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Golden Knights Saw Remarkable Scoring Increase From Regular Season To Playoffs

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The last two postseasons before the Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup they experienced a similar issue that derailed each season. A team that rarely struggled to score suddenly couldn’t find the back of the net against teams like Vancouver, Dallas, and Montreal.

Then, in 2023, that issue disappeared. On their 22-game run to the Cup the Golden Knights scored at will against four vastly different styles of team. Vegas averaged four goals per game, leading all teams this postseason. 4.00 is nearly half a goal better than any other VGK team has ever posted in the playoffs and 1.2 goals per game better than the last time the Golden Knights were there.

Playoff Scoring Per Game
2022-23: 4.00
2020-21: 2.79
2019-20: 2.85
2018-19: 3.57
2017-18: 2.85

The main catalyst for this was scoring from forwards. 10 Golden Knights forwards saw their scoring pace increase in the playoffs compared to the regular season. The leader among them was Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Marchessault who went from 0.75 points per game in the regular season to a whopping 1.14 per game in the playoffs.

Michael Amadio, Brett Howden, and Mark Stone all saw increases of at least 0.2 points per game and Jack Eichel added 0.19 per game in the playoffs.

William Karlsson led the pack in goal-scoring difference from the regular season to playoffs. Karlsson scored just 0.17 goals per game, or less than one every five games, to scoring 0.50 per game in the playoffs, or one every other game. Both Chandler Stephenson and Marchessault also added at least 0.22 extra goals per game in the playoffs which means just taking those three players alone, the Golden Knights were getting an extra goal per game compared to the regular season.

Here’s the full chart to show the delta (DIFF) between each players’ goal (G/GP) and point (P/GP) scoring in the regular season (RS) and the playoffs (P).

**Use landscape mode if viewing on a mobile device.**

Jonathan Marchessault0.370.590.220.751.140.39
Michael Amadio0.240.310.070.400.630.23
Brett Howden0.
Mark Stone0.400.500.100.881.090.21
Jack Eichel0.400.27-0.130.991.180.19
Zach Whitecloud0.
Alec Martinez0.
William Karlsson0.170.500.330.650.770.12
Ivan Barbashev0.260.320.060.700.820.12
Chandler Stephenson0.200.450.260.800.910.11
Nicolas Hague0.
Phil Kessel0.170.00-0.170.440.500.06
Nicolas Roy0.220.14-0.080.460.500.04
Teddy Blueger0.
Keegan Kolesar0.110.09-
Brayden McNabb0.010.00-
Reilly Smith0.330.18-0.150.720.64-0.08
William Carrier0.290.11-0.170.450.33-0.12
Shea Theodore0.150.05-0.100.750.62-0.13
Brayden Pachal0.
Ben Hutton0.100.00-
Alex Pietrangelo0.150.05-0.100.740.48-0.26

No Golden Knight averaged more than 0.4 goals per game in the regular season while four did in the playoffs (Marchessault, Stone, Karlsson, Stephenson). Also, not a single Golden Knight reached a point per game in the regular season while three did in the playoffs (Eichel, Marchessault, Stone).

Because the Golden Knights were so proficient at scoring, it allowed two of their most important offensive weapons to focus more on their primary jobs. Alex Pietrangelo and Shea Theodore saw both of their goals per game and points per game decrease in the postseason. Between the two, Vegas received 0.3 goals per game and 1.5 points per game in the regular season. Those numbers dipped to 0.1 goals and 1.1 points per game in the playoffs. It seems like a lot, but the 0.1 goals per game was made up by Mark Stone alone.

Add it all up, and offense was never a problem for Vegas during this playoff run, and it’s ultimately the main reason they all have their names engraved on the Cup.


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  1. Yes that darned lack of scoring against the stars and canadians was part of our downfall those years….we really did not match up well with the stars that year…plus the goaltending ‘controversy’…but the lack of adapting and letting the stars dictate the pace or lack there of was critical…even in game 5….we were up 2-0 with 10 minutes left against a team that couldnt score yet we lost that game as well….the canadians …oh good golly how did that ever happen….i was ready for the Lightning…we would have beaten them as we just hve always matched up super well against them…it would have taken 7 games but VGK would have prevailed!!

    • DocDG

      I have always put the blame for losses to Dallas and Montreal directly on coaching. Pete DeBoer has an excellent system to get teams into the playoffs. For 2 years in a row we ran into well coached teams that had a plan to counteract his system and prevent us from scoring. The coaching staff could not or would not make the necessary changes to overcome what they were doing. Fortunately both Vegas and Dallas had new coaches this year.

      • Docdg….oh and let us not forget the assistant coach who obviously has incriminating documents regarding PDB otherwise how could he maintain his status as Power Play coach…yes I am talking about you Steve Spott!!!

