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Golden Knights Linked To KHL Free Agent Andrei Kuzmenko

(Photo Credit: @hcSKA_News on Twitter)

The Golden Knights’ record with Russian players isn’t exactly sterling. However, it has been improving over the past few seasons. After drama-filled experiences with Vadim Shipachyov, Nikita Gusev, and Valentin Zykov, the Golden Knights have started to see some success stories. Daniil Miromanov made an impact at the NHL level, 2018 2nd round pick Ivan Morozov made the leap following the KHL season and quickly stepped in with the Silver Knights, and he played with teammates Pavel Dorofeyev and Maxim Marushev who were both stalwarts for Henderson.

Now, the Golden Knights have their eyes on another standout from the KHL and one who could instantly help the NHL team if things work out.

There’s still some time here, probably about a month before KHL free agent Andrei Kuzmenko makes his decision on where he’s going next year. There’s been a lot of interest, among the teams Vancouver and Edmonton on the Canadian side of the border, Vegas, Carolina, and Nashville in the US. –Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet

Kuzmenko is a 26-year-old right-handed winger who has spent the last eight seasons playing in the KHL. Last year, playing for SKA St. Petersburg his 53 points in 43 games ranked 2nd in the entire KHL.

Dan Milstein, Kuzmenko’s agent, described him as a top-six type forward in the NHL who will have a strong impact on the power play. He’s also familiar with the aforementioned Morozov, having played together with SKA, but Milstein doesn’t expect that to play much of a role in Kuzmenko’s decision on where to play.

The hockey business is fairly small, so everybody has played with everybody or against each other. So when you look at coming to North America you don’t select a team because they have somebody you used to play with. –Dan Milstein, Kuzmenko’s agent to Canucks Conversation podcast

Nonetheless, Kuzmenko represents an opportunity for the Golden Knights. A creative scorer who is great on the power play and shouldn’t come with a gigantic price tag is exactly what Vegas is looking for this offseason.

This offseason is going to include more subtractions than additions as the Golden Knights work their way back under the salary cap. Adding Kuzmenko would go a long way in balancing the scales in regards to skill added vs. lost.


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  1. SB

    I would love this signing. Now that’s a forgone conclusion that Smith is out the door I could see Kuzmenko and Brisson competing for that top 6 slot. Also could see Morozov potentially getting a look somewhere in the bottom 6.

    • Smith isn’t going anywhere. What makes you believe this guy even wants to come if give en the opportunity. In fact what makes you believe he doesn’t want to stay where he is. You must be related some how to the splash brothers – the team doesn’t need any more shinny new toys.

      • Smith is out the door. His contact is up and we don’t have the money to sign him.

        • Keith,

          As a result of bad cap management by the organization, I believe you are correct. Smith will be missed the team really suffered by only winning 11 of their last 24 games while he was out injured.

  2. Dean

    Am I correct that they could sign him now and have til the start of the season to get under the cap? Whomever looks bad in preseason gets a crowbar to the knees and goes on LTIR.

    • Stephanie

      I agree Smith stays .because who knows if Stone will ever be ok

  3. I like this guy, if the price is right. I mean honestly, if he’s second in the KSL in scoring, he could be a player. I still don’t think Smith is gone, Foley flexing this week, I think, was a way of saying that Smith stays. If he could be a 2.0 to 2.5 million guy, he could fit.

    • Eddie

      A 40-50 point per season player isn’t taking 2.0-2.5 million a year. That’s half his market value.

      • He’s a 5 million guy ? I’d rather resign Smith than role the dice on this Russian guy.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I wouldn’t give a KHLer five million, they need to first prove
          they can play in NHL. Like GUSEV, many don’t do it.

          Another GOOSE ?

  4. Mike StG

    Interesting. I was wondering if there might be a possibility there. With Reilly probably getting resigned (imo), it really depends on how long Stone will be out. Given his comments it sounds like surgery and that it’s possible his playing career could be in jeopardy. Kuzmenko is 26, so with a short stint at HSK to adjust to NHL rink size he could make the jump to NHL fairly soon. Some KHL rinks are already now the same size as NHL, and SKA may be one of them. If he’s anything remotely close to Kaprizov he could be a great line mate for Jack (or Morozov).

    The advantage here is they don’t need a draft pick and to spend years developing him.

    • jeff smith

      for those that don’t know most russian ice rink surfaces are now nhl size . they have been changing them for a few years now .

