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(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights have inked Phil Kessel to a one-year contract worth $1.5 million.

The forward who is set to turn 35 before the season is coming off a season with the Coyotes in which he scored six goals and added 44 assists.

Kessel is eight games away from setting the NHL’s all-time record for consecutive games played at 990. He would accomplish this feat on October 25th when the Golden Knights travel to San Jose.

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  1. Another “over the hill addition “.

  2. George L.

    Welcome to Golden Knights Acres Retirement Community.

    It’s like Sin City, but with Depends

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ George

      Summerlin Del Webb

      no one can complain about a “shiney new object” now, can they ?

    • The Central Scrutinizer

      Spoken like a true clueless Boehlke disciple who knows nothing about the game.

  3. Frank

    Give the dude a chance. Yes, he’s on the wrong side of 30… But still is a player and has a lot to offer. And a decent contract to boot. Good gamble here.

  4. Vic

    He’s old, he’s declining, and he’s a minus player, however, playing on a crappy team he had more assists than anyone on the VGK. His PP assists were higher than anyone on the VGK with the exception of #81. He’s probably already at Cassidy’s house going over PP strategy. It’s obvious Stastny didn’t want to be here, so it is what it is. If used wisely, he can help as it will keep guys who can’t score or pass on the PP on the bench.

  5. Emmanuel

    PP specialist.

  6. Mike StG

    Phil is a whole 13 months older than Max Pacioretty, whose loss via trade SinBin and others lament. In the last 5 seasons Max missed over 80 games due to injury (plus several playoff games). Phil has missed ZERO games. Max amassed 231 pts in those 5 years, Phil had 307. Max’s salary this year is $7M, Phil’s is $1.5M.

    So where’s the problem?

    You claim 50 goals were traded away, but add Eichel, who should be back to form, and Kessel and that offsets it. The “50 goals” you quote was by 3 players. Phil and Jack alone are likely to replace those “50 goals”.

      • SMH

        Ken – I find your “LOL” response to be surprisingly lazy & disappointing. Mike StG is the most hockey savvy and reasonable poster on this website, and he raises a lot of very good and intelligent points in his above post, which are backed by facts & data. I know you pick & choose which posts to respond to, and I typically welcome and respect your insights, but if you’re going to take the time to respond, you should come up with something that furthers the conversation rather than just a dismissive millenial “LOL”. Please do better.

        • THE hockey GOD

          hi Doc

          LOL !!!

          • The Central Scrutinizer


            Why do you continue to give this clown and his Shitbin site the time of day? You DO realize that everything he knows about the game of hockey has been gleaned from the internet – which you can do yourself? Why do you come here? He has zero inside knowledge or real-world hockey experience of any kind. He’s NOT a VGK insider! He’s a journalism college grad with a slim (at best) background knowledge of soccer, and yet you folks follow him for information on hockey? Be better people, do your own research and learn the game. Do yourself a favor and follow real, credible sources and stop listening to this self-serving tool.

            I realize many of you are new-ish to the game, but Shitbin is NOT the resource you should be relying on. There are many other experienced and knowledgeable options out there. This is basically a hater site run by a hater for his own personal gain. This guy has never played the game at even a minor hockey house league level yet he spews putrid criticism towards our professional players who have been playing the game since they were 5 years old. He is in no position to criticize anyone, he’s not even credible in his own field (podcaster). Guys like him wouldn’t even exist in a more established hockey market (Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, New York). I’m sure you all know people who are constantly being negative and putting other people down for the sole purpose of making themselves look/feel better? Well ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ken Boehlke! Thankfully, there are a few folks here who see him for what he really is (cheap entertainment) and who apparently know the game and can see through his crap – kudos to you folks. To the others, be better!

            This college journalism grad with zero real-world experience of any type actually has the gall to criticize people like McCrimmon and McPhee who have been involved in the game of hockey for their entire lives AND who are better educated than him – and yet you people trust him as a source of info? Give your head a shake people! He’s simply another shining example of the rampant hate the world has become accustomed to via social media. Real fans don’t hate and knowledgeable hockey people don’t give nobodies like this the time of day.

