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Golden Knights Sliding In Latest Power Rankings

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The Golden Knights haven’t been as crisp lately as they were in their first 30+ games. On December 15th, Vegas held a first-place advantage by eight standings points. By New Year’s Eve, that lead was cut in half. After last night’s 3-2 loss to Detroit, the Golden Knights are no longer leading the Pacific Division. Local fans are well aware of the adversity the Golden Knights have faced over the past month but fans and media outside of the market haven’t been as understanding.

This week, national outlets updated their NHL Power Rankings, and not all of them were friendly towards Vegas.

Overall, the consensus is that Vegas has lost love from several publications. The Golden Knights’ average position in five separate power rankings was 10th. Tenth would likely place VGK out of winning the Western Conference and perhaps the Pacific Division. The positive news, however, most outlets feel comfortable that the Golden Knights are still a postseason club. Over time, the severity of Mark Stone’s injury setback may change some of their minds.

So, let’s take a look at how the outside hockey world perceives the Golden Knights today.

Daily Faceoff: VGK (6th)

The Daily Faceoff was by far the least knee-jerk.

The Golden Knights only got into two games last week, beating the Panthers before dropping a Saturday night game against the Oilers. Playing at about the same level as the Stars drops them down a spot as a result, and the fact that the Golden Knights 5-on-5 play hasn’t been good lately has hurt them as well. -Scott Maxwell, Daily Faceoff

Sports Illustrated: VGK (8th)

SI isn’t panicking like some others. Sure, the Stone situation impacted their decision enough to drop VGK three spots but they still rank the Golden Knights higher than three other outlets. Not surprisingly, SI listed two Western Conference teams; DAL (6th) and WPG (7th), ahead of Vegas, which is difficult to argue against. Also, Seattle (9th) and LA (10th) were ranked right behind the Golden Knights by Sports Illustrated. VGK (8th)

The league ranked DAL (6th) and WPG (7th) higher than Vegas and followed SI by only dropping them three spots on their list. hasn’t given up the local club but if their rankings came out after last night’s game, there’s no doubt Vegas would be lower.

The Hockey News: VGK (9th)

Like SI and, The Hockey News were a little more optimistic about where the Golden Knights currently stand. Here is THN’s explanation.

That roster takes a huge hit if Mark Stone is out for an extended period. They’ve already lost three of their past four, scoring is an issue, Logan Thompson has cooled off considerably since the beginning of the season and the Pacific Division title is up for grabs. Strange to think that finishing second or third in the Pacific might be better than finishing first because that might mean a matchup against the Avs if they claim one of the wild-card spots. -Jason Chen, The Hockey News

THN ranked Dallas and Winnipeg both higher than Vegas and Minnesota, LA, Edmonton, Seattle, and Calgary right behind. According to The Hockey News, it’s a crowded playoff race in the Western Conference.

Sportsnet: VGK (13th)

The Canadian leader hasn’t been bullish on Vegas since early January. On January 5th, the Golden Knights were 5th on Sportsnet’s power rankings. Fourteen days later SN dropped VGK eight spots. Not only that but WPG (6th), DAL (8th), SEA (9th), MIN (10th), LAK (11th) and EDM (12th) have all jumped the Golden Knights in Sportsnet’s rankings.

CBS Sports: VGK (13th)

Like Sportsnet, CBS was a little more concerned than the majority of the other publications. Again, the uncertainty of Stone’s availability may have added to their disquietude. Although CBS notes the Golden Knights’ goaltending hasn’t matched their early season success.

On the whole this season, Logan Thompson has been very good in net for the Golden Knights. However, his play has dipped a bit in the last month. Since Dec. 17, Thompson has allowed 1.37 goals above average. That’s not terrible, but it is a notable step back from how he was playing prior to this slump. -Austin Nivisin, CBS Sports

It’s difficult to take full stock into most power rankings for several reasons. Most outlets are not watching the Golden Knights on a daily basis, and they become influenced by headlines. Losing Stone for an extended amount of time is fair for outsiders to have some anxiety. Losing to quality teams like Dallas, Detroit and Edmonton isn’t a reason to panic.

However, the month isn’t getting any easier. After Saturday’s game against the Capitals, the Golden Knights will be on the road for 19 days. Based on their results, the power rankers will either raise VGK back to single digits or drop them even further below their Pacific Division rivals. The race is certainly getting tighter.




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  1. Craig

    Sliding? What? They are falling faster than an asteroid. No muscle and no hustle. 10mil $ man looks like a 3rd liner. I get the injuries but letting Reeves go was a catastrophic move. Hate to say it but it’s time to clean house

    • knights fan in minny

      agree on reaves brings energy toughness. they love him here in minny

    • TS

      Craig, ditto on Reavo. Pdb got rid of him before his coaching contract ink was dry. Stunner, huh? Wasn’t it Thornton and Kane who repeatedly tried to take Reavo out in Shark games?

  2. Derek

    This team is loaded up with players who couldn’t hit an open net if their life depended on it. They need guys who can snipe and also guys who can drive to and park in front of the net. This team is embarrassing.

    • TS

      Derek, yup…see Craig’s post above. Reaves WAS that guy we’re missing. KK has pushed some, Carrier, too, even Whitecloud. Now. Huge holes in our game. Youngsters trying to fill the voids.

  3. Stuart

    Aidan Hill is not a good goalie. We need another scorer. I like Stone a lot, but hurt so often I think Eichel is a great player, but everyone seems a step behind every team we face. Home games are not enjoyable any more with losses every time. I have been to 10 games this year, 1 win.

    Need to make good moves at the Trade Deadline and I do not trust the GM at all.