  5. the Hockey God

    interesting to see if vegas is
    still the draw it once was.

    the last few players linked to come to vegas, didn’t
    make the jump to warp drive

    i don’t trust elliott freakman, he’s not reliable.

    • knights fan in minny

      what are you saying hockey dunce elliott spews crap just like you

      • the Hockey God

        more like just like you hater troll

        your last ten posts were all crap, just like this one. Go troll someone else, and take some harassment management classes

        When you make a post about hockey, then you get off my shit list


        • knights fan in minny

          your shit list your a joke

        • knights fan in minny

          whats wrong hockey dunce cant take the heat your nothing but a whiner

        • knights fan in minny

          your shit list your a punk look at me i have a shit list i am the hockey dunce i am god

          • THE hockey GOD

            still nothing about hockey in any of your stalker posts

            pervert harasser, get lost.

  6. Tim

    If this Russian kid won’t cost that much and quite a few teams want him why in God’s name would he want to come to this dumpster fire.

    • THE hockey GOD

      because VGK is really not a “dumpster” fire

      • Tim

        The years of lies the treatment players and the owner stepping in to right the ship. You don’t see where this organization’s image across the hockey world is shit. All the national writers and sports programs are fake news and all across the board call it a cutthroat organization but your saying none of that is true. If that’s the case I can confidently say you can’t see the forest for the trees. Nothing personal but wake up and smell the roses if you don’t think the VJK image has been seriously tarnished.

        • I am no fan of Robin Lehner, but he didn’t deserve the outright disrespect by this front office and The Clown. For me, it was the final straw. I paid for season tickets again for the next season, but I am pretty sure that’s going to be it. I was out of the country for two months this season and haven’t been able to go to games since injuring my knee and having replacement surgery. I think I went to a total of maybe 10 of the home games and sold the rest. I was lucky to break even on many of those transactions.

          I still love the atmosphere, and have faith in many of the players especially Marchessault. I would like to see Karlsson and Smith back and returning to prior production in terms of points, but I think this lack of team chemistry, identity, personality and coaching is going to continue on into next season.

          Foley is making a huge mistake keeping Mr. Ego (KM) and The Clown around.

          Now, I am going to have a cookie!

          • THE hockey GOD

            what disrespect are you talking about ?

            be specific .

        • Jim

          Calling information you find inconvenient, “fake news” isn’t a very good rebuttal.

          It just means you are good at willfully ignoring that which makes you uncomfortable. Willful ignorance is not a good trait.

        • the Hockey God

          @ Tim according to trade stats, VGK is well below average in turn over in last five years.

          • Tim

            THG, you keep evading the point forget about trade stats ruthless is what I’m saying. Quick to fire Gallant, Fleury learning about the trade on twitter and the Lehner lying fiasco at the end of the season. There’s been much more bullshit going on but I hope you get the idea and quite quoting me some useless trade numbers.

      • Correct sir, plus, taxes are low here !

  7. Bobby

    Too many issues with Lehner, you never know what you are going to get, game to game. The moon and stars have to line up perfectly to have a strong effort. Hardly someone to build Stanley Cup aspirations around.

    • knights fan in minny

      well said bobby

      • the Hockey God

        minny , another post with no added value or no back up

        what a hater

        • knights fan in minny

          more babble from the hockey dunce if you dont like it dont read it moron

        • knights fan in minny

          my 2 eyes watching your idol lehner

          • THE hockey GOD

            idol lehner the one I once called wiggy biscuit?
            the Walrus ? The guy who held his stick upside down
            surely you are delusional

            get lost you pervert stalker

  8. Lehner is not the goalie to set your Hopes on. They may have fixed his shoulder but what about the area over his shoulders supported by the neck. Beat in mind he was is is only one of the problems the knights had and have as long as the current FO is intact.

  9. Sorry that was “bear in mind he [lehner] was and is only one of the problems the knights had and will continue to have as long as the FO remains in tact.”

  10. I don’t get it… As an owner… You break your word and allow your GM to dump the face of the franchise and the heart of the team after he wins the Vezna… You screw over season 1 ticket holders, (who committed with little expectation to support your start up) by selling their seats out from under them in a greedy power move…

    But you keep a GM who takes you 15 Mil over the cap, fires a coach who takes you to the Cup finals with misfits and brings in The Boer… Trades a player without understanding his contact… Loses the players, the fans, and misses the playoffs.

