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Even Without The Only Stabilizing Provision An NHL Player Can Have, Robin Lehner Feels Stable In Las Vegas


  1. Well, looks like MAF is going to be gone. So many great memories, we can’t keep both of them. This season is going to be compacted, we need a top backup, any idea who ? Is that how you see it Ken ?

    • I do not think they need a “top backup”. I think Oscar Dansk is perfectly capable but I believe they’ll ask about Lundqvist. I also think guys like Adin Hill and Aaron Dell make sense. This team is very good, backup goalie will not make a difference.

      • Mike StG

        Per Dave (TFP) this morning on The Hot Stove (on SiriusXMNHL channel 91), Vegas is looking for a veteran backup, assuming they trade Fleury. Hank!! 🙂

      • Interesting perspective !

      • Tim

        Ken read what I wrote below I totally disagree with you on the worth of goaltending. Oscar Dansk you have to be shitting me. Ken it’s a new day you have to get out of that conventional thinking or we’ll never win a cup.

        • Did you think Subban was a great backup?

          What about when 19-year-old Dylan Ferguson was the backup?

          • Tim

            Neither Ken usually I agree with you and points made but I’ve been battling you for months on the goalie situation. If you read my two posts below I clearly explain my logic and why. You always say the season doesn’t mean that much it’s the playoffs well read below and you’ll see where your wrong. Read my lips we need the #1 seat to avoid Colorado and it starts with game one of the season.

          • Hasan Zia

            I don’t think Lehner should be playing 60 games if Vegas is serious about winning the cup.

            Need to keep him fresh for the cup

      • A Fan

        Most of the time your comments can be spot on, but when you make comments saying Dell makes sense, well you’re credibility takes a big sh*t. With all the goalie choices available right now, even mentioning Dell as a possibility is ridiculous. (and a zero chance VGK grabs him) So I guess you’re just trying to backup your statements about it not mattering who’s the back up goalie. If that’s what you’re trying to do…job well done! Why wouldn’t you say something like Dell was paid $1.9M and we could probably get Henry for about $2M. Henry may opt to come here just to finally get a shot at the Cup. He’d be playing with a fellow Swede in net, what’s not to like about that?

  2. Kodiak

    Wasn’t that the same deal they denied was happening just a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see how close we predicted there remainder of the changes. It’s amazing how stupid they think we all are. I guess you don’t have to play the sport to understand how it works.

  3. Mike StG

    The agreement was made in June but just signed. Dave Pagnotta of The Fourth Period (TFP) first reported the 5×5 agreement on Sept 11th. They don’t report mere rumors. I highly recommend them as a follow.

    • Joni

      The agreement was in June…sure… Fleury and Lehrer were both considered as number one starters for the rest of the year and playoffs (sarcasm alert). Fleury never had a chance.

      • Mike StG

        Joni, they acquired Lehner in Feb at trade deadline so their initial statement is plausible. But, I’m pretty sad about this like you. He brought so many good things and great moments to the team and our community.

  4. Julie

    That’s a shame. We’ll, hopefully, they will have enough sense to make things easy for Fleury.

  5. Tim

    Signing Lehner was a given like it or not we have to move on. Supposedly Colorado has interest in Taylor Hall on a short term deal and also has interest in Fleury. Colorado will be a tough out next year and adding players just makes them that much better. To me just another reason to bring up the kids to get the experience. The next 3 days will be interesting to watch the dominoes fall. It’s a fun time of the year.

  6. Slutty girlfriends

    The girlfriends always give it away when they started posting pictures with Lehner wife about 6 weeks insinuating a long term relationship. Before hand they never hung out at all.

  7. Tim

    What I’m about to say you all think I’m crazy but here’s my take on the goalie situation. As we found out in the playoffs it’s all about the goalie you may not have the best team but have the best goalie. With that logic I’d keep Lehner and Fleury reason being the following. Oscar Dansk isn’t the answer either is Dell and so on. What we need to do is win the Pacific division and have the best record in the Western Conference. Why you ask well here’s why. With two good goalies I believe we win the West which sets us up not to meet Colorado until the Western finals. Don’t kid yourself Colorado will be a dominant force then we have a punchers chance to beat them. Teams give Erik Karlsson, John Tavares, etc. 11 million and what has it got them zip. I would definitely invest 12 million in two goalies that just about assures me the best record in the West. See playing and coaching all my life that’s where my heads at. I really don’t give a shit what the conventional wisdom is it’s all about winning. We could dump Marchie and Stantsy bring up the kids and never miss a beat. As I’ve said before Marchie and his 1 goal in 19 games is replaceable. Stantsy at 36 and 6.5 million is definitely replaceable. You have to have a strategy to win and a dog goalie for 30 games isn’t my idea of strategy. Like in baseball pitching controls the game as in hockey the goalie controls the game. How hard is that to figure out. And last but not least Fleury wants to stay in Vegas with Lehner so tell me that’s not made in heaven.

