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Golden Knights Prospect Rankings – February 23rd, 2022

As we approach the trade deadline it’s time to reset the rankings on the Golden Knights prospect pool. A large group of players were removed for a variety of reasons which has new prospect atop the list.

The individual rankings have shifted around quite a bit since our last update, but the overall group remains similar. Vegas has a bunch of players who have a legit shot at reaching the NHL, but the number of guys who could be difference-makers is still very low.

Here’s the new list, ranking all 26 skaters and 5 goalies in the system.

Criteria to qualify for rankings:

  • Must be younger than 23 years old for skaters, 25 years old for goalies
  • Cannot have played more than 10 NHL games
  • Must be either under contract or drafted by the Golden Knights

Players are ranked based on value to the organization. The most important factor is the player’s ceiling, or how good they can eventually become, but also taken into consideration is how close they are to playing in the NHL and how likely they are to play in the NHL. This is NOT a ranking of which players are the best if a game were to be held today.

Recently Removed: Peyton Krebs (Trade), Jake Leschyshyn (NHL experience), Jonas Rondbjerg (NHL experience), Lucas Elvenes (Waivers), Logan Thompson (Age)


1) Brendan Brisson (F)
Acquired: 2020 Entry Draft, 1st Round, #29 overall
Age: 20 (October 22, 2001)
Most Recent Team: University of Michigan (NCAA)
Previous Ranking: 4

Brisson has shot up this chart in large part due to his stellar sophomore season at Michigan but also his inclusion and impact on Team USA at the Olympics. Brisson continues to be dangerous on the power play, and his hockey sense has started to shine through. He’s not afraid to stick his nose into traffic to grab a loose puck and he has a good knack for where loose pucks are going to end up. When chaos happens, Brisson is usually there to clean it up. He continues to look like a bonafide NHL prospect with a ceiling in the top-six.

More on Brisson
8/7/21 – Ranking: 4 – Brisson had a solid freshman season at Michigan scoring 10 goals and adding 21 points in 24 games. He’s a power play weapon and will continue to be a point producer at the NCAA level this season. However, with Michigan’s stacked lineup, his playing time will be interesting to monitor. Michigan had four of the top five picks in the 2021 Draft and all are expected to be on the roster this year. As a late 1st round pick from the year prior, Brisson should be able to hold down a permanent spot, but we’re definitely going to learn a lot about him as to where coach Mel Pearson has him in that stacked lineup.

2/3/21 – Ranking: 3 – Brisson’s selection to the eventual gold medal-winning Team USA at the World Juniors was incredibly impressive considering how stacked that team was. He offers something unlike anything we’ve seen from a VGK prospect to this point and that’s an unbelievable shot. He loves to sit in the circle on the power play and rip shots past goalies who know it’s coming and still can’t stop it. He definitely has a ways to go in regards to strength and experience and the offensive play can improve in other areas aside from the shot, but there’s no doubt Brisson has an exciting future. 


(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

2) Kaedan Korczak (D)
Acquired: 2019 Entry Draft, 2nd Round, #41 overall
Age: 21 (January 29, 2001)
Most Recent Team: Henderson Silver Knights (AHL)
Previous Ranking: #2

Korczak made his NHL debut earlier this season and definitely didn’t look out of place in the big leagues. He’s continued to take strides both offensively and defensively in the AHL and the occasional nonchalant-ness that we had seen previously is dissipating. His biggest challenge with Vegas is going to be the logjam in front of him, not to mention the few challengers pushing behind him. He’s an NHL player without question though.

More on Korczak
8/7/21 – Ranking: 2 – Korczak worked his way up the depth chart for the Silver Knights as the year went on but could never find his place in the lineup permenantly. That should change this year as he’ll probably end up on the HSK top-pair fairly quickly. He’s close to being NHL ready, but the group of seven defensemen in front of him at the NHL level will likely keep him down. Wouldn’t be shocked to see his NHL debut in 2021-22 though.