    And you keep a head coach who has no idea how to score on the power play, loses 5 games (3 in regulation) to teams not in the playoffs down the stretch, is clueless about goaltenders and when to play them, and has lost the players???

    And your answer is being more involved and hands on???


    I didn’t realize your big heads (little dicks) could self destruct something so good so fast… BUT YOU DID IT! LMAO


    • the Hockey God

      dumping the farce of franchise was a good plan.

      Everything you stated is on the OWNER, the FO only gave the owner options. Is the grape stomper owner so dumb he doesn’t know he’s signing checks putting the team over the sal cap. If so, that further proves he’s either a) clueless about NHL or b) relentless in his approach to win NOW and damn the franchise / fans forever in the future because he won’t be around to see all the debris when he’s gone.

      His plan is jacked, and you all know it. Blaming the FO for putting options on table is pig headed thinking.

      • thg,

        I forgot remind me how many playoff wins does VGK have when the 3rd winningest goalie both playoff and regular season NHL history doesn’t start playoff games? MAF in his 16 consecutive post season two more than the great Tony Esposito. Was the face of the franchise and always will be.

        • THE hockey GOD

          VGK fan
          at seven million a year, MAF , the FARCE , didn’t get the job done

          he gone

          deal with it.

          • thg,

            You were the one bringing up the face of the franchise. I see you have no answers as always? Reality must be difficult in your world when facts always get in the way of lies.

            He was and will be the face of the franchise.

          • knights fan in minny

            you need to be gone

    • “But you keep a GM who takes you 15 Mil over the cap, fires a coach who takes you to the Cup”

      One would be naive imo to think the decision to fire Gallant was his and his alone. Yes, ostensibly it is the decision of the GM to fire the coach, however one in the know has to know McPhee participated. Foley was advised too, obviuously, however he could not have the expertise to make the call alone. Just applying a little common sense, coaching changes, major trades etc. are always cleared by the GM through the P of Ops and the owner.

      Will be interesting to see if Gallant with the best goalie in the league and some top scorers can make it out of the first round. I have said many times I supported the Gallant firing as it was clear under his coaching that the success of season 1 was not sustainable. That really became apparent season 3. One could argue season 2 he actually won the first round series if not for the bad 5 min. major call, but not only did he fail to call a timeout he also blew a 3-1 series lead.

      And btw if one thinks the FO sucks so bad it’s probably only because of their shrewd decision to acquire Stastny, Pacioretty and Stone that the VGK even made the season 2 postseason in the first place.

      Anyways, with respect to this Russian player this looks promising. If McCrimmon wants him he’ll get it done.

      • PP,

        I know you like to bash season 2 and say they barely made the playoffs but the truth is they made the playoffs by 7 points while losing 7 of there last 8 games playoff were never in doubt at the end of that season.

        I remember I was at the games.

      • Stephanie

        Yea they kinda do think the FO and owner are questionable

  11. THE hockey GOD

    fans of yellowstone know what the train station is, turns out Vegas may have it’s own train station !


  12. the Hockey God


    The New York Islanders have fired Barry Trotz as their head coach.
    Well, that’s a bit of a shocker as it was thought that Trotz would have some leeway after going to the Conference Final in back-to-back seasons before missing the playoffs this year. Trotz was 152-104 for New York and 49-28 in the playoffs, The Islanders signed him in 2018 after he won the Stanley Cup behind the bench in Washington. He should not be unemployed for very long as he is an outstanding coach.

    • Tim

      THG, now that is a shocker who would have thought Trotz would be on the hot seat. In the modern age offense is what fans want and Trotz defense first probably got old and his fall this year in the standings didn’t help.

      • THE hockey GOD

        islanders are ruthless
        and what ever else you want to lop on top of it.

        VGK plays with kid gloves in comparison , on relative scale , what 55% of teams above them have done in past five years.

        don’t drink the kool aid, TIM !!

  13. vgk21

    Fire PDB and replace him with Barry Trotz. right now.

    Trotz is an outstanding defensive coach, who will bring down the VGK GAA , and that is the path to a playoff spot.

    very similar to Sutter in Calgary in his defensive emphasis.

  14. vgk21

    Steve Carp @stevecarp56
    RT @StapeAthletic: Gallant on Barry Trotz: “Surprised obviously, but I’ve been there, done that. He won’t be out of work long.” #NYR #Isles

    Could Trotz’s departure from the Island open the door for a change in Vegas? PDB has just one year left on his deal with VGK.

