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2020 Golden Knights Draft Picks: Who Are These Guys?


Backloaded Deals Might Be A Trend This Offseason


  1. Tyler Durden

    Pretty sad that there are hardly any comments on the draft and the Knights picks. Seems most would rather rehash the fleury/panda “controversy” or PDB’S strategy, or most pathetic of all, Ryan Reaves taking a knee. Pretty sad commentary on the fan base.

    • Daryl

      What’s there to comment on? You have a bunch of extremely young players who won’t see the NHL for 4 more years.

  2. Tim

    Signing Chandler Stephenson good move we’ve got him 26 to 30 years old prime years. Had to take on our draft picks a lot of speed and as you know speed kills. You have to trust the Splash Brothers on the draft they have scouted the kids and we know zip.

    • Daryl

      I like the resigning but so happy with our selections. Pretty much it looks like the plan is to just try and out score everyone. Who needs defense right?

  3. vgknet29

    Off topic but if we cannot find a trade partner for Flower, should we cut bait and trade Lehner?

    • There is absolutely no chance this will happen.

    • Of course we know you are joking but an interesting idea despite what Ken thinks. Besides What makes you think anyone would take him – he’s running out of homes to be stable in. Maybe they can pull a double – Lehner and PDB – still no takers!!. They have their hands full the next couple of days as they are already over the cap and I can only imagine some of the existing players are packing their belongings. Marchie didn’t think much of the 3rd jersey if that was his post which I doubt.

  4. vgknet29

    True but one can hope :)

  5. vgknet29

    Really like having Stevenson back! He’s fun to watch.

    Ken – do you think they will need to clear out both Fluery and Statsny? We are in cap hell right now.

  6. Dry

    That seems like a good deal for the team, I thought he was worth more.

  7. vgknet29

    Honestly, I thought Lehner would get more if he hit the FA market. A team may jump on the possibility of getting Lehner from us and put egg on our mgmts faces. Our front office is a sh*t show right now. Have absolutely no leverage. Daniel Negreanu had an awesome tweet out there yesterday. Our mgmt should never announced the Lehner signing without having a deal to trade Fleury.

  8. vgknet29

    Daniel Negreanu
    Oct 6
    So, if you are VGK right now you have two goalies at $12 million in a market with tons of available goalies via free agency.

    You have offered to move Fleury and a 2nd for nothing, and got no takers.

    Because you have no leverage.

    Oopsie. – Daniel Negreanu Twitter

  9. Vic

    This guy Daniel might make a good poker player.

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