  2. Pistol Pete

    I feel the increase in offense comes from good defending, all players, the forwards especially, playing the two way game. Defending the neutral zone, keeping the entries to the outside and making it tough for the shooters to get inside once in the zone. When they play Cassidy’s defensive system the offensive opportunities come. Look at Eichel. Cassidy develops him into an excellent two way center and they win the Cup. That is how important 200 ft. hockey is. The biggest part of the team identity Cassidy has created. Dorofeyev has a shot a replacing Smith. If he does not get back and defend he will not make the grade.

    • Pistol Pete

      Eichel was the regular season points leader with 66 in 67 games. Look around the league at players with so many more points, multiple of them per team and where did they end up with Edmonton being the best example? Nowhere because their defensive structure sucked and/or the players were not all bought into how important the 200 ft. game is. Thank you Bruce Cassidy and thank you Kelly McCrimmon for hiring him. Now he have a team identity that won the Cup. With decent health we have another shot this season.

    • LVsc

      exactly right.

      also notice that the offensive dmen, 7 and Theodore, scored less in the playoffs, but were more valuable by staying home and not getting caught up ice.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Theodore, and no. 3 made tremendous goal line saves when the puck got behind our goalie, the MOUNTAIN !

        Do not forgot about those game changing plays.

        Scoring against HABS in semi finals? That wasn’t issue, MAF GAFFE was issue that cost them the series.

        There is NO DOUBT in my mind if VGK had the GAFFE in goal in playoffs this year, they surely WOULD HAVE EXITED EARLY and not even made the finals.

        sez me

  3. LVsc

    Good news, the new season is almost here. Sept 15 will begin the prospects tournament in Vegas.


    Vegas Golden Knights

    VGK to Host 2023 Rookie Faceoff Presented by Martin-Harris Construction

    VEGAS (July 24, 2023) – The Vegas Golden Knights announced today, July 24, that the organization will host the 2023 Rookie Faceoff presented by Martin-Harris Construction. The annual tournament, which was previously hosted by Vegas in 2018, will take place September 15-18.

    Six teams including the Golden Knights will participate in the 2023 Rookie Faceoff with games at both City National Arena and The Dollar Loan Center. Top prospects from the Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings, and San Jose Sharks will travel to Las Vegas for the showcase.

    The four-day event will feature three games on Friday, September 15, two games on Saturday, September 16 and one game on Sunday, September 17 before concluding on Monday, September 18, when each of the six teams take the ice one last time. The full schedule can be found below and includes venue locations.

    Information regarding broadcasts, media credentials, and tickets for the 2023 Rookie Faceoff will be announced at a later date.

    Schedule is subject to change. Games will be played at City National Arena (1550 S. Pavilion Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89135) and The Dollar Loan Center (200 S. Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV 89012).

    Friday, Sept. 15
    Game 1 – SJS vs. LAK, 1 p.m. PT, City National Arena (Summerlin Hospital Rink)
    Game 2 – ARI vs. COL, 3:30 p.m. PT, City National Arena (GHOST Energy Rink)

    Game 3 – ANA vs. VGK, 7 p.m. PT, The Dollar Loan Center

    Saturday, Sept. 16
    Game 1 – LAK vs. ARI, 3:30 p.m. PT, City National Arena (Summerlin Hospital Rink)

    Game 2 – VGK vs. SJS, 7 p.m. PT, The Dollar Loan Center

    Sunday, Sept. 17
    Game 1 – COL vs. ANA, 1 p.m. PT, City National Arena (Summerlin Hospital Rink)

    Monday, Sept. 18
    Game 1 – ARI vs. SJS, 10 a.m. PT, City National Arena (Summerlin Hospital Rink)
    Game 2 – ANA vs. LAK, 12:30 p.m. PT, City National Arena (GHOST Energy Rink)

    Game 3 – COL vs. VGK, 3 p.m. PT, City National Arena (Summerlin Hospital Rink)

    • THE hockey GOD

      I was hoping that the KRAKEN would replace the yotes. I guess the KRAKEN
      rookie camp will be with the northern teams ? Oilers, flames, jets,
      regina vaginas, and juneau nothings (aka liberals) ?

  4. THE hockey GOD

    all we need now to bolster our defense is ek65, maybe even austin matthews

    • THE hockey GOD

      what’s your point, fake hockey God,

      you are not fooling anyone.

  5. rac

    how about an article on the penalty kill in the finals?

  6. THE hockey GOD

    The article is a bit disingenuous failing to mention the fact that as VGK progressed the teams they played were more and more tired and didn’t play defense, and their goalies faltered and withered under pressure.

    Meanwhile in the real world, which impacts our every day lives; including hockey. And our pocket books which impacts our ability to buy tickets to hockey games.

    The swamp put Donald Trump through hell for four years based on bogus allegations.

