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Golden Knights Not Shaping Team Around Fleury’s “Window”

The Golden Knights are built to win.

A franchise that was supposed to take years to truly become a contender was able to achieve that status overnight and with the roster heading into 2019-20, they are looking to take that final step.

Vegas has seven key players signed through the next four seasons. They have another five under contract for each of the next three. Sure, they are pushed up against the cap now, but even with the impending moves, this team is ready to be a favorite in the Western Conference.

There is however one specific piece of the puzzle though that is so crucial to the team’s success, but also might be the most volatile of all.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

That’s Marc-Andre Fleury.

He plays the most important position on the ice and he’s played it at an incredibly high level since coming to Vegas. Because of it, the Golden Knights have made back-to-back playoff appearances and raised a pair of banners in the rafters.

But Fleury is 34-years-old and will turn 35 early this season. If there’s one thing we know about sports, it’s that Father Time is undefeated. Some guys maintain their peak level of play longer than others, but every player in the history of sports eventually reaches a point where they just can’t do it anymore.

That day will come for Fleury, and the major question is what happens to the Golden Knights when it does.

Appearing on the Press Box on ESPN Radio Las Vegas, GM Kelly McCrimmon was posed a question about the team’s window in relation to their 34-year-old superstar goalie. His answer was telling.

Certainly, Marc-Andre is tremendously important to our team’s success and we are very fortunate to have a player of his ability and add to that his leadership and his character makes him a big big part of our team. We’ve never ever talked about shaping the rest of our team based on any player’s particular window. We’ll always be a team that’s trying to build around a core of good players and that’s our focus now and we need Marc-Andre to be a big part of that. -McCrimmon

The idea is to have a good enough core to be able to withstand any one piece’s demise. Sounds noble, but is it realistic when talking about Fleury?

We can only hope.

Otherwise, they better find another sucker to give away a Hall of Famer.


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  1. Jimmy

    That last line is awesome…Thank you Pittsburgh.

    • Gary Elder

      VGK vs SJS Game 6 DOT weak SH goal is why they let him go. Gives up weak playoff goals, and the fact it cost too much in the expansion draft to keep two goalies. Fleury didn’t look the same after the late season upper body injury either. I wonder if he was completely healed.

  2. Mark

    Fluery is a proud guy. Game as they come. Gallant needs to give him days off, even if he refuses to sit. Met a Canadian guy who knows Fluery, works out at the same gym as he does. He told me Fluery is a beast in the gym. Changes his shirt 3 or 4 times a workout because he’s dripping in sweat. Subban or Dansk or Legace or Ferguson need to step up big time. Give Fluery a needed rest during the season. Fluery, IMOP, could be even better, if handled properly. His poke check against Kane in the playoffs was amazing, only a few guys can do that. When the playoffs start next year, I want Fluery rested and breathing fire.

    • Jimmy

      Amen Mark!!

      • Mark

        Thanks. He was used too much last season. I think if we get separation early from other teams, Gallant will have more flexibility. No back to back games ever. He still has it, just needs to be rested more, hell, a 26 year old would have trouble carrying his load last season. He’s 34, that’s not a death sentence. Nolan Ryan was throwing 97 mile fastballs at 42. Fluery is a family man, mature, he’s the adult in the room. He takes care of himself. That means alot.

  3. David

    I think the plan might be use the Seattle expansion draft to find our next goalie. A couple conversations with Seattle and a 2nd round pick can buy us our pick of exposed players. It all hinges on how many teams have players Seattle truly wants, and how many are throwaways. It was a substantial list last time.

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