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Golden Knights Purchase AHL Franchise, Relocating Them To Las Vegas/Henderson

The Golden Knights have purchased the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL and pending the expected approval from the AHL’s Board of Governor’s, they will be relocated to Las Vegas/Henderson for the 2020-21 season.

Though it was not announced formally today, the team is expected to play at The Orleans Arena next season and stay for either two or three years. The plan is then for the team to move to a new arena, yet to begin construction, in Henderson.

The AHL team is expected to be named the Henderson Silver Knights and they will practice at Lifeguard Arena in Henderson, the new public rink being built on Water Street.

By every relevant metric, the growth of the game here the last few years at all levels has been remarkable. We could not be more proud to bring a second professional hockey club to the Valley to accelerate this growth even further. -The Creator

The Golden Knights will end their affiliation with the Chicago Wolves at the conclusion of this season and will bring all players under Golden Knights contract with them to the new affiliate in Las Vegas/Henderson.

This move will effectively centralize our hockey operations and streamline our processes in terms of player development, scouting, transfers and staffing. -George McPhee

The Golden Knights are currently accepting refundable season ticket deposits of $50 for the AHL franchise. They can be purchased at this link with current season ticket holders receiving priority access in the seat selection process.

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  1. JV

    Don’t know if link is broken or just real busy. Keeps saying session timed out.

  2. The season ticket deposit is refundable per the VGK release.

  3. Brady Smith

    Exciting news. Can’t wait to see them play. Maybe I can afford it.

  4. Joe

    Team Name Rankings
    1. Thunder
    2. Wranglers
    3. Scorpions
    4. Squires
    86. Getting hit by a Zamboni
    1,000,472. Anything Knights (It’s lazy!)
    87,012,376,647. Anything gambling related (Lazier!)

    • Skeeter Thompson

      Silver Squires would’ve been a much better name — would’ve sold more merch outside of the 50,000 or so super die-hard Knights fans in Vegas.

      • Joe

        Of course. And it a minor league team. The same should be on the ridiculous side. Silver Squires does just that and stays on brand.
        Albuquerque has their PCL team named after a Simpson’s reference. Why can’t there be a Futurama reference with the Henderson Hypnotoads?
        There is zero chance that it happens, and it’s a missed opportunity, but you put the team another 20 minutes down 93 and call them the Boulder City Dams. That’s how you minor league.

        • Skeeter Thompson

          Absolutely. The Aviators — a AAA in a huge market (with a terrible name and a craptastic logo) — get outsold in merch by the Trash Pandas, the Lake Monsters and the Macon Whoopee, lower-level teams in tiny markets. Everything is so serious and buttoned up with the Knights. Here’s a nice chance to loosen up and have fun — and make more money. But they won’t do it.

  5. Tim

    I’m loving the AHL team moving here. Great to see the young kids develop hope they put some away games on TV to spike the interest. Knowing Bill Foley everything is first class. Thank you Bill

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