    Meanwhile, we have definitive proof @JoeBiden
    sold this country out to enrich himself & his family, & the Swamp thinks we should give him the benefit of the doubt?

    Enough stalling. The American people want to see action.

    No. We want to see consequences. We want to see CONSEQUENCES for the Biden’s corrupt actions

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Bergeron retires from NHL after 19 seasons with Bruins
    Stanley Cup champ, 6-time Selke Trophy winner says ‘time is right to step away’

  8. THE hockey GOD

  9. THE hockey GOD

    I wasn’t going to go see this in the first place, now EM , among others, supports my decision 10000000000% And the left is pushing this same shit on hockey, Gary “pantyhose” Bettman is doing nothing about it either.

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    What’s Happening:
    Anyone who hoped there might still be a good and wholesome movie at the theater this summer is still feeling gloomy. Not even the “blockbuster” opening weekend for the hottest live-action toy movie could save the integrity of cinema this summer.

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    From The Daily Wire:

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    The movie, which racked up a huge box office opening weekend at $155 million, was panned by critics who pointed out the obvious dialogue nagging about the “patriarchy.”

    Musk has been outspoken against woke ideology for years. He has called wokeness, according to the Daily Wire, “arguably one of the biggest threats to modern civilization.”

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    Anyone still hoping for Hollywood to openly promote traditional American values will be disappointed if they waste their money on this movie. No matter what they’re doing, leftists can’t leave kids alone and just let them have fun at a movie about a toy.

    Key Takeaways:
    Billionaire, critics pan “Barbie” over hidden leftist message.
    Darling flick from Hollywood attacks modern society.
    Musk warns of any drinking games focused on this one word.

    • TS


  10. THE hockey GOD

    Vegas Hockey NOW strikes down the FO HATERS on this forum with powerful article.

    great owner puts great people in place to run their business. Great people make great decisions that lead to a business becoming successful. On July 13, 2016, Golden Knights owner Bill Foley announced the hiring of George McPhee as the team’s first general manager. On August 2, 2016, McPhee announced the hiring of Kelly McCrimmon as the team’s assistant general manager.

    McCrimmon was often referred to as the “architect of the expansion draft.” Recognizing the position of strength that the Golden Knights were in, McCrimmon used his leverage to make advantageous deals. The Columbus Blue Jackets traded their first-round and second-round pick in the 2019 expansion draft plus forward David Clarkson to the Golden Knights in exchange for selecting William Karlsson. Forward Jonathan Marchessault was selected from the Florida Panthers in the expansion draft. The Panthers also traded forward Reilly Smith to the Golden Knights in exchange for a fourth-round pick. Smith was the reward for the Golden Knights for selecting Marchessault and not one of the players that the Panthers wanted to keep.

    There was concern that the Golden Knights would not be able to retain McCrimmon once Seattle was awarded an NHL franchise. The Edmonton Oilers also had an interest. What team would not want McCrimmon as their general manager after watching the early success of the Golden Knights? Foley and McPhee thought the same thing.

    “Ultimately it didn’t feel like a big change,” McPhee told USA TODAY Sports. “… It wasn’t a difficult decision for me. It felt right. I’m happy to do it. It’s what is best for the Vegas Golden Knights. The organization comes first. The individual comes a close second.”

    It was McPhee’s idea to give up the general manager role and promote McCrimmon. This move allowed the hockey operations management team to remain intact.

    Doing so in an unapologetic, emotionless manner. McCrimmon has not been afraid to make a big move. Everyone loved Nate Schmidt. Everyone loved Marc-Andre Fleury. Smith has been the most impactful Golden Knight to the community and is loved by everyone. All three of those players have come and gone under McCrimmon’s watch. The roster is always subject to continuous improvement and winning a Stanley Cup will not change that.

    It has been hard to understand at times, but the #McCrimmoPlan has been realized.

    Prior to joining the Golden Knights: McCrimmon owned and coached the Brandon Wheat Kings of the WHL from 1988 to 2016. The Wheat Kings won the Ed Chynoweth Cup in 2016, McCrimmon’s final year with the Wheat Kings prior to joining the Golden Knights. McCrimmon sold the Wheat Kings in 2020.

    Golden Knights players and staff with ties to the Wheat Kings: Logan Thompson, Mark Stone, Nolan Patrick, Jiri Patera, Ryan Craig, Jordan Papirny, Reid Duke were coached by McCrimmon in Brandon.

    • THE hockey GOD

      sorry VEGAS HOCKEY NOW

      everyone did not love back stabber , gaffer MAF and Nate “druggy” Schmidt

  11. THE hockey GOD

    and one vote for Carrier (“i am low man on totem pole, they bark the orders, and I just follow them”)


    quote of playoffs IMHO

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