    Tom Gulitti @TomGulittiNHL
    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about Lou Lamoriello firing Barry Trotz, but I am. Trotz will have his pick of jobs if he wants one this off-season.

    Steve Carp @stevecarp56

    Shannon Hogan
    #isles #NHL “It’s my role to make the best decision for the organization going forward and I believe this group of players needs a new voice, it’s in no way negative on Barry Trotz.” Lou Lamoriello

    • Pistol Pete

      Can Trotz generate get in your face crash the net offense and manage the PP or does his defense hamstring the forwards as some think DeBoer’s does?

      • THE hockey GOD

        not with the roster we have now

        not a chance then can bring in dick the bruiser to coach and they still won’t get results. Remember GG had issues with PP too, he even put his buddy RR on it.

        • Pistol Pete

          ThG you have absolutely no basis for the claim this roster can’t crash the net. Have you forgotten all NHL players strive to do so and most if not all are capable of it? It’s a question of events coming together on the ice. Easier for some players than others. Even many D can activate net driving.

  15. have another donut

    Face it, coaches have a short shelf life, mainly because their coachspeak bs falls on deaf ears to the players after a while in ANY location, or team.

    Just as the Vgk need a new voice behind the bench, so do the Islanders, according to Lou L.

    so, the obvious move is to put Barry T in the chair when the music stops.

    hey Foley, here is your opening. remember the guy behind the Washington bench when the Vgk lost the Stanley Cup finals at T Mobile?
    make your move. NOW !!

    • THE hockey GOD

      trotz will likely go to red wings or team on cusp of getting better, not a team on decline
      with heavy salary laden structure with very little room to get out.

      • Pistol Pete

        ThG this team is not in decline. Have you not put down a roster? Go to CapFriendly and you’ll see with a few moves they are cap compliant and four lines deep.

        • THE hockey GOD

          PP I am repeating the mantra of the negative nabob nillies bobble head dolls posting here on daily basis.

          • knights fan in minny

            more insults from the ass clown

        • Tim

          Pistol Pete I beg to differ but we are in decline older slower not taking in account the china doll effect. This team is done as a contender now at best a pretender.

          • Tim apparently you assign more “decline” to age 30-34 than I. Other than that you must think they lack talent in the under 30 group. I beg to differ. I respect you being a pessimist vs. optimist. Each fan to their own lol.

  16. LVsc

    I don’t mind 1-0 games……

    as long as the Knights win them 🙂

  17. THE hockey GOD

    someone wrote
    “THG, you keep evading the point forget about trade stats ruthless is what I’m saying. Quick to fire Gallant,

    >>tell that to Barry, GG wasn’t only coached fired in last five years.

    Fleury learning about the trade on twitter

    >>that is Bull shit,Fluery knew he was being traded and tried to undermine the trade and he did so. By saying he wanted to retire, reducing his value. He did no favors to franchise or fans reducing his value to sal cap. This is on him, not on FO.

    and the Lehner lying fiasco at the end of the season.

    >>really? Allowing RL to dress is lying ? I ‘d like to hear what RL has to say about this. Silence so far, nothing. but BS from liar Elliott Freakman.

    There’s been much more bullshit going on but I hope you get the idea and quite quoting me some useless trade numbers.”

    • thg,

      Maybe I’m confused but haven’t you posted in the past Foley said MAF would retire a VGK? If so how could MAF know he was going to be traded? Please explain.


      • THE hockey GOD

        VGK fan, at the end of the HABS debacle GMGM told MAF that he was going to be traded in off season.

        After hearing this, MAF let it be known , far and wide, that he would consider retiring if he was traded. So MAF had THE OPTION to retire in VEGAS. Maybe MAF TOLD FOLEY The SAME THING, hence, leading FOLEY to say MAF will retire as a VGK. You don’t know who says what to who in these private conversations. The FACT remains, MAF went public and said that he would likely retire. He said it once, and he probably said it to FOLEY previously. Coming out with this statement decreased his trade value tremendously. He did no favors to franchise or fans.

        And I never posted prior to the HABS series ,ever, at that point in time that MAF would retire as a KNIGHT. That was information in public domain. Based on what I don’t know, see paragraph above on how MAF probably told Foley that MAF wanted to retire as a VGK.