  8. A VGK Fan

    If we trade statsny and let go of Merrill Engo and cousins, we can keep both goalies and rest of the guys


    • Tim

      VGK Fan I’ll do you one better. Stantsy 6.5 million pay Lehner 5 million 1,5 million left, Eggelland 800 thousand, Merrill 1.5 million, Nosek, 1 million, Marshie 5 million, McNabb 2.6 million trade Holden 1.8 million. we would have about 14.3 million in cap space. Now sign Pietrangelo for 8 million if you desire 2 million for Stephenson, 1 million for Cousins that’s 11 million. Now you have 3.3 million in cap space and you’ll get a nice draft pick for Marchie. Between Nick Hague, Dylan Coghlan, Cody Glass, Jack Dugan, Payton Krebs, Lucas Evelens you have replacements we get younger and the beat goes on. Now with 3.3 in Cap space we can still pluck a good player off another team AKA Chandler Stephenson.

      • Hi Tim – Sad a waste of money, Lehner is not the solution to Vegas just like PDB is not either. I would like to see them keep MAF like you suggested but think that’s remote even though nothing been said. They had an opportunity with a number of choices in free agency which would have been better. All the math in the world doesn’t make pietrangelo worth the 8 or 9 mill he wants, we have a 9 mill asset ???? I don’t believe they have a chance in hell of beating Colorado if it comes to that. MAF was very smart about wanting to stay in Vegas and he can laugh all the way to the bank one way or another.

        • Tim

          HDbiker your right our chance of beating Colorado are slim and none and slim left town. The way I see the team constructed is to be the best in the west play Colorado in the finals and maybe just maybe we could pull off a miracle and for me that means keeping Lehner and Fleury. Why let some second string rum dumb goalie dictate our fate.

    • Merrill, “engo” and cousins are all UFAs and currently don’t count against our cap…which we’re currently over. And stastny is the best face-off man in a group of some of the worst face off men in the league. He needs help not a replacement.

      • Tim

        Ya know Allen face-offs yes speed no money ouch has to go. Did you ever hear the term doing the same thing gets the same results. But we all have an opinion.

    • Daryl

      As I said before, Engo’s 700k isn’t making a difference in the cap. He’s more than likely not coming back but it’s not b/c of his salary

  9. Was Kelly’s presser televised? Can we see it on YouTube later?

  10. Daryl

    Wonder if MAF will end up in COL or CAR

  11. Mike StG

    At this point, if Vegas can land Hank Lundqvist for league minimum or maybe as much as $1.5-2mil, they can trade Fleury with 0-$2mil retained salary they’d be way ahead financially and still have about the same quality in goal, plus another hof’er with lots of playoff experience on the roster. Also, his history with Lehner should eliminate any personnel conflicts. And if DeBoer’s strategy is what it appears to be – driving offense with defense – then maybe they should pursue Pietrangelo (or Krug who is better suited for that and cheaper). You’d have to trade Stastny and then hope Glass fills the role at 2C adequately. He should be fine between Stone & Patch. The way Vegas plays – breakouts strong side with short passes – makes it easy for an average center to be effective at the position, eliminating the typical need for elite Top 2 centers.

  12. Tim – it appears lehner has some less than flattering info or pictures on someone. If they didn’t witness his performance in the playoff they weren’t watching or out having a beer. It is just a good thing he didn’t face the shots that vegas fired as bad as they were his stats like everyone wants to point at would be the toilet. They had better options and choose to yo better themselves. Your right it will take a miracle to beat Colorado assuming they get that far. I noticed you didn’t have anything to say about our 9 mill assest?????

  13. Hasan Zia

    I don’t think Lehner should be playing 60 games if Vegas is serious about winning the cup.

    Need to keep him fresh for the cup

  14. Jason Sheehan

    I don’t like this signing at all. It shows an extreme lack of loyalty to the heart of the team, the unnamed captain (because goalies can’t be official captains) and a guy who still has IT. Yes, I’m talking about Marc-Andre Fleury. And it sends a clear message to the rest of the team. They can treat the most valuable member of the team like disposable trash, they can and will do the same to you.

    • Julie

      Hi, Jason! I am right there with you on Fleury. I am trying to be objective and hope Fleury at least gets a good outcome. My husband reminded me that when Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Kings, the whole city of Edmonton was, for lack of a better word, in mourning. If it can be done to Gretzky, it can be done to anyone.