2/3/21 – Ranking: 4 – The moment Vegas drafted Korczak we knew he was going to be a big guy, but he’s already a monster just one season removed from his draft year and he’s probably only going to get bigger. As he progresses through high levels like World Juniors and the AHL, it appears his calling card will be more as a defense-first penalty kill type player, but he’s certainly looking like he has an NHL future, and probably a long one.

4/16/20 – There’s nothing not to like about Korczak’s game. He’s got size, he’s a good skater, he’s physical, he’s calm on the puck, he can move the puck, and he’ll chip in offensively. His numbers will continue to look good in the WHL, but it’s all about how he looks against better competition going forward and unfortunately we aren’t going to get to see much of that any time soon.

11/16/19 – Korczak looked really good at camp and he has taken that game to the WHL racking up 14 points in 19 games for the Kelowna Rockets. Korczak is the type of defenseman that the Golden Knights are desperately looking for at the NHL level. Of course, he’s not ready at this point (nor would he be available to them anyway) but he’s a mobile, puck-moving d-man who will chip in offensively while taking care of his own end. The next time we really get to see what Korczak has to offer will likely be for Team Canada in December. If he can show something special in that tournament, the 2nd round pick is going to be in the top-five on this list next time for sure.

7/5/19 – The Golden Knights moved up in the draft to select Korczak and it didn’t take long to show why they valued him so much. In his own end, he’s a rock, defending both with his feet (mainly by keeping terrific gaps) and his stick. But what impressed me most with Korczak was his willingness to jump into the rush, or even start a rush. He reminded me a lot of Nate Schmidt, where the entire offense just looks more dangerous in transition when he’s out there.


3) Ivan Morozov (F)
Acquired: 2018 Entry Draft, 2nd Round, #61 overall
Age: 21 (May 5, 2000)
Most Recent Team: HK Sochi (KHL)
Previous Ranking: #3

The time appears to be getting close for Morozov to try his hand with the Golden Knights. He was traded late in the KHL season to Sochi who did not qualify for the playoffs. Thus, his season is over but he likely must wait until the end of April to sign with the Golden Knights. He should be an instant starter in the Henderson lineup and time will tell if he’ll be able to have enough of an offensive touch to make a difference in the NHL.

More on Morozov
8/7/21 – Ranking: 3 – The biggest question mark right now on Morozov is when is he going to make the trip across the pond and come to North America. Once he does, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he jumps to #1 on this list instantly. He’s been dynamite in the KHL playing center for one of the league’s best teams. He even went to the World Championships where he added three points in eight games. This kid is the real deal, but he’s not worth thinking about until he leaves Russia.

2/3/21 – Ranking: 2 – If Morozov was doing in the AHL what he’s doing in the KHL the excitement level surrounding him as a prospect would be much higher. The KHL is notorious for making life very difficult on young players and at age 20 Morozov is playing at a high level for one of the league’s best team’s. He’s a 200-foot center that has the hands to score and create for others. 11 goals in 47 KHL games is nothing to scoff at and once he decides it’s time to give North America a shot, I think he’ll be a Golden Knight shortly thereafter.

4/16/20 – Morozov had a pretty wild year playing in three different Russian leagues and in the World Juniors. He impressed at the World Juniors and he was starting to really put it all together in the KHL playoffs. He’s the type of player that is going to get a majority of his goals through hard work and willingness. The problem in his game is that he shuts off from time to time. It ends up leading to breakdowns and penalties. Hopefully it’s something he grows out of because he has enough talent to be an NHLer.

11/16/19 – This is a deceptive one because Morozov actually moves up in the rankings, but he really shouldn’t have. He’s been unable to crack the KHL roster for SKA St. Petersburg and he hasn’t exactly ripped up the Russian minor league, the VHL. World Juniors will be important for Morozov as he may be a top-six center for Russia.

7/5/19 – Yet again, we didn’t actually get to see him play as he skipped Development Camp for the second year. Thus, he ends up soaring down the rankings even though he appears to be a player with a real future. He’s young enough to play for Russia in World Juniors this year, and he should have an expanded role. Hopefully the numbers start showing up in the KHL this year too.