            If you know anything about the game or this team, you surely realize that his most recent podcast was frought with errors and misrepresentations, as is pretty much everything he does, despite the constant affirmations from his even-less-knowledgable sidekick, yet because he constantly comes across in an aggressive and argumentative manner (often times even contradicting his previous position), people seem to give credit to what he says. This is the classic “baffle ’em with bullshit” approach. The only thing he is good for is off-season entertainment, but even at that it’s troubling because Vegas is such a new hockey market that many people here don’t know any better and his derisive approach to his “coverage” has the potential to actually influence and taint legitimate fans who are eager for information about the team and the sport.

            This guy isn’t a fan, he’s essentially a hanger-on parasite who is taking advantage of the sport and the team to try to eke out a living. He isn’t real media as evidenced by the fact that he cant get a job with a real media outlet. He’s just another home grown Podcaster who shouldn’t even be allowed to participate as a member of the media. If I were McCrimmon, I wouldn’t let him attend media sessions. He’s doing nothing but tainting the reputation of legitimate media folks by spewing his shit and negativity. He takes an exciting team in an exciting city involved in the best sport in the world and ruins it with his non-stop ignorance and negativity. Stop supporting this place and take pride in your team and your city and enjoy the sport. Be FANS… support the team in their highs AND their lows and cheer them on. This is a sport – there will be good games and there will be bad games; there will be wins and there will be losses. Don’t be a hater. Don’t be a Boehlke.

            Go Knights!

        • The Central Scrutinizer

          Nicely done! His response was not surprising. Anyone who knows anything about this game can easily realize what a poseur this guy is and how hollow his purported knowledge is. His agenda of negativity is getting old and is based on his limited Google expertise. His LOL response when you called him out says it all.

          • THE hockey GOD

            not entirely True CS Ken and his buddies used to play in basement during cold midwest winters.

          • CS: Wow. Pretty harsh. I guess you must be the REAL expert, since you just skewered Ken and his site. My thoughts: Ken spends an ENORMOUS amount of his time keeping this site active and humming. Posters here appreciate ALL his efforts. He offers volumes of info to us, like his opinions or not. So WHY have you decided to join SINBIN, only to BASH THE GUY’ S EFFORTS???? So, GO ELSEWHERE, ALREADY!!

          • Central scrutinizer – another long winded post that could have been handled in a few words. If you don’t want to read Ken’s stuff why bother. Knowledgeable hockey people can read between the lines. If your such an expert even you know the FO of this club has made some really stupid decisions that has created a very difficult situation. They have tried to buy a winning attitude which is essential to raising the Cup but as you know that hasn’t worked.
            We will see how Kessel pans out let’s hope mike s optimism holds true.

    • Bobby

      You make some great points, I like the 1.5 mil part, a bargain.

    • Pistol Pete

      Mike I agree. Kessel has averaged nearly 25 goals over 16 seasons and as you imply when did he last miss a game? He help mentor the younger players too.

      • Mike StG


        Read this analysis of Phil’s game. I’m thrilled he signed with Vegas.

        I didnn my prefer Stastny because he would give them better depth at center and more options, but Phil is a perfect fit on an experienced Vegas roster.

        Also, Ken & Jason mentioned on their latest PC that Vegas didn’t have anyone who could make the seam passes (esp on the PP). Well they do now! Forehand or backhand.

        There’s a reason the Pens had a great PP when Phil was on the team. He was part of that reason, as well as part of the reason Geno put up such good numbers at C2.

        I like Ryan Wallis’ suggestion that a Stephenson-Karlsson-Kessel line could be really good. Or maybe move Reilly to Bill’s LW instead of Stevie. Will be interesting to see how Cassidy deploys Phil.

  7. He can help, a 1 or 2 year guy that hopefully can produce. I liked Stastny better, but he will have a role to play and he’s an iron man. Good move, we need his playmaker abilities.

