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Golden Knights Offseason Salary Cap Primer

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Unfortunately, the offseason is here. By the time it’s over, the Golden Knights will look quite a bit different than they did when they shook hands with the Dallas Stars on Cinco de Mayo.

In an attempt to simplify the numbers, here’s a primer on what the Golden Knights have to work with this summer.

The easiest way to look at the salary cap is to strip it down to the barest of bones roster. To ice an actual hockey team, an organization must have 12 forwards, six defensemen, and two goalies.

Here’s where the Golden Knights sit at each of the positions.

Forwards – $46,691,667
Jack Eichel – $10,000,000
Mark Stone – $9,500,000
Tomas Hertl – $6,750,000
William Karlsson – $5,900,00
Ivan Barbashev – $5,000,000
Nic Roy – $3,000,000
Brett Howden – $1,900,000
Keegan Kolesar – $1,400,000
Brendan Brisson – $925,000
Paul Cotter – $775,000
Gregori Denisenko – $775,000
Jonas Rondbjerg – $766,667

Defensemen – $29,244,150
Alex Pietrangelo – $8,800,000
Noah Hanifin – $7,350,000
Shea Theodore – $5,200,000
Brayden McNabb – $2,850,000
Zach Whitecloud – $2,750,000
Nic Hague – $2,294,150

Goalies – $5,666,667
Adin Hill – $4,900,000
Logan Thompson – $766,667

This roster totals $81.6 million against the salary cap. The cap for the 2024-25 season is $87.7 million. Thus, VGK have about $6.1 million in excess cap space to work with. However, every player added to the roster means one can be subtracted. So, if they want to sign three players to contracts greater than those listed above, they have about $8.4 million available.

Finally, defenseman Ben Hutton is under contract at $975,000. He is likely to be on the roster to open next season. His cap hit can be subtracted from the $8.4 million meaning VGK’s maximum available cap space is right around $7.4 million.

Here’s who still needs to get contracts.

Unrestricted Free Agents
Jonathan Marchessault
Alec Martinez
Chandler Stephenson
Anthony Mantha
William Carrier
Michael Amadio
Jiri Patera
Byron Froese
Sheldon Rempal

Restricted Free Agents
Pavel Dorofeyev
Kaedan Korczak
Ivan Morozov
Mason Primeau
Layton Ahac
Isaiah Saville

It’s going to be tight. But the Golden Knights do have enough space to do some maneuvering and add to the roster.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    nabber deserves more then what he makes

    • TS

      Kfim, I was JUST going to post the same thing, after reading how little McNabb gets paid!

      • knights fan in minny

        great minds think a like enjoy your summer ts

        • TS

          THANX, kfim! We DO think alike…in Hockey, anyway! See— there CAN be a meeting of the minds, despite politics! Stay cool this summer!

  2. I felt left hanging Ken, I thought for sure you were going to use your personal crystal ball and delve deeply into what you think may occur.

    My personal take on what I just saw can be summed up very succinctly… Aye Carumba!!

  3. jeffrey m sutton

    They should pay all the Canadians in their currency and save a fortune.

    • former season ticket holder


    • knights fan in minny

      well said

    • Tim

      All you young folks use the tern Canadian Currency in my day when Christ was a corporal in the Jewish Army you do hear that THG Corporal not General. Your lack of knowledge of rank I have corrected so don’t take it personal but back to Canadian money which we referred to as Beaver Bucks Jeff just to give you a little history. When you get my age you know a lot of useless shit no one cares about.

    • TS

      Haha, that’s a good one!

  4. VGK fan

    Hope the Hertle deal pans out.

    • Pistol Pete

      We can do without Whitecloud I hate to say. He’s been decent, better than decent at times, but his $2.75m will help McCrimmon sign the bare bones and stay under the cap. Still doubtful when it comes to dealing Theo but of course it is possible. Us armchair coaches and GM’s should not be the ultimate judges of his performance.

      • knights fan in minny

        if cloudy gets moved the mild could use him

      • Pistol Pete

        Should have said judges of his value to the roster for 2024-25. It’s probably matters to Cassidy having an elite puck moving D on two pairs vs. one it will come down to whether McCrimmon’s chooses to cash in on him.

  5. Fear not, give Hertl a chance to be fully healthy and fully immersed in a new system with regular linemates and the deal will prove to be a major success!!

  6. Henderson One

    Remember these guys get a bonus with no State Income Tax.

  7. JB

    First off trade Theo. With Hutton, we have six very good to capable D-men.

  8. PRO

    trade petro and re-sign marchy, chandy, carrier, amadio and the RFA’s and use the rest to sign a d-man to for a stopgap if Korzy’s not ready.

  9. Rashaad

    Marchessault 7.25 cap hit – max 3 year term or else let him go.
    Dorofeyev 1.4 cap hit – 2 year term
    Korczak 0.85 cap hit – 2 year term

    That’s 9.5 million

    You said they have 8.4 million available. They will have to shed salary somewhere else.

    Shea Theodore a trade candidate.

    The team will be different whether they bring back Marchessault or not. I have confidence the front office will make it work.

    • John W

      Cotter replaces Kolesar. Trade either Theo or Whitecloud. Korzcak is ready to take either place. Trade Howden and use money for Amadio. (Just my take – Amadio is more versatile, and brings more offense). If bottom six penalty killing is a Cassidy priority, then keep Howden.

      If Theo is traded, then keeping Stevie is possible

  10. Carl

    Quite off the subject but fuck every NHL team except the Golden Knights

    • John W

      Well said.

    • JB

      That’s good! In another hockey “group” I belong to, they are always saying that all the other hockey fans hate the Knights. My reaction was : We don’t give a shit what other fans think of us!

  11. ThG

    yes I get a lot of flack from back Easters, they are like TDS liberals foaming at the home. You can’t reason with them. They are drunk with fact that they can’t handle the truth. VGK won, and is successful.

    Need to start praying for them. ANd Timmah, I have no idea what you justed. Isn’t the Canadian standard of currency called the Loon ? Or is it Loonie?

    Pray for the sinners, get in line with this forum’s favorite pastor. Dr Gene Scott.
    Begone carnal explainations, yee of little faith.

    • JB

      What could possibly make you think that that quack is this sites favorite? More fantasy think, eh?

      • ThG

        not a quack, everyone here loves DR. Gene Scott

        I want to know that Jesus welcomes me there
        I want to live in that city so fair !!

        PLaY it AGAIN, I want to see those phones light up
        Play it again !!

        (pray incessantly)

        • JB

          You’re in your on little world. It’s really funny some of the shit you say. Great fantasy entertainment.

        • Wingenter

          I have a photo of Pastor Melissa Scott that I masterbate all over every single day. I destroyed it but this morning I printed out a new photo and encased it in glass so now when I jizz all over it, I can wipe it off after.

          • knights fan in minny

            get lost you sick piece of shit

        • TS

          Thq, please. Pray for WHAT?? Better Hockey? No Political BS? No more from the Porn Pastor? ( the site favorite???– you mean, YOUR favorite Porn Pastor, dude!) Do you realize that the ONLY one who appreciates your absurd posts is YOU? Silly old man…

    • Tim

      Your just to young to get the logic behind the term Beaver Bucks. Think back to the Hudson Bay Company dealt in mostly Beaver pelts hence the tern for there currency was always known as Beaver Bucks.

  12. Emmanuel

    Theres a blockbuster coming at the draft, big names will be moved out.

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