        Then you get the media mobsters spinning and twisting it all around. FOLEY SAID MAF WOULD RETIRE AS A KNIGHT. When all is said and done MAF probably told Foley first, and FOLEY was only repeating what MAF told him. A very naive move by someone who is running a sports enterprise. Foley should have known better. MAF played him like a piano needing tuning.

    • Tim

      THG you have your mindset Fleury new when he said he didn’t I believe Fleury. DeBoer said he didn’t know of Lehners injury and he was shutting down to have an operation was reported but you say not true but surprise it was true. You can be a homer but for a guy who knocks everything as fake news you won’t admit your ever wrong. That’s fine if that’s your trip do your thing.

      • Tim on your post implying the team is past it’s prime and no longer a contender there are a number of posters other than myself who disagree. I will concede this though–if Stone who turns 30 on Friday does not become healthy it’s a problem–in fact if they are anticipating he will be out to start the season expect a major move of some kind imo. This off season is going to be interesting and by no means imo will they emerge from it anything less than a contender. I’m looking forward to it.

        • I find it interesting that of the 30+ players that are showing signs of wear and tear, notice that Marchy ISN’T on the list? He is 31 yrs old now, as FIT and COMPETITIVE as the day he put on a Jersey. Rarely gets hurt.He is as HUNGRY as they come. Yet, others his age are showing decline. We never seem to mention him in the age conversation, because he has DEFIED THE ODDS. I think he is one of our most valuable, and at times UNDER-APPRECIATED players on the team…

          • THE hockey GOD

            no 81 is a hot head, he often doesn’t show up in key games. He also cost the VGK about four points this year taking retaliation penalties. He is weak on the puck, hardly ever passes it to another player, often turns over the puck to the other team. He is not a very good passer, he’s small, and often over matched in the d zone. On the plus side he has a good shot, he is a decent skater, he pairs well with 71 and 19. He is under utilized on the PP. He has a deadly angle and shot when posted on PP on the high circle, like that crazy Russian who plays on the Caps. However, on the PP for some reason they posted him more frequently down low by the red line. I have no idea why they did this. BUt it appeared that they were trying to get No. 9 into the slot more than no 81. And by posting 81 down low, trying to draw the D to him, leaving no. 9 open for shot in the slot. No. 23 also is known to post on the high circle , but the PP didn’t utilize this option late in season. Maybe the opposing team is used to this and took it away. But they didn’t do it, down the stretch.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Tim, why sh ould I admit I am wrong to a bunch of rumor mongers who believe
        what ever the media puts in front of them. Like Elliott Freakman ?

        I ‘d like to HEAR FROM RL before coming to any conclusion, and any trainers or doctors that would back him up. Until then I remain open minded, unlike some of the bobbing heads here who believe whatever the mob media puts in front of them.

        I have repeatedly said I would like to hear from RL.

        Wouldn’t you rather hear it from the horse’s mouth too ???

      • THE hockey GOD

        MAF knew he was being traded because he came out with statement saying he’d rather retire than being traded. GMGM told him he was being traded after the HABS series. GMGM just didn’t tell him where, when and how details because
        they haven’t been firmed up yet.

        MAF mouthed off saying he would rather retire, driving down his trade value.

    • Steph

      That bullshit Fleury narrative is old and an excuse . And who cares , it still was a coward punk ass move from the FO. You’re the one that drinks the kool aid here and is full of crap and lies .Its ok , its nice of you to try and help cover for you and your friends , but you’re wasting your breath .

  18. THE hockey GOD

    @ TIM
    “DeBoer said he didn’t know of Lehners injury and he was shutting down to have an operation was reported but you say not true but surprise it was true”

    Your time line is all messed up.
    Emily / Freidman reported “RL TO HAVE SURGURY ON KnEE ON FRIDAY”. that did not happen. Or if it did, it was most miraculous recoveries in history of sports !

    RL told PDB he was good to go, PDB dressed RL as back up.

    Then two games later, when season was basically done, RL says he needs surgery on his shoulder, not his knee.

    That was time line. What is your time line ? You don’t believe me, go back and read my many posts on subject. You were gone during this time frame and didn’t seem to be posting much. So you probably missed them all. I repeatedly pointed out RL RECOVERS FROM FRIDAY KNEE SURGERY and is back in the line up. The Friday knee surgery was obviously FAKE NEWS.

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