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Golden Knights Picks From Rounds 2-7

The Golden Knights had a total of 10 picks coming into the day. They traded one away for a prospect. Here’s a quick rundown of each player selected. See the three first round picks here.

Round 2 (#34) – Nic Hague – An incredibly tall defenseman from the OHL in Canada. He’s got one of the best shots of all prospects in the draft. His skating needs some work due to the fact that he grew a lot quickly. 6’6″ will put him among the tallest defensemen in the NHL. He says he models his game after Vitor Hedman and Colton Paryako.

Round 2 (#45) – TRADE – VGK trades #45 for Keegan Kolesar – The 69th pick in the 2015 draft from the Columbus Blue Jackets. He’s a tough winger who spends a lot of his team beating people up. This being said, the guy can score as well, having put up 56 goals in 118 games over the past two seasons in the WHL.

Round 2 (#62) – Jake Leschyshyn – The son of former NHLer with the Nordiques, Huuricanes, Senators, among others, Leschyshyn is a solid center. He tore his ACL in February, but he said in March that he expects to be back on the ice for training camp. Another WHL product continuing the trend of players Kelly McCrimmon knows very well.

Round 3 (#65) – Jonas Rondjberg – A winger from Denmark who rose up the draft boards of many scouts late in the scouting process. Showed a great ability to protect the puck during the World Juniors tournament in which Denmark overachieved. He says he models his game after Pavel Datsyuk, but quickly added, “but I’m not quite that good yet.”

Round 4 (#96) – Maxim Zhukov – Goalie from the USHL in Green Bay Gamblers (fitting). Wide range of opinions on his abilities from scouts. Some had him ranked as one of the top goalies, others had him about sixth or seventh. The Russian prospect is 6’3″ 183 pounds. He was the 9th goalie picked in the 2017 Entry Draft.

Round 5 (#127) – Lucas Elvenes – The Swedish center/winger comes from a family of hockey players. His grandfather, father, and two uncles all played at the pro level in Sweden. Scouts had him ranked much higher but he fell during a poor performance at the Ivan Hlinka. His skating is a bit of a problem, “He skates too upright…he doesn’t get any power in his skating drive.” Seems correctable though.

Round 5 (#142) – Jonathan Dugan – Described himself as a playmaker who plays a power game. Believes his game is similar to Evgeni Malkin and Jamie Benn. Big guys with a lot of skill and a good shot. Big guy who is very aggressive. He was passed over in last year’s draft, likely because he has been playing high school hockey.

Round 6 (#158) – Nick Campoli – Enrolled to become a Golden Knight at Clarkson University. Racked up 45 assists in 57 games in the OJHL over the past two years. Campoli had a surgery that kept him off the ice last season but is expected back for this year.

Round 6 – (#161) – Jiri Patera – Fourth ranked European goalie by NHL Central Scouting. Played his entire junior career in the Czech Republic. Attended the Ivan Hlinka tournament but did not see the ice as a backup goalie. 6’2″ 209.

Round 7 (#189) – Ben Jones – Says he models his game after Jonathan Toews. Focuses mostly on his defensive responsibilities as a centerman. 


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  1. RJ

    Help me understand the Keegan Kolesar move. It feels like we have a bunch of wingers of a similar age (Tuch, Duke, Carrier, Leipzig) already, isn’t our pipeline getting jammed? Was this move part of the expansion deal with CBJ?

    Considering we gave up TVR for a 5th rounder is Kolesar significantly more valuable than TVR? Does that make him our top wing prospect?

    I trust McPhee, but this week is making me question my own hockey knowledge since a lot of these deals seem questionable.

    • Cody

      Four wingers is not “clogged.” They’re gonna start in the AHL and make the team out of camp in a year or three.

    • Phisig150

      Ken had me at spends a lot of his time beating people up. Has potential to be my favorite player some day. Hoping his violent nature continues to grow leaps and bounds

    • James

      ‘I trust McPhee, but this week is making me question my own hockey knowledge since a lot of these deals seem questionable.’

      I’m in the same boat. I fell in love with later-round picks … They look good on paper until you’re on the clock and see what’s available. Most of these guys never amount to anything … Let’s be honest you would be happy to unearth TVR with a late second-rounder – Why not keep the sure thing? TVR is a bona fide NHLer …

      Kolesar is projected to be a bottom-six forward. We had the chance to draft 30 bonafide bottom-six forwards during the expansion draft.

      • PhiSig 150

        What happened to the 3 and 6 plan?? It seems like we have a toe in both waters without fully committing to one approach. We should either have a better roster or more draft ammunition. Still in honeymoon phase and McPhee will be teflon for a while but I don’t see him lasting beyond 5.

  2. James

    @PhiSig 150
    My thoughts exactly. It’s a tough spot to be in – Sam Hinkie’s “Process” wasn’t exactly a box office draw …. I guess the team has to be somewhat respectable to maintain interest in a non-traditional hockey market hence the toe in both waters. McPhee put most of his eggs in one basket (building through the draft). Gerard Gallant will be a sacrificial lamb if things go pear-shaped. Not getting enough out of the personnel provided. If past experience is anything to go by, I trust McPhee. Foley comes across as the type of owner who will make rash decisions

    • PhiSig 150

      The Process is all about trying to land a potential franchise star. Kind of what people seem to miss about it. He had his last laugh. Fultz, Embiid, and Simmons all could be superstars if they stay healthy and continue to develop. I was hoping we would walk away from the expansion and entry drafts armed with a stockpile of draft picks. We got some but not nearly enough in my opinion. Yes I know there are still some defensemen to flip but not expecting many if any future 1sts at this point. Team will suck and future isn’t quite as bright as it could be but at least he got me my goon in Kolesar

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