1/8/19 – The first real chance we’ve gotten to see Morozov was a good one. He looked very good at times as the 4th line center for Team Russia. His selection to this team was impressive in the first place as Russia historically does not like to choose 18-year-olds for their U20 team. However, Morozov helped make an impact and looks like a terrific 200-foot player. His backchecking was probably the most exciting part of his game as he constantly would come back into his own zone, break up a play and then get the puck moving forward. Still want to see a lot more of him, but don’t be surprised if he’s in the top 3 or 4 the next time I update this list.

9/12/18 – Did not attend Rookie Camp

7/28/18 – Unable to attend Development Camp following the Draft, Morozov remains a bit of an unknown. However, he has recently signed a contract with SKA St. Petersburg (yeah, the Shippy one) and was selected with Vegas’ only pick in the top 75 of the 2018 Draft which indicates he’s highly regarded. He has quick hands and should be a strong two-way center if/when he makes it to the NHL. A trip to World Juniors would do well for him to move up this list where he probably belongs.


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  1. M Johnson

    Any chance we see either Morozov or Cormier playing for HSK later this season at the new DLC?

  2. THE hockey GOD

    do to putin’s actions in Ukraine

    the russians may not be allowed to leave
    unless they sneak out.

    Western nations are pulling all Russian Visas as we speak.

    • Perspective – In WW II the Soviet Union lost 22 million citizens, 1.2 million alone at the hands of Hitler. By comparison the USA lost 250,000. They have a natural but also paranoid approach to the “west” in general. Sure, communism is bad and Putin isn’t a role model and a dictator. When the Soviet Union collapsed we guaranteed that NATO would not expand, that promise was broken by Clinton and NATO when they brought in the Baltic States and Poland. It is also a fact that nearly 50% of the people in Donetsk and Luhansk are Russian speaking former citizens that are more aligned to Russia. Also, the Russian military has been in the Donbas region for 8 years, ever since Putin invaded and took over the Crimea. The only thing that has changed is Putin recognizing the Donbas region as “independent”. You can rest assured that Putin is going to continue his expansion as long as we have the weak Party of Davos weak woke Globalists in power. And, no – I do not think this is good. If anyone is a Russian puppet it’s Obama and Biden.

      • THE hockey GOD

        putin “moved” a lot of Russian speaking “citizens” into those regions on purpose in order to initiated this move. These regions are basically an industrialized DMZ as the “separarists (those aforementioned citizens moved into those areas) have been fighting with Ukrianian army for nearly a decade.

        If Putin moves to the rest of Ukraine the feckless Europeans will do nothing because they are neutered libtard turds who think their own you know what doesn’t stink. They are afraid to do anything.

        Personally I don’t see why they don’t let Putin join NATO.

        On other hand , Ukraine is not innocent either. How would USA like it if Russia or China moved weapons into Mexico, rrr , Cuba.

        teat for tat.

        Note this would not have happened if Trump was in White House (in fact it didn’t happen). Trump was not a big fan of NATO.

        • Don

          You forgot he leaves and has helped organized criminal s in his country. And as far as puppet. TRUMP was doing head stands for Putin. ..remember his speech I like and can work with him…I thought the Republican party said that Biden would turn the country communist….now it’s the Republicans that has sided with the Russians … while Biden won’t take there stuff and remember the Russian s help the Trump campaign. Just could not prove TRUMPS involved..Keep you lies strait. Richie poor ….oh rich

          • knights fan in minny

            your boy blunder who shuts down pipeline don you must be proud of the bumbler stumbler failure

          • THE hockey GOD

            Trump had toughest sanctions against Putin, and the facts remain Putin did nothing when Trump was in White House. Obama “I will have more flexibility after the election.’ Remember Putin took Crimea and Obama /Hillary let him.

            Trump released a statement on Twitter, saying Putin was “playing Biden like a drum.”

            Putin invades and Biden farts in his general direction. A feckless , useless dementia ridden old crone that can’t change his own depends.

