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Golden Knights Name Six, Yes Six, Alternate Captains

Screw it, let’s just make em all alternates. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

I know it’s unique, but then again everything about the NHL in Las Vegas is unique. The Golden Knights announced yesterday, that they’ll be going with a leadership core of six players. Normally, a team will award one Captain and two Alternate Captains. Vegas will have three home Alternate Captains and three different road Alternate Captains. The six leaders are; Deryk Engelland, Jason Garrison, James Neal, David Perron, Luca Sbisa, and Reilly Smith.

It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty exciting. You don’t need a letter on your jersey to be a leader. It’s an opportunity to do everything right on and off the ice and be a professional. I’m excited to to be part of that group. -David Perron

It’s definitely an honor. We have a great group of guys here . All of those other guys named will put a great leadership group together. Helps the young guys and guide this team. -James Neal

Getting picked for that is special but at the same time, there a lot of good quality guys, with some character on this team. -Luca Sbisa

It’s a great honor to wear it, but the guys in this room, there is a lot more leaders than just the guys that have the A’s on. Everyone in this room leads in their own little, certain ways. Which brings us closer and tighter as a group. -Deryk Engelland

Each player echoed the same message. They’re all leaders. And not just the six of them, but the entire twenty-three man roster. It may be unorthodox but the collection of Alternate Captains could benefit the team. It awards the veterans but allows room for young leaders to emerge.

Any leaders best quality, is to do it on the ice. Lead by example by playing the right way. It’s not really what you say but doing the right things on the ice. -David Perron

The day-to-day and how I work everyday. You know what I’ve done in the past, and as I’ve grown as a player and person, and players I’ve played with have helped. I’ve played with some great leaders…Mike Fisher, Shea Weber, Sidney Crosby, Brenden Morrow, Mike Modano, and I’ve learned a lot from them. -Neal

I speak up out there when we have to. I’ve been paired with younger guys and once in awhile you pull them aside and give them advice when I can. The mental aspect of the game can be draining and just being there to talk, can be a good teammate. -Sbisa

I’m the oldest guy here, so it’s normal. Guys are looking at you for help on and off the ice, or whatever they need. You don’t find much pressure… it’s an honor to wear it. -Engelland

It’s a real, all hands on deck approach. One that could really help the development of this franchise. More players with responsibilities could help on and off the ice. The six guardians will help team cohesion, mental pressure and lighten the mood during stretch of tough loses.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Six Alternate Captains walk into a bar

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  1. PhiSig150

    So instead of one actual captain we’re going to have 6 kind of captains? This sounds really dumb to me. You would think Foley with his West Point background would be all about chain of command.

  2. Roy Aylward

    Are you really judging the concept??
    Seems to be working so far .
    Gerard is the captain ‍✈️

  3. Jason Hall

    No one player should be more important it is a team sport you win together you lose together so not officially having a captain is something other teams should consider

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