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Golden Knights Reserves Become Fans Like Everyone Else

We know they’d rather be on the ice, but the VGK healthy scratches maintain the right attitude. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Imagine this. You’ve worked your entire life to become a professional hockey player, make it to the National Hockey League, and to eventually play for the Stanley Cup. Then, your team makes it there, coach brings down the lineup card, and your name is not on it. Rather than play in the game, you are destined to sit in the press box wearing a suit and watch. Sounds like the worst, right? Actually…

It’s awesome. When you’re sitting upstairs and we score a goal guys are jumping and down, hugging each other. That’s what it’s all about. Everyone is a part of the same goal. -Brad Hunt

Hunt hasn’t played since April 7th in Calgary, the Golden Knights last regular season game.

Guys like myself, Jonny (Merrill), and others who haven’t played in awhile, we all want everyone to do so good because we know it’s a chance at something we may never get a chance to do again. It’s been so special. -Hunt

Talking to Hunt, fellow defenseman Jon Merrill, and others, you’d think these guys average 20 minutes a night in the postseason.

I’m honestly more nervous when I’m not playing. When you’re out there playing you’re not thinking about anything, you’re just playing. When you’re upstairs you’re just a fan, you want the boys to win so bad. -Jon Merrill

Golden Misfits? More like Nervous Nellies.

I think I’m more nervous watching upstairs then being on the ice. We try and be positive to support the guys. You got to be a good teammate and make sure we’re cheering for the guys. -Oscar Lindberg

I played, I got injured and I got up there, it’s way more nerve-wracking. I don’t know if it’s sitting with those guys, they keep moving, they keep talking all game. It’s fun, it’s exciting. -William Carrier

The frustration of not playing is there, it has to be, but to Merrill, Hunt, Lindberg, Carrier, and the rest of the scratches, ego comes second. It’s more than suiting up, it’s about supporting the greater good.

The excitement comes from the love we have for each other as teammates. We’ve been a part of it this whole time even though we haven’t scored as many goals or created as much. -Merrill

So when you’re watching the game, jumping off your coach, or pulling your hair out at the sports bar, remember, the healthy scratches are doing the same.

We’ve been there the entire journey, and we’re just as excited as anyone else to be a part of this fantastic journey. -Merrill

It’s impossible to like this team anymore, and then you talk to the Vegas reserves.


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  1. Tim

    The Golden Knights personify the very definition of team. Hard not to love these guys. Egos are nonexistent and they are all about winning.

    I hope this ends with their names etched into the Cup. Either way I’m a proud fan. Drove from San Diego to be in town for Game 1. #Cupin1

    • Jim johnson

      OMG they are the only team in history that the scratches cheer in the stands for the players on the ice! You have to love these guys. What you don’t have to love is moron sports writers who write this type of pathetic articles. News flash Golden Knight fans. This happens every year to both teams scratches. My guess is that the Caps scratches go twice as crazy when they score. This article is one of the downsides of a new franchise with no nothing writers and fans making the finals.

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