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Golden Knights Need Puck Possession, Been Here Before

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From the moment the puck was dropped to begin Game 2, the Golden Knights were on the hunt to get it back.

They had the puck the whole time. And they held onto it and were strong on it, cutbacks, support below the goal line, you name it, all things we didn’t do well enough to tilt the game back in our favor. -Bruce Cassidy

From the first zone entry that was quickly cleared and sent down for a dangerous Edmonton chance to the second to the third to the 20th, the Golden Knights could not consistently get across the blue line to establish offensive zone time.

On the first few they tried to dump it in and chase, but as that grew increasingly more unsuccessful and the score started to snowball against them, Vegas turned to attempting to carry the puck into the zone and the success rate diminished even further.

It led to an appalling lack of zone time for the Golden Knights that manifested in just nine shot attempts and a measly four shots on goal.

They were way better than us in the 1st period. And they separated from us quickly by converting on the power play opportunities. We didn’t do the things necessary, we just didn’t do them. -Cassidy

Against the Edmonton Oilers, that won’t work.

If you’re going to beat a good team that’s attack-oriented and the highest-scoring team in the league you need to have the puck. That’s where I think our problem was. That’s a tough way to play, and that’s it in a nutshell, we need the puck more. -Cassidy

Luckily, the Golden Knights have been here before, and not that long ago. Vegas experienced similar issues against the Winnipeg Jets in Game 1 of the first round. In that game, the problems started and ended with the forecheck. It was too slow, not intentional enough, and simply ineffective.

Against the Oilers, that was the root of the problem and it stemmed to everything else the Golden Knights were doing, or not doing.

In Game 3, they must make better decisions at the offensive blue line. If the controlled entry isn’t there, the puck must be dumped in. Unlike against the Jets where the forecheck was neccesary to score goals, in Edmonton, it’s meant more to slow down the Oilers. Even if the Golden Knights don’t get the puck back, they have to force the Oilers to spend more time in their defensive zone.

You can’t just hope you defend the hell out of them all night, that’s a tough ask. -Cassidy

Last series, Vegas identified their mistakes and turned them around without any troubles, rattling off four consecutive wins to eliminate the Jets. Edmonton is a better team, so it may not be that easy this time around even if the Golden Knights do figure it out tonight at Rogers Place.

It has to happen though, otherwise, the book will be closed real quick on the 2022-23 Vegas Golden Knights.




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  1. Stuart

    The Knights looked terrific in Game 1 and played maybe the worst game ever in Game 2. They looked scared of the Oilers, the PP is embarrassing, to not only fail to score, but constant giveaways and let them score, since everyone else in the League knows exactly where we will pass it.
    The penalties are killing us as they will score 8/10 on a PP.
    Winner of Game 3 will win the series.
    I thought from the beginning the winner of this series will win the Cup.

  2. Emmanuel

    How do you forecheck 2 of the top 5 (maybe the best 2) scorers in the league? And no its not just a PP issue. Im gonna say it again, bring in Blueger or move Roy (if healthy) to the wing!

    • Ronr68

      Not “maybe” they were literally the top two scorers in the NHL the last 3 years.

  3. Lori Thomsen

    I’ve always been a Hockey fan/sports fan. As a single mom so long ago, I would always take my daughters to see The Thunder play. Yes, Vegas had an IHL team. Hockey is one of the hardest games to play. The most exciting game to watch. I think the VGKs play very well together. I love to go to and watch the games. But F**k, just watching it’s hard to keep track of the puck. So we’re going to have good Knights and bad. We are VEGAS, a hockey game is like gambling. Let’s kill who we have to, to win! Not literally but, we take the “W” with pride. Let’s take the Loss with it as well. So much pressure in the Playoffs, no matter how it goes, I’m happy!

  4. Until Eichel comes to play like a 10million dollar‘superstar’… and Marchy and Smith start contributing offensively it won’t matter what else is taking place…having said that I love all tge pundits are on the Oilers along with a -170 favorite.. it’s when vgk plays best.. when they are doubted!

    • Ronr68

      Vegas isnt doubted, Vegas is doomed.

      • David Thew

        Ok, Nostradamus. Guess you polished off your ole’ crystal ball? Vegas showed in game 1 that they can beat Edmonton. They just need to match the intensity they had in the 1st game.

      • David Thew

        5-1 win for the Knights. You were saying, Ron?

  5. David Thew

    The Knights did a poor job on the ice in game 2. No energy. If that’s the case, they should be well rested, right? They need to stop with the inconsistent let-downs and play with some intensity and purpose.

  6. Jailbird

    I think the big question now is, do we have any confidence left, after game 2, that we CAN beat these guys? Only the boys can answer that. They looked scared to death on Saturday. Scared to make a hit. Scared to take a chance. Still hoping it was just a one game brain fart. IF the Oiler players ARE in our heads and intimidated us, we are done. Let’s hope that is not the case. Todays game will answer the question : Do we belong on the ice with these guys. It’s now or never to prove we can play with them. Boys, got to go them tonight, or else. Just do it!

    • David Thew

      Well, guess the Knights answered the bell, swinging. Many people were counting the Knights out after game 2. Then there were the smack talkers like Ron68. Nothing but crickets, now.

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