            I wouldn’t expect any Russian hockey players coming to USA any time soon, unless they defect.

          • Actually, the Mueller report stated that there was zero evidence of collusion between Trump, his campaign and Russia. These are the facts. And, now we find that it was actually the Clinton campaign and the DNC that triggered the entire Russian-Trump hoax. But, hey, I am not going to go down a rabbit hole with you. Live in your version of reality and I will stay in mine.

        • Putin did raise the possibility of joining NATO with Bush 43 and he was laughed at and dismissed. That was around 2000.

        • Thank you (NOT!) Hockey God for bringing up Putin and politics!! LMAO.

          I wonder what is going through the heads of Ovechkin, Dadanov, Miramanov and all of the other Russian NHL players!

          • THE hockey GOD

            rich rich, this issue directly impacts NHL players in Russia. I agree with the rest of your posts. I didn’t vote for W, I thought he was an idiot. So far that has been proven right. But on scale of idiocy: Hillary, Obama, and SloJoe are way ahead of him.

            IF they let Putin join NATO, like he wanted to do ; we probably wouldn’t be in the mess today.

            IT appears the Ukrainians are declaring victory on day one, saying putin wanted to crush it within 24 hours. The Russians shot Ukrainians who refused to surrender. Executed them in cold blood. Putin can end this if he wants too. I doubt he can occupy a country the size of Texas for any extended period of time. Meanwhile the rest of Europe is doing nothing as usual. Like they did when Hitler marched into Poland and France. I have no use for far left libtard turd euro PEONS. Feckless retards that they are.

      • The truth

        Really, who’s praising Putin? It was Russia who was expanding communism at the time occupying countries all the way to Poland. That’s why NATO was formed to stop this expansion. These countries under the Warsaw Pact were annexed involuntarily by Russia so when USSR collapsed, these countries that separated from it like Poland voluntarily joined NATO for protection. You’re twisting history to create a flawed narrative. Spineless Trump is so scared of Putin he couldn’t even slap Russia any sanctions even when one was approved by 99% of the Senate. When did Republicans become commie lovers?

        • At least Putin is honest about who he is. The Democrat Globalist Corporate Communists lie to the American people about who they are. If by Russia, you mean the the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) then yes there was a stalemate at the end of WW II as the Allies and the Soviet Union were at a teetering point of continuing the war against each other. The Western Allies, tired of war, decided to capitulate. They divided Germany and Berlin and most of eastern Europe was incorporated into the Soviet Union because the Allies simply had no fight left in them after defeating Germany. Additionally, the USA was still embroiled in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire and were gearing up to possibly divert military to the Pacific Theater. Yes, Poland and Baltic States wanted to join NATO. My point is that the agreement made when the Soviet Union collapsed was that there would be no NATO expansion. Talk about spineless? Obama did squat when Putin rolled into Crimea and did nothing during his presidency as Putin kept troops in DONBAS in support of Ukrainian rebel separatists. It’s speaks volumes to me that Putin didn’t make this move while Trump was in the White House, insteading waiting for the corrupt Joe Biden. I am no commie lover. I simply look at history through a much larger prism and take into context all the facts. Trump was opposed by Congress and NATO allies on the topic of Ukraine. He wanted to give them more military hardware for self defense. Obama gave them blankets and meals ready to eat.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    due not do**

  4. Jackson Hallum will be attending Michigan next year. Hopefully, Brisson is with Henderson.

  5. Save some $ and bring up Lechy, Rondjberg, and Cotter to replace Kolesar, Patrick and Janmark… bait…..

    • knights fan in minny

      i agree on patrick

    • THE hockey GOD

      they will probably trade all those players for another veteran with damaged goods, and label them the final piece to win the SC.

      RED WINGS 1
      AVS 2

    • Dcm

      I think your view on NHL players matches you knowledge of politics..and global strategy…1 out of 3. ..Kohlasar is the only bruiser we have the guys you mentioned are not ..even though he is not great ..all we got. Patrick is just a rental..

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