      That said, VGK really screwed with Fleury. He did all their crazy advertising clips, embraced the community, still got his team to playoffs each year, still a better goalie, lied about rotation, lied about keeping two great goalies (I am sure it’s coming that he is leaving), and does it all with a smile and professionalism. He was the reason I started watching hockey. I initially thought most players were like him, but of course they are not. And VGK used him and worked him hard. Like cattle – that seems to be the business hockey is in. If it was the Stanley Cup, they would not have fired Gallant, hired Pete the Loser, or signed a goalie whose first tweet about his new deal was about how it’s a win for people with mental health issues. And to be clear, I am not saying that people with mental health issues shouldn’t do anything. It would mean more if his skill set was highlighted.

      Pittsburgh hasn’t done all that great since they let Fleury go, and the curse may continue for Vegas. Karma is tricky like that.

      • Julie

        Sorry, I meant “management lied” about the rotation and keeping two great goalies.

  15. Jason Mason

    As an organization the VGK made 2 statements about how they built the team. 1) They wanted to be able to compete for a Stanley Cup in 3 years. 2) They were an organization that wanted to acquire players that were not only talented, but good character guys to represent the team in the best way possible.

    Let’s take the first things first. The team surprised everyone by going to the finals in their very first year, exceeding almost every expectation. Competitive? You bet. Unfortunately those overachieving players blew up the organizations 3 year plan and everyone now expects a deep run in the playoffs, and a shot at the finals every year to be a regular thing. In the process general managers and team presidents do what they do, namely tinker with the team in order to make it better. Hoping all the while to not screw up team chemistry. Not an exact science by the way, and the 2nd year team was not the finals team, nor is the 3rd year team the finals team. Close, but no cigar.

    To the second point, character players. In a town like Las Vegas, I’ve been around since the early 70’s, almost anyone living here knows the kind of “trouble” waiting for anyone with money to burn in a 24 hour casino town. I would suggest an excellent job was done based on how many of the guys have been in trouble….to my knowledge exactly zero. Let’s see how that works with the Raiders…but I digress. The VGK organization obviously has character expectations that have been met on the player side of the equation. Have the players found that to be equal from the side of management? I would suggest in this 3rd year the expectations of an organization being character driven has taken a bit of damage. My examples would be quite simple: A winning coach, and by all measures apparently likable, gets fired mid season by a team that has decided to, in true Vegas style, go all in on winning the cup. His replacement is Pete DeBoer, the recently fired coach of the #1 rival team in San Jose, and definitely not a fan favorite choice. But hey, we’re in it to win it, so we’re taking the breaks off this train and plowing full speed ahead. And winning cures everything, especially in Vegas.

    General managers and team presidents (maybe a coach too) do what they do, so trades and acquisitions are made. Here’s that team chemistry thing getting tinkered with again. Kind of a big deal in this case when a new goalie is acquired and in every press conference MAF is always called the starter with a new and very talented “backup.” At no time has the organization ever come forward with a more accurate description of the Lehner acquisition, and MAF has never been called “the backup.” Not even during the entire playoff bubble experience. I don’t recall, even to this very day, MAF not being called the starter and we all know that is definitely not the case now. My point being: If you’re an organization claiming to build a team on character then maybe the players on that team should expect a little character from management. Be honest and tell the players where they stand. McPhee, McCrimmon and DeBoer have had every opportunity when asked about the goalie situation to be honest and publicly say to everyone what’s happening. The players may have been playing in a bubble, but they and the fans don’t live in one. It’s been pretty obvious what’s taken place, and MAF deserved better. I would even suggest Lehner deserved better than to be put in the middle of a situation not of his making, so not really fair to him either. He’s simply doing what he’s told and playing.

    MAF was having a down season. No argument. He was also playing no doubt with a heavy heart due to the death of his father. And then his head coach and goalie coach get fired. He’s a season and a half from having a career season and playing in the finals, and now everything is different. And to this day he’s still being called the face of the franchise, and this is how he gets treated by the organization that took him first to build their team. MAF wants to stay, but clearly the organization in it’s desire to go all in on the cup has created something that lands clearly in the halls of upper management, and Bill Foley. We’ll know in a the next few weeks how this will play out, and I predict it won’t be pretty. Every player on the team will know exactly how their character matters and managements not so much. And that team chemistry thing will very likely rear it’s ugly head in the coming season once everyone knows how much it means to be “the face of the franchise.”

    Good luck to everyone riding a train without brakes. But hey, winning solves everything. Maybe next year, as the saying goes. I’m personally going to always be a Gerard Gallant fan, and you can bet I’ll be pulling for MAF to have a great finish to his career wherever he lands, and I’d bet he won’t be considering himself a VGK when he goals into the HOF.

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