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Golden Knights Organization Offer World Class Training to Prospects

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One heavy point of emphasis for Golden Knights prospects at Development Camp was the importance of their strength and conditioning regimens.

Cody Glass spoke with us about his strict diet that was designed by the Golden Knights organization. At first, he had trouble eating his nutritional menu but soon realized it was for his own good.

It’s always been a struggle for me to put on weight. Gary Roberts has been helping me along the way. I went to him last year and he’s just given me tips on how to be a better player and a better professional. It all starts with eating healthy. It sucks at first but when you get used to it, it’s a lot better and it’ll help down the road. -Cody Glass

The Gary Roberts he’s talking about is a former NHL player turned into a well-known strength and conditioning guru. He’s helped proven NHL’ers like Connor McDavid and Mark Schiefele get faster and stronger. Over the past few years, the Golden Knights have tapped Roberts’ resources to help develop their pipeline.

Focusing on working on developing my legs. Adding muscle mass while maintaining my speed. I do a lot of cardio and muscle mass type workouts. I’m always talking to Wil Nichol and Gary Roberts about stuff that can help my game. They’ll talk to me throughout the year and give their input on what I should add to my workouts and regiment to help get to that next level. -Brandon Kruse

Jack Dugan will begin his sophomore year at Providence College this fall, but both GM Kelly McCrimmon and assistant coach Mike Kelly agreed he looked like a grown man, not a college student. That’s because Dugan has followed the guidance of the Golden Knights training staff since his draft date.

Gary Roberts’ staff has done a great job here reaching out to all of the prospects and helping us learn nutrition and the proper offseason training. When I was drafted I had never been in a weight room before. This past two years that’s been the main focus, more so off the ice. -Jack Dugan

Now that the Golden Knights prospects have gone back to their college or junior clubs, Vegas fans quickly turn their attention to the pro roster. Outside of drafts and camps, the majority of fans seldom think of the kids, but the organization always has their eyes on them. The Golden Knights are giving their prospects all the right tools for success.

They always want guys to get stronger and faster. There’s not really a time table for me but I’m always being told to keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger. -Jake Leschyshyn

We all see it; the facilities, coaching, training, nutritional education, equipment, and so forth. It’s all there. Individually designed workouts, structured diets, and developing an overall healthy lifestyle is the blueprint behind Vegas’ strength and conditioning strategies. It was built in mind for playoff runs now, and for years to come.

Oh, there’s also meal comps at the Red Rock Casino, game film of playing a 200-foot game, McPhee’s manual on how to be a buy-in, character type player, and Gallant’s guide on how to have fun. So, yeah it’s good being property of the Golden Knights… unless you planning on playing in the NHL any time soon.

Got to overcook em!


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  1. Carl

    Who do you think is overcooked at this point? Glass? Hague? Others?

  2. George Mc Fleeced

    btw, Jesse Granger is reporting that the Knights have been offered a 2nd round pick for Gusev. what a joke!!

    McPhee will really be roasted if he trades him for that kind of garbage return.

    it is Forsberg part2 for McFleeced

    • DOC

      Getting just a 2nd rounder would be a joke ……. I’m not interested in even a 1st. All we do is let these top picks stay in minors. Also, just saw Subban signed for one year. Glad it wasn’t for longer …. not sure he the answer for replacing flower or even being the regular backup?????

  3. DOC

    Didn’t know WHERE to post this comment: ….. I we have the perfect player to now be the leader of the Knights, so I think it’s time to name a CAPTAIN! That player is MARK STONE!!!!! Stoney is an amazing, hard working 2-way player. In a very short time he has earned the respect of the boys. Come on VGK, it’s time for a captain!

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