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Golden Knights Remain In Decent Position Compared To Former Reigning And Eventual Champions

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The Golden Knights have completed exactly half of their title-defending season. They started as hot as hot can be setting the new record for most wins in a row to begin a season for a reigning champion. Then, as injuries started to pile up, they hit the skids a little bit and have fallen to 10th in the league in points percentage.

It hasn’t been pretty for the last month or so, but Vegas still finds themselves in a solid position. At the midway post, the Golden Knights are still clearly in the playoff picture, sitting eight points north of the cut line.

After 41 games, the Golden Knights have a points percentage of .622. It’s the 4th best mark in their seven seasons, slightly below their franchise average of .659 at this point in the year. .622 equates to 102 points at the end of the season, which would be good enough to make the playoffs every single year since the current format has been adopted. And, .622 is the exact average points percentage at the halfway point of the season for the last six Stanley Cup runners-up.

Golden KnightsDefending ChampEventual ChampEventual Runner-Up
22-23 (COL/VGK/FLA).683.549.683.488
21-22 (TBL/COL/TBL).610.720.768.720
20-21 (TBL/TBL/MTL).707.707.707.573
19-20 (STL/TBL/DAL).561.707.643.610
18-19 (WSH/STL/BOS).585.659.463.610
17-18 (PIT/WSH/VGK).732.524.646.732

VGK’s current points percentage has them behind all but one of the last six eventual champions at this point in the season. They are also now well behind where they sat a year ago. In 2022-23 the Golden Knights amassed 57 points through 41 games, six points better than they are right now.

The Golden Knights are however playing much better than last year’s defending champion, the Colorado Avalanche. Colorado posted a points percentage of just .549, 45 points in 41 games. They were out of the playoff picture both by points and points percentage as the second half of the year began. The only other team similar was the 2017-18 Penguins who were defending back-to-back titles. They were even worse than Colorado, amassing just 43 points through 41 games. Pittsburgh was also on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

The Avalanche and the Penguins both went on a tear in the second half of the season to make the playoffs easily. Colorado rattled off 64 points in the final 41 games to win the division. Pittsburgh accumulated 57 points in the last 41 to finish in 2nd in the division. The Avs went on to lose in the first round to the Seattle Kraken while the Pens beat the Flyers in round one but fell to the eventual champion Capitals in six games in the second round.

However, Vegas is a bit short of the normal pace for an eventual champion. Aside from the St. Louis Blues, who had the 6th worst record in the entire league at the halfway point, all other eventual champions had better points percentages than Vegas. It’s not like the Golden Knights are far off though. The 2017-18 Capitals sat at 53 points after 41 games and the 2019-20 Lightning had just 52. Vegas’ 51 is certainly not an outlier by any sense of the word.

Adding it all up, despite the 3-8-0 run since mid-December and the 12-13-4 mark since November 5th, the Golden Knights are still in perfectly fine shape to not only make the playoffs but make a run once they get there.

That is, of course, assuming they snap out of this at some point soon.




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  1. Actually the Jets are one of several teams that seemingly cant be cooled…along with the Canucks the Kraken and the fast rising Oilers…its crazy we are in this position after the start we had….but thank goodness for that start as we are still in playoff contention with half the season still to unfold…these next few weeks before the All Star break could very well have us teetering on the edge of a playoff spot….sigh!!!!

    Besides everything else going wrong lately for VGK….besides watching an inferior product….besides being shown how little depth we actually have in the organization…besides the crazy amount of injuries….one of our strengths during our history is defending THE FORTRESS…tonight with the rested Bruins in town i foresee the stands being at least 33% full of their fans negating whatever home ice advantage that was once ours….2 more items…what does our current state of affairs say about Brisson to not even giving him a shot…and on the glimmer of hope and plus side….once Cormier overcomes his nerves and understandable tentiveness on the ice his skating can be a big plus for VGK!

    • Niggles

      Did you see the Bruins@ Avalanche the other day? My wife was like, “no they’re playing in Boston.” To which I responded, “look at center ice!”

      We will see how the turnout is tonight…people more concerned about making a buck to help find their season tickets! Booooo!

      We will be at the Fortress for Calgary & Preds… :)

  2. Foley Toffoli

    2 key points in that puff piece—–

    1= “the 12-13-4 mark since November 5th”

    2= “That is, of course, assuming they snap out of this at some point soon.”

    Nov 5 to Jan 11, that is 2 frickin months in a slump!


    did we see any signs that they are snapping out of it last night? hell no, and without Hill, Karlsson, and Theodore long term it looks less likely to happen very soon.

  3. Henderson Knights

    on Nov 5 the Vgk were 13 pts ahead of Seattle and 18 pts ahead of Edmonton.

    Now the Vgk are just 8 pts ahead of both of them, and both of them are red hot and moving up fast.

  4. Walt

    Calling 38 year old Corey Perry. Can you come to Vegas, stay off the sauce, and teach the guys how to get under the other team’s skin? I never liked you, but the boys need some grit.

  5. knights fan in minny

    like your thinking

  6. They need someone with balls and Perry certainly qualifies. He helped Tampa win. He is another Tkachuk who all hate unless he is on your team and a problem for competition around the net as Perry was and probably still is. I don’t particularly like his style of play but Vegas could use some toughness.

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