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Colin Out To Prove Boston Exposed The Wrong Miller




  1. RJ

    I STILL think we should have just taken Dumba, but I’m also pretty stoked to finally get Alex Tuch on the big team. I’m super curious to see the line combinations with these changes.

  2. Julian

    Listen he might be fine for a game or 2 but seriously this is gonna get ugly fast.Made zero sense to trade Pickard for a worthless player and even worthless draft pick and the amazing part they could have drafted 5 goalies if they wanted too.We have a terrible defense as it is.Fluery made them look good.I don’t want to go to games when it’s gonna be over by second period.Subban on a good team was exposed how do you think it will turn out on a expansion team?Picard no matter what team says his numbers were good for a team that was beyond awful for years.

  3. Willy Andara

    If Subban sucks as much as we are all worried about, he gets waived in the near future when he’s eligible for it and no one claims him and he gets to rebuild at a more appropriate level and who knows maybe someday he’ll be half a talent. The real problem is the team didn’t get a decent option for an AHL replacement because they didn’t think they would need to. Lagace does not have the stats profile of someone who is going to do better than Subban. This feels like GMGM needs to pull out a magic trick and find somebody, maybe in the minors or Europe, who can do a more credible job than the guys he has from #2 on down. Its easy in hindsight to say the Pickard trade was a bad move, but I doubt he had any expectation to be sitting at 3-1 and looking good enough to be close to a .500 team with what he’s got.

    The change in expectations will cause him to make some moves he probably didn’t plan on. I’m thinking signing a credible #2 G is part of that, so is possibly signing Neal and maybe when the time comes that he needs roster spots to take a chance on losing guys like Reinhart or Hunt. If you think you are going to suck badly then sure trade anything and everything you can and protect all assets, but if you see a decent enough core then you stop worrying about your fringe assets and start treating real assets like Vadim and Shea as priorities to get into the lineup. Also it could lead to making a commitment to your lone star skater who you can’t really replace anytime soon through draft picks.

  4. Richard Evans

    Amazing the chicken littles around here.

    No, the sky is not falling.

    The forces in The Fortress took a flyer on Pickard, but when they got a close look at him in camp the powers that be decided that he wasn’t going to be the guy they wanted. So they Basically turned Pickard into Subban, a fringe player and a 5th round pick. Actually a nice piece of GMing.

    GMGM has stated several times that he is not looking for the safe picks. He is looking to take some chances now in order to have a stud lineup in a few years. He expects many of his gambles to not pay off… like Pickard. But he just needs some of them to hit for him to get where he wants to be.

    Flower is the key to any success VGK will have this year, but he is not going to play every game. Better to let Flower take his time getting back. It gives the brain trust a good chance to get a better idea how Subban and Lagace can fit in now and into the future. If by miracles one or both work then well and good. If it is a disaster then GMGM will know and can start looking for other options.

    Geesh, y’all. This is an expansion team. Idiots on these boards were calling this the worst team ever and would be lucky to win 10 games. Well that should be proved pretty clear to be the mindless drivel it was.

    The goal this year was to have a competitive team and build towards the future. Exactly where are they NOT competitive

    • Willy Andara

      No the sky is not falling, but I couldn’t disagree more with you on almost every point. First off, you can’t “learn” much about what you have when you are forced into playing two guys in goal who really haven’t proven their are deserving of that chance yet. They need to play in the AHL and play at least half a season each as “the man” to know what you have. The NHL too soon doesn’t really tell you much. We can only hope after this game that maybe Subban is closer to ready than generally thought, but this is a guy who couldn’t finish games in the NHL before for being so bad so let’s see him play in 10 before making judgments.

      As for taking gambles, what gamble was Pickard? He literally had no other good options on a depleted team who easily was able to protect what little they had worth protecting. Pickard got traded because someone made a decent enough offer when GMGM was over a barrel stuck with 3 goalies. And he didn’t turn Pickard into Subban, Subban was a waived player that Vegas won because of preferred waiver rights and Pickard’s rights had nothing to do with it. That is extremely faulty logic to say one led to the other in a positive way, it was quite the other way around where if he didn’t get a decent offer the roster would have been more screwed up.

      And lastly no one with any common sense was saying this was the worst team in history or not good enough to win 10 games, you are the one making that up. It would be a monumental disaster for a team to lose 72 games in regulation or overtime in the modern NHL. A good AHL team could probably win 10 games in an NHL season. This is simply a good start for a not so good team, maybe one that you could say might not be the 30th or 31st worst team. I don’t think you can conclude much more than that. And I am certainly not in the camp that we should give any credit to GMGM yet. He’s be design made the team worse than it could have been. His imprint and value to the team and that of his scouts and assistants won’t come to fruition until some point next season at the earliest. The credit so far has to go to the coaching staff and the players for coming prepared and playing above their talent level, which can certainly continue on for some time.

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