    • Mike StG

      I had hoped Stastny might sign with Vegas, but I always figured his friendship with Max (and Vegas trading Max away) would be an obstacle. In the end Pauly signed with the club that acquired Patch. Says a lot about their friendship, besides the fact that the Canes look like a dominant team and cup contender.

  8. Blitz

    This is a great pickup for 1.5 million. The PP improved over what they had last week. I have zero issues with this move at this price point.

  9. Obvious

    Fat Phil … ya gotta be kidding

    Lemme guess…. He’s in charge of conditioning

    My god what a cabal of old damaged goods Vegas has become

  10. I like this move. Iron man 6’0″ 223. He’s nearly two years younger than Stastny and has 115 more G and 57 more A. Stastny scored 21 G last season, awesome for a 36 year-old and Kessel scored 20 the season before at 33 on a shit team. What’s not to like for $1.5m?

    • Pistol Pete

      +/- goes to Stastny though by a lot. +50 vs. -148 Kessel. Still bullish however.

  11. knights fan in minny

    to me a head scratcher all we can do is wait to see how it pans out after all all its a new season with a new regime the first couple months could be rough

  12. Jailbird

    A good addition! Pesky vet who can score. He will help, give him a chance!

  13. Kenny

    At 1.5 mil, a nice value. I think he will certainly be a 20+ goal guy! Good job.

  14. knights fan in minny

    i thought the idea was to get a bit younger

    • Blitz

      1. Proven scorer
      2. Youth

      You can’t afford both attributes in one player, so which do you choose? We paid ‘youth’ 1.5 million and it looks like Kolesar, Patrick, and Howden as an example. Maybe some upside over time for these players, but maybe not. If they do show upside they will no longer be 1.5 million dollar players. If you are lucky you grow or draft a great scorer (like Jason Robertson for example) and get him on the cheap for a couple of years. This is total luck and doesn’t look to exists in VGK org at the moment. Maybe someone will surprise, who knows, didn’t happen with lots of ‘youth’ ice time last year and certainly not at a Kessel scoring level.

      Anyway, to wrap this up. The desperate need here is a scorer and you (vgk) have little cap space to do it and have lots of other concerns on the roster. 1.5 mil for an old proven scorer and PP expert is an excellent deal in this circumstance. The trick is how to maximize his offense and mitigate his lack of defense, but the same can be said for 10 million dollar youth scorer Eichel.

  15. knights fan in minny

    go to vegas hockey now clips of the thrill teammates talking about phil saying what a good character guy he is keeps the room loose lots of good things to say about phil loves to play the game one clip playing a little one on one hoops with reaves back in there penguin days will Phil try to buy 81 of marchy i know he wore 26 in college for the gophers

  16. Pierre S Martin

    I like the move and I just happen to be going to that October 25th game.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    Vegas Golden Years !!

    REmember Gordie Howe played into his 60s, and nobody messed with him. Not even Wayne Gretski. Once Gretsky took the puck away from Mr. Hockey. Mr. Hockey during stoppage in play went over to young 99 and said never to take the puck away from him ever again. Wayne said “yes sir”.

  18. Rick

    What a concept! …a guy that plays 82 games a season!

  19. Tim

    How can Phil Kessel be a bad deal wouldn’t you rather have him on the ice with his experience or Kolesar at the same price? I like the way there finally constructing the team using there heads instead of there wallets. I’m liking this team more every day. We can always use more firepower and who knows playing on the right line he may put up some good numbers.

  20. Kenny

    Much better add than Stastny would have been. Go Kess!

  21. A VGK Fan

    Kessel has great handles. Better than Pauly in my view. Both players are old and past their prime, but Kessel is reliable and can score or assist. Pauly and Patch are brittle and prone to injury

    • Pistol Pete

      Kessel can score more the Stastny goals and assists. His defense is not as good based on +/-. Hopefully addressable under Cassidy. We’ll see.

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