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Golden Knights Likely Exempt In Next Expansion Draft

Phew, that could have hurt. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Some good news on the horizon for the Golden Knights in relation to the future of the NHL. It appears evident that Seattle will join the league in the near future and will be afforded the same Expansion Draft rules Vegas had back in June.

The caveat however is that Vegas is expected to be completely exempt from losing a player to the Seattle Kraken team.

The Golden Knights aren’t likely to be part of the Seattle process at all, according to a source. There’s no reason to expect them to be put in position to lose a player because they’re not going to be sharing in the $650-million fee the Oak View Group will be asked to pay if/when the NHL accepts its expansion application. That was part of the deal the league struck with Golden Knights owner Bill Foley when he was granted the 31st franchise. –Chris Johnston, SportsNet

That means The Creator will not be cut a $20+ million check, but I’m sure he’s willing to make that sacrifce to ensure his roster remains fully intact.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Now, I’m actually looking forward to the next Expansion Draft.


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  1. Mark

    Damn right. That’s how it should be

  2. Joe

    Depending on when this were to actually happen, I was hoping to get whatever would be left of David Clarkson’s contract off the books. Oh well, at least the Knights wouldn’t have to give up a potential 40 goal scorer in the process.

    • Mark

      Two more seasons left after this one. So it should probably be gone on it’s own by the.

  3. Phisig150

    20 million is a steep price to pay to keep one of the guys we would likely have to expose. Our draft picks would be exempt and we would likely protect Karlsson, Smith, Marchessault, Tuch, Haula, 2 additional forwards, Schmidt, Theodore, Miller, and Subban. So who would we really be in danger of losing?

    • Mark

      we Would still have 2 years to make trades that could alter the landscape. And if that trade were for a top d man, Like Erik Karlsson, without giving up another of your 3 dmen, you could fall into the 4/4 protection grouping then.

      Also, to be fair Foley signed that agreement when there was belief there would be 2 teams together.

  4. Brian S

    Too early to speculate on who we would lose since no way to know who will be extended or signed, etc. but if it the expansion isn’t until 2021 instead of 2020 losing Glass, Suzuki and/or Brannstrom would be a concern (if they’re on the team starting next season).

  5. Brian S

    (And of course, it’s moot anyway, but that’s why it’s nice to not to have to worry about it.)

    • PhiSig150

      Dont get me wrong I’m happy we’re exempt I just think Foley should get his 20 mil.

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