    What will happen with Lehner? Can we even move him in his condition and now self described financial issues. So promising at the first part of the year. Think we finish in 2nd or 3rd place in Pacific. LA has completely dominated us last 2 games, Dallas embarrassed us the other day.
    Eastern Conference is once again dominating. 3rd place in Metropolitan Division has more points than 1st place in Pacific.

  4. Richie-Rich

    Stone’s back injury is back. The back is a funny thing. This is just the start of the end of his career. Seattle is now in 1st place. The VGK will steadily move down in the standing to 4th and maybe even 5th place.

    The team really played way above its head for months and even through injuries. Reality is beginning to set in and my preseason projections of a 4th place finish are once again a true possibility.

    Injuries are taking its toll. Eichel’s a great player, but he’s not at the same level as McDavid or Draisatl.

    We have a very good hockey club, not a Cup Contener.

    What is it going to take?

    1- Get rid of McCrimmon, 3 coaching changes since year 1 and continuous chaos and drama on this roster.
    2- Give Cassidy a chance, 5 years
    3- Start building from the bottom up and stop trying to buy a cup.
    4- Keep Logan Thompson and develop another goaltender in Henderson. Keep Hill as backup.

    • TS

      Rr, what’s it gonna take?? I think EXACTLY those things you listed. Keep Cassidy awhile, dump mgmt and their revolving door of shiny guys( objects) with baggage.

      • THE hockey GOD

        TS RR is a babbling moron, ignore him/her. He’s a wagon jumper who always
        post negative bull shit.

        • TS

          Thg. I actually agreed with his post!

          • THE hockey GOD

            he said the same shit last year , and his prediction last year was way off

            and it will likely be way off this year too.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    VGK sliding is understandable with nearly a quarter of their team
    in the ER.

    Wait for them to come back into the lineup, FO is not panicking like the posters
    are here. Gives some of young players like no. 6 and no 46 some playing time.

    Disappointed in organization with their Russian selections, they are either fragile as glass, have doping issues, or just plain suck.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    today’s practice was one of the best ever,

    those who were there know what I am talking about !!

  7. Tim

    Changes are needed not because were on a bad streak but because some guys have outlived there usefulness. Example Alex Martinez 5 million not a goal this year. William Karlsson 5 million I love him but has lost his effectiveness. Amadio, Cotter, Dorofeyev, Howden, Kessel, Kolasar, Rondbjerg, Roy, Hague, Hutton, Korczak, Miromanov, make chump change not much trade value there. Then we have Eichel, Carrier, Marchessault, Smith, Stephenson, Stone, McNabb, Petro, Theadore, and Whitecloud as keepers. So the question is how can trading the two I mentioned and spending that 10 million wisely to improve the lines and move guys down and out of the lineup to improve our scoring. First is it possible or are we just fucked?

  8. THE hockey GOD

    here is what FS really said about Mark Stone, and there is a tell in here for those jumping to wild conclusions.

    Frank Seravalli: I forgot my stethoscope today, Mike, but Dr. Seravalli does have office hours today. Yes, Mark Stone, I can say with confidence, is dealing with another back issue, and that has to be scary news for the Vegas Golden Knights and their fans considering what he went through last year with his back injury and the subsequent procedure that he underwent to try and fix things up. I think the only fluid part of the situation, Mike, for the Vegas Golden Knights is: What exactly is the severity of this back injury? They’re still trying to figure that out.

    Obviously not a secret that Stone is going to be missing some time. Bruce Cassidy, their coach, was saying that he is week-to-week, so that is certainly not day-to-day or anything like that. And where it really begins to get interesting, Mike, is: What happens if Mark Stone is going to potentially be out for the rest of the season? I’m not reporting that or saying that is fact or may happen, but I think if you’re looking at the Vegas Golden Knights, who have always been super aggressive when it comes to trying to improve their team, if, all of a sudden, they have $9+ million in LTIR space to play with, then look out — because they will be one of the prime teams to watch leading up to the NHL’s March 3 trade deadline.

  9. DocDG

    Why not try the same solution to a slump from the McCrimmon handbook of management that worked so well on our 3rd year to win us a Stanley Cup.

    “If the team goes into a slump from 1st place after the coach is named to head the division all star team fire him and bring in a coach that the entire fan base is disposed to loath.”

    The only problem with that idea is that this time I cant think of a coach we currently dislike enough to qualify for the job.

    • Tim

      Doc, So true Gallant goes on a three game losing streak and goodbye. I believe he had different ideas about personal and they came to an impasse. Then add insult to injury we hire our arch rival go figure. The way Boston is playing under Jim Montgomery I wonder if they miss Cassidy. Since after our first year which they did a great job they’ve been a day late or a dollar short.

    • Alan Walsh want to coach a team?

  10. Jailbird

    Wow! Can’t wait to watch some of these negative posters eat their words in a few weeks! Tuff times right now but we WILL figure it out. My only concern, or hope, is that we don’t go after some toughness at trade time. Our team is hurting, but not dead!

    • Tim

      Jailbird positive as always and that’s a good thing. Ying and Yang on posts is heathy. I on the other hand will be positive and at times negative depending on the topic and team performance. Right now I’m leaning negative when I look at the current situation. Above THG mentioned they had a good practice yesterday well think about it with pre-season and half the regular season gone they’ve had one of there best practices ever is that comforting to anyone? The real truth is every team smells blood in the water and the once invincible Knights who at one time teams were so jealous of our success now look at us as an easy mark. So many flaws none bigger then our goaltending add to that lack of scoring and to many players and these are Cassidy’s words Passengers not playing up to there level. Do you not think there’s turmoil in the locker room. They’ve created a mess and cleaning it up is not going to be easy. A head will have to fall and since you can’t just fire Kelly M. because George M. have worked as a tandem you’ll have to fire both. We need to go a new direction.

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