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Golden Knights Re-Sign Deryk Engelland, Trade David Clarkson And 4th Round Pick For Garrett Sparks

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George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon have awoken from their summer slumber to complete to transactions and pave the way for more in the future.

First, the Golden Knights traded David Clarkson’s contract and a 4th Round pick in 2020 for goalie Garret Sparks.

The benefits for the Golden Knights are minimal as Vegas could have simply placed Clarkson on LTIR, but they do gain a bit of flexibility which they would not have had if they had kept Clarkson’s contract on the books.

The other move was re-signing Deryk Engelland to a one-year contract worth $700,000. The contract includes performance bonuses which could allow him to earn up to $1.5 million total.

(To our knowledge) Without moving Clarkson, those performance bonuses would have been counted against the Golden Knights salary cap whether Engelland reached them or not, but without Clarkson, and thus Vegas NOT using LTIR, they can be pushed to 2020-21 in the event he reaches them and the Golden Knights cannot afford them.

Next, how does this affect the elephant in the room?

Finally, Garret Sparks is an AHL level goalie who has been in the Toronto system since 2013. In 2017-18 he was named the best goalie in the AHL as the Toronto Marlies went on to win the Calder Cup. He recorded the best save percentage in the league that season as well at .936.

Last season, Sparks stayed with the NHL club throughout. He played 20 games and posted a 3.15 GAA and a .902 SV%.

Sparks is on a one-way one-year contract worth $750,000.

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  1. DugMac

    Need some clarification. Sparks is on a one way contract. I am assuming he will play in Chicago. Does he need to clear waivers to go there? Does he get paid his NHL salary while he is there?
    That then begs the question of financial arrangements with a Chicago. Does Vegas own them? If not and they are paying player salaries, do they get revenue in some form?
    Probably a complicated answer that might serve as a future article.

    • Yes he needs to clear waivers. He gets paid NHL salary. They are “loaned” to Chicago. It’s not nearly as exciting as you think.

  2. vgk2019

    now get rid of Mr. playoff scratch, Mr. $2.2 mill albatross….HOLDEN

    the hesitation in making such an obvious and necessary move is “holden” up the progress in signing Gusev.

    and this all indicates that the comments by Gusev’s agent helped get the ball rolling with some action

  3. Brent Thomson

    What are the odd Sparks is an indication that Vegas is going to use a backup goalie as sweetener for a trade of a less desirable player?

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