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With their 1st round pick in the 2021 Draft the Golden Knights have selected forward Zach Dean from Gatineau Olympiques from the QMJHL.

Dean is a 6’0″ 176 pound forward who has played both center and wing at the Junior level. Dean’s most known for his speed, hockey sense, and compete level.

When asked which NHL player he compares his game to, Dean said Mathew Barzal.

This is the first time the Golden Knights have selected a player from the QMJHL with their 1st selection in a draft, it is the 3rd player selected from the Q joining Xavier Bouchard (2018, 6th) and Lukas Cormier (2020, 3rd).

The great thing about Dean is he doesn’t need to put points on the board to have an impact in the game. His effort level in all three zones is second-to-none; Dean has an impact in each zone and has a very strong two-way game. He’s not the biggest player but competes hard on the ice; he’s involved along the boards and already plays a mature, pro game. He has a very good stick to win puck battles along the boards and always seems to be around the puck. He keeps his feet moving, he’s always involved in the play and his off-the-puck effort is good, too. –2021 NHL Black Book

Dean plays at a breakneck pace, stacking his skill as a handler and a passer on top of his skating ability to make plays without a moment’s hesitation. His hands work independent of his feet, with his top arm free from his side, pushed out well in front of him to grant him as much manoeuvrability as possible. If you get open, he’ll get you the puck. It’s just that simple. -EliteProspects 2021 NHL Draft Guide


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  1. Daryl

    I here he is a good 2-way player. He’s very small so hopefully he can bulk up A LOT!!! He isn’t a scorer so he will eventually end up on the 3rd or 4th line somewhere

  2. Tim

    You never know you have to trust your management and scouts when you draft a kid like Zach Dean. I’m getting up early for day 2. I’m going to play manager and make there next pick Aatu Raty he’s our kind of project he went from the penthouse to the outhouse definitely worth a shot. Two years ago projected to be the #1 pick to not getting picked in the first round I’d have to take a flyer on him.

    • Darlene MacEachern

      He is from Mt. Pearl Newfoundland!!!!!! Just 3 minutes from where i live!! How exciting , #1 Draft Pick for Vegas Golden Nights!
      Congratulations Zach, we ALL look forward to seeing you perform with the big Boys.

  3. Vic

    If he can play hockey as well as he communicates, he will have a fine career.

  4. trade

    watch his highlight reel here—

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice video, ozzy’s “scarey little green men” would have made for better listening

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Zach Dean C, Vegas Golden Knights
    The Vegas Golden Knights have selected Zach Dean with the 30th pick of the 2021 NHL Draft.

    Dean isn’t the flashiest of players, but he managed to put up a respectable 10 goals and 10 assists in 23 games with a mediocre Gatineau squad in the Quebec League last season. The 18-year-old is blessed with a good amount of skill, but like many players his age, his consistency is lacking when it comes to production and overall effort. It would be nice to see him take a big step forward in his third junior season. Dean is listed at 6-feet, 175 pounds and he isn’t shy about using his body to make a play. He projects as more of a second or third line center at the NHL level.

    He’s a center with a lot to like about his game – a high compete level, good hands, and good transitional play. He likes to make things happen with his stick and shows a lot of skill in backhanded passing and shooting.

    As with most prospects ranked outside the top 15, there is significant criticism of Dean’s play. He can tend to under commit defensively and be out of position away from the puck. In addition, he’ll skate away from defensive pressure while possessing the puck, instead of attacking the defender and using his puck handling skills to open up the ice. The biggest question for a player like Dean is whether or not he’ll be able to overcome the mental mistakes he makes on the ice and learn to better utilize his natural skill to improve his game.

    Scouting Reports

    It’s impossible to dislike the way Dean plays hockey. He works his tail off, he’s always applying pressure without the puck defensively, he’s always in motion with or without the puck offensively, he plays on the inside of the ice, and he can be trusted in all situations. That’s his foundation. Then on top of that, he’s got fast hands, he’s one of the better puck transporters through the neutral zone in the draft, he’s a fluid skater, and he likes to drive a line. I’m not sure how high his ceiling is but he makes things happen and there are a lot of people in the sport who think he’s going to be a good NHLer. – Scott Wheeler, The Athletic

    One of the areas that needs further development is his decision-making. Sometimes Dean will see three teammates battling in the corner of the defensive zone for the puck and instead of planting himself at center ice to eliminate a potential open lane, he will join the party which could lead to his opposition scoring should they win the puck battle and find a teammate in the slot. Dean also faces challenges with quick thinking. If a defenseman slides in front of him, he stumbles and carries the puck towards low danger instead of using his stick-handling skills to evade the defender and skate towards the doorstep. – Smaht Scouting

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