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Golden Knights Record In Every Jersey

They always say “You are what you wear.” So, let’s look at the Golden Knights’ records when they wear each of their six different jerseys.

**Stick tap to for the images of the jerseys.**

Gray Jersey (2017-2020 Home)
Overall: 130-59-14 (.675)
Gray Helmet: 117-54-14 (.670)
Gold Helmet: 13-5-0 (.722)
Playoffs: 22-12
Stanley Cup Final: 1-2

White Jersey (2017-Current Away)
Overall: 156-107-30 (.584)
Home: 5-4-3 (.542)
Playoffs: 23-19
Stanley Cup Final: 1-3

Gold Jersey (2021-Current Home)
Overall: 58-21-3 (.726)
Road: 3-0-0 (1.000)
Playoffs: 9-3
Stanley Cup Final: 3-0 *Won Cup*

Red Jersey (Reverse Retro 2021)
Overall: 3-2-0 (.600)
Road: 0-1-0 (.000) *Lake Tahoe*

Black Jersey (Reverse Retro 2022-23)
Overall: 3-5-0 (.375)

Winter Classic (2024)
Overall: 0-2-0 (.000)
Road: 0-1-0 (.000) *Winter Classic*


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  1. ThG

    i thought they were called sweaters?

    another filler article so
    it’s time for >>>>>>

  2. ThG

    Brayden Pachal has been placed on waivers

  3. Rick D

    You guys must be board looking for things to do during the break! Thanks for the research.


    THE WINTER CLASSIC JERSEY IS CURSED. the design is poor. But besides it’s look…
    It’s unlucky. GET RID OF IT

  5. Walt

    what a piece of garbage this lazy loafing half speed and worse, overhyped no star game is.

    Eliminate it entirely and have the world cup tournament every non- olympic year.

    • Vic

      Agree. Just give the money to charity instead. Why do goalies even agree to play in these exhibitions? The all star games for the other sports aren’t watchable either.

      As for sweaters….Gray at home and white on the road and scrap the rest.

  6. C. Brannen

    Vic…re the sweaters…YES!! And do get rid of the winter classic ones.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Does anybody think the $3m Anthony Duclair is a prospective McCrimmon TD add? I would say he has more offensive punch than Howden and obviously Cotter. Hate to sell Brett short as he was really decent in the playoffs, his 5 G/5 A in 22 games significantly outperforming his career average. Duclair’s average 4 G/7 A in 20 games was actually a little better. Duclair had a couple really good seasons (made the All-Star with Ottawa) and though he appears to be injury prone his career stats are actually higher than Barbashev’s (something like .54 vs. .47 pts/game).


  8. Pistol Pete

    Duclair .52
    Barbashev .46

    Wonder what VGK scouting thinks of Duclair. On the CBJ Torts once said he did not know how to play.

    • JB

      We don’t need him, in my opinion!

      • Pistol Pete

        Fair enough but just not sure with Smith gone and Dorofeyev being a tenuous replacement that McCrimmon will think he does not need another winger with more scoring punch than Howden and Cotter (and Dorofeyev should he go flat down the stretch). With Smith gone Kelly is less one player from the Cup winning roster, who happened to be the guy who scored the game winner in game 5.

  9. Wes Skworzec

    After seeing what they did to MAF & then signing Lehner told me all I needed to know about how this organization operates. However we did win the cup last season so…

    • Pistol Pete

      MAF…business is business. Him and his agent leveraged that fat $7m/yr. term deal out of the VGK. That was top dollar especially for a goalie entering the twilight of his career. Good thing the MAF/Lehner saga played out as it did because they never would have won the Cup otherwise.

  10. Tim

    If the truth be told M.A.F. was the man period. First year our first draft pick along with the rest of the crew won over our hearts and he was a big part of that. Fast forward year two were 5 minutes away of putting San Jose away when the roof fell in after a 5 minute penalty which shouldn’t of happened. M.A.F. gives up 4 goals in the 5 minute penalty and because of his lack of good goaltending and Gallant not taking a time out our season ends. Year 3 Gallant gets fired in comes DeBoer with a bad taste in his mouth for M.A.F. because of the choke the year before against the Sharks. He wants a change in comes Lehner and the fireworks begin. Fans are split between Lehner and M.A.F. Ken and Jason both want Lehner things get ugly and M.A.F. becomes the villain. Year 4 were up against Montreal to go to the cup finals Price stands on his head M.A.F. doesn’t play well we lose a series we had no business losing M.A.F. career end in Vegas on a sour note. For all the good he did he did make mistakes but to blow him off after what he helps create is a little harsh in my opinion. When I think of the history of the Golden Knights the first name that comes to my mind is M.A.F. and number two is Wild Bill and that’s the way I see it.

    • Pistol Pete

      Best thing about MAF was year one where for sure they don’t go as far as they did without HIM. Amazing. As I said, him and his agent bled McCrimmon for $7m multi-year for a goalie nearing his twilight. Him and his agent saw the end coming imo. I never bought into the argument that the VGK hung him out to dry. Business is business. In the end they never win the Cup with MAF or Lehner. It just did not work out with the two of them. Sure McCrimmon wanted the Lehner move back but in the end it worked out.

    • ThG

      quit cherry picking , and they got RL when MAF was showing signs of wear and tear. You forgot to mention that when MAF was hurt, RL took VGK to the semi finals. And when RL did, MAF complained and back stabbed the team. In line with his major playoff gags, you forgot to mention that in the FINALS against the CAPS he completely fell apart. Then after his GAF against the HABS when rumored to be traded he said he was going to retire. That completely blew his trade value out the door. If you are going to tell the story, tell complete story. MAF was not a team player when he was here. He wanted to be number one, all the time. he back stabbed the coach and team, and the organization. GOOD RIDDANCE.

      With all due respect, next time don’t fall asleep in your lazy boy, your have a tendency to miss some important stuff.

      PS genocide JOe is worst pRESIDENT of WH in years. November can’t come soon enough.

      Pachal claimed by Flames.

      • Tim

        THG, I could have went in more detail a blow by blow but my main purpose was to show M.A.F. was the face of the franchise. I mentioned his gaffs in the San Jose game the Montreal game where he lost the puck in the last two minutes to give us a heartbreaking loss but that put deserved criticism on him. And yes your right when I’m in my lazy boy watching the Knights put up goose eggs for 2 periods I tend to fall asleep. I guess it comes down to we’ve had good times and bad times with the Knights in our first 6 years but we do have a Cup so the good outweighs the bad.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Pachal claimed by Calgary.

  12. Great practice for VGK today.. lively and animated.. Karly came out last on the ice to a great reception and was flying out there..Cassidy had the boys doing many different drills during the almost 1 hour they were out there…was hoping for a red-shirted Theodore as well as Pavel.. but we will take what we have and end the oilers streak on Tuesday!!

  13. Pistol Pete

    “Pav not at practice Monday might have skated earlier”. Does not seem like he’ll play tomorrow (my inference).

  14. They actually had the practice rink all blacked out before the actual practice…so its possible all the injured were skating???

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