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Golden Knights Player Quotes From Stanley Cup Final Media Day

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Jonathan Marchessault on this time vs. last time in Cup Final

“It’s not as overwhelming as it was the first year. I think we know what we are coming into this time and it feels good to be because. But, this means nothing if we don’t win it and that’s the mentality I have this year.”

Mark Stone on original members of the Golden Knights “finishing what they started”

“I’m not so sure they are here to finish what they started as much as it’s just they want to win. These guys really want to win, man. Everybody in this organization wants to win. The owner stated he wants to win badly and you’ve seen that we’ve spended to the salary cap and we’ve added top-end players and key pieces throughout the time we’ve been here. These guys will do anything it takes.”

Alex Pietrangelo on players asking him about Stanley Cup experiences

“Guys ask the questions and I’ll give them an honest answer and I hope that helps because that feeling of having that opportunity is something we all want to have at least once… if not more.”

Brayden McNabb on playing against physical forecheck

“It’s going to be a physical series. They come hard and they finish their checks and we’re aware of that. It’s going to be about having good first touches, getting to the puck first, and making good reads. There won’t be a single play we can rely on every time either, we’re going to have to moce our feet and make reads and be smart with where we go on the first touch.”

“Dallas is a great forecheck team and we got better and better dealing with it as the series went on.”

Shea Theodore on long layoff before Stanley Cup Final

“We just felt like it was such a long time. When you’re waiting for that first game sometimes it can benefit the guys who are nursing some injuries but I remember us really wanting to get after it. It kind of got us out of a little bit of a rhythm.” 

“When we had the layoff we kind of were flashing back to the whole year. It was a magical run and we had a lot of key bounces and we were always scoring timely goals. And then our luck kind of ran out.”

Nic Roy on 4th line being challenged after Game 5

“We felt that challenge and he talked to us a little bit before the game. We know what (Cassidy) expects from us. He wants us to be physical, be hard on the forecheck, and set the tone at the start of the game. That was the message and I thought from the get go we did a really good job of that.”

Jonathan Marchessault on the possibility of the next word engraved on the Cup being Vegas

“It’s a lifetime achievement. You can ask anyone here, what’s your dream if you can have anything you want and winning the Stanley Cup is the answer. It’s what I’ve been working on my entire life.”


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    go knights go

    cage the panthers

  2. Jailbird

    One day away. Holy crap. I know I promised my wife I would remain calm , but, really! Ha ha.

    • knights fan in minny

      deep breath and maybe a cocktail hard to predict this series 2 of my three brackets i have the boys winning but it was not against the panthers this will be a hell of a series

      • kevin

        Brackets….. ?? What you need Minny is some +1800 tickets from back in late October after 2 games on the dreaded 5 game road trip…………… 😉
        Or………….getcha some more +1500 tickets second week March. Wasting you r time with brackets, bruh

        • TS

          Kevin, say WHAT?? Brackets have been part of sports since…
          SPORTS!! Jeesh…..

          • knights fan in minny

            how are you doing today TS are you nervous or excited enjoy the game lets go drop the puck its going to be a great series

  3. TS

    Btw: I strongly suggest you all watch ESPN’S ” Quest for the Stanley Cup”. GREAT VIEWING!!! Makes me so proud!

    • TS

      Kfim, top of the morning to you! I’m nervous, but so excited and proud, too! And I’m optimistic we’ll give Florida our BEST!!! No mulligans this time!!
      As Thg said, LET’S CAGE THE PANTHERS!!!!!

  4. Jailbird

    Wish I could, but I don’t have espn+. (:

  5. THE hockey GOD

    “The FO and coaching stuff for this franchise really sucks”

    –> most unsophisticated fan base in history of EVER.

  6. Jailbird

    I got espn+! I’m watching it now!

    • TS

      ENJOY, JB! I think there are several, chronologically produced as the playoffs unfolded…

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