLEY CUP Win.

    • Al

      One can remember back to the UNLV Running Rebels dominance and the news commentary was present. Apparently writers have a hate/love affair with Vegas…

  6. Jailbird

    Our team is not built for those type awards. It’s built for the Stanley Cup. The only award that matters!

  7. Hockeydiva


  8. knights fan in minny

    this might be a longshot i would like to see theo win a norris

  9. Emmanuel

    What the front office does is translating into success. My question is, what is their “Hockey Philosophy?” I dont see a pattern except maybe “A deep blue line”. Theres no rhyme or reason to the F’s (all different types of players) & G’s (plug & play)…..

  10. Tim

    When you have a true team concept as we do it’s hard to win awards because we spread the wealth around, Look at Edmonton every Canadian pundits picked them to win the Stanley Cup hows that working out? McDavids seems to be hurt and as the sayin goes turn out the lights the parties over. We lost to John Gibson who for some reason when he plays us is always on his A game. We had our worse third period of the year and still only lost 3-2 without Roy, Hague, Martinez, and Whitecloud so our fill ing players shows just how much depth we have. Before you correct me I know they had a open net goal at the end but I’m not counting that it had no baring on the game.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Depth wins Stanley Cups not individual performers per se. That said the VGK does have what I consider to be superstar players in Eichel, Stone, Petro and Marchessault. That the superstars may not win the top awards in their category has nothing to do with going all the way in the playoffs.

  12. Brenda Logan

    I notice on Sirius XM NHL station They do everything they can to keep from saying anything positive about the Vegas Golden Knights. They will talk about how great the other team played against them. They will talk about how great another player was on the opposite team. They talk about how different players on the other team have improved so much. But will they admit how great the VGK have been playing…NOPE!

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